Sleepover Friends #6- Kate’s Camp Out

It’s Friday night. Kate’s mom is driving Lauren, Kate, Patti and Stephanie to a cabin on Spirit Lake, where the Sleepover Friends and the Beekmans will be spending the weekend. Kate is complaining about the fact that the cabin is right near the cabin where the Norwood family is staying. Sam and Dave are the Norwood boys and they are 8 and 9 years of age. Kate met them at the hospital picnic last year and they squirted her with disappearing ink and Kate was pissed! Mrs. Beekman tells Kate that she is sure that Dave and Sam have matured now that they are 8 and 9- boys mature a lot at that age. Ummm- they do?  The girls and Mrs. Beekman arrive at Spirit Lake and meet Dr. Beekman and Melissa, Kate’s little sister who Kate calls Melissa the monster. The girls are all wondering what Dr Porter’s cottage ( Dr Porter is the doctor the Beekmans are renting from) is going to be like, after they see nice cottages with patios and slanted lights. Kate hopes that Dr Porter’s cabin at least has cable, as there is a horror movie she wants to catch on TV tonight.

The Porter house is a two story house covered with peeling paint. There are tons of overgrown shrubs and bushes in the front yard.  The house looks old and creepy. Dr. Beekman tries to turn the lights on, and he can’t!! There is no power in the house!  Dr. Beekman finds out there is no electricity or running water, which is odd to him as he called a Mr. Morrell to turn on the electricity and the water for the weekend. Stephanie is freaking out about not having water because she can’t do her beauty regimen of cleaning her face with three different oils and steaming her face before bed. Stephanie says ” ignore your pores, and you are in big trouble!” Keep in mind Stephanie is a FIFTH GRADER- when I was in fifth grade I washed my face with my mom’s Noxema face cream and that was more than good enough for me. Or else I used Clearasil face wash if my brother had some. Oh, Stephanie!  Dr. Beekman can’t call Mr. Morrell tonight because there is no phone. Mrs. Beekman says it’s too late to try to find a motel, so they have to make the best of it for tonight and the adults can visit the Norwoods in the early morning and use their phone to call Mr. Morrell.  Dr Beekman gets out a flashlight, and Lauren can see that the living room is covered with spider webs, and mice tore out the stuffing on the couch. Dr Beekman says there is an outdoor toilet to use and Stephanie says ” you have to go OUTDOORS to use an outdoor toilet”- no shit, Sherlock!  For dinner, Dr Beekman gets the fire going in the fireplace to make roasted hot dogs (GOD they sounded delicious- Sleepover Friends books always get me hungry) and Lauren does describe the hot dogs as nice and hot on the inside and burnt crisp on the outside- yummmmmmmm- and they also have Dr. Pepper , roasted marshmallows, and sour cream and onion potato chips. Kate also made fudge for the ocassion- damn these girls eat GOOD! Dr Beekman then tells a story about Spirit Lake- there were two trappers- Roy Jonas and Willis Pyle. Willis was lucky and would catch hundreds of pelts. Roy was very unlucky and his traps would break- so Roy was practically starving and Willis was mad rich.  Well one day the townsfolk notice that Roy was riding Willis’ horse and using his rifle, and everyone knew Roy was jealous of Willis. No one ever found Willis. People in town had a strong feeling that Roy killed Willis, sunk his canoe and left his body in the lake for the fish to eat.  People then keep seeing some ghostly figure on a canoe,and one day Roy hears a loud bang at his door- then the girls hear a loud bang at THEIR door!

Well the people at the door are only Dr. and Mrs. Norwood. Dr. Norwood said he wanted to make sure everyone got there OK because there have been break ins and he wanted to be sure everything was safe.  Dr. Norwood offers his cabin for everyone for the night, but Dr. Beekman says they should be fine for a night. Then Dr. Beekman finishes the story- the bang on the door of Roy’s was Willis- well his ghost- asking for his money saying ” where is my money??” and then Roy, like, went insane and died soon after. Dr Beekman says people can apparently sometimes still see Willis paddling down the canoe searching for his money.  Melissa asks if the money ever turned up and Dr Beekman says it was rumored that the money was buried somewhere, but no one ever found it.  After the excitement of the night, the girls are exhausted and go to sleep.

Lauren, Patti, Steph and Kate take a walk in the morning. Stephanie only agrees to the walk so the cream cheese from her bagel doesn’t collect on her hips. Ya know- characters like Stephanie who are what 10 or 11 years old and constantly bitching about their weight- probably led to 4 year old girls of today worrying about cellulite. God almighty. Even when I was 11 I found Steph’s weight obsession damn unhealthy! As the girls relax near the lake, the Norwood boys arrive in a canoe!  Sam and Dave say they want to invite the gals to an early BBQ. Kate tries to say the family is busy but Sam says Kate’s mom already said yes.  Sam then asks what Patti is trying to do and Patti says she wants to catch a turtle for her little brother, Horace. ( why did the author, Susan Saunders, come up with the name HORACE for a little kid? EWWWWWWWWWW). Sam says that the water is shallow for a long ways out so Patti can go pretty far in. Well, Sam fooled the girls- as Lauren and Patti walk a little bit, the water goes from 1 foot deep to four feet deep and Lauren and Patti are up to their noses in water!!! Lauren goes to lunge for their boat, and releases the valve for Sam and Dave’s boat. The boat deflated, and Sam and Dave end up in the water themselves! Sam and Dave vow revenge.  When the girls get home, Mrs. Beekman asks what happened and Kate tells her. Kate says to her mom she can’t believe that she agreed to go to a BBQ at the Norwoods and Mrs. Beekman said she couldn’t say no as Dr Beekman and Dr Norwood work together.  And there is good news- there is electricity in the house! Melissa is happy that she can plug in her Lite- Brite. Oh, Lite Brite!  The girls then see Mr. Morrell and he says that he wouldn’t wander around at night as ghosts may get ya ya never know- and Lauren asks what Mr. Morrell means and Dr Beekman says that Mr. Morrell probably just likes ” needling” the vacationers.

Time for the BBQ. Kate warns the others not to fall for any of Sam and Dave’s tricks and Stephanie claims to be practical joke immune.  Sam and Dave try to say they are sorry,and Sam reaches out his hand for Lauren to shake, but Dr Norwood tells Sam to hand over the joy buzzer. Sam scowls. Dr Norwood is all ” boys will be boys” ( I HATE that expression!)  Dr. Norwood then tells the Sleepover Friends about a ghost that may be at their cabin- one can hear a little girl’s laughter, or music as if a flute was playing. Dave tries to give Stephanie lemon drops, but Stephanie holds the can away from her and the ” snakes” spring out at Dave- so Lauren declares it’s Sleepover Friends 2 and Norwood boys- ZERO! Dr. Norwood says that his wife is making roast loin of pork for dinner, but if the girls get hungry he can grill some Italian sausages beforehand.  Then Dr Norwood asks if the girls want to try fishing. Lauren, Kate and Patti all try it Stephanie refuses because they are using earthworms are bait. Admittedly I thought worms were sorta cool when I was in fifth grade.  After fishing Lauren says she is hungry, so Dr. Norwood has the boys go get those Italian sausages for Lauren and Stephanie.  Lauren is about to bite into her roll with the sausage but then remembers what Kate said about not taking anything from the Norwoods- and Lauren tells Stephanie to look out and not bite into her roll- well Stephanie does and it turns out the Norwoods put WORMS in their sandwich rolls! Luckily for Stephanie, worms recoil when scared, so Stephanie didn’t bite off a worm head or anything. The boys run off, and Dr. Norwood runs after them. Dr. Beekman goes to take the girls home because there is no way they are staying at the BBQ after that grossness. Mrs. Norwood is upset and asks the girls if they want some pork, and of course the girls decline. 

At the cabin, the girls find some old coins from the 1800’s in a pouch.  The coins are from the 1870’s and Willis and Roy died in the 1850’s so the girls deduce it can’t be Willis’ cash.  The coins are gold and Stephanie says they are rich, but Kate is honest and puts the money back saying that Dr. Porter is the rich one. Lauren is then hungry, of course,  and they raid Dr Porter’s kitchen and find shrimp cocktail and some fancy cheese and crackers.  The girls also make tuna melts and Sloppy Joes from the stash of food Mrs. Beekman bought. God, the best part of this book by far are the food descriptions- and therefore, sorry my gals but the rest of this recap may suck ass as I am REALLY hungry and need a snack soon due to this book.  After dinner, Lauren wonders how they will find out who the coins belong to, and Stephanie suggests a seance so they can call up the ghosts and like, spirits to see if they can find out who owned the coins.  Well as they are doing the seance Stephanie tells the ghost to knock once for yes and twice for no- and the girls hear a loud knock!  There are more bangs- two bangs for a boy- Stephanie said to bang once for a girl, two for a boy- and two knocks if the boy is over 10 years old- the girls are all wicked spooked- but then Kate is all ” it’s gotta be those Norwoods I will get them!!”  The girls run outside to catch the Norwoods, but the girls are not finding them.  Then the girls see two guys dragging furniture out of a house at night! Lauren says it’s gotta be burglars. The guys are saying they can get a lot of money for the furniture- and one of the guys is Mr. Morrell- no wonder he told the Sleepover Friends not to be out at night!  Lauren suggests that since they have no phone, they can send an SOS signal by flashlight to the Norwood home so Dr Beekman knows they need help- and guess what that shit works!  Dr Beekman goes to get Lauren and Patti- Stephanie and Kate are hiding behind the house in case the Norwoods came- and Mrs. Beekman calls the police.  Kate and Stephanie are safe inside the cabin when the others go to check. Of course Mr. Morrell and his pal are caught by the police right away.

Meanwhile, the next day after those burglars are caught, the girls still have to get revenge on the Norwoods.  The girls start yelling when the Norwoods come, acting as if they found Willis money as the pretend to dig for more money.  It even looks like they are finding more coins and putting them in their pockets. The Norwoods totally fall for it, and the Friends say they have to leave soon anyway so Dave and Sam can take over shoveling, and they even scattered some coins around and Dave finds one.  The boys will probably be ” digging’ for coins for quite a long time!!

So it’s time to leave Spirit Lake.  Melissa tells the girls the Norwoods couldn’t have been pretending to be ghosts, because they snuck out of their rooms when the Friends left and watched TV with Melissa all night. Kate says Melissa probably fell asleep and she denies that. Lauren wonders who was, in fact, doing that knocking if the Norwood boys were at home… and when the girls are back home,  it turns out that the local historian of the Spirit Lake area gave each of the girls an old gold coin to keep! And Kate says they are renting the cabin for two weeks in the summer,and Lauren, Patti and Steph better join her- and Lauren says Kate can bet on it!

By Tuesday at the latest, our next recap will be on a Freshman Dorm book.  After that, I am going back to my summer book recap series, and the last ” summer” book I will recap to celebrate the end of the summer ( or mourn it, rather) will be Sweet Valley High Super Edition ” Malibu Summer” ( ladies I warn u- it’s a DUMB ASS book- I even sort of thought so as a 7th grader!) 

And again keep in mind there are some changes- some recaps coming up are-

Sleepover Friends #27- Where’s Patti?

BSC Little Sister #9- Karen’s Sleepover

THE START OF THE VERY SPECIAL EPISODE SERIES!!!!! ( keep in mind there will be other books  in between these but this is the start of it): Sweet Valley U Books 10 and 11- 10 is No Means No and 11 is Take Back the Night. Next is Little Sister #23- Karen’s Doll- which is what you all voted for- and after that the very special series continues with Claudia and the Sad Goodbye as Mimi’s death is pretty heartwrenching.  And by Halloween I will be recapping Sweet Valley Twins Numero Tres The Haunted House featuring Nora Mercandy! I wish Nora had been in a lot more SVT books I loved Nora, to be honest- and Lila is a real cow in that book- but that’s not coming for awhile.  Also expect to get a lot more Sleepover Friends, Baby Sitters Club, Fabulous Five, Gymnasts and Sweet Valley Twins books!!!!

By the way my man and I had a LOVELY one year anniversary trip at Lake George!


2 Responses to “Sleepover Friends #6- Kate’s Camp Out”

  1. Um… in book 3 (the first Sleepover Friends book I ever read – where they all get their cats – Kate’s Surprise??), don’t they say that Kate’s dad is a chef, which is why they always have kick ass food at the sleepovers at Kate’s house? So why is he a doctor now? Did I miss something?? Was he moonlighting as a chef to put himself through med school?

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Anne I honestly can’t remember but YA novels are not exactly known for continuity!!!!

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