Girl Talk #8- Stealing The Show

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!!

First- the cover. Sabrina is wearing a poodle skirt and a blonde wig during her play tryouts. Behind the curtain are Katie on the top ( looks sorta cute in a Wakefield twin meets a farmer’s daughter sort of way), Randy who is sorta fug but has a cute smile, and then Allison who looks mad Caucasian on this cover and I don’t get why.

Sabrina is really excited because it’s the day they announce what the middle school play will be! As Sabrina sees the sign up sheet for tryouts, she sees the play is Grease- the Musical!  Seriously, guys, this was really the first time I heard about Grease is reading this book- and I was 13 already- don’t know why I hadn’t heard of Grease before!  Sabrina says she definitely wants to try out for Sandy. Annoying Stacy the Great hears Sabrina say that and say that there’s no way Sabrina could be Sandy because Sandy has long blonde hair and Sabrina has red hair, and Sabrina can’t sing!  Eva Malone, one of Stacy’s cronies, is trying out to be Rizzo. Sabrina writes with a flourish that she is trying out for the role of Sandy.  Katie then asks Sabrina if she can sing and Sabrina thinks that she can always learn to sing.  After school, Sabrina asks Katie if she wants to go over Sabrina’s and watch Grease- Sabs plans to rent the video after school.  Randy and Allison say they will try to come over after school to watch Grease as well, though Randy says Grease is not really her thing. Sabrina asks the others if they will try out and Katie says no because  she really has to concentrate on her schoolwork, and Allison is too shy to be in a play and Randy- well it’s not her thing. Randy and Allison say they will try to see if they can help out with lighting for the play.  Katie then says maybe she can also help out backstage a little.  In band class, the major hottie Cameron Booth talks to Sabrina! He has blonde hair and is just dreamy. He  asks Sabrina if she’s trying out for Grease and she says yes. Cameron is going to go for the part of Danny.  Sabrina thinks that if Cameron gets the part of Danny, she MUST play Sandy to act alongside Cameron- it’d be soo romantic!

Sabrina rushes Katie, Al and Randy to Main Street Video after school.  As they look around for the video, Sabrina notices Stacy, Laurel, Eva and BZ coming up to the video store!  Stacy is frantically trying to locate Grease before Stacy and her crew can get their hands on it, but then Sabrina sees Stacy with the video jacket and Stacy is all proud of herself, flipping her hair around as she says ” Doesn’t Olivia Newton-John have the nicest long blonde hair??”  Sabs is bummed, but then she sees Katie with a white big and asks her what that video is. Katie says that Stacy only had the video cover- you have to bring the video cover to the counter, and they get the video for you- so Katie got the only copy of Grease not Stacy!

At home, Sabrina insists she has to take notes while the movie is playing because all good actresses take notes on the roles they will play.  Sabrina is frantically trying to write down every line in the movie and keeps having to rewind the movie to get every line Sandy says- if I were her friends I’d be more than slightly annoyed with that crap.  We also learn that Sabrina’s mom, upon hearing that Sabrina was going to try for Grease, bought Sabrina the Grease soundtrack! Sabrina now thinks she can  practice singing to the soundtrack all the time to really get perfect!

Sabrina starts to practice singing to the soundtrack, and both Mark, Sabs’ 13 year old bro, and Sabrina’s twin Sam both complain that Sabrina sucks at singing.  Sabrina decides not to practice singing if Mark and Sam are around. Sabrina reads the lines she copied from the movie until dinner.   After dinner, Sabrina goes to the attic and finds a great outfit to audition for the play- a blonde wig, a sweater with buttons down the back, a poodle skirt ( I wish poodle skirts were cool today I love them 😉 and saddle shoes- which I also love!  Then Katie calls Sabrina and says that her older sis Emily had to learn the hand jive and the Lindy when Em did Grease and Sabs freaks because she doesn’t know those dances. Katie tells Sabrina that she’s sure they will learn how to do them during rehearsals, but Sabrina says she wants to have a head start over everyone. Katie suggests asking Sabrina’s parents to teach Sabs the dances.  Sabrina’s parents teach her some of the dances and Sabrina practices and is getting the hang of some of them. Sabrina is more and more confident that she will get the role of Sandy when she auditions tomorrow!

At auditions, Sabrina is told to read the part of Frenchy for Dr. Rossi. Sabs says that she signed up to be Sandy, but Dr. Rossi says he is having students read different parts to test their acting ability. Stacy gets to be Sandy during the reading of the parts.  Stacy reads the scene in a flat voice and doesn’t have much acting ability. Sabs chews gum and talks in a squeaky voice like Frenchy does in the movie, figuring that if Dr Rossi sees how well she plays Frenchy, he’s certain to give her the part of Sandy.  Then the guys try out- Cameron reads for Danny’s part, and Sabrina’s bro Sam reads for the part of Sonny!! Sabrina is suprised as Sam was teasing Sabrina about trying out. Sabs sees that Sam’s best friends Nick and Jason are also trying out.  Then it comes time for singing and Stacy has a great singing voice! Sabrina tries her best to sing, but she knows she’s not as good a singer as Stacy!  Sabs is now convinced she won’t get Sandy’s role because she can’t sing. Randy says that Sabrina did a much better acting job than Stacy so maybe Sabrina still has a great chance. The girls all agree to stop by Fitzie’s- yeah!

Sabrina sees Cameron and Stacy walk into Fitzie’s together and thinks they are such a great couple with their matching blonde and they are the perfect Danny and Sandy. umm but Danny Zuko- ummm totally a brunette dude NOT blonde- hello! Then Sabrina is all ” I wish I had blonde hair!!!”  Sabrina then gets a GREAT idea and doesn’t even tell Allison, Katie or Randy. She runs to the drugstore after having her sundae at Fitzie’s, and goes straight to the hair dye section.  So Sabrina buys a box of blonde hair dye, dyes her hair and… it turns BRIGHT ORANGE!!!!!  Sabs keeps washing and washing her hair but the orange dye won’t come out! Sabs is frantic- so she calls Katie to ask what to do. Katie says she will call Randy because she thinks Randy would know what to do.  Randy says she thinks she can fix Sabrina’s hair, and Katie, Al and Ran are going over to Sabrina’s to figure out what to do about Sabrina’s Bozo the clown hair.

Randy gets a bottle of deep burgandy hair dye and a deep conditioner and does manage to get Sabrina’s hair back to its original red.  The next day Sabrina is going to meet the gals at the mall,and  Sabrina decides to just dress in a sophisticated manner so that she’s sure to get the role of Sandy. She puts on her training bra and stuffs it with blue tissues and she also wears a white turtleneck and her best blue jeans.  It is pouring rain by the time Sabs’s bro Luke drops Sabrina off at the mall and Sabrina arrives at the mall soaking wet- and Katie, Ran and Allison totally laugh because they could see that Sabs stuffed her bra with tissues!  Sabrina runs into the bathroom, and she hears Stacy coming in so Sabs runs into a closet- and can’t get herself out! She bangs on a door and CAMERON opens it!  Sabrina runs out all embarassed and decides that she’s not going to try to change her look at all- she will try to get the part with her own looks and utter FIERCENESS because Sabs is mad fierce and we all know it! God I love Sabrina- any curly haired popular girl was always awesome as all FUCK in my book!

Well, Sabs did NOT get the part of Sandy- she will be Frenchy. And Cameron Booth is Danny, and Stacy Hanson is Sandy!! BOOOO Stacy sucks ass- but yeah Sandy is the kind of part to where being  a good singer and a bad actress would sure serve ya well!  Cameron asks Sabs what role she got and Sabrina says Frenchy and Cameron says Sabrina will be a great Frenchy.  Katie also congratulates Sabs saying that Frenchy is a great part but then Katie remembers that Stacy will brag all over the place about playing Sandy.  By the way, Stacy’s girl Eva will be Rizzo ( why didn’t Randy try out? now THAT’S a Rizzo!!!!,) Sam’s buddy Nick will be Kenicke, Jason will play Doody (why did the writers of Grease choose the name DOODY for a character??) and Sam will be Sonny!!  In homeroom, Ms. Staats announces that next month to celebrate the opening of Grease, the school will host a sock hop dance- yeah! I loved seeing the sock hops on the Patty Duke show! The kids are asked to dress in 50’s clothes. Randy sounds jazzed but Sabrina can’t really bring herself to be excited about a dance because she didn’t get the role of Sandy.  Randy, Katie and Allison say that they should be on the entertainment committee and Sabrina is kinda eh about the whole thing.  At lunch, the other gals convince Sabrina that Frenchy is a great part and requires a good actress and almost anyone could play Sandy ( I see their point Sandy is boring, Frenchy is more fun and quirky and Sabs like- tho I am a Rizzo fan myself). Sabrina finally gets excited about playing Frenchy!

During rehearsals, Stacy has a hard time learning the dances and keeps getting all frustrated. On the first day, Sabs suggests to Sam that maybe sometime during the rehearsals, to practice lines, Sam could have Nick, Jason and Cameron over to rehearse and Sam thinks it’s a great idea. Sabrina also says it’s hard playing Stacy’s best buddy.  After two weeks, Sabs has Allison, Katie and Ran over to help her go through lines. And Sam has invited Cameron, Nick and Jason over! Sabs is mad nervous after she sees Cameron in her kitchen!  They have a great rehearsal party where they go through all the songs and lines in the play, and everyone does a great job.  BTW Katie read for Sandy, Allison read for Jan, Patty Simcock, and Marty and Randy read for Rizzo.  Sabrina says everyone had a great deal of fun!!

That Monday is the first day where everyone is expected to have memorized the script. Stacy has not and tries to convince Dr. Rossi to let her use her script,  but Dr. R says heck no and Stacy keeps messing up, but everyone else does great.  Dr. Rossi has Eva and Stacy stay back after rehearsal and she overhears him telling Eva and Stacy to practice more to catch up with everyone else in the cast. HEE HEE

The next day, Dr. Rossi says that Lisa Ryan, who was to play Marty, can no longer be in the play because she has to have her tonsils out so they need a new Marty. Sabs suggests Katie!! Katie is all ” WHAT??” but she agrees to read Marty’s part for rehearsal that day and she’s great. Katie decides she will play Marty after all.  Randy also announces that they found a great DJ for the dance.

The week before the play, Katie and Sabs raid Mrs. Wells’ closet to see what clothing from the 50’s they can find for the play and the dance.  They pick out dresses for the dance and the dance scene in the play, then run to the T shirt shop to get their Pink Ladies jackets. When they get there, Stacy is all ” I wish my jacket were satin after all I am the lead” and apparently she ALWAYS says ” I am the lead.” So Katie asks Stacy how memorizing her lines is going, and that leaves Stacy speechless- hee hee Stacy Hanson sucks!  After getting their jackets, they go to Randy’s house and Randy suggests that all the girls go to the Opportunity Shop, a vintage clothing store, to get more clothes for the play and dance. Allison goes too, and Randy finds Capri pants to wear for the dance, Allison finds an avocado colored sweater and a purple skirt, and Sabs finds this great pink scarf for only 50 cents!  When Sabs get home, her parents announce that they will be chaperones for the Sock Hop! Sabs is all ” ewww how embarassing” but Katie assures Sabrina it will be fine as they are not parents to get in the way and everyone thinks Mr. and Mrs. Wells are way cool.

It’s the night of the play and Sabrina does a FAB job as Frenchy!!  Sabs even gets a standing ovation- and Stacy does not!  Stacy is so pissed that Sabs gets more applause than she does,  that she dumps the flowers Dr. Rossi gives her in the trash after- what a sore fuckin loser baby- God I hate Stacy.  At the dance, Mr. and Mrs. Wells are cool, Cameron acts Sabs to dance, and Cameron, Jason, Sam and Nick do the whole ” let’s drop our pants and spell out Grease on our boxers” thing like in the movie!  AND- Cameron gives Sabs a kiss on the cheek!! Stacy is fuming, and Sabs is beyond excited- she may have not been the lead in the play, but she got the leading man- because Sabs is that friggin cool,bitches! Sabrina was sooo my favorite Girl Talker when I was a kid- then I liked Allison because she and I both read a lot, then Randy, and then Katie- I found Katie to be the most boring though I did love that book ” Peer Pressure” ( see my recap on it!) about Katie and Laurel’s friendship.

I will TRY to recap ” Stacey’s Lie” BSC #76 this week but I can’t guarantee it I have a somewhat busy week ahead with work and Tuesday I am seeing Def Leppard in concert! But I will try.  And after I recap ” Stacey’s Lie” , coming up will be- Gymnasts #8 Captain of the Team, SVH #50 ” Out of Reach”, BSC #83, ” Stacey vs the BSC”  and Girl Talk #35- Katie and Sabrina’s Big Competition!!’ I am hoping to get a few more ” summery” recaps done by the end of summer, specifically BSC Super Special ” Baby Sitters on Board” and BSC Super Special ” California Girls” if I can!!


10 Responses to “Girl Talk #8- Stealing The Show”

  1. I just have one question. Aren’t these kids in junior high? Why are they doing Grease? Seems a little mature, doesn’t it?

    Great recap, Jan!

    By the way, I also love poodle skirts and saddle shoes. I would wear them every day if I could.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Shannon as I was recapping this I thought the same thing- Grease seems QUITE mature for middle school students!!!! I know some high schools do the play but a middle schooler singing a line like ” she was good if you know what I mean??” Kinda disturbing!!!!
      I used to have saddle shoes from Payless but they started cracking- I may get a new pair!! 😉 Glad u liked the recap, Shannon!

  2. Nice Site! Very professional looking. Thanks!

  3. Oh, Grease. The original high school musical. Yay for Stacey’s Lie!

  4. I kinda was hoping Sabrina’s hair would turn pink like Frenchie’s in Grease.

    I agree Sabrina kicks ass! Anyone who rocks the curly hair does in my book, too

    • girltalkread Says:

      Yes curly haired girls are WONDERFUL!!!! That’s for damn sure!!!!! Much love for Sabs glad you agree Daners!! 😉 and welcome to Fitzie’s I think we have exchanged comments on Shannon’s blog!

  5. Yes, ma’am we have! Thanks for having me 🙂

  6. Sweet blog post.. keep on writing these great blog posts! I will be subscribing 🙂

  7. Great write up.. I hope you continue on writing these great blog posts! I will be subscribing 🙂

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