Gymnasts #10- Boys in the Gym

Cindi has a secret- she is going to throw a surprise party for her brother Jared.  Cindi was trying to keep a secret but she couldn’t help herself. Cindi and her mom are going to send out invites today. Cindi, Lauren and Jodi all tease Darlene about Jared having a crush on her. Then Patrick tells the gals it’s time to get to work.  Cindi comments that she loves gymnastics because up on that beam she is all alone, which means a lot coming from  a family with four older brothers.

The other Pinecones all volunteer to help Cindi send out invites to Jared’s surprise  party ( he will be 14) and to plan the party.  Cindi asks her mom if they really have to invite Jared’s friend Ryan, because he is so obnoxious. Mrs. Jockett says of course they do because Ryan is Jared’s best friend. Cindi says Ryan will probably blab the secret to everyone.  Jared and Ryan are then coming up the walk as the Pinecones are working on the invites, so Cindi shoves them in a big pot. Jodi jokingly tells Mrs. Jockett not to cook spaghetti in there.  When Jared actually gets home, he tells Cindi and the other gals that he is not quick enough for the football team that he wanted to join, and neither he nor Ryan have enough upper body strength. Jared says the coach suggested that Jared join a gymnastics team- a local sports center will be starting a boys’ gymnastics team. Naturally, Jared is mortified at the thought of joining a gymnastics team.  Cindi tells Jared as a joke to sign up right away and Jared says he could as he knows where the classes are- and they are at Evergreen Gymnastics Academy!!!  Cindi tells Jared to stop joking and Jared says he is not joking- that is where the team is!   Ryan says he doesn’t want to jump around like an idiot, so he doesn’t want to sign up for gymnastics. Jared says he does want to join the team, and Ryan says he will too even though he thinks gymnastics is for jerks. Cindi says if that’s the case Ryan would be perfect for the team.  Ashley comments that it would be cool if boys joined the gym and Cindi says she’s still convinced it’s a total joke.

Patrick wants all of the teams to meet together to discuss something. Everyone wonders what the annoucement is.  Patrick announces that Evergreen Academy will be starting a boys’ competitive gymnastics team.  Cindi tells Patrick to stop joking and Patrick says it’s no joke and that Jared and Ryan even signed up to be on the team.  Lauren and Cindi both say boys in the gym is stupid and Patrick tells the girls to remember that he was once a boy gymnast. Then Patrick says that Jodi’s mother will be the coach of the boys’ team.  Cindi thinks that having boys around will affect her performance, and Patrick says he doesn’t believe that Cindi is so against this. Of course, Becky Dyson of the advanced gymnastics team thinks having boys in the gym is a great idea because the Atomic Amazons have a boys’ team.  As the Pinecones stretch out, Lauren tells Cindi she agrees that boys in the gym is a bad idea. Darlene says she thinks it would be sort of neat, and Cindi says that Darlene didn’t grow up with all brothers, and she knows having boys on the team will stink.

Jared is all nervous the first day he will be doing gymnastics. Cindi teases him by saying he will have to do really hard tests, but Jodi tells Jared the tests aren’t really that bad.  They meet Ryan at the gym, who is still bitching over having to take gymnastics. He then learns from Cindi that Sarah Sutton, Cindi’s mom, will be coaching his team and he is all ” eww she’s a woman.” PUH- LEEZ.  Tim, Cindi and Jared’s bro who drove them to practice, tells Ryan to chill because the fitness coach for the high school football team is a woman, and she is really good and can bench a good deal of weight.  Then Ryan and Jared get all excited when they see Darlene’s dad ” Big Beef Broderick ” the football player drive Darlene to class. Ryan is all gushing over Big Beef and saying gymnastics is for wimps and Big Beef says gymnastics is definitely not for wimps.  Cindi whispers to Darlene that Ryan probably only joined the team to meet Big Beef.  Then Becky comes along and is all giggly and excited because the boys are there, and she says her talent ” comes naturally” and Cindi wonders why Becky is saying that, because she works her ass off at gymnastics.  Lauren then tells Cindi that she’s never been afraid of anything new before and Cindi is just thinking that she knows how girls get so silly when boys are around, and she does not like the idea of things being different  in the gym.

Jared, Ryan and 5 other boys are standing around the gym looking very nervous.  Ashley tells Cindi ( now Ashley is 9) that she thinks Ryan is really cute.  Patrick tells the girls that he hopes that they will give a warm welcome to the guys in the gym. Cindi asks where the boys will change. Patrick says he is going to convert the parents’ lounge into a boys’ locker room on a temporary basis. Cindi starts crying that it’s unfair because the parents lounge has a microwave and an ice machine. Cindi also asks where they will talk to Patrick privately or use ice on their injuries, and Patrick replies that he will set up a temporary lounge next to his office. Cindi is again dreading boys in the gym, because growing up with boys, she knows they are a real pain in the culo. ( ass for those of you who don’t speak Espanol)

It’s been a few days since boys have been at the gym , and all of the boys, especially Ryan, are loud and obnoxious and the girls are all distracted. Becky wears a flashy purple and blue unitard to impress the boys.  Darlene  is wearing a purple iridescent leotard- I didn’t know boys were so turned on by purple!  Ryan tries to impress the girls by jumping up on the beam, but he doesn’t have enough leverage to do so. Cindi asks him if Ryan needs a boost. Ryan says he could never balance on that thing, and doubts anyone could.  Lauren says that not only do the girls balance on that beam, they can do cartwheels on it.  Jodi’s mom then yells at Ryan for getting on an apparatus before warming up, and how doing so is verboten.  Jared tells Ryan not to worry about the beam, because he beats being on the beam is way easier than doing the rings that the boys have to do. Becky then is all fluttering her eyelashes and saying she LOVES to watch the boys on the rings. ( hey I do have to admit- watching those hard bodied 20 year old Russians do gymnastics is pretty darn sexy 😉  Becky is all ” it takes so much strength” and Cindi tells Becky that Becky has tons of strength so why is she acting like she doesn’t?  Patrick then says he is going to put up temporary screens so that the boys and girls can practice without staring at each  other or whatever. Cindi volunteers to carry a screen, and Ryan insists on taking it because the screen is too heavy for a girl to carry.  Cindi is all ” go ahead strong boy carry it” and then Ryan is all huffing and puffing and sweaty from carrying the screen.  Ryan asks how come Cindi can lift it, and she answers it’s because she’s been taking gymnastics for a long time.  Ryan and Jared have to carry the screens together, and Cindi says that it takes two boys to do what one girl can do, and then turns to Becky and is all ” but the boys are sooo much stronger right Becky?”  Becky pretends not to hear Cindi.  Cindi complains to Patrick that the screens look ugly, and Patrick tells Cindi to stop whining over every little change in the gym.

Patrick tells the Pinecones he wants to give them two tests because he feels all of them are ready to advanced to the next level, but he wants to give them a couple of tests to be sure first.  They have to do a reverse press which is pretty much this exercise on the beam where only your arms support you, and  a handstand on the beam.  The test is the same day as Jared’s surprise party. Cindi doesn’t see the need for these tests she says usually the Pinecones learn routines at their own pace, and Patrick says he feels all of them can do it, and has Cindi be the guinea pig to try these moves.  Cindi does the routine just fine, even though it was hard. Cindi then asks Patrick when the boys will be tested. All of the girls start chanting ” test the boys!!” and Patrick tells them to simmer down.

As the girls prepare for the test, Cindi is really worried- what if all the Pinecones don’t pass? Would Patrick split the Pinecones up?  Lauren is worried that she will never be able to master the reverse press, and Cindi assures her that she will.  Lauren is really not mastering it, and Patrick and Cindi both tell Lauren that she will learn the move. Lauren asks Cindi what will happen if she doesn’t advance with the rest of the Pinecones, and Cindi says that Lauren will do fine, and Lauren pretty much tells Cindi to cut the crap and she doesn’t want to hear it.  After practice, Becky asks Cindi if she will wash her hair  and shower. Cindi says she never washes her hair at the gym because it takes too long to dry and then she just sniffs her pits and says ” oh I smell fine” . Becky says that now that boys are in the gym, Cindi shouldn’t be so revolting.  Lauren is still worrying over not advancing with the rest of the Pinecones. Cindi is again trying to reassure her, and Ashley says Lauren is right and they should just be able to advance at their own pace. Then Ashley annouces that she must shower to be fresh and clean for the boys. 

Cindi and Darlene go to Patrick’s office to find out if Patrick is actually planning on splitting up the Pinecones.  Patrick tells them that he has every confidence that Cindi and Darlene can advance. Cindi says that the Pinecones have always been a team and what happens if, say, Lauren doesn’t make it? Patrick says that just because the team wants to stay together, it doesn’t mean he has to hold all of the girls back if some girls are ready to advance to another level. He’s got a point.  Patrick also says he does feel all of the Pinecones will pass the test, and if they all don’t at least they will all be in the same gym.

Ryan tells Becky about Jared’s surprise party. Of course Becky would love to come.  Ryan then tells Cindi that she’s got to invite Becky to the party, as well as all of the other guys on the gymnastics team.  Cindi does find it funny that in the car,  Ryan says Mrs. Sutton is such a cool coach, and Jared admits gymnastics is difficult.  Jared then says Cindi is really good, and Lauren gets all upset about it saying ” yeah maybe Cindi is too good to be a Pinecone.” Oh jeez

Ashley, Ti An, Cindi and Darlene are all getting the hang of the new moves they have to do for the test. Jodi and Lauren are still having a hard time. As Cindi does the move, she falls down because she had too much height. As she screams, Jared runs over to see if Cindi is OK.  Patrick tells Jared to join his own team and he has to realize that Cindi can take care of herself.  Pat tells Cin to get some ice and she says she can’t because it’s in the boys’ locker room. Cindi goes with Patrick and then Patrick sees how messy the boys’ locker room is, and says he will have to post rules about it. Cindi tells Patrick that boys are messier than girls and they are ” ruining” the gym. Patrick says the boys’ locker room will be done soon.  Patrick then tells Cindi he doesn’t think the boys in the gym is what’s bothering her, and that Cindi can’t just mess up so that Lauren feels better.  Cindi says she’s not doing that and Patrick says it could be subconscious because Cindi doesn’t want to Lauren to think Cindi is better than her.

Lauren is complaning that she will not advance, and she is terrible at gymnastics.  Cindi tries to tell Lauren that’s not true, and Lauren tells Cindi she doesn’t want to hear another pep talk. Darlene tells them both to stop griping because they are sounding like Becky’s group.  Darlene then suggests that for Jared’s party, she will tell Jared to stick around and watch the Pinecones on their test because they need him to cheer them on so that he doesn’t get to the house and get the surprise ruined.

It’s the morning of the test. Cindi is very nervous.  Jared tells Cindi he would never be in gymnastics if it wasn’t for Cindi and the Pinecones, and he is grateful.  Jared then says he can’t stand Becky because she is too silly.

ALL OF THE PINECONES ADVANCE! ( as if you thought they wouldn’t!!) Lauren says that she thought of how strong Cindi is and how she never gives up, and wanted to be more like Cindi.  And Jared’s party is a great success and Jared never suspected a thing.  Then Cindi challenges Ryan to an arm wrestling contest, and Cindi totally wins! Lauren then tells Cindi maybe boys in the gym aren’t so bad after all, and as Cindi sees how much fun all of the girls and boys from gymnastics are having together, she agrees!!!

My ambition is to recap  BSC #49 Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street” by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  After that- Kate’s Camp Out- which I want to get to by the end of August but I am not certain that I will!

Also coming up:

Freshman Dorm #4- Freshman Nights ( the one where Faith is thinkin’ of losing her V Card!!)

Sweet Valley Twins #18- Center of Attention

BSC #32- Kristy and the Secret of Susan

SVU #10- No Means No

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BSC Little Sister #9- Karen’s Sleepover

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And then- READER REQUEST- out of these books tell me which  one you’d most like to have me recap:

Sweet Valley Kids #38- Goodbye, Eva?

BSC #26- Claudia and the Sad Goodbye

Sleepover Friends #27- Where’s Patti?

BSC Little Sister #23- Karen’s Doll

or Sweet Valley Twins #68- The Great boyfriend switch!!

I will recap the first and second place winners after I do ” Jessi’s Wish!!” And please LET ME KNOW WHICH ONE YOU WANT RECAPPED- I so appreciate it!


2 Responses to “Gymnasts #10- Boys in the Gym”

  1. Stonehawk Says:

    BSC #26 Claudia and the Sad Goodbye.

  2. Claudia and the Sad Goodbye always makes me cry.

    My vote is for Karen’s Doll… it’s such an inane book. I’d love to see some snark (Hyacinthia… really? Who names their doll Hyacinthia?)

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