SVU #11-Take Back the Night

Yes, this book is called ” Take Back the Night” because there is a Take back the Night rally in this book and Jessica reveals how she was also raped at that rally when Tom does a story about it. I remember participating in a Take Back the Night rally at UCONN back when I went there, and it really is SUCH a powerful experience.  But no matter- I do hope all of you have now read both  of my recaps for SVU 9 and 10 and that you are all caught up- the story so far- Lila and Bruce are trapped in the mountains. Jessica was almost raped by ” big man on campus” James Montgomery, and Elizabeth saved her from actually being raped- big shock. Elizabeth went to rescue Jess after her new friend Maia Stillwater told Elizabeth that she was raped by James a few weeks prior. Enid/ Alexandra- excuse me- is now a lush who had a one night stand with Todd Wilkins a few books earlier- wish I owned THAT SVU book- Alexandra and Todd fucking? Since Alex is so down in the dumps, she started calling a campus helpline and has WICKEDLY clicked with T Squared an operator of the hotline. Meanwhile, Alexandra has this huge crush on a guy in her psych class named Noah Pearson. And William White is back and wanting Elizabeth- now for the thrilling conclusion….

Jessica has decided to press charges against James Montgomery after revealing what happened to her at Take Back the Night.  Jessica is also trying to stop a girl in her sorority, Mariela, from dating James, but then Mariela and Alison Quinn say that Jess is just jealous because James dumped Jess for Mariela. Ummm girls- NO man dumps a Wakefield twin! Anyway, Jessica has to go before a campus panel that includes the dean of students, Dean Shreve. James’ fraternity   ( the same one Bruce is in) is determined to ruin Jessica’s credibility and they show up to the hearing. Dean Shreve and the others naturally grill Jessica about what she was wearing that night and her prior marriage to Mike McAllery. I mean hey since Jessica had sex with her husband, she now wants to fuck everyone! OF COURSE! The panel also grills the hell out of Elizabeth of all people. Meanwhile, Elizabeth keeps trying to beg Maia to testify at Jessica’s hearing but Maia is just too intimidated by James and his fraternity brothers. Finally right after the Dean says there is insufficient evidence to charge James with attempted rape, Maia runs into the room and says that James also raped her, and James is in TROUBLE since now Jess’s story can be corroborated. 

Alexandra is starting to fall in love with T Squared, even as Noah is starting to show interest. Guess WHAT- SHOCKER- NOAH IS T SQUARED!  As Noah reveals this, Alexandra declares to Noah that she is in love with him too, and Noah and Alexandra become a couple. Alex did not drink an alcoholic bevvy at all in this point- I guess Noah/TT has changed her ways.

Isabella and Danny feel they are in a rut in their relationship and each one plans to spontaneously romance the other on the same day without the other knowing blah blah blah- yeah I swear Elizabeth and Todd totally did this shit in Sweet Valley High. 

And since I spoiled it in my last post- yes Lila and Bruce DO get rescued.  Lila and Bruce also become a couple. Bruce, upon his return, does also try to defend Jess and Elizabeth to his frat brothers, but they are not really listen to Bruce at all on this.  Bruce, by the way falls in love with Lila because she is hospitalized after their rescue and he is afraid he will lose it. I do adore Lila and Bruce as a couple!!!! 

At the very end of this book, William White sends Liz a rose and this weird poem. So now Elizabeth knows William is out of the insane aslyum and back to haunt Elizabeth!!!

So concludes this very special episode SVU series about date rape.  We learn that just because a man appears sweet, perfect and gentlemanly, does not mean he is!! Only- James appeared to be a douche the whole time. Just because ELIZABETH didn’t think so really doesn’t mean anything! Again, this is the woman who fell for smarmy William White!! And dumped the best dude EVER, Jeremy French, for shitty Todd who ends up dumping Liz at SVU because she won’t put out!!! If only Todd knew Alexandra/Enid Rollins put out back then!

My next recap- another Little Sister book, Karen’s Doll. There won’t be any Little Sis books for awhile so enjoy this one! Next in the ” Very Special Book” series- Kristy and the Secret of Susan, a book about autism.

And others coming up- it’s quite a list!! :


Sweet Valley High #40- On the Edge ( yep it’s the book where Regina Morrow dies!) and because I want to torture myself with sad deaths-

BSC #26- Claudia and the Sad Goodbye

Sweet Valley Twins #69- Won’t Someone Help Anna?

Sleepover Friends #9- No More Sleepovers, Patti?

BSC #48- Jessi’s Wish ( aka sad cancer book)

The Fabulous Five #8- The Runaway Crisis

The Fabulous Five #24- The Great TV Turnoff

BSC #56- Keep Out, Claudia!

SVH #74 The Perfect Girl – and that will end the Very Special Series

Gymnasts #13- First Date

And because I can’t resist, even though I did want to cut down on my BSC recaps ( other than for a very special book series!!) BSC #1- Kristy’s Great Idea! How I have loved this book since I was 9!! 

And for Halloween time, I will be recapping ” The Haunted House” a Sweet Valley Twins book and possibly a couple of Sweet Valley Kids Halloween themed books. I am trying to hunt down a Thanskgiving book and I may have a Sweet Valley Kids Thanksgiving themed book someplace, or else I may recap Elizabeth Gail for that as she is so thankful to be a Christian. And I do have to read the SVH book Special Christmas for Christmas of course and maybe a couple of other Christmas themed YA novels if I can track them down.  I can’t believe there’s only three months left of 2009!

And look forward to THIS- for new year’s 2010- DAWN’S BIG DATE!!!!


4 Responses to “SVU #11-Take Back the Night”

  1. Just got a link to your site from The Dairi Burger. I read this book, but I’d pretty much forgotten about it till I read your review. I was a big fan of the SVU books when they first came out, but lost interest somewhere around the time when Tom and Liz broke up. I actually liked him a lot better than Todd.
    I’ll also check out your recaps of the Girl Talk and SV twins books. I loved those series.

  2. It’s so weird to think of Jessica being raped. Whenever a YA writer does a heavy topic like that…it’s just…I dunno. Heavy!

  3. girltalkread Says:

    Neek- thanks for reading my site and I do hope you are liking it!!!!!

  4. I actually thought this book was the one semi-responsible book in the Sweet Valley franchise when it came to tackling social issues. Every other sexual predator in Sweet Valley Universe has been portrayed as some lovesick loser who really didn’t mean to hurt one of the Wakefields, he was just so desperately in love with one of them he couldn’t help himself. I feel that trivializes both the actual act and what a real victim would go through.

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