BSC #76- Stacey’s Lie

Well Sadako, I saw you were especially excited about this recap, so I dedicate this particular blog posting to you!!! 😉 I am going to do the chapter by chapter thing again- I am finding that  it works quite well for BSC recaps. If anyone doesn’t like it let me know, but I find it is keeping things rather organized soooo… here it goes!! Enjoy Sadako and others!

Chapter 1: Stacey is on the phone with Daddy McGill. Stacey was supposed to see him next weekend for a visit to NYC, but Stacey’s dad has called asking if they can change plans because he has a big work conference next weekend he cannot miss. Stacey’s mom asks what is going on, and Stacey’s mom then complains that work always comes first for Ed McGill.  Stacey says it’s no big deal, and she and Robert were only going to see a movie this weekend. We then hear about Robert, who is Stacey’s steady boyfriend ( they first hook up in ” Stacey and the Cheerleaders” Book 70) and Robert is sooo great because he understands that Stacey spends ocassional weekends in New York. Sooo glad Robert lets Stacey actually do things without him sometimes, and isn’t like some crazy man with an 80’s stache and a wife beater in a Lifetime movie.  We also hear Mrs. McGill bitch about how Stacey’s dad never liked showing emotions.  The next day, Stacey is off to school and puts on an Aztec print shorts dress that sounds heinous.  We then hear that Robert got a summer job ( these 13 year olds tend to get jobs easily- Logan as a bus boy at Box Tree Cafe, Laine Cummings getting a job as a cashier) at Fire Island working on the boat for 2 months. And the job starts next weekend and Stacey will be gone this weekend! Stacey is already complety bummin’ because she will be without Robert for the whole summer!

Chapter #2-  Stacey is in NYC visiting her dad.  Stacey got her dad an expensive chess set for Father’s Day.  Daddy McGill then says he is going to work from his home for a couple of hours, and while he’s working Stacey can buy herself something pretty and summery to wear to the Lion’s Lair restaurant- dude is Stacey his daughter or mistress? ” Buy yourself a pretty dress for our date at LION’S LAIR!!” Gosh the name of that restaurant sounds like it’d be a place where scrubby 20 year olds take the girls they are cheating on their girlfriends with in an episode of Cheaters. God Cheaters is a GREAT show- that could be a whole blog- how much I love Cheaters- but only with Joey Greco as host not the other asswipe. OK I digress.  At dinner, Stacey mentions Robert and Stacey’s dad is all ” I am not ready to lose my girl to some guy named Robert!” God Mr. McGill stop being Woody Freakin Allen!  Then Ed tells Stacey that he is taking two weeks off and he wants to take Stacey on a vacation ANYWHERE she wants to go- she just names the place, and they will go.  Stacey is thinking over it, and at first she thinks of going to Europe, but figures she can go to Europe on a honeymoon with Robert someday- WTF Stacey is THIRTEEN and thinking of honeymoons??? Then she thinks of asking to visit Cali to go see Dawn but then Stacey instantly nixes that idea to go to- DAVIS PARK WHICH IS IN FIRE ISLAND!! Yup- Stacey wants to go to some dinky island to basically spend time with her squeeze.

Chapter 3:  BSC meeting. Stacey asks Claud if she wants to go to Fire Island with Stacey and her father as Mr. McGill said Stacey could ask Claudia to come.  Claudia readily agrees to go. Naturally, Stacey doesn’t tell Claudia that Robert will also be at Fire Island.  We also hear that Mallory and Jessi will be camp counselors at the community center for the summer and get real paychecks- how would ELEVEN YEAR OLDS GET PAYCHECKS???? Unless maybe they deliver the newspaper!! UGH UGH UGH shit when I was 28 years old I got fired from a job-and I had work experience and a Master’s degree- and crap it was harder for me to find a job than it seems to be for these damn kids!  Stacey then asks Kristy, Mary Anne, Mal, Kristy, Shannon, and Jessi if they want to go to Fire Island for 4th of July weekend to see Stace and Claudia  and Shannon, Mary Anne and Kristy agree to go and Mal and Jessi decline as they will probably have to work that weekend.  BTW Shannon is at the meeting as she is the alternate officer while Dawn is living in Cali for six months- and God a Dawn free book is sooo great!

Chapter 4-  Claudia and Stacey are on their way to Fire Island. Claudia says it must have been hard for Stace to say good bye to  Robert for the summer. Yeah sure…  While on the ferry to Davis Park on Fire Island Stacey keeps trying to distract Claud and her dad so they won’t see Robert in case he is on the ferry. They finally get to Fire Island and Mr. McGill introduces Stacey and Claud to his good friend Stu Majors. ( he becomes somewhat important later). Then- Claudia and Stacey run into Robert!

Chapter 5: Jessi and Mal’s job at the community center starts.  Haley Braddock and Vanessa Pike are best friends who are so happy to be day camping together- until each sees the other in their bathing suits- they are wearing the SAME BATHING SUIT- white and red with some shitty and fug red collar around the neck- it’s ruffly. Again sounds like a FUG bathing suit. But then Vanessa and Haley are all upset with other which seems odd at age 9 because when I was nine and my cousin was 7 , we loved wearing matching clothes. Individuality becomes more of a thing at, like, 12 or 13 usually.  But moving on because no one really cares about this subplot….

Chapter 6:  So Claud asks Stacey why she didn’t say that Robert would be at Fire Island.  Stacey says she didn’t tell Claud that Robert was coming because Stacey really wanted Claudia to come, and Stacey figured Claudia wouldn’t come if she knew Robert would be there. So Claudia softens, especially after Stacey says Robert will be working every day anyway so Stacey and Claud will have mucho time to spend together.  Stacey then says she won’t lie to Claudia ever again.  She also says to Claud not to tell Mr. McG that Robert is there on vacation and Claudia says Stacey shouldn’t lie to her dad, and Stacey is all ” you can’t talk you hide Nancy Drew books and candy all over your room!”  We then hear about how Stacey wakes up mad early every day to walk Robert to the ferry and it’s so great and romantic.  Stacey also mentions that Stacey’s pop seems to spend LOTS of time with Stu Majors at his home. When I was 16 and reading this book, ( yep kids I will tell ya now- Stacey’s Lie is the last BSC book I ever read as a child, and I was SIXTEEN and a junior in high school-yep yep- well I read SVH books until I was almost 18 soooo….but yeah) I was so hoping that Mr. McGill and Mr. Majors were gettin’ it on! Anyone else?  We also hear about Claudia making these awesome sand castles and taking pictures of them before the waves would splash them away.  One night Claud, Stacey and Robert go to a pizza shop and Stacey and Robert take a romantic walk as Claudia reads a book indoors, but then when Stacey comes back Claud is stuck outside because the shop closed so early. Stacey is soo glad that Claudia is giving Stacey some space so she can be alone with Robert. UGH

Chapter 7-  Claudia sees a parade being advertised and says she definitely wants to be in it. Claudia says she is getting bored on the island and getting involved in the parade would give her something to do. Stace is all ” oh Claudia you’re bored? ” Well Stacey HELLO DEAR but you seem to love leaving Claudia alone so you can be with Robert all the time, and Claudia points that out.  Stacey then says she and Claudia can spend the night alone tonight. Then when Stacey, Robert and Claud meet for lunch, while Claudia is at a one hour photo shop, Robert says he doesn’t have to work tonight and Stacey is all ” oh no I told Claud we can do something alone tonight” and Stacey almost makes it sound as if hanging out with Claudia would be sooo shitty in comparison to hanging out with her precious Robert. Honestly why did Stacey even invite Claud on this trip??  Stacey then says she will meet Robert on the last ferry after having dinner with Claudia.  Claudia then comes back and says she found costumes for everyone to wear in the parade- a dragon, a princess, a lady in waiting,  a prince and a court jester and Claudia says she will make a sandcastle and the gals can all wear these costumes.  At dinner, the girls happen to see Robert so of course Stacey asks him to join them for pizza.  After dinner Claudia says she is basically tired of always hanging out with Stacey AND Robert and it makes her feel like a fifth wheel. Stacey PROMISES Claud that they will have dinner at a nice restaurant, the Casino, the next day all by themselves.

Chapter 8- Robert tells Stace on Thursday that he doesn’t have to work that night and this guy he works with named Mitch says Rob and Stace can go on his boat together for  a lovely evening ride. Stacey says she promised Claudia they’d have a special dinner alone tonight and Robert is all ” just eat with her tomorrow.” Mr. Sensitive he is.  Then Stacey decides that she can eat dinner with Claudia at 6 pm and by 8:30 ( as Robert and Stacey aren’t going boating until sunset) Stacey should be ready to join Robert on the boat.  So I guess Stacey has to find a way to ditch Claudia after dinner and rush her through dinner, right? Well…  Stacey first insists she and Claud must go to eat right at 6 pm because otherwise the restaurant will be WAY too crowded if they go after 6 pm.  Claudia is then deciding what to wear and Stacey is all miffed because she feels Claudia is taking too long to pick an outfit so they don’t get to the restaurant until 6:15.  Then Stace is all pissed because Claudia gets an appetizer and doesn’t decide on what to eat right away. Stacey is SUCH A CUNTBAG!!!  Then Stacey gets mad because Claud the junk food addict wants dessert and then the waitress doesn’t bring change until 8:25 pm.  Stacey is all ” come on Claud let’s go” all huffy at this point and then as they leave- it’s ROBERT- he figured that he’d come to meet Stacey as it seemed she was running late.  So Stacey tells Claudia ” well I figured we’d be done eating early so I told Robert I’d meet him after.” Claudia realizes that’s why Stacey kept rushing her at dinnertime, and Claudia is upset saying she thought Stace wanted to actually spend time with Claudia alone tonight but obviously she was wrong. Poor Claudia.

Chapter 9:  Mary Anne is sitting for Haley and Matt Braddock. Mary Anne learns of the Vanessa/ Haley feud whilst she is sitting. Haley wants to put signs all over the neighborhood warning other kids about Vanessa, but Mary Anne doesn’t let her, But Mary Anne lets Haley put the flyers on the Pike fence- WHAT???? In return, Vanessa is sending letters to Haley through Pow the dog with letters saying Haley smells bad and what not.  This is so fucking stupid. Nine year olds would really do this shit over matching bathing suits?? HATED THIS PLOT EVEN WHEN WAS A KID ( OK a sixteen year old kid)

Chapter 10:  As Stacey and Robert are taking a walk after missing the sunset sail ( Stacey was trying to convince Claud to talk to her and by the time Stace gave up the boat had left) they see another couple walking hand in hand- and the couple is Mr. McGill and a mysterious dark haired woman!!  Stacey mentions that the woman is named Samantha and she has a great figure. Then Stacey’s dad asks for Samantha and Robert to leave the two of them ( Stace and Dad) alone for a bit as obviously they have to discuss how both of them arranged to meet their loves on this island, and neither one knew about the other’s love being there.  Stacey yells at her dad for having Samantha over there even though Stacey lied about why she wanted to go to Fire Island, and Stacey also duped Claudia into going.  Then Stacey is all ” I am not talking to you, Dad!!” UGH

Chapter 11:  When Stacey walks Rob to the fairy, Robert says that Samantha seems really nice. Stacey doesn’t want to talk about her dad having a girlfriend.  Mary Anne, Shannon and Kristy are due to arrive on the next ferry for the weekend.  When they arrive, Claudia makes it known to the gals what Stacey pulled and Stacey is all upset that she didn’t get the chance to tell Shannon, Mary Anne and Kristy her side of the story. Yeah Stacey your side SUCKS- you lied to both Claud and your dad about why you wanted to go to Fire Island, you pretty much ditched Claudia to always be with your stinkin’ boyfriend, you yelled at your dad for being with his girlfriend on the trip even though YOU only wanted to go to Davis Park to be with Robert- need I go on?

Chapter 12:  Parade Day. the girls are all whiny over having to march in a parade and wear costumes. Mary Anne feels they are too old for that- but Mary Anne you aren’t too old to constantly play Let’s All Come In with Karen Brewer all the time? You aren’t too old to obsess over 8 year old’s love lives?  Stacey is all pissy because Claudia is having Stacey be  the dragon in the parade and it’s some ugly felt costume. But dragons are pretty bitchin not really sure what the issue is.  At the parade, Stacey is all peeved because her dad is marching in the parade with Samantha and she is Lady Liberty and he is Uncle Sam.  Then, as a photographer is going to take a picture of the girls, Claudia’s sandcastle crumbles and Claud is all frustrated and upset. Kristy remarks that she’s never seen Claud like this.  Kristy is also ” oh poor Claudia” and Stacey is all ” no poor ME POOR ME!” FUCK YOU STACEY- and yeah for Kristy for pointing out that Claud being upset with  Stacey is Stacey’s own doing!  Then on Monday morning, Stacey sees that Shannon, Mary Anne and Kristy are packed and ready to leave the island.  Shannon remarks that they all feel really uncomfy  being around Stace and Claud while they are squabbling.  And Claudia announces that she is leaving with the others, and Stacey is all ” Why” and Claudia shoots her a LOOK like ” Hello do you have to ask??”

Chapter 13:  More camp crap and Haley and Vanessa nonsense. There is a big relay race and Haley and Vanessa make up in time for a three legged race because neither one wants to lose and both are so competitive. Never saw Vanessa as being at all competitive until I read this book. So yeah Haley and Vanessa are friends again and the world heaves a collective sigh of relief- not because we are so happy that Haley and Vanessa are friends again, but because this subplot was crap and that is why I barely covered it.

Chapter 14:  Robert tells Stacey he’s really uncomfy with how Stacey lied to both Claud and her own dad, and if Stacey has no issues with lying to Mr. Mc G or Claudia, how long until Stacey starts lying to him?  Stacey says she would never lie to Robert, but Robert says he does not really buy that.  Stacey is all mad at Robert now thinking that she did all of this lying for him and he’s sooo ungrateful. God, Stacey is soo self centered- how can she think she’s sooo right if Mr. McGill, Claud and now Rob are all pissed at her behavior? GET IT THROUGH YOUR DAMN THICK HEAD STACEY- YOU ARE A CUNTBAG!  Stacey goes to a little shop and sees that Claudia’s photos of sandcastles are on sale!  Stacey gets all teary because Claudia never told her she sold pictures that she took of her sandcastles to this gallery.  When Stacey gets home, her pops apologizes to her for not telling Stace about Samantha- and yeah it was sorta shitty of Mr. McGill not to tell his daughter about his new woman.   Mr. McG also asks Stacey if she and Rob would like to go to dinner with Samantha and him tonight. So Stacey calls Robert and they make up. Robert says he doesn’t want to break up he was just a little upset because thought Stacey was perfect, and he saw a side of her that wasn’t perfect and so it upset him. CHEESY!!!!  Rob also agrees to have dinner with Stacey, her papi, and Samantha. Stacey then gets on the phone to call Claudia…

Chapter 15-  Stacey is back from Fire Island, and tells her mom she wants to go straight to Claud’s to make up to her.  Stacey also tells Claud she made 60 bucks from the photos she sold and Claud is jazzed.  Claudia says she can buy tons of Nancy Drews, art supplies and candy with her money and Stacey says ” that’s all you need to be happy” and Claudia says ” No I also need my best friend” awwwwwww…. too bad Stace doesn’t deserve a best bud as awesome as Claudia!  When Stacey gets home, she tells her mom about her dad having a girlfriend and Stacey’s mom isn’t that happy but she says that hey they are divorced now and she will get used to it.  At the end, there is another BSC meeting and Mallory says that Vanessa and Haley are so sweet to each other now that it’s sickening and Kristy is glad that the club will soon be back to regular business- because the darn club and Kristy’s Krushers is all Kristy thinks about, seriously. Then the last sentence in the book reads- ” I hope Claudia and I stay friends forever- and that’s no lie!!” But oooooh it so the fuck IS Stacey as we will soon see in Book 83- Stacey vs the BSC!!!!

A couple of notifications for you all- first of all as I believe I have told you previously, the main reason my sister and I started this blog is to snark on YA books that aren’t really discussed in other blogs- we saw that tons of folks write on the BSC and Sweet Valley High books and those blogs are all TERRIFIC, but we wanted to have a blog focusing on lesser known and/or reviewed YA novels and what not.  So seriously, I am REALLY going to attempt to write a lot more on YA novels that aren’t SVH or BSC books- I will certainly still post about quite a few of those books, but in terms of Jess and Liz Wakefield I will focus more on Sweet Valley Twins , Kids and SV University as opposed to High books, as fewer bloggers write on Kids, Twins or SVU books. In terms of the Baby Sitters Club I will still write on them but I did recently get a lot of BSC Little Sister books so more of those WILL be snarked on- hardly anyone writes on BSC Little Sister (possibly because those books are soooo hard to read b/c they are so crappy!!). But really expect to read a lot more postings on Sleepover Friends, the Totally Hot Series, Elizabeth Gail, Fabulous Five, and stuff like that. Just to warn ya all! Also, my sis hasn’t posted on here in forever but she is reading ” Jealous Lies” from SVH and she says she MAY post a blog on it soooo- look for it as it may be coming!!!

Secondly, OMG I saw Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick in concert on Tuesday! Holy fucking shit besides BSC books, Funny Bones ( those snacky cakes), and ” Beverly Hills Teens” I FUCKING LOVED Def Leppard at age 10, and I wanted to marry Joe Elliott! The concert will be featured on Live and Loud on Vh1 next week so watch if you can- YEAH DEF LEP AND POISON!!! Cheap Trick didn’t play  ” The Flame” which is, like, the awesomest song ever, and therefore Cheap Trick is now dead to me.

Thirdly- OMG I ADORE the show ” Wife Swap” and I am sorta thinking I may do a couple of Wife Swap recaps but I am not sure yet- would anyone read any Wife Swap blogs???? Or contribute to one? Let me know!!

Well next time ( sometime next week I hope) I will be recapping Gymnasts #8- Captain of the Team- my favorite Gymnasts book as a kid because I loved Darlene so much. After that- here are some great books I will be working on recapping for the rest of the summer-

Sweet Valley High #50- Out of Reach

Baby Sitters Club #83- Stacey vs the BSC

Girl Talk #35- Katie and Sabrina’s Big Competition

BSC Little Sister #6- Karen’s Little Sister ( incidentally Emily Michelle looks ADORABLE on the cover)

SVH #37- Rumors ( featuring my fetching young hottie Susan Stewart 😉

BSC Super Special #1- BABY SITTERS ON BOARD ( favorite BSC super special besides Baby Sitters Remember- which I will also recap @ some point)

Sweet Valley Kids #31- Elizabeth and Jessica Run Away

Sweet Valley Twins #18- Center of Attention

And the start of a series of ” Very Special Episode’ YA novels-  BSC #32- Kristy and the Secret of Susan

So see still PLENTY of BSC and SVH to come but I really hope all of you enjoy the Gymnast, SV Kids, and Girl Talk recaps coming up too!! Stay tuned!


8 Responses to “BSC #76- Stacey’s Lie”

  1. Yes, I would definently read Wife Swap posts I love that show. I watched three episodes on lifetime today. I would also love to read some BSC Little Sister recaps that would be awesome.

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Addendum to this blog- my sis reminded me that Logan worked at the Rosebud Cafe not the Box Tree- was the Box Tree in Sweet Valley High? Well no matter- I needed the correction to be made! Kristen- I will definitely try to recap Wife Swap on here and yes plenty of Little Sister recaps should be a comin’-I saw 3 eps of Wife Swap last night too!

  3. OMG, I remember this book! I think is was one of three BSC books I read as a youngen. I was all about Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley.

    I’m psyched about the upcoming SV recaps.

    And reading a Wife Swap recap would be ab fab

  4. perfectsize12 Says:

    Stacy is definitely a cuntbag! Hee! That word makes me giggle! So does the phrase “Daddy McGill”. I don’t know why, but reading it made me picture Daddy Warbucks.

    Mallory and Jessi are getting paid to be camp counselors? I was a camper at age 11. In fact, I was a camper at age 13… It’s mind-boggling. I mean, they’re only 11 years old. If they were 13 on the other hand… 🙂

  5. girltalkread Says:

    I love the phrases Cuntbag and Daddy McGill as well!!!! I also didn’t get how Mal and Jessi could be paid camp counselors at age 11- my sister was also a camper at ages 11 AND 13- as I thought most kids were!! It just didn’t make sense- then again I hated that whole plotline anyway!!! And Bond Girl oh yes SV recaps are definitely a comin’- I also read Brokenhearted and Starting Over recently so those will probably be recapped soon as well!! I liked SV better than BSC as a kid too but I liked Sweet Valley Twins better than High to be honest!!!

  6. “I was so hoping that Mr. McGill and Mr. Majors were gettin’ it on! Anyone else?”

    Ha! Yes! I hated Stacey so much in this book. Thanks for recapping it! And yes, her dad is uber creepy. But isn’t he kind of always a creep? I never liked Ed McGill that much.

  7. girltalkread Says:

    I was so never an Ed McGill fan at all- esp in the book BSC #28 Welcome Back Stacey I DESPISED Ed after reading that book!!!! I always liked Watson well enough, and Mr. Pike had his moments, but I really liked Mr. Ramsey Jessi’s dad- in fact I liked both Ramseys ( well till I read Jessi’s Baby Sitter and learned they left an 11 year old in charge for a weekend)well enough but they would barely discuss Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey in the books and that sucked- they sorta seemed the most normal- well I did also like Elizabeth Thomas- Brewer just b/c she was a kick arse single mom all those years!

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