Girl Talk #35- Katie and Sabrina’s Big Competition

Bet you didn’t expect me to do another post this soon! Hey I am bored this week, so I decided why not do a recap of this later Girl Talk book? I had never read this book as a child I only read the first eight Girl Talk books as a kid. And after reading later books, I am glad I had only read the early Girl Talk books!!!

Sabrina is limping toward Katie’s locker. Katie asks Sabrina why she is walking like that. Sabrina did a long aerobics workout video the night before and her muscles are really sore.  Sabrina borrowed some of her brother Luke’s sports cream to ease the pain after taking a hot bath, but instead of easing pain her skin feels like it’s on fire! Katie says you are never to put on sports cream after a hot bath because your pores are all open and your skin absorbs more of the cream.  Sabrina suggests to Randy, Allison and Katie that maybe after school all of them could work out to Sabrina’s new video together! Ah, workout VIDEOS- my sister and I used to do Cher Fitness as kids- not kidding!  Randy asks ” what about Sabrina’s sore muscles?” and Sabs say Luke told Sabrina to ” work through the pain.”  Randy says no because she would rather skateboard outside in the fresh air, and Katie thinks to herself that she is also one who would rather work out in the out of doors. Katie then tells Sabrina that she can’t get together after school, either, because she promised her stepbrother Michel that she would help him pick out sneakers at the new sports store after school.  By the way, Katie is sooo annoying in this book and in  other later books after her mom marries Michel’s father- Michel’s dad is rich, and all we hear about is how Katie has a cook, and the housekeeper drives Michel and Katie wherever they want to go, and they have a huge pool, and Katie lives in a mansion but it doesn’t matter to her- then well why ALWAYS mention it? L.E. Blair may be even more obsessed with wealth than Francine Pascal OR Ann M. Martin!  Sabrina then says she needs new workout pants herself, and suggests that Sabrina, Randy and Allison can go to the mall with Katie and Michel instead.  Katie agrees this is a great idea.

Katie tells Michel that her friends are going to shop with them after school, so Michel asks Sabrina’s brother Sam, Sam’s friends Nick and Jason, and their friend Arizonna to go to the mall with them as well. Mrs. Smith, Katie and Michel’s housekeeper, is going to drive all of these jr high brats to the mall.  At the mall, McLaughlin’s Sporting Goods is PACKED! There is a huge line of people even waiting to get in! Katie is wondering what is going on there. Turns out there’s such a huge crowd because McLaughlin’s is promoting  a new sports complex that is opening in town.  The sports complex is going to be huge- an Olympic size swimming pool, a track,  a tennis courts, racquetball and basketball courts, what have you.  Plus, it is all indoors.  Katie then sees an Iron Kids triathlon poster.  The triathlon is three weeks from tomorrow and it’s for kids ages 7-14. ( Wow the BSC would have been ALL OVER this) There will be two groups- Juniors are seven to ten and seniors are 11-14 and a boy and a girl from each group will win a prize.  There’s a 200 meter swim, a 6 mile bike ride, and a half mile run ( the sports hater in me is saying YUCK!)  Katie says she is going to sign up and Sabrina wants to sign up as well because Sabrina thinks it will be fun.  Katie is surprised that Sabrina would want to enter because she is no serious sports nut- Katie thinks Sabrina must not realize how hard this would be.  Katie tells that to Sabs, and Sabrina says she still wants to enter and Katie and Sabs can train together and it would be so fun. Katie doesn’t think this will be fun but that it will be exciting and challenging, but she does think it would be cool to train with Sabs.

When Sam hears that Sabrina is entering the triathlon, he laughs at Sabs saying he can’t believe she would enter it and she will not be able to make it through. Katie is incensed as she feels that since Sabs decided to enter the triathlon, everyone should be supportive.  Randy says Sam is just proving that boys can’t handle when girls are as good at sports as boys are.   Katie says if the boys think they are so much better than the girls, THEY should enter the triathlon and Michel says no way to that- he doesn’t think he can swim, bike AND run!! Sam says he would never enter, either, but he also still says that Sabs has no chance of winning anything. Katie says she will prove that girls are great, and she bets she and Sabs will be the first girls to cross the finish line!  Sabrina agrees but looks very uncertain.

There’s a sleepover at Katie’s house the next night. The cook ( who Katie calls COOK!!!) WTF??) made great sugar cookies.  Katie then tells Sabrina  she is confident that she and Sabs will finish first as long as they stick to a training schedule Katie has already made up.  Sabrina is all ” we have to bike, run and swim every day for three weeks?” and in training for a triathlon I am sure the answer would be yes but what do I know?  Katie says they don’t have to bike, run and swim every day but they should do one of the three every day as well as lift weights to increase their strength.  Sabs then says she can’t work out on Sundays because her mother expects the whole family to have a big family dinner every Sunday, and she can’t do Saturdays until all of her chores are done, and Tuesday is dish day.  Katie says that’s not great news,but thinks to herself that SHE can at least work out daily, and she can train Sabrina well on the other days.  Sabs asks Katie if they have to figure out all the training now as they are at a slumber party and Katie says she is sorry but she gets really over- enthusiastic when it comes to sports. Yeah, I will have to say that pulling out a train sched at a sleepover is a little much.   At breakfast Monday morning,  Michel asks Katie if she plans to train today. Katie says she wanted to go bike riding with Sabs but it is raining so that won’t be possible. Michel suggests that Katie and Sabs just go to the sports complex to run, as they can use it since they signed up for the triathlon.  Katie thinks that’s a great idea!  Katie tells the idea to Sabs and she says that would be really fun. Katie loves that Sabrina is always willing to try something new. 

Sabrina is taking forever to get ready to go the complex because she doesn’t really know what workout clothes to wear. I’d be the same way, Sabs my girl!  They finally get to the sports complex after Sabs puts her workout clothes on and ties her hair back.  Katie tells Sabs that they will stretch and then walk a lap around the track but Sabrina isn’t paying attention to a word Katie is saying. Sabs is too busy staring at a hot guy warming up at the other side of the track- and said hot man is Max McAllister, an 8th grader on the track team who always wins track meets. Katie is getting annoyed with Sabrina while they are stretching because she is doing the warm-ups wrong and keeps staring at Max.  Max also keeps staring at them, Katie notices.  Max then goes up to talk to Katie and Sabs, and Sabs is wicked blushing after Max says he is glad to see ” pretty ladies” working out at the sports complex. OK what 13, 14 year old boy says ” pretty ladies?”  Katie thinks that Max is cute, but that he seems to know it, and that bothers her.  Max then starts running off and Sabrina starts to run with him even though she hasn’t sufficiently stretched out yet and then Sabrina is all huffing and puffing. Max then tells Sabs that since both of them are training for the triathlon he’d be happy to give Sabrina some pointers.  Katie is steamed because it’s obvious to her that Max thinks he knows it all, but he knows nothing about training- like warming up and pacing yourself and all of that.

Next chapter- Katie, Sabs, Allison and Randy are all working out in Katie’s gym at her home. Katie and Sabrina are lifting weights to train for the triathlon, Allison is using the exercise bike, and Randy is using a treadmill.  Sabrina is working on the weights very halfheartedly and is barely doing any reps. Katie asks why and Sabrina says it’s because Max says runners don’t need to work out- if they have too many muscles it would weigh them down- interesting logic there, Max.  Katie explains to Sabs that they are lifting weights to gain strength, not muscle.  Katie also says that Max doesn’t know everything!  Sabs says that she and Katie should really be training with Max because he’s such a good athlete ( and Sabs wants to get in Max’s pants) and Katie is all ” but we agreed on a workout schedule last week and now you want to change it?”  Katie then thinks to herself that it’s as if she is competing with Max on who is the better trainer or something. Then Michel, Arizonna, Nick, Jason Sam come down to the weight room.  The boys are sort of teasing the girls and Katie is flipping out, saying they are there to work out! Michel tells Katie she could win that triathlon in her sleep, and Katie says that isn’t the point that plenty of the athletes in the triathlon can be as good or better than she is, and she has to work out constantly in order to win- dude, Katie is being SUCH the Kristy Thomas in this book.

The triathlon is now three days away!  Katie and Sabs have been working out almost every day for three weeks, and Katie has to admit that Sabrina is getting a little better.  She can run and swim for longer than she could when they first began training.  Katie knows she should be happy with their progress, but she feels they could use more training time.  Sabs tells Katie she can’t wait to work out at the sports complex that day because maybe Max will be there.  Katie says they still have to go through all of the events whether or not Max is there. We then learn that Sabrina brought all of these outfits with her for the triathlon and Katie says all they need is the bathing suit and running pants because changing clothes will shave off seconds on their time.  Sabs says she doesn’t really care about getting seconds off her time and she will feel better about herself if she looks good in her clothes.  Well, Max is at the sports complex.  When Sabs sees Max, she wants to know if she and Katie can run first. Katie says no because they have to go through the triathlon in the order they will be doing the events Saturday- swimming, biking and THEN running.  Sabs says it shouldn’t make any difference which event they do first, and Katie says of course it makes a difference! Boy what a pair- Sabs seems lazy and sort of unmotivated, but Katie is a Kristy T like tyrant at the same time!  Sabrina says she is just going to do things her way and she is going to run first and doesn’t really care what Katie thinks.  Katie starts to cry because of how Sabrina is acting, and if Sabs doesn’t want her help, FINE!  Katie apparently does a great job after she runs through the events, and then Katie asks Sabrina if she is going to do the same, and Sabs is all ” nope.”  Katie says they went to the sports complex to run through the triathlon, and and Sabs says it doesn’t matter because MAX says they don’t need to go through the whole course.  Sabs then says Allison and Randy are at Fitzie’s and she’d rather go there. So Katie decides she doesn’t want to argue with Sabrina, and agrees to go to Fitzie’s.

Allison and Randy say the next morning that Katie and Sabs must be excited about the triathlon and Sabrina says she is. Katie can’t believe Sabs would be so excited to be in a competition that she clearly has no chance of winning- God bitch Sabs said from DAY ONE she was doing this for fun that’s why! You wanted to turn this into ” let’s prove we can beat the boys” thing, Katie Campbell!  Katie says to Sabrina that they are going to work out after school and Sabrina isn’t really sure because it’s cold out. Katie says they will be running so it won’t be that cold. Sabrina looks very unsure.  Randy and Allison tell Katie maybe she can take a break today and Katie says no she has no time to fool around before the triathlon!  At the track that evening, Sabrina barely runs a mile and says she has a stitch in her side and can’t run anymore. Katie says she has to do it if she wants to finish and why did Sabs even enter if she couldn’t finish? Sabrina yells at Katie that Katie is soo perfect- she’s a straight A student, on the hockey team, and is so athletic and Katie needs to stop expecting Sabs to be like Katie and she’s not going to compete with Katie because it’s a useless battle, and she leaves the track.

Telephone Talk- Long story short Katie and Sabs make up. Katie says her mom says she and Sabrina should have talked things out earlier so that they wouldn’t get this mad at each other. Katie also says she was sort of jealous that Sabrina always took Max’s advice and Sabs says yes Max was cute, but she also would hang with him because he didn’t put pressure on Sabrina like Katie did.

TRIATHLON DAY!  Katie eats a big breakfast that Jean Paul ( her stepdad) made and Katie vows to respect the differences in others- Katie may be competitive and athletic, but Sabs only did this to have fun, and Katie should have realized that.  Allison and Randy show up and make banners that say ” Go Katie” and ” Go Sabrina!”  Michel brings Katie his lucky rabbit’s foot, and Randy arranges for Sabs to get number 13 for Sabs to wear because it’s her lucky number believe it or not. 

Well- KATIE WINS for her division- big shock! And Sabrina does manage to finish!!  Sabrina says she came in ” worse than last” but Katie tells her the important thing is that she finished- woooo Sabs! God knows I could never do that crap!  And Max only came in 2nd for the boys after he kept telling Sabs he’d come in first! HAH HAH MAX!  Sabs says she guesses Max’s training tips weren’t so great after all!  And Sam congratulates both Katie AND Sabrina for a job well done!

Next week- and yeah most likely I will not recap again till next week- it’s Sweet Valley High #37- Rumors!!!

And coming soon:

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