Baby Sitters #83- Stacey vs the BSC

First the cover- it looks like the girls are all at the movies.  Everyone but Mallory is laughing- Mallory just looks shocked- maybe she saw a naked boob or something? Hard to say. Claudia has a cable knit sweater tied around her neck which seems very J Crew and not at all Claudia like. Jessi and Mary Anne both look to be around 40, and Mary Anne’s short hair looks REALLY bad. I can’t explain it- it just looks matronly. Dawn actually looks sort of pretty. Kristy has her legs over the chair in front of her- hate that now, but I used to do that all the time at her age. Stacey has on some non descript pink sweatshirt and looks to be having great fun- but as the tagline reads ” Stacey could NEVER outgrow the BSC- could she?”

Chapter 1:  Claudia is having Stacey sit for a painting that Claud is doing of Stacey.  Stacey notices all of these big splotches and swirls on the paper when Claud is done with the painting, and Claudia says she was painting Stacey’s “essence.”  But Claud’s modern art painting reminds Stacey of the ” Big Apple” ( would a native New Yorker really call it that? My friend lived there for only four years and never calls NYC ” the big apple!” ) and how she saw a lot of abstract art in the galleries there.  Stacey tells Claudia she has to leave to go to dinner and a movie- the new Jason Priestly basketball movie. And she is going to the movie and dinner with lovely, perfect, Robert Brewster that is will someday go to Paris with on a honeymoon.  Stacey then launches into a brief paragraph about how the BSC can be so immature about boys and how they act around boys- except Claudia. Stace and Claudia are definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to boys.

We then get background on the story that is ” Stacey and the Cheerleaders.” Robert apparently kicks ass because when Robert found out that the guys on his basketball team got special privileges and all, and Stacey didn’t get to be a cheerleader because she was just too darn pretty, Robert quit the basketball team because he always stands up for his beliefs. And he’s just the most perfect thing ever.

Chapter 2:  Stacey is late for the third or fourth BSC meeting in a month. Kristy is hella pissed as you can imagine.  Stacey says her bike got a flat tire and she fell and twisted her ankle.  Claudia then answers the phone by saying ” Good afternoon” and Jessi and Mallory are laughing over this because usually Claudia ( or whoever) usually answer the phone saying ” Hello Baby Sitters Club” and Jessi and Mal find ” good afternoon” hilarious and Stacey feels they are acting like babies. I feel they are just acting plain retarded ( OK I really shouldn’t say ” retarded” as I do hate that expression but I am having a hard time thinking of a better way to describe Mallory and Jessi’s stupid giggles right now)  Well, the job was to sit for Charlotte, and Stacey usually loves sitting for Charlotte. Stacey is a little bummed as she and Robert had planned another bike ride that day, but a job is a job, Stacey figures. 

Stacey is all spacing out at the meeting thinking of Robert. Kristy is all ” earth to Stacey” and Jessi and Mal start giggling again. Kristy is all ” aww Stacey is thinking of her true lovey-poo” which Stacey finds all immature but in Kristy’s defense when my friend Jennifer and I were 13 ( at 13, Jennifer was pretty much my only friend) teased each other the same way about guys each other liked because we were 13 and not 27. But then again Stacey is sooo sophisticated.

Chapter 3:  Stacey is sitting for Charlotte. Charlotte and Stacey refer to each other as ” almost sisters” and Stacey just adores Charlotte to pieces.  Stacey tells Charlotte she has to practice the piano, and Charlotte keeps trying to avoid having to practice.  Stacey finds it odd as Charlotte recently started the piano lessons and seemed to enjoy them so she wondering what the change of heart is.  We learn that Charlotte doesn’t want to play piano because she is freaked out over having to play in a piano recital.  Charlotte is painfully shy and has terrible stage fright, as we know from ” Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn” ( which I’d recap in a second but I don’t own it – poopie!! 😦  Charlotte says she wishes Stacey would be there, and Stacey says she would LOVE to go to Charlotte’s recital.  Stacey then hears Charlotte play and there are some clinkers. This is sort of funny but Stacey says ” Charlotte will never be Mozart but who cares? He had bad hair!” LOVE IT!

Chapter 4:  So on a Friday evening,  Stacey is supposed to be sitting at the Pike house. But a few hours before the job, Robert calls and says that Wayne  ( Wayne Mainville, some friend of Robert’s) asked if Stacey and Robert wanted to go to Pizza Express with some friends- Sheila McGregor, who sits behind Stacey in homeroom, Andi Gentile, and Alex Zacharias. ( these names become sorta important later). Stacey really wants to go because she finds Robert and his friends sooo cool and she has become friends with Wayne, Alex and Andi.  We learn that Stacey had gotten Mary Anne and Jessi to cover for two other sitting jobs recently, so Stacey figures she can get Dawn or Mary Anne to sub this time. Stacey tells Dawn and Mary Anne ( when she calls their house- they are stepsisters don’t ya know) that ” something has come up.”  Mary Anne is all ” well this is the third job you missed recently” but Mary Anne agrees to take the job anyway.  Mary Anne tells Dawn that she is going to go sit for the Pikes because Stacey said something important came up.  While Mary Anne is babysitting with Mal, the Pike kids decide they want to do a talent show and get other neighborhood kids involved.  The kids say the BSC can help organize it- naturally.

Chapter 5:  Stacey is actually going to wear wool turqouise slacks to go out for pizza with her man!! WTF?? Stacey sounds like she came straight out a Talbot’s catalog! This book was written in 1995- didn’t 13 year old girls shop at Weathervane or The Limited back then? Probably not Talbot’s!!  At Pizza Express, one of the pizzas the kids ordered has pineapple. Robert is all “oh can you eat pineapple? It has sugar and you have to be careful of your diabetes.” and Stacey is all ” aww see this proves he is so thoughtful because he is concerned about what I can eat.” And gee it’s not as if Claudia doesn’t provide you with wheat crackers or whatever every week for you to eat Stacey, right? Nope Claudia isn’t one bit thoughtful- not like ROBERT.  So Stacey’s wicked mature friends are all  ” oh let’s get pizza with sushi on it!” ” With a side of Alka Seltzer” HAH HAH sooo funny and sooo mature- ummm not so much. I got really annoyed reading this book because Stacey’s cool ass friends would sometimes act as immature as the BSC, but Stacey refused to see that. Fuck you Stacey.  They then did drift off into conversation and discussed clothes, music, politics- you name it. ummm popular 13 year olds discuss POLITICS????  The fuck? But of cours the varied convos prove that Alex, Sheila, Wayne, Robert, and Andi are much more mature than the baby sitters. Well at least these CAN discuss something besides Margo Pike’s barf or whatever.  One cool thing we learn is that Andi Gentile had been a baby model, and her mom put all of her baby model earnings into a college savings fund. Umm who cares?  Stacey says ” oh no one made a babyish comment or giggled”- umm RIGHT AFTER Stacey said ” oh we laughed and laughed when telling jokes” and the Alka Seltzer comment doesn’t sound wicked mature. UGH!  Stacey then gets the feeling someone is watching her.  She thinks she keeps seeing someone in a hooded down coat.  Turns out someone is watching her- behind the jukebox- Dawn Schafer.  Stacey asks Dawn why she is spying on her- yeah that is pretty darn lame but ADMITTEDLY- since I always hung out with a rather immature crowd- that kind of shit MAY have been tempting to do when I was in college if my friends or I thought someone was lying- again I admit it is lame but again- I never have had extremely mature friends who make alka seltzer jokes and talk politics at the age of 13.  But Dawn is acting wicked cheesy- She’s all ” Mary Anne has a boyfriend, but at least she honors her commitments to the Baby Sitters Club!!” Shit Dawn Stacey did get someone to cover- at work we get folks to cover each  other’s shifts all the time if something else comes up no huge deal!  Stacey wants to melt into the ground because after all of Dawn’s yelling at the pizza shop Stacey is wicked embarrassed. Yeah, all the public yelling IS sort of uncalled for.  Stacey then explains what is going on to her new friends and Sheila is all ” god they take that club seriously! Get a life”- sorta funny I have to admit because yeah Kristy ESPECIALLY does take the BSC a LITTLE too seriously.

Stacey then thinks to herself- ” Am I outgrowing the baby sitters club?”

Chapter 6:  Stacey arrives late to another Baby Sitters Club meeting. OK again I would be a little annoyed if I were Kristy because I am a huge stickler for punctuality- but I am also 31- at the age of 13 I would probably be a little more laid back about it.  Kristy starts snapping at Stacey as soon as she walks into the meeting- Kristy says that Stacey ” acts as if she’s on another planet” and she wants Stacey to apologize to Mary Ann for having her sub for Stacey the other night. God, they are still on that? As someone DID cover the job, it’s not really a biggie, Kristy!  Stacey does apologize to Mary Anne because Mary Anne gets her feelings hurt easily.  Kristy is still all ” if all of us skipped jobs because of boyfriends, where would this club be???” and Claudia points out that Stacey did apologize.  Claudia then says Dawn shouldn’t have been spying on Stacey and then utters the memorable line ” let’s forgive, forget and have some Goobers.” LOVE IT- that should be my new life motto other than I’d say ” forgive, forget and have some Twizzlers!” YUMMMM TWIZZLERS!!  Stacey then thinks to herself that the BSC should be more leniant- it’s not as if Stacey committed a crime! She also thinks that none of her new friends like Andi or Sheila, would ever have spied on Stacey or treated a casual date like it was high treason.  The BSC then discusses the talent show the kids are having.  Then Stacey offers to walk Mary Anne part of the way home. Stacey apologizes again and Mary Anne says not to worry they are still ” bestest” friends and Mary Anne is all ” isn’t that cute me and Logan say it.” Stacey finds this immature. She also notices the sticker on Mary Anne’s backpack that says ” I LOVE MY KITTY.” Yeah that is sort of lame for a 13 year old I must admit.

Chapter 7: Stacey and Mary Anne are going to go shopping after school.  Mary Anne is all ” Oh Stacey aren’t you supposed to sit for Charlotte this afternoon?” Umm Mary Anne you knew that so why did you agree to go shop with Stacey then?  So Stacey feels bad because now she has to stand up Mary Anne. 

At lunch, Stacey decides to eat with the cool group of Wayne, Alex, Robert, Stacey and Andi.  The BSC does not look happy that Stacey isn’t sitting at the usual BSC table. Now THAT Is high treason for the BSC! 

While Stace is sitting for Charlotte, she gets a great idea- she asks Charlotte if she wants to play the piano at the talent show!  Stacey convinces Char to do it by saying that it will be informal, just friends and family, and a good way to practice before the recital. Char asks if Stacey will be in the audience and Stacey says ” of course!!” So Charlotte agrees to be in the talent show.

Chapter 8:  Kristy is sitting for the Papadakis kids and David Michael. This is supposed to be a cute chapter about the stupid acts the kids are performing in the talent show, but frankly I don’t care about stupid cute things that children do. So let’s move on to:

Chapter 9:  Stacey and her new cool crew are at Burger Town.  The kids learn that Alex’s parents are splitting up and everyone is offering their support.  As the kids are all sitting, eating, and supporting Alex, Kristy, Mary Anne and Dawn walk into Burger Town.  Stacey is looking at their table and is first embarassed that Mary Anne is wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. Then Dawn is all “oh eeew these burgers are all carcasses” and is all loud- shut up Dawn.  Stacey and Robert play ” tug of war” with a piece of bread. SUCH maturity. Meanwhile, at the Kristy/ Dawn/ Mary Anne table,  Kristy is sticking straws up her nose. OK ewwwww.  Then, Carlos Mendez, this super hot dude who goes to Stoneybrook High, walks in.  Dawn, Mary Anne , and Kristy get the giggles and soda shoots out of Kristy’s nose- OK gross but again sort of normal behavior for 13 year old girls.  Andi and Alex are all ” oh why are they laughing” and Andi’s like “it’s a cute guy so what” and ” God they are 13 ugh.” Yeah 13 Andi not 35!! Again, for once the BSC is acting 13 we should be happy here! But then Dawn is grilling the waitress over what kind of ingredients and chemicals are in the food- ugh OK ANNOYING. But we know Dawn sucks it big time.  Stacey is wondering if the BSC always used to act like this.  Robert says he wants to plan party and Stacey says that sounds cool. Sheila is all “oh are you  inviting the BSC? They are sort of ” and Stacey is like ” yeah immature”. But Stacey figures that this party would not be for the BSC, so they don’t have to know about it, especially since even though it’s a party that Robert and Stace are throwing together, it will be at Robert’s house.

Chapter 10:  We hear Stacey does decide to invite Claud to her and Robert’s party, but she makes Claudia not tell anyone else in the club. What a shitty thing to expect Claudia to do- just don’t invite any of them don’t put Claud in the middle between Stace and the rest of the girls. Ugh Stacey. Well Stacey is sitting for Jamie and Lucy Newton. Jamie doesn’t really eat his dinner.  After Stacey puts Jamie and Lucy to bed, she gets on the phone with Robert and has this long convo, even though that is a rule one must absolutely not break- and hello yeah being on  the phone with your man all night while you are doing your job is NOT MATURE STACEY!  Jamie holds out a book he wants Stacey to read to him before bed and Stacey is all ” not now Jamie.” Again- that is being a BITCH Stacey not MATURE! UGH I hate Stacey I am sorry.  Jamie then tells Stacey his tummy hurts. Stacey blows him off.  Finally Jamie starts crying and screaming and Stacey’s bitch ass finally gets off the phone.  We then learn that Jamie barfed everywhere. Good one Stacey- ah the cuntbag deserved it after the mature one blows off her sitting charge to chat with good ol’ Robert- and if Robert is so PERFECT he could have been all ” get the fuck off the phone and do your job” but whatevs.  Jamie says ” I called and called and you never came” Poor Jamie I actually like this kid.  When the Newtons come back Stace explains what happened and Mrs. Newton says they tried to call from the restaurant but the phone was busy…  Stacey keeps saying she’s sorry and that she cleaned up the barf, and the Newtons keep saying it’s OK.

Chapter 11:  Stacey is again late to a BSC meeting. We learn that Mrs. Newton called to tell Kristy to ask all of the sitters not to use the phone unless it’s an emergency. OK Mrs. N, as a longtime client, should have been able to tell Stacey that HERSELF when Stacey was at the house rather than go behind  Stacey’s back and rat her out to Kristy.  The BSC then discusses more talent show plans.

When Stace is having dinner, Charlotte calls saying she’s nervous about the talent show. Stacey assures Char she will be there. Then Robert calls.  Robert, the mature and perfect boy he is, tells Stacey he JUST asked his parents, two days before the party, if he could throw the party  at his house and they say no. Yep he gave them 2 days notice. So Robert asks Stacey if they can have the party at her house. Of course, Stacey does not tell Robert ” gee telling your parents 2 days before is rather lame, Robert.”  Mrs. McGill is totally OK with Stacey having the party at their home as long as she and her friends will set up and clean up. Wow, Mrs. McGill is dibbly cool 😉 Or dibbly fresh. 😉  Stacey calls Claud to tell her that the party will now be at Stacey’s, and Claudia says ” well I guess you are inviting the rest of the club” and Stacey says that she honestly does not want to do that. Claudia says she will think about going because she hates being in the middle of all this.

Chapter 12: Night of the party.  Alex and Andi bring sugarless cookies to the party and Stacey is all ” what friends would be THAT thoughtful?” AGAIN STACE- CLAUDIA, WHO SPENDS HER OWN GD MONEY TO BUY YOUR CRAP DIABETIC SNACKS EVERY WEEK! AND TOOK YOUR SHIT AT FIRE ISLAND!! FUCK YOU STACEY! Sorry I had to rant.  Claudia does decide to attend the party by the way.  Everyone at Stacey’s party danced, and everyone thought Stacey’s mom was wicked cool.  Stacey is in the middle of a slow dance with Robert when the bell rings.  At the door, bundled in their down coats, are Dawn and Mary Anne. God, does Dawn spy on Stace constantly to know to show up at a party she wasn’t invited to?  Dawn is smirking and Mary Anne is crying when they see a party is happening. Then they see Claudia is there.  Claud says ” welcome to the party” and Dawn says ” well apparently not all of us are” (OUCH!!) and Dawn and Mary Anne leave.  Stacey wonders how Dawn and Mary Anne found own and Claud snaps ” well yeah Stace half the school was invited of course they were going to find out.”  Claudia says that she doesn’t know why Stacey expected Claudia to be put in the middle of all this and says friends don’t treat each other like that, and Stacey didn’t act like this until Robert came along. I disagree- Stacey is always a cuntbag- she was before Robert and will be after Robert, I am sure.

Chapter 13:  Stacey stays home from the talent show- the one she’d PROMISE to be at for Charlotte’s sake, since Stacey basically roped Char into being in the show by promising to attend. But Ms Maturity, Stacey, just can’t bring herself to show her face in front of Claudia, Mary Anne and Dawn so she just doesn’t show up.  When it’s Charlotte’s turn, she doesn’t see Stacey anywhere. Charlotte gets really upset that Stace isn’t there and goes and runs into the audience and cries into Dr. Johannsen’s arms. AWWWW 😦 I am no big Charlotte fan but that SUCKS ASS that Stacey did that. 

Claudia calls Stace when she gets home and is like ” ok you better have a great reason for not going to the talent show when Charlotte needed you!”  Claud then says ” you BETTER show to the meeting on Monday!” Claud is pissed- and I do feel bad for Claudia because she really doesn’t deserve the shit Stace is dishing out. Kristy and Dawn are sure being cuntbags to Stacey, and Mary Anne’s sticker is darn babyish, and Mallory and Jessi are- well- 11 years old but Claudia deserves none of this.

Chapter 14:  We hear that Stace goes to Charlotte’s house and tells her the truth about why Stacey didn’t show to the talent show. Stacey thinks Char understands.  Stacey thinks to herself, prior to the meeting, that she is not sure how she feels. A month ago she would have BEGGED to be forgiven by the BSC and would want to stay in the club badly, but she is now not sure.  Kristy starts to immediately yell at Stacey saying that ever since she’s met Robert, she’s changed. OK to immediately start in on Stacey like that, and blaming Robert, isn’t cool.  Mal agrees saying ” yeah Stacey you weren’t like this until you met Robert.”  Stacey is like ” What? Like a person who wants to have a life outside of the baby sitters club? ” ( Go Stacey for that one!) , ” like someone who goes out with other friends from time to time? ” and again Team Stacey there- the BSC does go nutty if one of the girls hangs out with other friends outside the BSC.  Stacey says the girls need to grow up and Dawn is all ” YOU need to grow up!!”  Claud says ” whoa, chill, this is my room and I don’t want to turn this into a shouting match” TEAM CLAUDIA BABY!  Claud then points out that what Stace did at the Newton’s home was wrong and Stacey agrees it was and she apologized. Mary Anne then asks why  no one else from the BSC besides Claudia was invited to Stacey and Rob’s party.  Stacey says she and Robert have their own friends and she wasn’t sure Mary Anne, Dawn, Kristy, Mal and Jessi would fit in well with cool kids like Wayne, Sheila and Andi.  Stacey says that if it bothered them not to be invited, Dawn or whoever could have called instead of just showing up, and acted more mature than that. Kristy is all ” Maturity? HAH!!” And Claudia says ” yeah real mature not to show up at the talent show and to disappoint Charlotte”- again Team Claud for that one.   Stacey then says this isn’t a discussion it’s a firing squad!  Stace then says she is tired of Kristy’s bossiness  and all of those meetings week in and week out.  Stace says she wants to not always talk about talent shows and diapers and wants to hang with kids her own age and discuss things besides babysitting.  Jessi says ” no one’s forcing you to be here” and Stacey that’s right ” I Quit!!” and Kristy is all ” you CAN’T quit you are FIRED!!” and yep Stacey is now OUT of the BSC!!! DONE! FINITO!

Chapter 15:  Robert and Stacey are helping Alex arrange his room in the new, smaller house he got with his mom after the divorce.  Stacey says she has gotten closer to her new friends Alex and Andi, and she and Robert are just better than ever.  Stacey admits she misses the other BSC girls sometimes and misses shopping with Claudia and Mary Anne’s kindness.  Stacey also misses baby sitting.  It’s 5:30 pm on a Monday and Stace has to rush off or she will be LATE- to Charlotte’s piano recital.  So yep Stacey would have missed a BSC meeting to go to Charlotte’s recital if she were still in the club, apparently.

And so you have it. I had never read this book as  a kid ( I stopped reading BSC after #76 actually as a kid) but I got this book from E Bay and even paid the ridiculous shipping charge to get it from Australia ( hey it came w/ Stacey’s Lie and Stacey and the Bad Girls!!) but it was WELL WORTH IT!!! This book was so great and so easy to snark on!!! And a great BSC fight is always fun!!!

Soooo by Tuesday at the latest ( Tues next week) it’s a Girl Talk book- Katie and Sabrina’s Big Competition!!!!


3 Responses to “Baby Sitters #83- Stacey vs the BSC”

  1. Ha. Yes, Team Claudia all the way. Dawn was an obsessive loon. Stacey was an annoying bitch. Kristy’s always annoying. MA was kind of meh. Stacey’s new friends were boring. (I don’t want to hear about more baby modeling!) But yeah, the only one I liked was Claudia. I can’t believe she still stayed friends with Stacey after Fire Island!

  2. Stacey totally deserved all the Jamie vomit…the poor kid was sick and she was ignoring him!

  3. girltalkread Says:

    Emily yes Stacey totally deserved the Jamie vomit- I can’t believe that she was just totally ignoring him like that!!! UGH!!!! Sadako- yeah Dawn is obsessive and just annoying, Kristy just sucks ass, Mary Anne is OK, and Jessi and Mallory are 11 like I said. Claudia does rock and I am also shocked she forgave Stacey after Fire Island- and yeah Stacey’s new friends ARE boring!

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