let’s get to know each other!!!!

I got a great idea from the Dairi Burger bloggers- well I feel the idea is awesome!! Basically, we are going to have meet and greet- I will tell all of you a little about myself- some of this will be things I have discussed  in other blogs, some things are new- and I want all of you to leave some facts and info about you all if you would! I would love to know more about my readers and fellow bloggers so please indulge me!!

My name is Janet ( or Jan, or Jannie, or J- I prefer Jan or Janet) and I am 31 years old and a Capricorn ( DOB- 12/23/77). I started my YA novel reading at the age of seven with reading Elizabeth Gail books, which is YA and Christian fiction and they are actually decent books. At the age of eight, I started to read Sweet Valley High and the first SVH book I ever read was Book #41 Outcast about Molly Hecht- remember all of Sweet Valley High treat Molly like crap because Regina died at her party? Yep I bought that book at the A and P grocery store in third grade, and was hooked. Then my best friend in 3rd grade turned me on to the Baby Sitters Club at age 9 and the first BSC book I ever read was ” Claudia and Mean Janine.” Then I kept making my dad buy BSC box sets from Scholastic Books, and later on I got my cousin and sister into SVH and BSC. I started reading Sweet Valley Twins at about age 11, and the first SVT book I ever read was ” Best Friends” Sweet Valley Twins #1 which makes the most sense.

In my YA lovin’ heydey at ages 10 to about 13, I read ALL TYPES of YA novels  ( and Archie comics)- Sleepover Friends, the Gymnasts, freshman dorm, girls of canby hall, pen pals, SVT, Sweet Valley High and BSC, and of course Judy Blume and Paula Danziger. I seriously read YA novels until I was a senior in high school- I read the Girlfriends series just about all of senior year of high school even as I abandoned Sweet Valley and the BSC for John Grisham and Terry McMillan books. I taught myself to read at age 4 and I taught my cousin to read. I have always had a great passion for reading.

My other passions are movies ( love ALL kinds of movies, own about 50 DVD’s, and I adore Netflix to DEATH!!!!!!!!) and I wanted to be a movie critic and then later a theatre actress when I was younger. My other passion is social work and community organization and I am a full time social worker at a nonprofit agency in CT and love every minute of it- well except when clients yell at me for no reason!! But such is life. I got my master’s in social work in 05 after brief forays in retail and education after college, and I am working on getting my license in social work.

I have been dating a wonderful man named Frank for almost 11 months and we see at least one movie a weekend. My sister and both still love YA novels and our boyfriends don’t get it!! Oh well. I also love fashion, makeup and shoes,  creative writing, animals, gossiping, and sleeping in on weekends- wow I have broad interests- Francine Pascal wouldn’t like it! I have never been married and I don’t have any children. I have black, curly, curly hair, brown eyes, I am about 5’6″ and a size 12-14, and I dress casually with with some style 😉 I adore my family and friends and I am a middle child- my brother is almost 39 and my sister is 25. My parents were divorced when I was 17 which is at least normal in a BSC world but NOT SVH!!!! I am a first generation Portuguese American.

Also, as a child my favorite BSC’er was Stacey McGill but now it’s Mary Anne!! My favorite Sweet Valley High character was Elizabeth ( eww) and I also loved Cara Walker for some reason- now I have no clue who I like out of the SVH world! My favorite ” gymnast” was Darlene Broderick and still is, my favorite Sleepover friend was Lauren when I was a girl, now it’s Stephanie for sure, and my favorite Girl Talker was Sabrina Wells and it STILL IS- Sabrina is my ho! And ” The Cat Ate my Gymsuit” is one of the BEST BOOKS EVER YA or not!!!!


One Response to “let’s get to know each other!!!!”

  1. This is an awesome idear. And it’s nice to meetcha, Jan!

    Hola! My name is Lindsay and I am a blogaholic. It keeps me from doing actual work that might actually get me somewhere, but I can’t complain. I’ve met some really aces dudes and dudettes on the interwebs.

    I was born in 1980 and am a Gemini. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, joined the Navy when I was 21, got out when I was 25, ended up in the Seattle area and currently work as a police officer for the federal government. I have a bachelor’s in criminal justice, but decided I hate my line of work and have headed back to college to study English and history. My real passion is writing, however. I’m currently in the process of getting one book published (one that I loathe, but beggars and choosers and all that) and hope to get some more so I can quit and move to Australia.

    I was a SVT addict until my mom brought me home SVH #64 The Ghost of Tricia Martin from Cooks Department Store when I was 10. I was hooked and continued to read them religiously (stopping in at B. Daltons every weeks) until I was 15. I even owned the game and fashioned my outfits to what the twins were wearing in the books. I was a loser child 😦

    Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian/lawyer, thinking I could be a lawyer on the weekdays and a vet on the weekends. I also wanted to be an actress and marry Fox Mulder (half-nekkid Fox Mulder’s decorated my room) and Constable Benton Fraser.

    I have three brothers and one sister. I got to name my baby brother and named him after Alex P. Keaton. Had I known his real name was Michael J. Fox, I’d have a brother named Michael. I come from German-Irish-Scottish-French-Jewish-Native American-Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. I have dark hair and dark eyes and always wished I could have my father’s red hair and green eyes. Either way, I would not be allowed to survive in Sweet Valley. They probably toss babies off a cliff a’la the beginning of 300 to babies not deemed worthy in Sweet Valley. I’m the oldest out of all of them and until my sister came along in 1990, I was the only female in my vast array of cousins.

    I, too, worshiped the ground Liz walked on as a child. Now, I find myself totally in love with Lila Fowler and her bitchy, catty ways. Had Bruce Patman not attempted to rape Liz when she had her soap opera-ish personality change, I would love him, too. I hated Jeffery and was all about LizandToddforeva!!1!!1!. Oh, how times have changed. I’ll take Jeffery any day. Todd is a douchenozzle.

    I was also all about Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume. Not to mention Lynne Reid Banks and the Indian in the Cupboard series. Blubber was my favoritest YA book eva!

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