BSC Little Sister #23- Karen’s Doll

First of all, RIP Patrick Swayze. I just heard he died. I heard that he did live a long time for someone suffering from pancreatic cancer. It’s just so sad that someone like him had to die so young. Point Break, Dirty Dancing and the Outsiders are some of my favorite movies of all time. Well, enough of sadness- especially since I will be soon recapping plenty of ” death” books. On to the snark!

Grandma Packett is calling from England- she and Grandpa Packett are visiting London, and Grandma wants to know what presents she should bring back for Karen and Andrew.  Karen decides she wants a real English baby doll, and Andrew wants one of those double decker buses ( well a toy one of course).  Grandma agrees to get Karen a real English baby doll and Karen is excited and is thinking she will take VERY good care of the English baby doll.  Karen just sees one problem- will the doll live at the little house or the big house? On to Karen’s Two Two garbage. Moving on…  It’s a week later and Grandma and Grandpa Packett are back from London!  Mommy got a fluffy pink shawl and Seth got a book called ” David Copperfield.”  Karen’s baby doll is the most beautiful doll Karen has ever seen. She has rosy cheeks, black hair,  and big round eyes, and is wearing a beautiful blue dress with a lace collar.  Seth and Grandma tell Karen she has to be very careful with the doll as she is a very special doll and you don’t treat her like American dolls.  Karen tells Seth not to worry as she is very responsible.  Karen whispers to her doll that when she goes to the big house, Karen will always take her doll with her. That way the doll will always be with Karen no matter what.  Karen tells Nancy to come over right away to see her doll. First, Karen is writing down a list of names she could give her doll- some of her favorites are Melanie, Samantha and Cynthia.  Nancy asks to hold the doll and Karen tells her brattily to be very careful. As Nancy is holding the doll, she asks Karen what she will name it. Karen says she likes the name Cynthia the best- really? ( no offense to any Cynthias out there but I don’t dig that name). Nancy says ” Hiya, Cynthia!!”  and Karen decides the name ” Hiyacynthia” sounds soo much better than plain Cynthia, so the doll is now christened ” Hiyacynthia”. GROAN!!!!

Today is Show and Share day at school. Remember Show and tell in elementary school? Soooo fun!  Karen asks her mom permission to take Hyacynthia to school and Karen’s mom okays it as long as Karen will be VERY careful.  Karen’s mom does tell Karen to have Ms. Colman hold the doll with her and not to pass it around for other kids to hold. Ms. Colman agrees to hold Hiyacynthia ( God writing that shit name is PAINFUL) and Karen says she likes Ms. Colman a lot.  Karen tells the class that Nancy named the doll, and by the way Nancy is absent today. Ricky Torres lets out this big whistle when Karen brings Hiyacynthia out to show and Karen says Ricky is not teasing and is suitably impressed, since Ricky is Karen’s pretend hubby at all. When Karen gets home she goes to see where Nancy is and there are no cars in the driveway, and no lights on and Karen keeps calling the Dawes residence and no one answers the phone. Karen is worried- where could Nancy be?  After dinner, Mrs. Dawes finally answers the phone and tells Karen she didn’t want to worry Karen, but Nancy is in the hospital with appendicitis. ( I had that once- terrible, I tell ya).  Nancy will be fine, but has to stay in the hospital for a few days. Karen tells Mommy and Seth what is wrong, and Seth explains what an appendix and no one needs one so it won’t hurt Nancy not to have an appendix. Then Karen calls Hannie as Karen is upset over Nancy. Karen is going to make a big card for everyone in class to sign for Nancy, and Hannie is going to make paper flowers. Karen then calls Kristy because she’s the best stepsister ever to tell her what happened to Nancy, and then Karen makes a card for Nancy that’s covered in sparkles.

Karen shows the card she made for Nancy to Ms Colman and of course Karen says Ms. Colman is very impressed.  Karen tells the other kids in class that Nancy is in the hospital and that they can all sign the card. Pamela Harding says she will make her own card for Nancy, but Leslie and Jannie, Pamela’s cronies ( as you know now from ” Karen’s Sleepover as well) sign Karen’s card. Hannie signs the card first after Karen as Hannie is the third of the Three Musketeers.  Karen is all proud that she got the art teacher, the janitor and the principal to sign Karen’s card for Nancy as well.  Karen asks her mom to take her to see Nancy in the hospital, and when they get there Karen is so, so mad because she can’t see Nancy because children under 12 aren’t allowed to visit patients in the hospital, unless it’s immediate family. Karen tells the man at the front desk that Nancy is a Musketeer, but no dice there.  The man says he will be sure Nancy gets the card, and Karen keeps brattily spelling ” Dawes” and tells him to make sure the right Nancy gets the card, and tells the man he best personally deliver the card himself, and Karen’s mom says afterward she’s not happy with Karen’s behavior toward the man. But Karen said she had to be sure Nancy got the card.  When they get home, Karen’s mom isn’t mad anymore and ofr course Karen even gets a snack.  Karen calls Nancy at the hospital and she says she loves her card! Then Karen gets a GREAT IDEA- Kristy is 13 so she can go visit Nancy in the hospital for Karen! The next day is Friday and a big house day, so Karen can tell Kristy her great idea at that time.

When Kristy goes to leave to see Nancy at the hospital, Karen tells Kristy to bring Hyacynthia for Nancy. Karen means as a visit. Kristy looks surprised when Karen tells her to bring Hyacynthia for Nancy,but Karen insists on bringing the doll to the hospital.  When Kristy gets back, she tells Karen it was very generous of Karen to give her new doll to her friend.  Karen feels proud that she is sharing her doll with Nancy.  Nancy then calls Karen and says she can return to school a week after leaving the hospital, and Nancy should be leaving the hospital Tuesday.  Nancy also says thanks again for Hyacynthia. Karen has a tea party with Nannie that night, and she wishes Hyacynthia were there.  On Sunday, Karen is dreading having to go back to Mom’s house as Karen doesn’t have Hyacynthia with her.

As soon as Karen gets to the ” little house,” Karen’s mom asks where Hyacynthia is. Karen tries to distract Mommy with the funny face cookies she made with Nannie, but that’s not working.  Karen lies and tells Mommy she forgot her doll at Daddy’s house.  Karen’s mom doesn’t look too, too upset. But Karen is upset because she really misses Hiyacynthia,  and Karen does not think that Karen’s mom would understand that she gave her doll to a sick friend.  Mommy then says that Karen won’t have Hiyacynthia for 2 weeks and she hopes Karen learns a lesson from this. At first Karen is bummed over this but of course Hiyacynthia isn’t at Daddy’s house she’s with Nancy. But Nancy will be home Tuesday, so Karen can get her doll back when Nancy returns home!  Karen knows her mom will wonder how she got Hiyacynthia back so quick, but Karen figures she only told a white lie, but knows Mommy will still be mad for Karen lying. Karen says grown up rules are so hard to follow!

It’s Tuesday and Karen rushes over to Nancy’s house to get Hiyacynthia and umm see Nancy of course. When Karen gets to Nancy’s home, Mrs. Dawes says it was so nice of Karen to give her doll to Nancy. Karen thinks Mrs. Dawes must be confused, as Karen only LENT Hiyacynthia to Nancy.  Nancy shows Karen her appendectomy scar and Karen names Nancy’s scar Squiggles as the scar is so big.  Karen then sees that Hiyacynthia is in Nancy’s doll bed, with a bonnett that Nancy made for her.  Nancy is working on making Hiyacynthia a whole outfit.  Then Karen realizes- Nancy thinks Karen gave Nance Hiyacynthia to KEEP! OH NOES!

Karen does not think she should explain her problem to Nancy right now as Nancy is sick and getting over her operation.  It’s the next week- Nancy is back to school! Nancy tells everyone Karen gave her Hiyacynthia to keep, and Ricky says that is very generous of Karen. Hannie is also very impressed by Karen’s generous gesture, and Karen is happy to be a ” star” but upset over not having her doll.  Karen thinks she could just let Nancy keep Hiyacynthia but then again Karen’s mom would be gigundoly pissed if Karen did that.  Well time to go to Daddy’s again. And Karen will get her doll back from Watson’s- and Karen’s ma keeps repeating that Hiyacynthia BEST come back with Karen on Sunday- actually she ALMOST sounds bratty about it and I am sort of seeing where Karen gets her annoying nature from.   Well, Karen does fun things like watch Mr Ed over the weekend- and then Sunday comes. And Karen doesn’t have her doll with her. So Karen lies to Mommy again- she says she LOST Hiyacynthia! Mommy is PISSED! She tells Karen she doesn’t know how Karen was so reckless with the one thing her mom said to be very careful of.  Karen says she actually lost Hiycynthia 2 weeks ago and so Seth is like “so you lost Hiyacynthia AND lied.” Oh Sethie- you don’t know the half of it!  Mommy tells Karen to go to her room and think of what she has done. Karen is now wicked pissed at Kristy because Kristy should have KNOWN that Karen did not want Nancy keeping the baby doll forever ( of course Karen didn’t say ” oh it’s a loaner”- though does Kristy REALLY think Karen would be that generous? But still Karen didn’t specifically tell Kristy it was only a loan and Kristy was like ” oh Karen you sure” and Karen said yes) OK moving on…  So Karen writes Kristy a hate letter for ruining her life. It goes ” Hyacinths are purple, roses are blue, you are dumb and I hate you” and Karen doesn’t sign it she mails it and draws a skull and crossbones on the back of the envelope. THE FUCK????

In school on Monday, Karen tells Ms. Colman about her dilemma. Ms. Colman tells Karen talking to Nancy may be the only way to clear things up.  On Thursday, Karen tells Nancy all about what happened and she didn’t mean for Nancy to keep Hiyacynthia for keeps and Kristy was dumb and thought it’s what Karen meant. Nancy is all pissy that Karen called Kristy dumb for some reason and she says Karen is the dumb one.  Karen grabs Hyacynthia after calling Nancy dumb, storms on home and throws her doll on the couch saying to her mom all bitchily ” there I found her!!” Fuck you Karen.

Karen’s mom and Seth demand to know what is up with Karen and where the doll really was the whole time- and they want the truth. Karen’s mom wonders why Karen didn’t tell the truth the whole time and Karen says she didn’t know how to tell Mommy and Seth that she loaned Nancy her doll. Mommy says the truth is always better and she is sorry for being mad at Karen- Why should Karen’s mom apologize? UGH!  Karen is very glad to have Hiyacynthia back.

Karen and Nancy make up and Karen asks Nancy if she would like to have “joint custody” of Karen’s doll- Nancy could have her for 2 weeks, then Karen could have her for 2 weeks. Nancy says that’d be great, but Karen says she has to ask her mom first.  When Karen gets home, Kristy has called and asked Karen what was up with that mean letter.  Karen says she is sorry for sending that letter and it wasn’t Kristy’s fault for the doll mix up. Kristy says she feels bad too as she should have known the doll was only on loan.   At the end, Nancy and Karen proudly walk the baby carriage with Hiyacynthia in it down the street.

This book sucked. Mostly because Karen was supremely bitchy, and because Karen and Nancy fought again ( shit I swear they argue in EVERY book- how are they still friends?) and that name of Hiyacynthia sucks ass.

I am REALLY hoping to recap ” Kristy and the Secret of Susan” on Wednesday evening after work but it depends on how motivated I feel. I have been waiting to recap this book for awhile so I do want to do so as soon as I can. Then by the end of the week, I hope,  Claudia and the Sad Goodbye will be recapped. During this very special series, LOTS of BSC will be recapped but once my very special series is over the BSC and SVH recaps will be going down pretty considerably because as I have said before there are TONS of gals recapping SVH and BSC books out there, and tons of them do a much better job than I.

And while the BSC regular series recaps and SVH will not be as prevalent once my very special series is done, they will not stop completely and not to worry- Little Sister, Sweet Valley Kids and BSC Little Sis recaps will DEFINITELY not diminish! I just won a bunch of Frosh Dorm books on E Bay so look forward to more recaps of Freshman dorm as well.


4 Responses to “BSC Little Sister #23- Karen’s Doll”

  1. At first, I thought it was kind of dumb that Seth got “David Copperfield” from England. After all, the book is widely available here. Then, I thought that it might actually be kind of cool to get a book from the country where it was actually written, and I’d probably do the same thing. 🙂

  2. Maybe he got a first edition, Emily?

    What exactly is a real English baby doll, anyway? Okay, I get that she wanted a porcelain doll, but don’t they make those in America? From googling English baby doll, I get a lot of sheep pics. Heh.

    Also isn’t that a pretty expensive gift to ask for? I mean I know it’s her grandmother (Lisa’s mom I’m assuming) but still…

  3. I totes had a porcelain doll when I was a kid, and I named it Samantha – Karen should have gone with that instead of Hyacinthia!

    I can understand Nancy misunderstanding, and thinking she could keep the doll, but I don’t get Kristy thinking that, even if Karen didn’t specifically say it was a loaner. Hello? Has Kristy met Karen?? Miss Greedy Guts herself (lol… remember the Christmas special where Nanny had to go to the hospital).

    • girltalkread Says:

      Anne I sooo agree- what was Kristy thinking??? Karen would NEVER be that generous- she’s a selfish brat!! OMG I just read that Xmas special but I am going to wait to recap it until Xmas I think!!

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