Sweet Valley Kids #31- Elizabeth and Jessica Run Away

Elizabeth is pretty excited. Mr. Wakefield’s friend from law school has two sons named Eric and Wesley. Eric is seven years old like Jess and Liz, and Wesley is one year younger. Wesley and Eric are staying with the Wakefields for awhile while Mr. Nelson, Eric and Wesley’s dad, is in a meeting in Los Angeles. Elizabeth is looking forward to swimming and playing kick the can with the boys.  Jessica says ” I don’t play with boys”- HAH HAH wait till you are 16, Jessica!  We then learn about how Elizabeth likes hikes and soccer, and Jessica likes to jump rope and wear pretty dresses.  Mrs. Wakefield says she hopes Jessica will at least play with the boys a little.  Jessica says she can show the boys the park, and then she’s a little more excited about the weekend as well.

The boys are coming over in half an hour. Steven says he doesn’t know how he will survive a weekend with four little kids.  Before the boys come over, Jessica and Elizabeth decide to go in their fort, which is in the woods behind the backyard. The fort is square shaped with a pine tree in each corner. The walls are made of pine branches, and a blanket is thrown over the fort to make a roof.  A tree stump serves as a table. Elizabeth and Jess agree it’s the best fort ever.

Eric and Wesley are over. They are two little boys with curly blonde hair and freckles.  The boys yell out from behind furniture and call ” Boo!”  The boys yell ” We got them!” and high five each other.  Mrs. Nelson says that Eric and Wesley may look like angels, but they don’t always act like angels. Elizabeth has a feeling this will be a very interesting weekend.

Jessica and Elizabeth show Eric and Wesley their room. Then Jessica can’t find her stuffed koala bear.  The bear always sits on Jessica’s bed, and it is nowhere to be found. Elizabeth and Jessica look everywhere and can’t find it.  Then Wesley and Eric announce that Jess’s bear looked lonely, so while Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield were showing Mr. and Mrs. Nelson around the house, Eric and Wesley hit Jessica’s koala bear in Mr. Nelson’s car!!!! Awww poor Jessica- seriously I would kill a bitch if someone stole my Hello Kitty stuffed animal, or my Bedtime Bear Care Bear. You don’t mess with my stuffed animals!  Jessica tells Steven and Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield that Eric and Wesley put her koala in Mr. Nelson’s car, and Mrs.  Wakefield is like ” oh he will have had such an adventure” and barely cares that the Nelson boys stole her daughter’s toy. Steven, of course, finds the fact that Eric and Wesley took Jessica’s koala hilarious.  Elizabeth whispers to Jessica that she will share her koala with Jessica until Sunday, and it makes Jess feel a tiny bit better.

At dinner, Mrs. Wakefield makes lemonade.  Mrs. Wakefield tells the kids that sugar has to be added to the lemonade. As the family scoops three teaspoons each into their glasses, they drink the lemonade and realize that it was SALT they scooped into the lemonade and not sugar. Of course, the Nelson boys are at it again and starting laughing. Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield laugh hysterically as well ( the fuck? No little boys better ruin my lemonade) and Jessica and Elizabeth agree that they don’t find the joke funny at all.

When Jessica and Liz go to brush their teeth the next morning, and Jessica finds a beetle on the soap!  There’ s also a large black spider on Liz’s toothbrush!  There are four more bugs crawling on the walls.  Elizabeth says the bugs can’t be real and they must be plastic bugs Wesley and Eric smuggled in.  When Elizabeth goes to touch a grasshopper to prove it’s fake, the grasshopper starts jumping- so clearly it’s real!  Jessica says she is going to get her mom, but then the twins realize they are locked in the bathroom and trapped with bugs! Jess and Elizabeth start to scream for their parents.  Eric and Wesley are laughing outside the door.  Mrs. Wakefield finally hears the ruckus and runs upstairs and unlocks the bathroom door. Then, when Mrs. Wakefield sees all the bugs in her bathroom, she starts LAUGHING and tells Eric and Wesley to take the bugs out by the time breakfast is served- THE FUCK???? I FUCKING HATE BUGS, and if some bratty ass boys locked my daughters in a bathroom full of fuckin bugs I would cut their throats and I am not kidding! Maybe I am overreacting, but I am just saying how I feel.  Jessica and Liz go into their fort after lunch, and Jessica says they should play a trick on Eric and Wesley.

Elizabeth asks Eric and Wesley if they want to play soccer, and the boys agree. Jessica says she needs to go into the house to get something.  Then Jessica calls Liz into the house saying Mr. Wakefield needs to speak to Liz. Then Elizabeth and Jessica fill tons of balloons full of water, call Eric and Wesley to the window, and pelt the boys full of water balloons.  Eric and Wesley are soaking wet and Elizabeth and Jess are laughing. Then Ned Wakefield comes outside and sees that the boys are wet, and the boys say “Hi Mr. Wakefield” very sweetly to Ned. So then Mr. Wakefield is looking at Jessica and Elizabeth with a very stern look on his face. Ned says to the girls that he expects that Elizabeth and Jessica should be nice to their guests and not pelt them with water balloons.  Elizabeth says ” but Dad” but Mr. Wakefield, because Mr. Wakefield sucks ass as a parent, he says ” but nothing.”  After lunch, Jessica and Elizabeth go to play and Mrs. Wakefield tells them not to forget to include Eric and Wesley. Eric and Wesley are playing in the living room and there is a rule in the house that the kids can’t play in the living room.  Elizabeth says to Jessica that the boys are only reading a magazine, so it should be OK. Then Wesley says he can do gymnastics and does three somersaults on the rug. Then Wesley is doing a handstand.  Then Eric says he can do a handstand for longer, and Jessica tells Eric to get down.  It’s too late- as Eric wobbles, he knocks into the bookcase and a vase breaks.  Mrs. Wakefield goes into the living room and asks what the kids were doing in there.  Eric and Wesley say it’s their fault the vase broke because they were horsing around in the living room. Mrs. Wakefield says accidents happen, but it’s an important rule in the house that the kids can’t play in the living room.  Elizabeth asks if the boys are in trouble, and Mrs. Wakefield says no because Eric and Wesley didn’t know the rule, but Elizabeth and Jessica did, and she is very disappointed in them.  Wesley and Eric then run upstairs and say ” wait until you see what we do next” and Elizabeth and Jessica bet that they will do something awful. Elizabeth says she wishes they could run away so that they wouldn’t have to deal with the boys, and Jessica says that she and Liz SHOULD run away! Elizabeth and Jessica originally plan to go to Grandma’s but then Elizabeth says that Grandma would call the Wakefield parents. So Jessica and Elizabeth decide to run away to the fort!! 

Elizabeth and Jessica pack two apples, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,  and two chocolate chip cookies. They also pack sweatshirts and Matchbox cars.  They also bring Elizabeth’s koala and Jessica says she wishes that she could bring hers.  Jessica and Liz then write a note and put it on the fridge- it reads ” You have been mean and we are very, very mad. We’re going far away. We might come back someday. But not until you know who go home. Love Liz and Jess”  Jessica and Elizabeth go into the fort, and Jessica and Liz agree that it’s the best fort ever because there are no boys! Elizabeth asks if Jessica feels Mom and Dad will miss them and Jessica says she hopes so because then Ned and Alice will realize how mean they were!

At dinnertime, Elizabeth and Jessica keep hearing strange noises outside. They only have half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich left, and Jessica and Elizabeth wish they could be home for dinner, even though Mrs. Wakefield is making beef stew and Brussels sprouts, two foods Jessica hates. ( I am so craving beef stew right now after seeing ” Julie and Julia!!” ) Jessica and Elizabeth agree that they miss their parents and even Steven, but the family must not miss them or they would be looking for the twins already.  Then the twins hear Mr. Wakefield calling out their names. Eric, Steven, and Wesley are calling out their names too.  Elizabeth asks Jess if they should come out to Mr. Wakefield but Jessica says not yet because she is still mad. Then Elizabeth and Jessica hear bunches of CRUNCHING noises in the woods!! They freak out, and then they see Eric with a flashlight in their fort, and Eric says their fort is wicked cool!  Wesley, Mr, and Mrs. Wakefield, and Steven follow Eric and Mr. Wakefield said he never had a fort that cool as a boy.  Eric and Wesley tell Elizabeth and Jess they are sorry that they played so many mean tricks on Elizabeth and Jessica. Mrs. Wakefield says she is also sorry, because she should have told the boys about the rule about not playing in the living room.  Elizabeth and Jess say they are not mad anymore- wow that was quick!  They also learn that they will have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!! And Mrs. Wakefield says that if the twins ever feel unhappy, they should go to their parents. Sure….

The next day, Elizabeth, Eric, Jess and Wesley play ” Indians” in the fort and have a great time. Then Mr. and Mrs. Nelson return from LA.  As the car is pulling away after the boys are set to leave, Wesley runs out and gives Jessica her stuffed koala bear.  Elizabeth says things will be boring without Eric and Wesley around. Jessica reminds that a new boy named Kisho is starting school on Monday and will be in their class, so that should be interesting- and of course that’s the set up for the next SV Kids book.

By Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, if I can get at all motivated which I believe I can, Perfect Summer will be recapped!!!  Perfect Summer was one of my favorite Sweet Valley High books EVER, if NOT my total favorite!!! ( well besides ” On the Edge” and ” Dear Sister”- and I liked ” Malibu Summer a lot too).  And coming up-


Sweet Valley U Super Thriller- Love and Murder

Gymnasts #10- Boys in the Gym

BSC #49- Claudia and The Genius of Elm Street

Sleepover Friends #6- Kate’s Camp Out

Freshman Dorm #4- Freshman Nights

Sweet Valley Twins #18- Center of Attention


And in non  YA novel news, I cannot friggin WAIT to see the movie version of ‘ The Times Traveler’s Wife!!” I love Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana, and the Time Traveler’s Wife is one of my favorite books of all time!! As soon as I see the movie I will tell you all what I think! I am so very excited!!!!!!


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