The end of summer lovin’

This is the last in my short series of summer themed YA novels to celebrate summer. Alas, ( here in the US anyway- I believe I do have some readers in other countries) it will soon be Labor Day which usually means the end of summer is very much upon us. So I will be doing a short recap of the Sweet Valley High book ” Malibu Summer” which is a Super Special, and a REALLY crappy one at that. I remember that when I was 11 or so, I read this book multiple times, but 20 years later I just find this to be a major pile o’ poo. So let’s get to what pretty much happens:

Basically, Lila is going to be a mother’s helper in Malibu for some friends of her dad’s who have this really easy baby that Lila just has to play with, as he has a baby nurse already or whatever all she has to do is entertain him sometimes. Jessica thinks being a Mother’s Helper in Malibu would be just DIVINE, but she knows Ma and Pa Wakefield wouldn’t go for it unless Liz also agrees to go. Liz was really looking forward to the internship at Sweet Valley News but of course Jess makes her do the babysitting in Malibu. Jessica has this HUGE thing for the teen singer Tony Sargent ( I sort of pictured him as a Justin Timberlake or Jeremy Jordan type) and when Jessica learns that the family that she picked for herself is related to Tony Sargent she takes that job immediately. Josh  Sargent is Tony’s cousin but Josh says he barely sees Tony anymore. Well, Jessica is stuck living in this tiny house in Malibu with a crying baby- little Sam and it’s not even close to the beach! Meanwhile, the family Elizabeth is assisting lives right on the beach in a HUGE mansion right near Jessica’s Malibu crush, Cliff Sherman.  The little girl Elizabeth sits for, Taryn Bennett, is this beautiful, sad, lonely, and bratty little girl.  Jessica tells Taryn these dumb little stories about a ” wicked little girl” that Taryn eats up, and Jess tries to get Elizabeth to switch jobs by convincing her that Taryn will need Jessica more than Elizabeth but Liz isn’t having it.

Well, Josh announces that a friend of his, Jamie Galbraith, is staying with the Sargents and it’s “last minute.” Jamie is 20, studying English at Yale U. Jessica finds Jamie boring and too intellectual, but when Elizabeth takes over for Jessica one night to sit for baby Sam while Jessica goes to Cliff’s beach party, Elizabeth and Jamie bond over jazz and English, and Elizabeth thinks she’s falling in love with Jamie.

Well- guess what- we learn that Jamie Galbraith is TONY SARGENT!! ( gee no one saw that BS coming!) Basically, Tony had to hide out in his cousin’s house because this guy Frankie who has mob connections ( of course a ” Frankie LaSalle” would have to be in the Mob- I am shocked they didn’t name the guy ” Rocco Santini” or something) is pissed that Jamie had sexy time with Frankie’s woman who was some groupie that Tony didn’t know had a man. Frankie threatened to kill Tony so Tony has to hide out. Well, Frankie pretends to be Tony’s manager and Lucy blows Tony’s cover, so Frankie goes to find Tony and kill him.

Meanwhile, that same night, Taryn runs away from home after hearing her parents have a huge argument. Jessica and Taryn’s housekeeper, Maria, find Taryn on some rickety bridge and of course Jessica saves Taryn by telling ” wicked little girl” stories so Taryn will get closer and Jessica grabs her. 

Well, when Frankie finds Tony, they start grappling on the floor, and Elizabeth slams a pewter vase over Frankie’s head to save the day- of course Wakefields saved the day!! Tony is so grateful to Liz, and was in love with her, that he later invites her and Jess to a concert of his and dedicates his newest song, ” Summer Girl” to Elizabeth. Elizabeth knows she will never forget Tony. Also, Liz was all pissy that Tony lied about who he was- but  he needed to escape from someone who wanted to kill him it’s not as if he was lying for funsies! Tony explained that Jamie is the guy who he wanted to be if he weren’t famous.

As for Lila- she keeps bitching that she is tired of high school boys and wants an older man. She meets a guy named Ben who is friends with Cliff and who Lila assumes is 18 or 19. Well- turns out Ben is only 15 and when Jessica finds out she teases Li to death, but Lila does see that Ben is really great and gets over that whole one year difference in age. And of course Jessica and Cliff get cozy as well during the trip. And that’s pretty much what happens in this shitty, implausible ( even for  Sweet Valley!) book. 

I have to wonder- since Josh and Lucy had a small house and apparently hardly any space in the house, how did they afford to hire a mother’s helper for the whole summer?? Doesn’t make any friggin sense!

And last the cover of this book- Jessica does look pretty hot, yet tan to the point of almost being an Oompa Loompah, on the cover. LOVIN’ the pink string bikini. Liz looks like a 50 year old grandma in this wicked matronly blue striped bathing suit- NOT FLATTERING AT ALL!!! Tony/Jamie fell in love with THAT???

Coming up next- BSC Little Sister #9- Karen’s Sleepover.

Now I am going to list all of the books in my ” Very Special Episode” series. Keep in mind that I am not necessarily recapping all of these books in a row or maybe not even in this order, but I wanted you to have something to look forward to. The first two books will be recapped right after ” Karen’s Sleepover”.

SVU #10- No means no and SVU #11- take back the night ( date rape)

BSC #26- Claudia and the Sad Goodbye ( death of a loved one)

BSC #32- Kristy and the Secret of Susan ( the timely topic of autistic children- and hella shitty but I won’t get into that right now)

Sweet Valley High #40- On the Edge ( Regina’s cocaine death!!!)

Sweet Valley Twins #69-  Won’t Someone Help Anna ( disabilities- specifically deafness and living w/ deaf parents)

BSC #48- Jessi’s Wish ( little girl with cancer)

BSC #56- Keep Out, Claudia! ( racism)

Sweet Valley High #74- the Perfect Girl ( eating disorders)

And some ” non very special episode” books to look forward to in the next few weeks are-

BSC Little Sister #23- Karen’s Doll

Sleepover Friends #9- No More Sleepovers, Patti? ( a favorite of MOI)

The Fabulous Five #8- The Runaway Crisis

The Fabulous Five #24-The great TV Turnoff

Sweet Valley High #4- Power Play ( and yes this has been recapped 1,000 times by others but it can NEVER get old!!)

Sweet Valley Twins #3- The Haunted House ( that will be close to Halloween)

Gymnasts #13- First Date




3 Responses to “The end of summer lovin’”

  1. What about “Jessi and the Awful Secret?” That’s a pretty good Very Special Epsisode book. Although, you might not need it since you’re going to be covering a Sweet Valley book about eating disorders….

  2. I’m so excited about Karen’s Sleepover, that teaser made my day! I snark on Karen all the time, but at the end of the day I have so much love for Karen’s party with her best enemy, Pamela.

  3. girltalkread Says:

    Emily I already have written about Jessi and the Awful Secret- look it up in my baby sitters list- the recap is there!!! Hope u enjoy!

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