Yep here it comes- part 1 of the ” very special episode” series- Sweet Valley University #10 ” No Means No.”

If everyone has not read my Sorority Scandal post please do so- I am so technologically retarded I have no clue how to go back and copy it here but look under my Sweet Valley category and you will find it – well if you did read my Sorority Scandal blog you remember that in that book Lila and Bruce had their plane crash in the mountains and they still have not been found. Much as I love Lila, I am not really going to write much about this particular plotline- well the beginning of this book starts with Lila knocking out a wolf with a stick and wondering where Bruce is.  Jessica is cuddling with and talking to her brand new man, James Montgomery, and Jessica feels his clean cut looks are a refreshing change from the rugged looks of Jessica’s ex hubby Mike McAllery. Just so we know, James appreciates Jessica’s California girl blonde good  looks as well.  Jessica is trying to tell James about how she foiled Prof Martin’s attempts to seduce and blackmail Elizabeth but James isn’t really listening and wants to just kiss Jessica, and Jessica is a little peeved.  As Jessica finishes her story on Prof Martin ( she says that she gets Prof Martin to drop the charges against Jessica for theft by saying she will not have Liz charge Prof Martin with sexual harassment). James says ” poor guy” and says that guys have been coming in to girls since the beginning of time and ” now it’s illegal?” ummm and remember ladies we aren’t supposed to think of this douche as a rapist.  Jessica gets pissed of course, and then James assures Jess he is always on her side.  Jessica then tells James she is going to tell the Thetas that Alison Quinn from the Theta house blackmailed Jessica. James says he’d rather face the toughest team on the football field than face Alison Quinn.  James then wants to know when he is going to meet Elizabeth.  Jessica promises that James will meet Liz after the tailgate party this afternoon.

Elizabeth and some chick named Maia that I swear we never meet before this book have to write a paper on any topic related to gender, and both girls are having a hard time thinking up a topic. Elizabeth suggests writing about how SVU should have a consensual sex policy- much like Antioch College in Ohio did in the 1990’s- they instituted a policy where someone would ask someone else if they consented to all levels of sexual activity from what I recall- eg- ” Would you mind if we kissed? Can I touch your boobs?” etc. If I could possibly find the article on the policy somewhere, I will also post it up  and here it be .http://www.mit.edu/activities/safe/data/other/antioch-code. Maia doesn’t seem that enthused about writing about the policy because she says there’s no way it would stop date rape.  Elizabeth says it may not stop date rape but it may be a decent first step.  Maia then says any man would who ask before every step of a sexual encounter is probably not a man you should be afraid of.  Elizabeth then remarks that it’s perfect football weather and it seems everyone is going to the game. Maia remarks that she doesn’t get how people don’t have better things to do with their time than going to a dumb football game.  Elizabeth is wondering if Maia is going to be negative about everything in the world.  Tom comes in to say hello and Maia barely greets Tom.  Tom made some sandwiches for the football game and asks if Maia would like to join them and have some sandwiches.  Maia says no because she has no team spirit and doesn’t like jocks.  Tom is all upset because Tom is a former jock, and Maia says she doesn’t mean Tom.  Maia then says she will see Elizabeth and Tom later.  Tom asks if Liz still wants to go and she says yes because she definitely has to see Jess’s new main squeeze.

Lila is still battling with the wolf and crap, but Bruce has joined her.  Bruce saves Lila from the wolf and Lila is all hot and bothered. God I am sorry but I just don’t care about this shit plotline- let me just tell you guys that eventually this makes Li and Bruce fall in love and yes as I always felt Lila and Bruce deserved each other this made me happy, and they get rescued eventually. So moving on…

Alexandra Rollins is SUPER hung over from drinking tons of vodka last night. Yes, the nerd formerly known as Enid is now a total lush.  Enid/Alex is thinking a lot about Todd Wilkins, who I guess Alexandra recently had some one night stand with, but Todd has made it clear that he and Alexandra are just friends. Alexandra is also thinking a little bit about this guy in her psychology class named Noah Pearson who always says hello to her and is pretty cute.  Alexandra thinks that a guy like Noah would never go for a lush like her.  Alexandra then sees a note on the bulletin board- Need help? Call this hotline 24 hours a day.  Alexandra initally thinks it’s a crock, then thinks it may be nice to have someone to talk to.  Alexandra thinks of how she has no real friends- her sorority sisters are not girls she can talk to at all, her relationship with Mark Gathers is over, obviously Todd is no good friend of hers, and Alex decided to ditch Elizabeth as soon as she got to college- Alex then says to her vodka bottle ” it’s just you and me, friend” and drinks some more.

Bruce thinks Lila looks hot in long johns.  Before Elizabeth meets James Montgomery, she thinks of how perfect he sounds for Jessica- pre med, only a sophomore and not an ” older” man like Mike McAllery, and he is a football player and of course athletes are automatically awesome.  So Elizabeth and Tom meet James and Tom congratulates James on his win, and James says ” no, no OUR game” and Elizabeth admires how teamwork oriented James is.  Based on their two minute meeting, Elizabeth and Tom declare James ” polished and polite” and a perfect man for Jessica. Then again Liz fell in love with William White. And speaking 0f- there’s also William White shit in this book. He wants Elizabeth all to himself. BLAH BLAH BLAH

Jessica is wearing her old cheerleading uniform and her necklace with the megaphone on it for her date to the Theta costume party with James.  The Thetas all rave about how hot Jess looks in her old cheerleading uniform. Isabella is dressed as a Harlequin clown, and Denise Waters is dressed as a cat, in case any of you all care. The girls are also all impressed that James is Jessica’s date and one girl says ” oh he’s great except when he drinks.” UMMMMMMMMMMM.. and Jessica is all ” oh no James doesn’t drink.”  Then Alison Quinn shows up and Jessica accuses her of the blackmail against all of the Thetas. Magda, the Theta prez, hear Jessica and Alison argue and Magda says that since they only have Alison’s word against Jessica’s the sorority will have a house vote on whether Jessica is back in the Theta house or not.  Elizabeth is headed to the bash dressed as a scarecrow and sees Maia- Maia is wearing huge, baggy sweats and Liz asks why Maia is always dressed in such baggy clothing- did she gain 10 lbs? Maia says no, she’s lost a few in fact.  Elizabeth asks why Maia is cooped up in the dorm on a Saturday night and Elizabeth would like to help Maia if she can.  Maia says Liz is nice but doesn’t say much else. Liz finally gets Maia to go to the costume party with her and Tom but Maia refuses to wear a costume.

Maia asks Elizabeth where her twin sister is. Elizabeth points her out, and says Jess is with her new man. When Maia sees James, she just turns white and won’t say a word. Gee, WHY???  Then as Liz looks around , Maia is completely gone all of a sudden.  Tom says he saw Maia running to her dorm and Elizabeth finds that odd.  Tom then says costume parties aren’t his thing and he and Liz leave to go to the beach and make out. Liz figures something must have bothered Maia for her to rush out like that,but puts it right of her mind- because Liz is so darn sensitive. 

Alex dressed as a flapper for the costume party. Isabella says Alexandra has barely been around the house lately and wonders if Alex is going to depledge. Alex says no and does Isabella want her to depledge? Is says no, but is just wondering why Alex is never around anymore.  Alex is all stumbling around and her breath totes smells like booze.  Isabella does tell Alexandra that she needs to clean up her act a little- I mean who’s ever heard of a drunk sorority girl???  Isabella says Alex needs to forget about Mark Gathers and move on with her life, and then Alex says she does have a crush on someone- then she sees Noah and tries to get the nerve to talk to him.  As Alex goes to talk to him, she slips on the floor!  Noah asks if Alex is Ok and then some frat dude yells ” lay off the beer!” to Alexandra.  Alex has never been so embarassed in her whole life, and runs off.  As she runs off, she finds a keg and of course- she drinks. Ya gotta love a drunk Enid Rollins- I mean Alex!  As Alex is stone drunk she does hear Alison talking to Peter Wilbourne about how she framed Jessica and Peter says that it’s Alison’s word against Jessica’s and not to worry. Alex can’t believe what she is hearing! 

Jessica and James are dancing and then James says dancing makes him thirsty and he needs another beer. Jessica is weirded out as James has been drinking since the beginning of the night- I say James should hook up with Alexandra Rollins.  Jessica wonders where James went off to, as he said he’d bring her back a soda.  When Jess finds him upstairs, he is chugging beer and he calls her Jessie which apparently Jessie hates but I could swear that Steven has called her that before.  James plants a rough kiss on her lips and his breath reeks of alcohol. Jess flashes back to the time where they were at another party and James refused to stop kissing her and it made Jess uncomfortable.  Jessica tells James to cut it out and he says he is sorry but Jessica is still not feeling too great about James.

Liz and Tom are kissing on the beach and it’s getting super passionate.  As they are kissing Liz is thinking this has to stop as Liz doesn’t want to get pregnant or get AIDS- and nope Tom hasn’t even touched Liz’s tits.  Elizabeth says stop and Tom doesn’t at first. Elizabeth then yells STOP IT!! and Tom stops kissing her.  Tom looks shocked and says he is sorry and he didn’t understand. Tom claims that sometimes ” Elizabeth says no when she really means yes” and God though it burns me to say it- well I can’t really see Liz as a cocktease but haven’t we all established that Jess is? Well I am digressing as we are talking about Elizabeth. Elizabeth says that is not true.  Elizabeth does recall saying no when she meant yes a couple of times-WHAT? Elizabeth and Tom agree to communicate their needs better. Tom assures Liz he would never push her into any sexual activity that she was not ready for- unlike Todd tried to do in Book 1 of SVU. Elizabeth is so glad that Tom is her best friend and colleague as well as her boyfriend. Alex calls that 24 hour number folks call if they need help.  Alex gets into a good grove talking to a guy who answers the phone.  Alex feels this guy is being pretty understating of her situation.  The man assures her that she doesn’t have to use her real name so she goes by ” Enid.” The guy tells Alex/ Enid he is operator 22 and since they don’t use real names he says when she calls next to ask for TT- as in t-squared- 22- or something.

Jessica is really nervous about the sorority house vote.  Magda has Alison explain her side of the story and doesn’t allow Jessica to defend herself as she’s not in the sorority at this time. Jessica gets blackballed- every girl who votes votes against Jessica. Of course, Jessica’s life is now over.  Alexandra then arrives at the Theta house- late, but she arrives.  Magda agrees to let Alexandra vote as I guess if Alexandra votes it would get Jessica in- or something- even though every girl supposedly voted against her?? Ummm well Alexandra calls Alison a liar and says she votes to let Jessica back in!

Elizabeth tells Maia she is upset over Jessica’s treatment by Theta- according to Liz, they set the standard of behavior and penalize Jessica for living up to it, Maia says that is how men treat women and Liz asks her to explain what that means. Maia says she means that guys want girls to act sexy and sleep with them and when girls do so, they act as if the girl is a slut.  Elizabeth says that’s a good point and says maybe that could be their paper topic. Maia sulks and says “maybe.” Elizabeth can’t believe Maia’s utter lack of enthusiasm for their paper.  Then Elizabeth says the guy in the wheelchair who works at the library seems to always stare at her- yep that’s William White. Then Liz confronts Maia on why she is not into the paper and Maia says she sees no point in writing about gender issues because nothing will ever change. Then Elizabeth yells what makes Maia some gender issue expert? Maia then talks about how she can’t sleep and has constant nightmares.  Elizabeth tells Maia it may help to talk about what is wrong and Maia says she doesn’t want to talk to someone. Elizabeth presses the issue and says Maia can go to student services for counseling.  Maia says to forget it because they’d have to tell the dean and the adminstration would say it was her fault. Elizabeth is like “WHAT would be your fault?”  Maia finally breaks down- she went out with a guy a few weeks ago- and he raped her. Elizabeth finally gets why Maia was having nightmares and wearing baggy clothes.

Lila saves Bruce from some rock that fell on him. Then Bruce claims he will go fishing for their food. Lila is doubting that shit. OK enough of that.  Alexandra tells Magda what she heard at the costume party.  Alison says to the girls to ” consider the source” and that what Alex is saying is BS.  Magda says they could always hold an all Greek council meeting and subpeona Peter about this. Alison gets all scared and is all ” would that be necessary” and Magda says it would because otherwise Alison can’t expect Alex to apologize to Alison for lying. Then Magda has the girls vote again and this time- every girl BUT Alison votes for Jessica, and Jessica gets to be a Theta pledge again!!! Then Magda asks JESS if she feels Alison should be required to leave Theta and Jessica is nice enough to say Alison can stay in.

Lila now has a terrible fever.   Jessica tells Elizabeth she is allowed to be a Theta! Then Jessica asks if Lila has called.  Jessica finds it weird that Lila has been out of touch this long.  Then Tom calls and asks Liz if she wants to go to the Humphrey Bogart film festival and Liz says yes. Jessica is going to go with James.  Liz tells Tom what Maia told her. Elizabeth says she is scared because she can imagine something like that happening to her. Tom is all asshole about life and says that it wouldn’t happen to Liz because she never gives mixed signals like some girls do! UGH!  Tom then says some girls don’t say no until the next morning because they regret having sex or the guy doesn’t call back or something. Methinks Tom saw the episode of 90210 where that girl Laura accused Steve Sanders of rape because he didn’t call the next day.  Elizabeth can’t believe Tom doesn’t understand and Liz says she knows that didn’t happen because Maia is her friend and she believes her and she can’t believe Tom and her are on such diffrent wavelengths about this topic.  Tom then says he is sorry and he shouldn’t be blaming the victim and Elizabeth says as members of the media they have a responsibility to not blame the victim and to stand up against rapists and all.  Tom asks if Maia said who the rapist was and Elizabeth says no.

Todd comes to see Alexandra, and he says ” I am so down on the totem pole that not even Enid Rollins wants to see me”- yep jerk off Todd says that!  Alexandra is thinking how she’s been ” poor Enid Rollins” all of her life and she thought she shed that image at SVU.  Alex does say to Todd he is right because she doesn’t want to be seen with any guy who would put her down.  Todd says he is sorry and to please be his friend and Alexandra says they both need to clean their acts up and they aren’t good for each other right now.  Alex wants to drink but calls the hotline to talk to TT instead.  Alex feels soooo much better after talking to TT at the hotline and does not have a drink.

Jessica is looking forward to her date at Mountain Lodge Inn with James tonight.   It’s a very elegant and romantic restaurant.  Jessica thinks of how James drank at the costume party and hopes he won’t drink tonight.  Alex bumps into Noah on campus and thinks that Noah will think she’s the biggest klutz on campus!  Alex runs away again as Noah calls out to her.  Then Alex calls T Squared- TT- and tells him she likes this guy and is afraid of what he thinks of her and TT tells Alex to tell her guy how she feels. Alexandra says she doesn’t trust herself around any men lately and only trusts TT. Hmmmmm….  Lila and Bruce finally eat some berries and both are still alive and Lila is so very grateful that Bruce is alive.  Jessica wears a black bolero jacket, a red bustier and black pants to her dinner with James.  As James comes to the door, Liz is so very happy that Jessica has such a nice, steady guy to go out with.  Maia then stops by to see Elizabeth as James and Jess leaves and tells her she wants to talk more about what happened the night of the rape.  Maia is crying and Liz asks who raped Maia. Well- it was……..get surprised ladies- Todd- HAH HAH No- it was JAMES MONTGOMERY!!

 James keeps asking Jessica to drink alcohol and Jess keeps saying no. She finds getting drunk at a restaurant utterly gross.  As Helen a senior in Theta and her man Grant come into the restaurant they say hello to Jessica and James and Helen looks so impressed as James makes a great first impression. Jessica thinks she guesses it’s OK that James is drinking as he is making such a great impression.  She feels James will be a great asset to have around, and  she’s sure he can handle his alcohol.  Maia tells Liz that James took Maia to the MOUNTAIN LODGE INN and he pulled over on one of the mountain roads.  Maia had a couple of drinks and James was quite drunk. He then raped her on the road in his car. Maia said she never came forward because people saw them kissing at the restaurant and no one would believe they didn’t have consensual sex.  Elizabeth then tells Maia she is sorry, but she has to go to the Mountain Lodge Inn.  Elizabeth tells Janna the receptionist at the TV station to tell Tom she’s going to the inn in the hopes Tom will meet her there.

William White goes to follow Elizabeth to where she is going in such a rush.  Elizabeth tells ” William” well the library guy that she is looking for Tom and the guy says he will tell Tom where to meet and he does. James is damn drunk and almost falls over. Jess offers to drive and James refuses.  Jessica tries to get help at the restaurant but decides that is too dorky. As she puts the seat belt over her thin waist she is hoping not to need the seatbelt.

Jessica keeps asking James to let her drive. James says that he likes a girl to dress sexy as it shows she’s interested in sex.  James then says he wants to go to Lookout Point. Jessica says no but James says just for a little bit. Jessica figures she can kiss him once and get the hell out of there, then be rid of James.  Elizabeth passes lookout point on the road, and then sees a sign for Mountain Lodge Inn and hopes that James and Jess are still there.  When Liz gets to the restaurant, a worker tells Liz he thinks Jessica and James went wherever way Lookout Point is and Elizabeth goes to her car to try to find them there. 

James and Jess are outside the car. James says he wants them to get back in the car and Jessica says no. James says fine with him and pulls Jessica to the ground! James rolls on top of Jessica and pulls at the waistband of her pants. Jessica screams at James to stop. James keeps kissing her instead. Jess repeats to get off her. Then James screams doesn’t Jess know what that dinner cost?? UGH! Jess screams she doesn’t want James to touch her! He unzips Jess’s pants and tries to grab at her panties. He then grabs her arm and says it’s too cold and they can go to the car. As Jess tries to drag her feet, he picks Jessica up and takes her to the car!!!!!!  Elizabeth gets to Lookout Point, hears a scream and runs to James’s car and gets a wrench from her toolbox to pry open the car door.  As Elizabeth kind of chokes James with his tie, Jess is able to go free!  Jess and Elizabeth run to the Jeep.  James goes to run to the twins but then they see him fall as if he were knocked over- then Liz thinks she sees another male figure before they drive off…

Elizabeth tells Jess it was not her fault and she couldn’t have known James was some rapist. Elizabeth then tells Jess she uses her psychic powers as a twin to know Jessica was in danger. Then Elizabeth asks about Jessica’s purse  as she left it in the restaurant- but someone brought it back to their dorm- with a card for the Sweet Valley Cab Service. Elizabeth says that means someone else saw what happened tonight… and next time we will recap the next book in this thrilling conclusion, Take Back the Night! Will Jessica press charges and if she does will Maia testify? Will Alex find out who T Squared is??? Any more William White crap? Find out soon!


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