BSC Super Special #1- Baby-Sitters on Board!

This is the first super special from the land of the Baby-Sitters Club. It’s hard to get the actual timeline of when this would happen- it had to be after Kristy’s mother and Watson got married, and one assumes it was the summer before eighth grade, as Mary Anne hadn’t met Logan yet. But I also assume it has to be after Stacey and Mary Anne go to Sea City with the Pikes,and after Kristy and her fam move in Watson and his family. But since Stacey and Mary Anne had already been in Sea City for 2 weeks, and Claud had been on that vacay to New Hampshire and Mimi already had her stroke ( well I am thinking she did) was this in the first  week of August? Or the last week?  So when did the Ghost at Dawn’s House take place? Eh I am confused- damn BSC timeline!

Mr. Pike won a week’s vacation- four days on a cruise to the Bahamas, and three day in Disney World. I want to go on a vacay like that now. Mr Pike’s company was trying to name some new product ( and Mr. Pike is a lawyer- maybe he is a corporate attorney for an advertising firm? Could be) and Mr. Pike named the product so this is his reward. NICE company to pay for TWELVE people to go on a week’s vacation since Mr. and Mrs. Pike ask Stacey and Mary Anne to come along as mother’s helpers for the eight Pikes. Watson then decides that Kristy, Dawn, and Claud can’t be left out, so he pays for himself and Elizabeth, Sam, Charlie and David Michael, Karen and Andrew, and Claudia, Dawn and Kristy to all go on this trip as well. Well, Watson is a millionaire- but a much more involved dad than Lila Fowler’s dad it seems!

So this is the basic story and what’s happen’ with each of the BSC members- rather than recap the WHOLE book ( sorry Miss Jannie is feeling slightly lazy today but she wanted to blog so bad) she will just give some brief happenin’s on what happened to each character that had a chapter in the book. Incidentally, Sam and Charlie are mentioned briefly in the beginning, then were never heard from again. No one seems to be bothered by this.

Kristy- Kristy and Dawn are constantly bickering as Kristy is messy and Dawn is very neat. Kristy is glum about this, and she meets this old man named Mr. Staples. Mr. Staples is sad because his wife just died, and his kids had him go on this cruise to cheer him up. Mr. Staples says that he was the messy one and his wife was very neat. Kristy invites Mr.Staples to dinner with her family, and since this was written in 1998 no  one questioned why an old man was chillin’ with a 13 year old girl- which in a way is sort of nice. I mean this is going to sound strange, but to moi our society has gotten so obsessed with pedophiles that I bet if this book were written now, this storyline couldn’t have happened, and I liked Mr. Staples. Kristy promises to hook up Mr. Staples with Nannie, but one assumes it never worked out because we never hear of Mr. Staples again. Wow, if it HAD worked out, when Kristy’s ma and Watson adopted Emily Michelle, Mr. Staples AND Nannie would have lived there, right?

Claudia- Keeps getting notes from a Secret Admirer. He even pays for her yummy sundae one day. Claudia also meets a guy named Timothy who is really nice and from nearby Darien, CT. Claudia is sort of wishing Timothy were her secret admirer- and guess what- HE IS!!!!! Timothy also likes to hide on cruise ships to watch people, which led Mal to believe he was a stowaway. But I will discuss Mal and her shenanigans later.

Mary Anne- Makes friends with a girl named Alexandra who is also motherless.  When Mary Anne first sees Alex, ( as she calls herself) it is stirring MAJOR lesbo feelings in Mary Anne- since Mary Anne describes how Alex has a figure that fills out the top of her bikini nicely, ( more so than Stacey fills out her bikini) and that she has dark, curly hair that cascades down her shoulders and she’s super glamorous.  Mary Anne learns that Alex’s parents were killed in a car accident six months ago, and that she is both a countess and an actress or something? Well Mal catches Alex in her lie ( again will explain later) and it turns out that Alex’s parents are alive, and they are these famous old time singers called Viv and Vernon Carmody, and guess what? Timothy is Alex’s brother!!! Alex says she lies to people because she doesn’t want to be in Viv and Vernon’s shadow or something, but Mary Anne is just too pissed at Alex to ever stay her friend- and I can’t say I blame Mary Anne. Lying about your parents getting killed is pretty fuckin’ low.

Stacey- She doesn’t meet a boy and fall in LUV for once. Well, she meets a boy, but he is seven. His name is Mark Kubacki and he’s in a wheelchair due to a heart condition. The story is sort of sad- Mark needs to have heart surgery and he may not make it through the operation, so Mark’s parents took him on this cruise and trip to Disneyworld in case this is his last trip ever- awwww cue the violins-sad.  Well, we then learn in a postcard that Mr. and Mrs. Kubacki send that Mark made it through the surgery fine and he is even able to ride a bike!

Dawn- She finds a boy and falls in LUV, actually!  His name is Parker, and he buys her a unicorn charm for her bracelet and Dawn thinks she lost the bracelet in Disney World, but then Byron finds it- I will explain how later. Parker also gives Dawn her first kiss. Parker is upset because his dad got remarried and the woman has two little boys that Parker declares are brats, but Dawn convinces Parker to give the two boys a chance,and Parker ends up liking his new stepbrothers and stepmother because of Dawn, who of course could never believe that any 13 year old boy wouldn’t like little kids. Dawn is also arguing with Kristy as we already heard.

Mallory- Mallory decides she wants to be like ” Harriet the Spy” ( and SOOO SAD- when I was 13 and went to Portugal I decided to do this too- I didn’t even do it for a week because I declared it to be super stupid, but I got the idea from Mallory!!)  and so she is going to keep a notebook and spy on people on the ship. That is how Mal learns there is a ” stowaway” on the ship because she sees a boy hiding behind some ropes, and also how she learns Alex’s lies- Mal is behind Alex and her family in Disney World and knows they are a family from how they talk, and then a couple right near the Carmodys recognize Viv and Vernon. Mallory is also- AT AGE ELEVEN- able to wander around the cruise ship by herself and wander around Disney World- ALONE!!!!  How do parents let 11 year olds wander around a huge theme park like Disney World alone? When I was a kid, Riverside Park was a hell of a  lot smaller, and when I was 11 my dad always walked with me- I didn’t really go there ” alone” until our 8th grade class trip!!! And Mal always claims Ma and Pa Pike are soooo strict- come the fuck on!! Mallory also sees a bunch of people smiling and laughing at Disney World and declares them retarded ( as in clinically). I am not sure where people having fun at a theme park makes them ” retarded.”

Byron- yep a few chapters are given to Mallory’s 10 year old brother. When I was 10 myself and first read this, I couldn’t care less about Byron. Basically, Byron finds some blueprint or map or whatever that he thinks is a treasure map. He convinces his brothers Adam and Jordan to help him find buried treasure at the Bahamas ( and yes the Pikes feel that 10 year old boys can be alone in in the Bahamas- eh Natalee Hollaway hadn’t happened then- but still- how is this OK?). David Michael and Nicky beg to join the triplets and the triplets reluctantly agree. All Byron and the others end up finding is this bracelet that Dawn lost in the pirate adventure section of Disneyworld- the charm wasn’t attached but Parker bought Dawn another one yeah!!! Well- that map that Byron thought was some pirate’s treasure map was some blueprint written in Dutch!!!!! Burn!  And this was a big ” who cares” storyline.

Karen- What a little fuckin brat bitch I am sorry! First of all when Karen, David Michael, Kristy and Andrew go with Karen to the pool on board ship, Karen says she forgot her earplugs and convinces Kristy to let her go to the cabin by herself- ugh. Well, Karen ends up buying a soda at the ice cream parlor- and getting a manicure- and charges it to her dad’s cabin!!!! WHAT THE FUCK? And by the way you never hear that Karen gets into any kind of trouble for charging things to Watson’s cabin- instead Ann M clearly wants you to think this is such a cute story and Kristy even takes a pic of Karen’s manicure and doesn’t even lecture Karen on charging things to Watson’s room. 

Karen also decides to lie at the breakfast that one can eat with the Disney characters and says it’s her birthday because she is upset that other kids are getting attention because it’s their birthday. Of course Watson or Elizabeth could have said something right away, but they don’t, and Karen is all friggin proud of herself for lying that it’s her birthday. ( granted my friend Curtis and I did this once but I digress  it’s a long story 😉 and Watston does actually lecture her but she’s not punished or anything for lying in front of bunches of people.

Karen also gets lost at Disneyworld but finds Elizabeth pretty quickly. And Karen thinks there is a friendly ghost from the Haunted Mansion ride that is with her and she is all happy because he’s a friendly ghost. Karen’s big imagination sucks. It’s just amazing that she pulled all this crap on the cruise and NEVER GOT IN TROUBLE!!!!!!

That’s really all that happened in this book. I adored it as a 10 and 11  ( and yes 13 year old) kid. I got it from Scholastic News book club and I read it CONSTANTLY!! It wasn’t really QUITE as good as I thought it had been but I still enjoyed reading it. By the way I have to say this- in Dawn’s Big Date, Dawn keeps saying no boy has ever really liked her. BUT- Parker was WICKED into Dawn in this book and that’s way before the Dawn’s Big Date book where she meets Logan’s cousin Lewis. So now I am calling bullshit on Dawn’s statement.

By Tuesday I shall have another recap for you- and it’s a book on annoying ass Karen Brewer- Karen’s Little Sister.  Then next week I shall be recapping SVU #9 Sorority Scandal and the week after that I will be recapping another Elizabeth Gail book as I haven’t done one in awhile.


8 Responses to “BSC Super Special #1- Baby-Sitters on Board!”

  1. This the very first BSC books I read as a wee one!

    I liiked Mr. Staples, too

  2. I must read this book now! A shout-out to Darien, CT! When you mentioned Riverside, did you mean the one in Agawam, Mass. which is now Six Flags?

  3. girltalkread Says:

    Nikki- yes I did!! I grew up right near Hartford, CT and we used to go to Riverside Park in Agawam MA quite a bit- I have never been there since it’s been Six Flags though.

  4. I thought you meant Riverside Park in Manhattan. D’oh.

    “NICE company to pay for TWELVE people to go on a week’s vacation since Mr. and Mrs. Pike ask Stacey and Mary Anne to come along as mother’s helpers for the eight Pikes.”

    Yeah, Mr. Pike was actually skimming off the top and this is why he was fired. 🙂

    And yeah, Karen NEEDED bamboo shoots up her fingernails or something. Brat!

  5. I grew up not too far from Hartford as well! I lived more near Lake Compounce. CT, repreSENT!!!! 😀

    • girltalkread Says:

      Lake Compounce!!!!! 😉 HOLLA! I went there twice last summer- dude, my college roomie grew up in Southington and used to work @ the Lake- too funny!!!

  6. Southington is where I grew up, too! I knew a million people that worked at the Lake-it’s an awesome park!

  7. Very good post. Hope to see even more excellent posts in the future.

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