Freshman Dorm #4-Freshman Nights

It’s Parents Weekend at U of Springfield. KC is washing and re-washing this tye dyed shirt that her parents had made for her that says ” Kahia Cayenne Angeletti, Freshman Extraordinaire. ” so that it appears KC actually wore the shirt.  Faith appears to be ” lost in space.” Winnie says everyone is obviously acting wacky because of Parents’ Weekend coming up. Winnie says that Faith must be at least a little nervous about Parents Weekend but Faith says she is looking forward to her parents and sister Marlee visiting.  Faith says she has no secrets to keep from her parents- as she is thinking about her new ” beau” Christopher Hammond,the director of the play she just finished working on.  Faith then mentions how she will be volunteering at the campus day care center three times a week for an independent study project, and she wishes she could do a theatre independent study, but freshmen rarely get to do that.  Winnie then says that since Christopher is  a junior and a theatre big wig, maybe he can help Faith.  Faith gets all ” freaky” because it turns out that as Faith is carrying on this secret, hot and heavy romance with Christopher, Chris is engaged to Suzanna Pennerman, some sorority president at another college.  Faith tells Winnie and KC that Christopher says he will break off his engagement to Suzanna eventually, and Faith plans to hang in there until he does.  Faith then says she is worried about sneaking around, and she will feel like such a fake around her parents and sister, who think she is sweet and perfect.  Faith then starts to cry.

Dash and Lauren are working on a piece about Parents Weekend for the campus newspaper.  Lauren feels a definite spark with Dash but she is not sure if they are actually dating.  Lauren tells Dash she is trying to get herself kicked out of the Tri Beta sorority because Lauren’s mom said she would cut Lauren off financially if she left Tri Beta on her own accord.  Lauren says so far she’s missed required decorating sessions and wore the wrong clothes.  Dash tells Lauren to try to stay in Tri Beta for one more week because Dash heard that there is always some big frat hazing after the Civil War football game that ends Parents Weekend and he is hoping that Lauren can find out more about hazing- which is supposed to be illegal and against college policy- on campus.  Dash wants to expose fraternity hazing, and he hopes Lauren can get him into some frat parties after the game so he can investigate hazing further.

Winnie and Josh make a date to meet Tuesday night.   After Faith is done with her day care center volunteer job, she sees Christopher outside the center and they start totally making out.  Christopher says that he found a way for him and Faith to be alone – his friend Jamie is letting him borrow his cabin next Wednesday night, and Faith and Chris can be alone ALL NIGHT LONG…  Faith knows this means Christopher wants to take things to the next- sexual- level- and Faith has never made love to a man before.  Faith initially thinks that maybe Suzanna will be Chris’s public date to the frat parties as he has Faith sneak around, but then Christopher lays on all this mess about just having to be with Faith and Faith agrees and they make out some more.  KC then calls her dad. KC’s father is really looking forward to Parents Weekend and is even willing to close the restaurant so the family can come. KC puts on this bitch attitude ( I HATED how KC always treated her dad) and tells her father not to bother coming for Parents Weekend.  She literally tells her dad that she doesn’t want him to come!! CUNT BAG!!!!! Then her father dies later on and she gets all into drugs and is all guilty and shit- as well as she should be! OK enough of the ” I hate KC” rants.

Faith’s parents are already up for Parents Weekend. Marlee is wearing a leather jacket and is all scowling and crap. She still also has bad acne. Faith’s parents haven’t changed one darn bit.  Faith can’t believe how Marlee has changed- she was such the carefree teen who liked to read and talk on the phone before Faith went away to college.  Faith’s parents are going on and on about Faith’s high school days. Then Brooks Baldwin, Faith’s ex, appears in the cafeteria.  They all eat dinner together, and then Winnie offers to take Faith’s parents on a campus tour. Also, Faith’s dad asks KC about when her dad is visiting and KC lies and says her dad decided not to come and Faith’s parents lookd dumbfounded by that news.  Faith’s parents and Winnie go off to see the campus and leave Brooks and Faith alone, as if Faith and Brooks would get together again by being alone for a few minutes.  Brooks asks if it’s true that Faith and Christopher Hammond are hooking up and Faith admits it is. Brooks asks if it doesn’t bother Faith that Christopher is engaged to another woman.  Brooks says Faith has really changed, and not for the better.

Winnie asks KC if she wants to join Win and her mom for sushi, and KC declines. As Win goes off with her mom after Western Civ is over, and Faith leaves with her parents and Marlee, KC and Lauren are left alone, and they used to be friends and no longer are because KC asked Lauren for money and Lauren said no.  KC tries to make some small talk and Lauren blows her off. Lauren is still pissed that KC tried to ruin a demonstration that the Progressive Students Coalition was involved in, and Lauren says KC likes to stomp all over other people’s feelings. Right on Lauren!! ( Lauren was my 2nd favorite after Winnie when I was a high school freshman!)  At the sushi lunch, Winnie’s mother gives Win some letters from Winnie’s first love- Travis Bennett, the first man Winnie had sex with last summer while Winnie visited Europe. Winnie is all ” AUGGGGHHHH” now because she is supposed to be trying to get with Josh again, and now Travis has been writing!

Lauren is making perfect paper flowers for a Tri Beta decorating session,and Lauren’s ” big sister” Marielle is very pleased with Lauren’s improved sorority behavior and more proper clothing.  Lauren starts to ask Marielle about hazing. Lauren is all ” oh no one possibly can do that anymore” and Marielle says ” oh I wouldn’t say no one does that you know how guys are.”  Marielle then tells Lauren that she has to keep this a secret, but a hunky guy at a particular frat told Marielle they have something wickedly, meanly, delicious planned for this geeky pledge that the frat really wants to get rid of.  Lauren asks which fraternity but Marielle says she cannot tell.   Faith is again volunteering at the daycare center, and Marlee is tagging along and scowling the whole time.  Faith tells Marlee that corny things like volunteering @ the daycare center are part of the freshman year of college experience ( ah the freshman year college experience- when I had to take the most boring history class ever and dated a total jerk off jock boy- but I digress) and Marlee will experience these same things. Marlee says she won’t if she doesn’t go to college and Faith says that she thought Marlee came along to U of S because she was interested in attending and Marlee goes ” that’s Mom and Dad’s version. ”  Marlee then says that Faith is so perfect and everyone just loves her- the kids at the daycare, Brooks, Winnie and KC, her parents and it’s just sickening.  Faith says she doubts that, but Marlee just storms off.

Win is reading the letters from Travis to KC and Faith at the student union.  Travis has asked Winnie to call him, and Win has no clue what to do.  Faith then tells KC and Winnie about spending the night with Christopher, and Winnie says Faith should at least make Christopher say he is completely committed to Faith and done with Suzanna before Faith sleeps with him.  KC says she wishes she had issues like Winnie- Winnie has two men crazy over her and KC can’t even find one guy to like her!  KC tells Winnie everyone is mad at her and Winnie tells KC to start trying to mend fences with whoever is mad at her, and to maybe start with Lauren. KC decides she will.  Faith goes to see Chris at his frat house (ODT) and tells Christopher that he must choose between Faith and Suzanna or Faith can’t go to the cabin with him, and Christopher says that he will tell Suzanna tomorrow that the engagement is off.

Winnie calls Travis while everyone else on campus is at the football game. Travis is not there, but his mom says that she will tell Travis Winnie called. Winnie feels more confused than ever.  After the football game, Faith tells Marlee that Faith isn’t as perfect as she may think, and Marlee is free to call her anytime she wants to discuss anything she wants. Marlee just scowls. KC wonders what is up with Marlee.  Faith then tells KC that now that her parents are gone she can say this- she feels as if she is barely knows who her parents are or even who SHE is anymore. KC says maybe that is part of college is finding out who you really are.  Faith then says she wishes she could be at the ODT house tonight to see if Chris really broke it off with his fiancee. KC says she is more than happy to crash the frat house tonight to find out for Faith if Chris really broke it off with Suzanna. Faith is very grateful for KC’s help.

When Faith gets back to her dorm, there is a knock on her door- it’s that pimply faced teen sis of hers, Marlee, of all people!  Marlee says she and her parents had a huge fight and Marlee said she refused to go home with Dr. and Mrs. Crowley.  Marlee says her parents are always talking about great, perfect Faith and her lovely freshman year and she’s sick of it. Faith tries to tell her about her relationship with Christopher but chickens out, and Marlee begins to cry and cry.

 KC observes a very skinny college freshman pledge named Howard Benmann sweating profusely. Then Mark, one of the ODT brothers ( the one KC spilled a milkshake on in Freshman Dorm #1 and is the resident ODT asshole) tells Howard it’s time for his progress report.  KC can’t hear the questions being fired at Howard, but he looks as if he is facing his own execution.  After Howard leaves the room, Mark is saying that he doesn’t care if Howard will be a great engineer someday and his dad is a state assemblyman- he wants Howard the hell out of the frat house because Howard is a dork, and everyone is laughing at ODT because they have such a geeky guy pledging their frat. Christopher says that since he’s a member of the Interfrat Council he can’t know about hazing, so the boys can do whatever they want with Howard, but he doesn’t want to hear about it. Chris is a DOUCHE! Oh, we also learn that Chris DID break shit off with Suzanna, but Mark is all ” oh Chris you know you don’t want to be tied down to one girl!!”  Mark and some other frat guys plan  to wait for Howard at midnight on b Street near Pine, where his Volvo is parked. Mark and some of the other awesome frat dudes plan to ” take Howard for a ride.”  KC is about to leave, as she figures she can just tell Faith that Christopher is totally available now. But then KC sees Christopher kissing a curvy blonde girl!  KC runs out of the frat house.

Dash and Lauren are going from fraternity party to fraternity party trying to find some evidence  of hazing. All they have seen is one guy barf and one guy get his tie caught in his zipper.  Lauren says something may not happen till later but Dash doesn’t feel like waiting. So he goes to walk himself home.

Marlee is with Faith and Winnie, still crying. Marlee says she is failing English, and it doesn’t help that Marlee’s English teacher used to be Faith’s drama teacher and he adored Faith. Marlee started to skip classes with some bad kids and they were caught doing drugs behind the school. Faith is scandalized that her little sister would be experimenting with drugs.  Then KC enters the room and says that Christopher and Suzanna are definitely through. KC then asks Faith if she was still going to make a sexy time with Chris at his cabin.  Marlee is like what the fuck you were going to make a sexy time with a dude who was ENGAGED till recently?  Lauren then says she was also on Frat Row tonight trying to find evidence of hazing. Win says she wasn’t on Frat Row but would have been there if someone invited her- no one finds that funny. Lauren tells KC she is trying to expose serious injustice in the Greek system.  Lauren then says Faith can borrow her car to take Marlee home tomorrow, and KC is impressed with Lauren’s generosity.  Winnie and Marlee then go off to find some fun.  KC then tells Lauren about what she heard is going on down at Frat Row tonight with Howard Benmann.  KC says she wants to make up for how she’s treated Lauren and is hoping that maybe Lauren can save Howard from some horrible fate or something.  Lauren says she will call Dash right away. KC also reveals that Christopher knows what will be going down.

We then some little blurb about Chris Hammond’s point of view- he liked Faith, but he can’t be tied down to one girl and Faith was starting to be too demanding. He just wants to be able to have his fun with lots of girls- wow he is the Bruce Patman of U of S. Then Christopher thinks about how he doesn’t really want to be involved in this Howard Benmann mess. Then Mark and Paul bring Howard to see Christopher, and Howard is extremely intoxicated, cannot walk without Paul and Mark holding him up, and can barely talk. Reading this even as an adult made me sick- frats SUCK!  The guys then drag Howard outside and leave Chris in the frat house.  Lauren is behind the bushes on B and Pine Street waiting to see if something will happen.  She left a message for Dash and hopes he arrives soon.  Mark and Paul are dragging Howard along and Mark is all ” what will you do for this fraternity, Howard? ” and the skinny, drunk Howard slurs ” anythin’…” ugh.  Mark tries to make Howard drink some whiskey but he is unable to. Mark says Howard ” failed” and Howard groans loudly.  Lauren thinks that she wants Howard to stop drinking and tell these guys off and she knows people can die from consuming that much alcohol.  Lauren is not sure how to stop all this by herself.  Howard tells the guys to leave him alone because he is sick, but instead Mark pulls Howard’s pants down.  Then Paul and Mark take Howard’s car keys and throw Howard in the car trunk as he is crying and shivering. Howard is only in his tighty whities at this point. Paul and Mark plan to drive Howard’s car to sorority row and they want Howard to tell each sorority girl they see that he loves them- as he is naked. As Paul goes to the car to thump on the truck, Lauren starts to scream bloody murder in the hopes this mess will stop.  Mark and Paul run off, leaving Howard in his trunk, so that no one thinks they are hurting that screaming girl.  Lauren keeps screaming as Dash finally arrives.  Lauren found Howard’s keys, Lauren and Dash then kiss, and finally they get poor Howard out of that car trunk.

Faith and KC take Marlee home. Faith tells Marlee again she is definitely not perfect. Faith also tells Marlee that college is really a time to find out who you are and maybe that is why Faith’s parents want Marlee to go to school. Hard to know if what Faith says sinks in. KC says to Faith that she saw Christopher kissing another girl at the frat party. KC also says that she is going to try to make amends with certain family in town.  KC goes to her dad’s restaurant and she tells him she is sorry and loves her dad, and they hug and make up.

 Lauren and Dash will write their story but they are not using Howard’s name. He will come forward if the frat tries to deny what happened. Winnie has her big date with Josh tonight.  As Winnie goes to leave to meet Josh, Travis calls!  Winnie is on the phone with Travis so long that when she finally gets to the restaurant, Josh has left. Winnie cries and runs out of the restaurant.

Faith confronts Chris at the TV station he works for. Chris tries to say he does love Faith, but Faith is having none of that and tells Chris off and things are over between them.  Then, Faith, KC, Lauren and Winnie are at some cafe discussing the Parents Weekend events and Faith says she and Christopher are done. Then Faith sees Brooks alone there and tells him that she and Christopher are over, and Brooks says he’s glad to hear it.  Faith then hugs him and says ” it’s OK. Things change.” 



I really loved this particular book as a kid maybe it involved possible sex and I was so upset over the hazing part.  It is still a decent read for a YA novel.

Stay tuned for a recap of Sweet Valley High- Malibu Summer- next- hopefully by early next week!


2 Responses to “Freshman Dorm #4-Freshman Nights”

  1. I’ve considered reading and reviewing these books on my blog, though I think I only read the first two when I was in high school. I remember not loving them too much, even back then. Maybe that’ll make it more snark-worthy!

  2. girltalkread Says:

    See, I adored these books as a kid! And they are definitely better than those damn Sweet Valley U books!!!! They take a long time to recap, though!

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