Sweet Valley High #37- Rumors

At breakfast one morning, Elizabeth and Jessica are discussing the Bridgewater Ball.  The theme has something to do with Vienna, and the ball will boast many ice sculptures. We also get some speil about Alice Wakefield being all upset that more and more women ( it’s an article in the paper) are deciding not to have children in order to concentrate on a career. Alice is all ” oh my children mean much more than my career”- oh Alice shut up you suck shit as a parent. 

When Elizabeth gets to school, she tells Enid she is going to write about the Bridgewater Ball for her Eyes and Ears column- basically, she will speculate on who is going to be attending.  Enid says Bruce Patman always goes as he travels in such rich social circles- see the Bridgewater Ball is at some country club 40 minutes from Sweet Valley, and only the richest of folk attend. So if Bruce Patman is going, it stands to reason that Regina Morrow will attend and Elizabeth says that if anyone deserves to have fun, it’s Regina. I am not sure why Regina deserves fun more than others- plus she’s also rich as hell so I am sure she’d attend even if she weren’t attending with Bruce.  The gals also say that Bruce’s cousin Roger will also probably attend, and he’d bring Olivia and as a member of the Oracle, Elizabeth is sure she will have quite a story to tell about the ball.  Of course, Lila Fowler is also sure to attend, and Enid says wouldn’t it be funny if no one invited Lila?

At lunch, Jess and Lila are also discussing the Bridgewater Ball. God, why do high school kids- rich or not- care about some shit dance at a country club that is probably mad boring?  Jessica says Susan Stewart- who both Jess and Li spot in the cafeteria- will probably go to the ball with her boyfriend Gordon Stoddard. Lila says ” nobodies” don’t attend the Bridgewater Ball, and Jessica says that Susan IS a somebody- Susan Stewart lives with a woman who Susan calls ” Aunt Helen”.  Susan doesn’t know who her mom is, but her mom apparently sends buckets of money to Aunt Helen to support Susan. And Susan has an incredible wardrobe.  Susan is also a hottie- long red hair and beautiful copper colored eyes.  Jessica thinks it’s worth being nice to Susan because she could easily be the daughter of someone very important.  Jessica then asks Susan if she is going to the Bridgewater Ball, and Susan says that in fact she is attending with Gordon and his parents.  Susan asks Lila if she is going, which perturbs Lila because she has no date. Winston jokes that he will take Lila to the ball.

Susan is now playing golf at the local country club with Gordon and his parents, Binky and Farley- yep those are their real names.  Farley is a total snob and a bigot, and he is whining about how the membership of the club is really deteriorating in the past year and they are letting in ” just anyone.” Like who Farley- Hispanics? African Americans? Public interest lawyers and nonprofit social workers? Farley sucks monkey cock.  Farley also says too much ” rifraff” is moving into Sweet Valley. Well the Rizzos ( as in Sophia Rizzo and her poor fam as featured in Sweet Valley Twins- and of course the Martins) do live in Sweet Valley so maybe ol’ Farley has a point, Farley says to Susan that in his day only the right kind of people- THEIR kind of people- were able to join the country club.  At dinner, Susan has  to hear Mr. Stoddard go on and on about how Sweet Valley was totally going downhill and everyone would be murdered in their beds if the police didn’t shape up. Susan finds what Farley is saying offensive, but it’s well worth hearing Farley the blowhard if it means having social status and moving in the right kind of social circles.  Susan then has a fleeting worry- what if her  ” real” mom isn’t rich and famous?  George and Lila Fowler join Farley, Binky, Gordon and Susan for dinner and more of the same talk goes on. After dinner, Gordon tells Susan he is sorry his parents could be so snobbish, and Susan says it doesn’t bother her. Then Susan comes home, and Aunt Helen Reister asks Susan how the country club was and Susan describes her evening.  Susan then tells Helen she wants her to make her ball gown for the ball and Aunt Helen says she’d be more than happy to do so. Susan then asks Aunt Helen why she never buys nice things for herself or makes nice things for herself.  Helen says she never goes anywhere nice and is just happy hearing about all of the wonderful things Susan gets to do.  Susan then wonders why Aunt Helen always works so hard if Susan’s mom sends so much money. Gee Susan I wonder- by the way Susan even mentions that she and Helen have the same coloring… ummm Susan…  Susan then thinks of how she wishes she knew who her real mom was but Aunt Helen will not tell Susan until she turns 18. Yep that’s fair for a girl to live 18 years without having any idea who her mom is.  Susan then thinks about how she has dreamed sometimes Aunt Helen was her real mom because she is so sweet, sensitive and loving but Susan would never have such a glamourous, Kimora Lee Simmons life if Aunt Helen were her real mother.

Elizabeth runs into the school newspaper photographer, Allen Walters.  Elizaeth notices Allen looking dreamily at Susan Stewart.  Allen has never dated much- he is  shy brain and he dated Robin Wilson for awhile and took it hard when Robin broke up with him and hasn’t dated since.  Elizabeth can’t blame him for finding Susan so fetching.  Elizabeth says Allen should ask Susan if he could take some pics of her and and Allen said he could never do that.  Elizabeth says even if Susan does have a man she and Allen could still be friends, but Allen is doubtful. Susan then comes up to Allen and Liz and asks Allen about chemistry homework and Elizabeth then thinks of how Susan is just friendly to everyone and obviously Susan thinks of Allen as nothing more than a friend. Liz, shut up.  But Elizabeth does then think that Susan doesn’t know what she is missing.  She is also dreaming of the boarding schools in Switzerland that Regina has told her about. Regina went to Switzerland to stop being deaf as I am sure most of you all know.  Meanwhile, Lila is staring at Susan Stewart and thinking ” who the hell does she think she is?”  Lila feels Susan acts too good for others because her mom is supposedly sooo rich and Li wants to put Susan in her place. As I adore Susan ( boy I lusted over that Susan cover shot as a 9 year old 😉 I felt Lila was being a total beeyotch in this book for no good reason.  So Lila tells Cara and Caroline, who are both total gossips, that Lila has just learned that Susan’s mom is really in a hospital for THE CRIMINALLY INSANE – oh for the Lord even if that were true, only in Sweet Valley would kids talk about it all the time and look down on Susan for what her mom did.  Ugh.  Lila then leaves the cafeteria with a victorious smile for having her revenge on Susan.

We then learn that the famous director, Jackson Croft, is holding open auditions for his new movie next Sat in Sweet Valley.  Jessica is wicked exciting to be going to a casting call of an Academy Award winning director.  The movie is called La Luna and it’s about one year in the life of a family.  At Susan’s home, one of her friends from Whitehead Academy ( OK imagine calling a girls’ boarding school WHITEHEAD ACADEMY? TOTAL LOLZ at that one!!!) in Bridgewater, Deborah calls to cancel their dinner date , saying something has ” come up.” Susan is upset- Susan knows that people are ignoring her- even Gordon- and she doesn’t get why.  As Susan goes to school everyone is staring at her and giving her funny looks, and Susan knows she’s not imagining things.  Then Gordon tells Susan he can no longer take her to the Bridgewater Ball!  Susan asks why, and Gordon says his parents feel Gordon shouldn’t take Susan to the ball- THE FUCK? Gordon is such a piece of crap.  Susan doesn’t get what Gordon’s ‘rents have against her all of a sudden and Gordon is all snotty saying ” you know what people are saying Susan” and Susan says ” what are they saying?”  and Gordon tells Susan that her ” real” mom killed someone and is in an insane asylum! Personally I am shocked that Lila was able to tell a story that seems so implausible  and people bought it!! Then again, sad but true- in seventh grade there was a rumor that this girl would give blow jobs to boys for 25 cents in a tent in her backyard and that is just farfetched and we ALL bought it!!!!  Susan runs off crying and runs into Allen Walters.  Allen asks her what is wrong and Susan tells him. Allen says he doesn’t even know if he buys that story, but all Susan can do is see if the story is true.  Allen also says even if the story is true, it wouldn’t change how he looked at Susan one bit. Allen Walters is totes awesome.  When Susan gets home, she demands to know who her mother is to Aunt Helen. Susan says she would die if Helen doesn’t tell her who her real mom is and where she is. Aunt Helen just looks all upset and keeps repeating ” I- can’t- tell-you”. Wow this scene would be great in a Lifetime movie.

Next chapter, Elizabeth is reading an article about Jackson Croft.  Turns out La Luna is the first movie Jackson has worked on since the death of his 14 year old son last year. Jason Croft was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident one year ago.  Elizabeth then thinks that maybe Jackson Croft would be willing to be interviewed about his career and his message against drunk driving for the Oracle! Yeah I am sure that Oscar winning directors love giving interviews to lowly high school reporters.  Elizabeth decides she will try to see if Jackson Croft will talk to her at the casting call.

Lila then calls Jess and tells her that Gordon dumped Susan because of the rumor being spread. Lila says if Gordon asks her to the dance she would only go because the Fowlers and Stoddards were such good friends and it would be a ” social obligation.”  After Jessica gets off the phone with Lila, she gets an idea- SHE will try to seduce Gordon to get him to take JESSICA to the ball!  Jessica asks Liz to borrow the tasteful blue dress that Liz’s friend Heather Sanford ( see my recap of SVH ” Out of Control for info on Heather) made for Elizabeth that fits Liz’s size six figure beautifully. Elizabeth tries to talk Jess out of borrowing that dress because it was made ” especially” for Liz but Jess pwns Liz by saying that since the twins are both a perfect size 6 , it will make Jess’s bod look great too!  Elizabeth wonders why Jess wants to borrow such a conservative dress, and Jessica explains it’s to land Gordon Stoddard and get a date for the Bridgewater Ball. Liz says he’s Susan Stewart’s man and Jess is like ” nope Gordon dumped Susan because her mom is insane!” Elizabeth tries telling Jessica that has nothing to do with Susan, but Jessica says that Susan was trying to pretend to be all high and mighty and if no one talks to Susan again she would deserve it!  At school, it turns out that wearing Heather’s dress does nothing for Jessica- Lila has already snared Gordon, and he’s taking Lila to the ball. Meanwhile, Elizabeth talks to Susan and tells her that rumors will blow over, and Elizabeth also says that Liz still considers Susan to be a friend and will stand by her.  Elizabeth then runs into Allen and says Susan is depressed, so Allen should go talk to her. Ummm- OK.  Allen and Susan talk for a bit- Susan tells Allen how she’s always wanted to be a waitress at a resort in Palm Springs so she’d experience what it was like to be on the ” other side of the table” and not always be waited on. Susan says it’s silly but Allen is all ” what do you know Susan you are a real person!!” Allen then asks Susan if she would like to go on a date with him this Saturday (  Bridgewater Ball night) and Susan accepts.

Next chapter- GUESS WHAT WE LEARN? HELEN REISTER IS SUSAN’S MOM!!!!!! Helen is writing a letter saying that Helen was  an unmarried young woman when she got preg with Susan,  and the man she was with was at the start of a great career and said he could not offer marriage to Helen. Helen writes that she could not imagine just raising Susan as a single parent because single women’s kids were shunned and scorned. What is this the Scarlet Letter?  Helen has worked long ass  hours as a waitress and seamstress to pay for Susan’s nice things, there is no benefactor mom.  Helen then chucks the letter and cries saying ” I can’t do it I can’t tell her!!”  Then a sandy haired man comes to the door- JACKSON CROFT!! hmmmmmm

Well Jackson Croft is- SUSAN’S REAL FATHER! And wait- OK- so Jackson couldn’t marry Helen when she got knocked up. But Susan is 16 and had Jason Croft lived he would have been 15. So basically Jackson knocked up Veronica Hammond aka the actress who is Jason’s mom like less than a year after Susan was born- so he was able to be married that soon after Susan’s birth? UGH.  So Jackson also says he came to Sweet Valley to meet Susan.  Jackson tells Helen he wants to meet Susan and Helen panics- Helen says Susan knows nothing about Jackson.  Helen says she wants to explain to Susan about Jackson before he and Susan meet- but as Jackson turns to leave, Susan is at the front door asking what Jackson is doing at the house.  Jackson tells Susan he is her father.  Jackson says that Susan can visit him in LA as much as she wants as long as her mother is OK with it- and Susan says ” but who is my mother?”  Jackson doesn’t get it and then turns to Helen and says ” she doesn’t know?”  Susan looks at this woman with the same coloring and bone structure as she, and says ” You are my mother!!”  Susan starts to cry and doesn’t get why Helen never told her she was Susan’s mother. Jackson says it was brave of Helen not to tell Susan and Susan says lying to her wasn’t brave.  Jackson is then all snippy with Susan saying she has to understand why Helen did what she did. OK I guess being a single mom in Sweet Valley is a fate worse than death, but why wouldn’t Jackson see that Helen lying to Susan about who her mom is is ummm- kinda shitty?  Susan then tells Helen how much she used to wish Helen was her real mother, and her dream has come true. Susan also says she feels bad for all the hours Helen had to work to give her a good life and Helen says Susan should never feel bad about that.  Susan says dreams can come true.

Well of course at the casting call Jackson Croft lets Liz interview him. While Liz is talking to Jackson, Susan shows up and tells Jackson she can’t visit him in LA for awhile because she has to stay with her  mom and get to know her so to speak.  Susan then tells Liz and Enid that Jackson is her real dad. ( I should be saying ” biological”father and mom and I am highly aware of that, but I am using SVH talk here).

At the beach disco, everyone is now kissing Susan’s behind after learning the truth.  Susan tells Elizabeth Gordon asked her to the ball and Elizabeth is shocked that Susan would actually go to the ball now when she has a date with Allen. Susan tells Liz Allen probably just asked Susan to go out because he felt sorry for her.  Allen then goes up to Susan to discuss the date and Susan sees how clearly excited he is about their date and then Allen says ” well now that you are famous or whatever you wouldn’t date me” and Susan says that Allen is a real friend and there is no one she’d rather go out with than Allen.  Gordon then tries to talk to Susan and she tells him to take the Bridgewater Ball and shove it where the sun don’t shine. So Gordon tries to butter up Lila and Lila dumps her soda all over Gordon’s head- HAH HAH Gordon you stink.

At the end, Regina is telling Liz about this boarding school in Switzerland that has a great creative writing program, and they offer grants and scholarships. Liz starts to dream of writing in Switzerland, and snow covered mountain tops- and that’s the next book Leaving Home that I never read but there’s  great review on Shannon’s Sweet Valley High blog on my blogroll!

And oh yes- there was some big subplot where Jessica is convinced Alice is pregnant because one night she wants pistachio ice cream as a craving,she talks about baby names, and Jessica found baby clothes. Jess and Liz try to convince Alice and Ned that they love babies one night so they reveal the news that Alice is preg- but instead Alice asks the twins ” which one of you is in trouble??” HAH HAH Well Alice is not preggers- the baby clothes were for a shower, and she just wanted ice cream one night she wasn’t having a craving. It was a rather campy, Three’s Company esque plotline when I was about 10 but now I find it dumb- and it took up way too much of the book.

Well next week, in honor of summer and heat and all that, I will be recapping Baby Sitters on Board- MY FAVORITE SUPER EDITION AS A KID! And coming soon- LONG list of what is to come- in about 2 weeks from now you kids get 2 recaps in one week- Little Sister #6 Karen’s Little Sister and SVU #9 Sorority Scandal! If I feel VERY ambitious, I will be doing THREE book recaps the week after that- Elizabeth Gail and Trouble from the past, Sweet Valley Kids #31 Elizabeth and Jessica Run Away and ( another in honor of summer book) Sweet Valley High’s Super Edition Perfect Summer. ( and that was my favorite SVH super book).

Others to come!!!

Freshman Dorm #4- Freshman Nights

Sweet Valley Twins #18- Center of Attention

BSC #32- Kristy and the Secret of Susan

BSC Super Special #4- Baby- Sitters Island Adventure ( aka another Jannie likes warm weather book)

BSC #48  ( yes I know after saying ” hardly any BSC will be blogged on but…) Jessi’s Secret Wish

SVU #10- No Means No (aka a very special episode!)

BSC #26- Claudia and the Sad Goodbye

SVU #11- Take Back the Night (aka wow Jessica’s ummm- I can’t say now.. looks like Mark Wahlberg!!)

And again you are always welcome to read along for reading and snarking pleasures!!!   And seriously as the year goes on eventually you will see quite a bit less of both SVH and BSC- as I said Little Sister and Sweet Valley Twins and Univ will still be snarked on quite a lot, but BSC will not have that many more recaps most likely as soo many great women already do BSC blogs!!!!!! ( many of them better than I!) But if you readers would like more BSC anyway- let me know! I aim to please!


3 Responses to “Sweet Valley High #37- Rumors”

  1. I can’t wait for Baby-sitters on board. That was always one of my Favs too. Mal is such a loser in that book!

    And Karen is so annoying!

  2. These people in Sweet Valley are complete idiots. Really. Very. Stupid.

  3. girltalkread Says:

    Anne I hope you got to read my blog on Baby Sitters on Board- I just posted it yesterday! and oh yeah Daners Isadora those Sweet Valley people are total idiots beyond belief! I hate that fuckin town!

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