BSC #6- Karen’s Little Sister

I just couldn’t stand this book in general because most of the book is not even about Karen’s newly adopted sister, Emily Michelle. GRR. Incidentally I freakin ADORE Emily Michelle Thomas Brewer. She’s soo cute and the least annoying of the Brewer/ Thomas clan- well Andrew is pretty cool too and David Michael and Charlie- eh I can tolerate them. Of course Karen Brewer- who is just as goddamn annoying as Michelle Tanner on Full House- is my least favorite of the Kristy Thomas family.

Karen and Andrew go to the ” big house” for a visit- gee big fuckin shock- that’s how all Little Sister books start.  David Michael calls Karen ” Professor” because she wears glasses. Watson is holding Emily Michelle and she is crying, and Karen asks why Emily is crying. Watson says Emily may have another earache. Watson and Elizabeth were invited to a dinner party for the evening,but they are not sure they should go due to Emily being sick. They take her temp and Emily has no fever, so Watson and Elizabeth go to the dinner party while Kristy baby-sits. Ordinarily, Karen loves having Kristy baby sit for her, Andrew and David Michael, but Karen is all whiny because Emily Michelle is crying a lot and Kristy has to spend an hour rocking her to sleep, and Karen is ” gigundo mad” because she’s not getting any attention. OK I was six years old when my sis was born, and when she was sick when she was a baby I wasn’t all ” oh God no one is giving me attention” I always wanted to help take care of her and make her feel better. UGH KAREN!

When Karen wakes up the next morning, she is grumpy and hopes that Emily Michelle will ” behave” today and ” at mommy’s I don’t have a little sister.” Karen was always used to being the ” littlest sister” ( well OK she’s been used to that for what a year?) and now Emily Michelle is the youngest.  Nannie feels Emily’s forehead and Nannie says that Emily Michelle is burning up and she definitely has a fever. Elizabeth says they better call the doctor because Emily’s ear is definitely bothering her and now she has a fever.  Then Karen SCREAMS ” Good morning!!” and Watson rightfully tells Karen to keep her voice down because Emily Michelle is sick.  Emily has a doctor’s appointment at 11 am. Karen then asks if she can have some Krispy Krunchie’s cereal,  and Elizabeth says she is sorry but she gave Emily Michelle the last of the Krunchies because she didn’t know Karen wanted it. So Karen is all pissy and YELLS at Emily ” bad girl” because Emily Michelle knocked her bowl over and spilled milk. Karen’s SUCH a brat.  At least Watson scolds her for this.  Karen is then all upset because Kristy insisted on going to the doctor’s office with Emily Michelle and Kristy’s ma and Karen is all ” but Kristy sees Emily every day. Kristy only sees ME 2 weekends a month” and yeah Karen to Kristy that is probably too damn much. Suck it up. 

When Elizabeth and Kristy return from the doctor with kick ass Emily Michelle, we learn that the poor babe Emily has to get tubes put  in her ears.  It will help to drain fluid when she gets a cold so that it won’t infect her ears.  The tubes will be put in Emily’s ears two weeks from Saturday and Karen is all pissy because in two weeks will be Karen and Andrew’s next visit and Karen won’t get all of the attention AGAIN- oh poo to you, Karen.   At dinner, Karen is singing at the table to get attention, but it only gets Sam to start singing and being annoying, and Elizabeth tells them to stop so that they could have a peaceful meal.  On Sunday, Karen tries more ways to get attention- she makes Emily her breakfast but Nannie just says ” oh Emily is eating she must feel better.” Then Karen tries being naughty by flicking a spoonful of peas at Emily. That doesn’t work either.  Then Karen tries showing her family that she can do a handstand. Watson just tells Karen to get ready because her mom will arrive soon to pick Karen and Andrew up.  Now I am wondering- where is Andrew in all this? Actually behaving and NOT being a selfish pain in the ass? Pretty sad that a four year behaves better than a supposedly mature almost 7  year old who was able to skip a grade for being so darn smart.

Later on, Karen is thinking that while she is annoyed by Emily, Kristy has a point ( Kristy calls Karen on the phone and says this) that Emily Michelle will be scared in the hospital being all alone getting an operation – well her parents will be with her but it’s different than all she knows. So Karen decides to make a get well card for Emily Michelle.

So Karen and Andrew come for another weekend at Watson’s.  Kristy reads Karen a story called a Baby Sister for Frances. Karen says how she used to be the little sister and she’s not anymore. Kristy says that Karen is a middle sister and that is very special, as Karen has both a younger sister and an older sister.  The whole Thomas/ Brewer fam go to all see Emily in the hospital to pick her up the next day, and Karen gives Emily Michelle her card and tickles her toes, and Emily Michelle laughs.  Watson tells Karen he is proud of her for making a card for Emily Michelle.  Karen kissed Watson on the head ” right on the spot where he is getting bald.” Ummm TMI Ann M.  Karen is still a little annoyed that Emily Michelle is getting all this attention when she leaves the hospital, but she is glad that Emily Michelle seems to feel better, and Kristy reads to Karen for half an hour that night so Karen is all cheesin’ over that.

How this ends- Kristy brings a shirt for Karen that says ” I am the middle sister- and proud of it!” Kristy’s shirt says ” I am the big sister” ( I got that shirt in pink when Diana was born and Di’s said I am the little sister) and of course Emily Michelle’s says ” I am the little sister.” Emily, by the way, also colored in a picture of a bird called ” Magic Tastee” that Karen owned and Emily said ” Bird” to represent that bird- I will explain about the bird soon. Charlie takes a picture of the three girls in their tee shirts, and all is right in the world.

Now, seriously, the majority of this book is really NOT about Karen and how she is adjusting to having Emily as a little sister. Nope- most of this damn book is about Karen complaining that she doesn’t have a pet of her own.  there’s Rocky and Midgie at the ” little house” and Shannon and Boo Boo at the big house but none of the pets are specifically Karen’s. Seth and Karen’s mom say that Karen can have a pet of her own but it has to be a small pet. Karen finds a baby sparrow and pretty much nurses the baby to health for awhile until he flies off and makes a nest near Karen’s little house.  Karen’s parents do tell her that the bird will eventually fly away but it still makes Karen a little sad when the baby bird flies off- and she had named the bird Magic Tastee after the ice cream man and Karen’s love of magic tricks.  Karen brings Magic Tastee to show and tell with her in a shoebox, and drew a picture of Magic Tastee for Emily Michelle on the card Karen made for Emily- that’s how Emily Michelle is now calling the bird she colored ” bird” and associating it with Magic Tastee, Karen’s bird.

Well, once Magic Tastee goes to live on his own so to speak Karen still has no pet.  So Karen’s mom and Seth agree to take Karen to the pet store to pick any small pet she wants, as she proved to be a good pet owner because she cared for Magic Tastee so well. Karen picks a RAT of all animals ( how did her mother let a fuckin’ RAT into her home as a pet?) and names her new pet rat after Karen’s little sister, Emily Michelle. OK isn’t naming your sis after a rat a friggin insult?

So seriously MOST of the chapters of this book deal with Karen caring for Magic Tastee ( I keep wanting to call the bird Mister Tastee as Magic Tastee is a stupid name) and then getting her new pet- and of course Karen whining over not having a pet.  There are probably 5 chapters on the Emily Michelle/ Karen sitch, and the vast majority is about Karen getting her pet and taking care of the bird. Couldn’t this be called ” Karen’s Pet?” and not ” Karen’s Little Sister?”  UGH.

Well by next week ( maybe end of this week if I feel super ambitious) Sorority Scandal, a tale set at Sweet Valley University. Other books coming up in the next few weeks are ” Sweet Valley Twins 18 Center of Attention”, ” Claudia and the Sad Goodbye” BSC #26, Freshman Dorm #4 Freshman Nights ( a GREAT one- one of my favorites as a high school freshman 😉 and some Sleepover Friends books are also coming up very soon!!!


2 Responses to “BSC #6- Karen’s Little Sister”

  1. Magic Tastee is a really weird name for a bird. But I like it. I was totally expecting it to die. Glad it didn’t!

    And wow, Karen, what a little wench. Worse than Michelle? Don’t know but it is so close!

  2. Hate..Karen..Brewer. With the fire of a thousand suns.

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