SVU #9- Sorority Scandal

Alas, readers, I have had quite the boring week. Things are pretty slow for me at work, ( I guess I should be happy there aren’t too many folks in crisis), I am anxiously awaiting Discs 2 and 3 of the first season of ” True Blood” to arrive in my mailbox, and I could settle in and watch ” The Color Purple” but I am not especially feelin’ it tonight. Plus my BF is in deck hockey ” playoffs” most of the week, and I am not one to go out on weekdays anyway to be honest. So- I spend my week blogging and I hope it is appreciated!!!

So this here is going to be a fairly quick little summary of Sweet Valley University Book 9 ” Sorority Scandal.” BTW I just have to say I am not a huge fan of these books constantly continuing- nothing ever really gets solved for AT LEAST four books- it’s like watching ” Young and the Restless.” OK, OK, my most favoritest series of of my youth- well two of my favorites- the Girlfriends books and the Freshman Dorm series- are written in much the same fashion, but I actually cared about what happened with those characters- I really couldn’t care less about the majority of people in SVU land and I am like ” shit end the plotline already who cares???” OK moving on….

So…. Lila and Bruce- they go  on a plane trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains, the plane crashes, they are stranded on the mountains.  It’s not extremely clear why Lila chose to go off with her ” enemy” Bruce in an airplane to meet up with her parents- aren’t there any variety of planes Lila could get as a millionaire? Sorry I know quite a few bloggers found this Lila and Bruce stranded in the mountains story really interesting, and OK it is more captivating than reading about Claud and Dawn’s stupid island adventure ( oh God wait till I recap that one- I just read that, and it was worst than a tooth extraction to get through it) but this story takes FOREVER to get resolved, and all that really happens is that Bruce and Lila are almost caught in an advalance, and they bicker a lot. Stay tuned for recaps of books 10 and 11 for further updates on Lila and Bruce being stranded.

Jessica- Well, this is the main storyline. Jessica was initially not allowed to be a member of the Thetas because of her short marriage to Mike McAllery. Incidentally, the more SVU I read the more I fuckin LOVE Jess’s ex hubby Mike McAllery. He calls the Thetas snobs all the time and he is soooo friggin right!!! What a boring bunch of bitches the Thetas are- GO MIKE! I also like how he will tell Jessica sometimes that she doesn’t feel he’s good enough for her fam because he’s a mechanic. If you guys don’t already love Mike McAllery, the more recaps I do on the SVU series, the more you will learn to believe me.  Well anyhoo the Thetas are giving Jessica another chance at pledging but Alison Quinn, the Theta vice president, despises Jessica and is determined not to make this pledge period easy on Jess at all. Alison tells Jessica that in order to prove her loyalty to the sorority, she has to break into Professor Martin’s office (he’s an English prof) and take his collection of works by Byron.   This book is Prof Martin’s most beloved book and of course Jess has to do this without getting card. Well SOMEONE has tipped off the Sweet Valley U police, and Jessica totally gets caught red handed.   Well, Professor Martin does not want to drop the charges at first and wants Jessica to be punished… but- enter the plot for Elizabeth. See, Elizabeth thinks Prof Martin is the shiz. She finds him so intelligent and she loves that Prof Martin values her mind- well umm NOPE! Professor Martin wants to get in Elizabeth’s pants. Elizabeth goes to Prof Martin’s office to beg him to drop the charges, but instead of listening for Liz’s reasons as to why Jessica shouldn’t be punished, he starts rubbing on her and attempts to kiss her!!! Elizabeth tells Tom and he is pissed. ( also BTW damn ghostwriters- Liz’s jr high/ HS man is Todd Wilkins and her SVU man is TOM WATTS? The fuck? Be a little original).  Well, Jessica starts to get that Prof Martin is not exactly Mr. Innocent and she pretends to be Elizabeth and goes into his office and Prof Martin again tries to get with Liz. Jessica has audio taped this whole interaction and she tells the professor that unless he drops the charges, she WILL go to the admininstration about this. GO JESS! And the professor does agree to drop the charges so he will not be in trouble , and the last we hear on this plot, Jessica vows revenge against Alison.

In other Jess news, she is dating this hunky member of the football team named James Montgomery. He can be a little sexually aggressive and it’s a little freaky to Jess but hey this is the gal who handled Bruce Patman so Jessica is ready for whatever James dishes out- but a continuation of that story is for Books 10 and 11.

A few other plotlines- some comedy of errors, kind of storyline you may have seen on ” Friends” or ” Beverly Hills 90210″( wait I think this was brought up when Donna and David lived together at CU) involving Steven and his woman Billie Winkler- and no it’s no Billie or Belinda Layton from SVT as I first thought it’s a woman his age- for once!! Billie and Steven have to pretend they don’t live together when Billie’s parents come for a visit. Well basically despite their best intentions Mr. and Mrs. Winkler learn very quickly that Steven does live with Billie, and they don’t make a big deal of it as Billie assumed they would.

Also, Elizabeth’s friend Nina, who we must know is black, is arguing with her BF Bryan because she wants to involve white students in a march the Black Student Union is doing and he is against it. Nina reminds Bryan that white students marched with the black students in the Martin Luther King days but Bryan isn’t hearing it at first. But then Nina finally gets Bryan around to her way of thinking, and Elizabeth agrees to get involved in the march with Nina and Bryan of course.

There’s also some crap where William White ( previously written about by me in an SVU thriller recap the Return of William White II) is leaving the mental hospital quite often and pretending to work at the SVU and disguising himself so he can stalk Elizabeth. Lovely.


Well my dears I may still write another recap by the end of the week but I am not certain. If I do you will be reading about Elizabeth Gail and her DILF adoptive father Chuck Johnson in Elizabeth Gail and Trouble from the Past Book #9. Next week look for at least 2 recaps- Sweet Valley Kids #31 Elizabeth and Jessica Run Away and yep another Little Sister Book- Book #28- Karen’s Tea Party!! It’s amazing what I do for ya all.  For the rest of August, Perfect Summer ( an SVH tale) and Sleepover Friends #6 Kate’s Camp Out will both be snarked on if all goes well- but it is uncertain as I am going to Lake George at the end of the month but we will see.

I have a HUGE list of other books to look forward to- some you all know are coming,  some you may not- this may take us up until November!

Freshman Dorm #4 Freshman Nights

SVT #18 ( as in SV twins) Center of Attention

And then here starts the ” very special episode” series I will be doing on and off- it starts with BSC #32 Kristy and the Secret of Susan and Sweet Valley U #10- No Means No.

Soon after a break from the very special- Sleepover Friends #27- Where’s Patti? After that it’s back to the  Very Special Series with BSC #48 Jessi’s Wish and SVU #11 Take Back the Night as well as ” Claudia the Sad Good Bye” which is BSC Numero 26.

Following that ( hey ladies I’ve been on a roll lately!!) another slight break in the VSE action- Sweet Valley Twins #66 The Great Boyfriend Switch.  Then guess what? More VERY SPECIAL ACTION WITH- Sweet Valley Twins #69 Won’t Someone Help Anna and SVH #40- On the Edge!! And finally the last in the Very Special series for awhile- BSC #56 Keep Out, Claudia!! 

I do realize I have listed TONS of Sweet Valley recaps on here, but most of them will be from the Kids, Twins and SVU series- some will be Sweet Valley High as The Dairi Burger blogger is doing fewer SVH recaps so there are fewer SVH bloggers than there were, but Shannon’s SVH blog is so awesome it’s hard to top.  And following the Very Special stuff, BSC recaps will be slightly more scant but there will be more Little Sister. Remember, I am trying to keep in the spirit of the blog of writing about lesser known YA novels, but I got such a huge lot of SVT and Kids books that I gotta write about them!!!! Also, I will be doing more Fabulous Five recaps, one on the book ” The Evil Twin” featuring Crazy Margo, and yes that crap BSC Island Adventure book.


3 Responses to “SVU #9- Sorority Scandal”

  1. The SVU series is pretty craptacular. Not to be confused with Law and Order SVU, which is awesome.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who eventually came to loving Mike McAllery.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Yes you are right Daners Isadora for sure- Law and Order SVU is amazing. The SVU book series sucks ass. And Mike McAllery ROCKS- I mean come on those Theta sisters do suck he was not wrong!

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