BSC Little Sister #9- Karen’s Sleepover

Karen is playing at the “big house” with Hannie and Nancy. The girls all start talking about how having a sleepover and sleeping in sleeping bags would be so, so cool.  Hannie wonders if the girls are too young to have a sleepover and Karen says that ” seven isn’t too young for anything”- luckily Nancy begs to differ and says that one can’t drive a car at 7. Karen says that they can definitely have a sleepover at that age, though.  Karen says she will ask her dad and her stepmom if she can have a sleepover at her house- the big house,of course.  As you can guess, Daddy and Elizabeth give Karen permission to have the sleepover.

Karen gets to school on Monday all excited and tells Nancy and Hannie that she can have a sleepover. Karen can invite ten people, and when Natalie Springer asks what Karen is talking about, Karen invites Natalie to the sleepover, as well.  Ricky Torres starts teasing Karen and says he will spy on the girls in their nightgowns and Hannie goes ” ewwwww.” Karen says she wouldn’t really mind if Ricky crashed the sleepover as he is her pretend hubster, after all. Karen then decides that since there are 9 girls in her class, she will invite all of the girls in her class, as she likes them all.  Karen invites all of the girls and they are all mucho excited. Karen decides to send out invites later.

Karen asks Kristy for advice on sleepovers, because as Karen and WE all know, Karen and the other BSC members have tons of sleepovers.  Kristy says that sleepover food consists of pizza, popcorn and pretzels. Karen wants to have decorations, and Kristy says you don’t have decorations at sleepovers, but bratty Karen gets her way and insists she has to have crepe paper and balloons.  Karen sends out the invites afterward and she lists everything they’d possibly do at the sleepover- ” we will make slice and bake cookies. We will eat pizza. Maybe we will even try on makeup.” Can’t you just write- ” it’s my sleepover here is the day and time.” Actually, when I used to have sleepovers I didn’t even USE invites- I would just be like ” oh I am having a sleepover come over.”

Karen sent out invites on Sunday. On Wednesday, Karen learns that every girl in class got her invite except for Nancy.  Karen tells Nancy she bets that Nancy’s invite just got lost in the mail, and to wait a couple of more days as Karen knows she sent Nancy an invite.  Karen also says Nancy knows she’s invited no matter what and Nancy is all ” but I want an INVITE” all bratty about it- well Nancy is Karen’s friend.  On Friday, Nancy’s invite still hasn’t arrived. Nancy is SUPER bratty and shitty over the whole thing and says loudly ” I guess Karen didn’t invite me to her sleepover even though I am her best friend. And I even have a sleeping bag and everything.” Shut up, Karen- oh I mean NANCY!  Karen yells that she did too invite Nancy to the sleepover and Nancy IS her best friend, but Nancy doesn’t want to hear it.  Karen is then doodling in her book, and Nancy tells on Karen, so Karen has to stay in at recess and erase the drawings in the book.

Karen and Nancy don’t talk for the rest of the day, and Karen feels terrible. She can’t even look forward to a weekend at Daddy’s since she and Andrew aren’t going there until next weekend.  Nancy calls when Karen gets home- Nancy is all gigundoly excited and says that she got the invite after all, and she is sorry she told on Karen today.  Nancy then says she can’t wait for the sleepover and asks Karen what she should bring. Well, it’s Karen’s turn to be a cunty 7 year old brat. She tells Nancy that she’s UN-INVITED from the sleepover!  Then Karen hangs up on Nancy!  Karen feels bad and almost re-invites Nancy to the sleepover, but decides against it.  Karen and Nancy don’t talk all weekend, and Karen declares to her mom that she and Nancy are now ” best enemies.” Everyone at school, including Ricky Torres, is going on and on about the sleepover ( well Ricky is saying he will crash it again) and Karen feels bad that Nancy is left out of the conversation, but it doesn’t inspire Karen to try to make up with Nancy or anything.  Karen says she can’t invite her ” best enemy” to her sleepover!

On Wednesday morning, Ms. Colman announces that there is a new student in the class!  The girl’s name is Pamela Harding.  Her father is a dentist and her mom writes books, and her sixteen year old sister lets Pamela borrow her perfume. Karen is just wowed!  Pamela is also a cool dresser- how Stacey McGill is this-  Pamela is wearing baggy pink overalls and a pink and white striped shirt.  She is also wearing pink high top sneakers and a pink hat.  All of the girls think Pamela is so pretty, but she barely says a word to them. Karen invites Pamela to her sleepover and Pamela says she ” guesses” she can come. Karen is all excited now.

Karen buys supplies Saturday morning for the big sleepover with Nannie. Then Kristy helps Karen to set up the sleepover party.  Karen tells David Michael, Sam and Charlie that they better leave the girls alone during the sleepover. Sam and David Michael don’t promise anything but Charlie says he will only see the girls for the ghost story and will leave them alone the rest of the night.  The first guest to the sleepover was Pamela Harding- and this time Stacey- oh I mean Pamela- is wearing black pants with pink trim at the pockets and cuffs, and over the pants she is wearing a dress with a flared skirt, and a headband. Remember when dresses over pants were sooo cool? Karen is wearing jeans and a Wizard of Oz shirt and feels dorky next to Pamela.  Pamela has no sleeping bag, and Karen says she can borrow one of her’s and Pamela is all ” NO I NEVER sleep in a sleeping bag I MUST be in a bed”- wow Pamela is really reminding me of either Stacey ( granted Stacey would probably say ” back in New York we didn’t even know what a sleeping bag was” ) or Laine Cummings with a touch of Lila Fowler- only Pamela is so not as cool as Lila Fowler.  Elizabeth says in that case Pamela can sleep in Karen’s bed for the night. Hannie, Leslie, Jannie,Natalie and the other nameless girls arrive to the sleepover.  Karen says to bring their gear to the playroom and Pamela is all ” you have a PLAYROOM?” looking all disgusted. Karen says she wishes Nancy were there as she’d have a good comeback.  But Karen just says they have a playroom because Karen has a little brother and sister.  Leslie brought a leopard print nightgown and Jannie shows them all her musical puppy and everyone is laughing hysterically over Jannie’s puppy except for Pamela. Then- SQUIRT- the girls are all wet!!

David Michael squirted his water pistol at the girls. I found that sort of funny. I like David Michael on ocassion.  Elizabeth took away David Michael’s pistol and told him not to bother Karen and her buds anymore.  It’s time for PIZZA- and by the way Pamela is all upset over being wet and keeps toweling her hair. Pamela says she can’t have pizza because it gives her bad breath- shit, Pamela is seriously Laine Cummings!  Karen wonders if Pamela is having fun at the sleepover and Hannie says Pamela isn’t any fun and Hannie feels like a baby around her. Kristy is making Pamela a peanut butter jelly sandwich without too much peanut butter in case it would stick to the roof of Pamela’s mouth.  After pizza, Karen announces that they will be watching a scary movie- WIZARD OF OZ!! The girls- except Pamela- all are excited. Pamela says it’s a baby movie. Shut up- bitch- my mom is 56 and that’s one of her favorite movies of all time. Karen and the other girls are ” scareder and scareder” and Karen can tell they will have a ” spook night.”

Karen and others go to make slice and bake cookies. Kristy helps them, and Pamela asks why Kristy is baby sitting for them and Karen says she’s just helping with the baking. Karen and some of the other girls eat a little cookie dough ( I LOVE raw cookie dough I am w/ Karen on that!)  Then the girls have a cookie dough fight and throw cookie dough everywhere and even Kristy joins in. Pamela does not and I am with Pamela on that one- first of all, I hate when food is wasted and thrown around, and getting messy is not super fun, sorry!  The fight is over and Leslie makes a cookie dough person that resembles Ricky Torres, and they bake ” Ricky” along with the other cookies.  Hannie eats the ” Ricky doughboys” head and all of the girls laugh.  Pamela looks bored. Kristy asks Karen if she’s having fun and Karen says no- Pamela is ruining everything and Karen wishes Nancy were there.

Kristy asks why Nancy isn’t there and Karen explains what happened.  Karen says she’d feel funny asking Nancy to come now but Kristy suggests that Karen does and to explain the situation and to say she is sorry.  Karen calls Nancy and says she NEEDS Nancy at the sleepover andshe’s tired of Pamela, so Nancy’s dad rushes Nancy right over. Nancy is so happy to finally be invited.

Nancy brings two sleeping bags- one for Pamela, because she hears Pamela doesn’t have a sleeping bag. oooh it’d be great if Nancy put Jell-O in Pamela’s sleeping bag like Lila did to Ms Dalton in ” Perfect Summer” but I doubt that will occur. 😉  Pamela is all ” I sleep in BEDS” and Nancy says ” how boring.”  Charlie goes to tell his ghost story about ” Buckethead” some guy who only comes out when it rains and as Charlie tells how ” Buckethead” gets his revenge on the family who teases him, the power goes off! Natalie Springer starts to cry and Pamela calls her a wimp. Kristy tells the girls that power is off  all over the neighborhood because of a bad thunderstorm.  Natalie says she wants to go home and Pamela calls her a wimp again.  Leslie and Jannie start telling stories of how their brothers say power outages are caused by angry ghosts, and then as Kristy explains weather patterns,  the power comes back on! YEAH!  Karen’s dad says it’s time for bed and of course Pamela starts whining and says she goes to bed at 10 pm on SCHOOL NIGHTS and Karen says they will just pretend to go to bed.  Karen says all of the girls should try to stay awake until midnight. Then Karen shows Pamela her bed and Pamela says that Moosie the cat and Tickly are ” baby things” and Karen is all Oh well.

Karen asks who likes Pamela and no one says they do and Nancy flat out says Pamela is a jerk.  Then the girls all start talking about scary moments- and midnight comes and Karen suggests they all raid the fridge!  As the girls are going to help themselves to milk, cookies and apple pie, they see a scary face shining in the doorway- it’s Sam shining a flashlight behind a scary mask. The girls all scream, and Watson says that’s enough and tells  them all to go to bed for real.

It’s 10 am the next day when the girls finally all wake up. Karen says they have to get moving as it’s almost time for lunch- really? Shit,  I have BREAKFAST at 10 am on a weekend!  They have a picnic breakfast outside with bacon and pancakes and we learn that Nancy doesn’t eat bacon because she is Jewish and Jewish folks can’t have pork. Nice little diversity lesson there from Ann M Martin.  Karen is really glad when Pamela leaves.

Karen, Hannie and Nancy get to spend the whole day together.  Hannie, Karen and Nancy all agree they are so glad they are friends because otherwise they’d have to be friends with Pamela!  Karen says they are just like the The Three Musketeers and Hannie suggests they become blood sisters,but the others declare that is gross.  The girls just decide to be Three Musketeers and write a pact that they will always be friends.

At school, Pamela is all ” look at my new dress” and is wearing TONS of perfume.  Jannie and Sara ( another girl at the party) both beg Pamela to hang out at their homes and Karen wonders if the girls don’t remember how heinous Pamela was at the sleepover, and Nancy says she guesses not but if they want to be friends with Pamela, let them. And Karen- yeah- YOU wanted to be Pamela’s friend because you liked her looks and clothes maybe Jannie and Sara are the same.  Karen, Hannie and Nancy come up with a 3 Musketeers handshake, and Karen is all proud of herself because Natalie says it was the best sleepover ever and Ricky heard it was really fun- seriously, I am questioning if Ricky is gay- he wanted to go to sleepovers and tea parties with girls at age 7??? I bet if Ricky Torres is now a fashion designer or actor on ” Queer as Folk” or something.

Sometime this week…. begins the ” Very Special Episode” series- starting with…. SVU #10- No means no.


3 Responses to “BSC Little Sister #9- Karen’s Sleepover”

  1. Awesome. But yeah, I’m with you and Pamela on the cookie dough stuff – it’s too delicious to waste!

  2. I can’t believe it took Karen THAT long to invite Nancy! What a little WENCH.

  3. girltalkread Says:

    Caroline I am glad u agree that one should NEVER waste cookie dough!!! And Karen is a TOTAL friggin wench Sadako- it almost seemed she just invited Nancy so that Nancy could give it to Pamela- Karen just sucks soooo much ass! Though I agree Nancy WAY overreacted to not getting the invite right away!

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