GO DIABLO! And SVH #40- On The Edge


First of all- how KICK ASS is the news in the above link? When THAT movie comes out you best believe my sister and I will FIRST in line!!!


Well, on to today’s recap- which is from our beloved Sweet Valley High- ON THE EDGE! This book is iconic, pretty much anyone knows the story of Regina Morrow’s tragic death from cocaine. But of course the story behind how Regina died can never be told too many times- and because this deals with death and tells us that ” drugs are bad, mmmmkay?” this HAD  to be added to my ” Very Special Episode” series!!!

This begins with Jessica Wakefield checking out her hot self in a cheerleading outfit- MAKE ME GAG! Amy Sutton comes rushing into the locker room, all proud of herself because Bruce Patman was COMPLETELY checking her out, and Amy just knows that Bruce is completely over Miss Regina and will dump her any second!  Maria Santelli backs Amy up and says that Bruce seems extremely smitten with Amy. Jessica isn’t sure. Bruce Patman did seem to be quite the playboy until he started dating Regina Morrow, and everyone thought Bruce was completely devoted to Regina- they even survived a long distance romance while Regina was in Switzerland getting treatments to restore her hearing.  But Amy and Bruce have been working on an intense project for health class ( how to make babies??? 😉 and Amy is a gorgeous blonde, so Jessica can maybe see how Bruce has decided to go back to his old ways and fall for Amy.  Amy continues to say that Bruce says he and Regina are pretty much over, but he is just trying to find the right time to tell Regina they are through.

As Elizabeth and Jess are preparing dinner, Jessica tells Elizabeth about Amy and Bruce’s new romance. Elizabeth just can’t believe it.  Elizabeth is pissed that Amy is making such a huge play for Bruce ( yep of course it’s only the woman’s fault)  and Amy definitely shouldn’t be telling all of her friends because what if Regina hears about Bruce and Amy’s romance through the grapevine?  Elizabeth also says she wouldn’t be surprised if Amy wasn’t completely exaggerating.  Elizabeth says she can’t believe Bruce would actually dump someone as wonderful as Regina for slutty-kins Amy. Jessica retorts that Regina and Bruce have been together forever, and Jessica really can’t blame Bruce for wanting a little excitement.  Now, Amy and Bruce are working on an oral report about drugs in SWEET VALLEY- YES, SWEET VALLEY HAS DRUGS!!!  Jessica says it’s only natural that Amy and Bruce fell in love after working on such an intense project- ummm it’s about drugs… eh whatever.

Amy and Bruce are at the Patmans’ sprawling estate, and Amy grabs Bruce’s hand and says it’s fate that Amy and Bruce were thrown together to work on the health project.  Amy then says her cousin Mimi knows all about drugs in Sweet Valley ( she’s a drug abuse counselor or doing an internship in counseling or some shit- or else she’s a druggie 😉 and Amy is sure she and Bruce will have the best grade in the class.  Amy tells Bruce that she had a dream that she and Bruce were kissing.  And of course this gets Bruce to start making out with Amy. Men are sooo dense.  Bruce says to Amy afterward that he thought Regina was the only one for him but being with Amy makes him realize that he misses ” sharing the old Bruce Patman magic with one than one girl.”- EWWWWWWWW  Bruce promises Amy that he will break things off with Regina VERY soon, because he just MUST see more of Amy – and share his magic.

At lunch the next day, Amy tells Jessica she doesn’t mind being the ” other woman” for a little while but not for long because she wants Bruce to buy her expensive gifts. Jessica mentions that she and Elizabeth are having a cookout tomorrow  and since they are inviting Bruce, Amy and Regina what is going to happen? Amy says she hopes that she and Bruce will be getting together! Then Jessica sees Regina sitting with Justin Belson. Jessica had no idea Regina and Justin were friends.  The last Jessica heard, Justin was on academic probation and Jess didn’t think Regina hung out with losers like Justin.  Seeing Regina and Justin eating together makes Jessica uneasy, and she is not sure why. 

Regina is having a bad day. Bruce cancelled their date at the country club last night, and stood her up at lunch. So when Justin asked her if he could join Regina for lunch, Regina agrees.  Justin tells Regina he has always wanted to say hello to her but he always sees her with Bruce, and Justin asks if Bruce is her man. Regina says yes. Justin tells Regina he is supposed to be a senior, but he’s only a junior because he took a year off because of ” problems.” Justin asks Regina out for that night but Regina says Bruce wouldn’t like it. So Justin asks if he and Regina could have lunch together one day next week, as he’d love to get to know her better. Regina agrees.

Elizabeth and Jessica are planning the BBQ menu the next day. Elizabeth says she doesn’t see where Jess is at all excited over this BBQ, because Liz is going to hate watching Regina’s heart break. Jessica is giddy over the excitement of a couple possibly breaking up. Jessica’s a sick woman.  Elizabeth wonders if she should warn Regina about Bruce and Amy.  Jessica tells Liz NOT to tell Regina because Amy told Jessica not to tell Elizabeth and if Elizabeth tells Regina what is going on, she’ll go to Bruce, Bruce will go to Amy and Amy will go to Jess and Amy will just MURDER Jessica! Elizabeth says she can’t promise that she won’t tell Regina.  Elizabeth asks Jeffrey ( JEFFREY WOOO) what he would do if Jeffrey was in her situation. Jeffrey says he can see both sides- if Regina finds out that everyone knew about Bruce and Amy before her, Regina could be completely humiliated. On the other hand,  Amy may be completely exaggerating and Bruce has no intention of breaking up with Regina.  Then if Liz tells Regina, Liz could be responsible for some big confrontation and Regina would blame Liz for causing some big scene.  Elizabeth is just torn as to what to do. Elizabeth decides that Regina has to hear it from Bruce, and she will NOT meddle!!! Sheesh!

Justin Belson calls while Regina is getting ready to go the Wakefield BBQ. He asks if Regina can see a movie that night and Regina says she has plans with Bruce. Justin sounds wistful, and Regina says they can definitely have lunch together next week. Nicholas asks Regina if that was really Justin Belson on the phone, and Regina says yes. Nicholas tells Regina Justin seems like bad news, and Nicholas heard that Justin has some friends who are into drugs.  Then Regina’s mom overhears and Nicholas tells Skye Morrow- who is 38 and hot by the way- that Regina is hanging out with a ” bad crowd” and Skye tells Regina she thought Regina was so tight with Bruce and his awesome friends. Regina says she is NOT hanging with a bad crowd, Justin is nice and he just called to say hello, and Nicholas is making a big deal out of nada.  Regina is on her way to the BBQ after that, and thinking about how she’s very uneasy about the state of her and Bruce’s relationship and needs to see Bruce to assure herself that everything is OK.

Regina tells Bruce she is a little hurt that she and Bruce are spending less time together, and Bruce says the project is a lot of work and Amy is getting tons of info from her cousin Mimi. Regina tries to voice more of her concerns and Bruce cuts her off because they are at the Wakefield home and they don’t want to be rude to the Wakefields.  Bruce goes off to barbeque the burgers and ‘dogs, as Regina goes to sit with the ladies.  Regina thinks that she sometimes still feels like an outsider in Sweet Valley as the Morrows just moved to Sweet Valley this year and Regina was away getting the treatments for quite awhile.  Regina does admit that the girls she is sitting with are nice- Caroline Pearce is a pretty redhead who is sweet and tons of fun, Maria Santelli is the cheerleader who is Winston’s woman and seems nice, Olivia Davidson is ” artsy,” Enid Rollins is Liz’s best friend and just the sweetest thing ever, Cara Walker is Steven Wakefield’s woman and a gorgeous brunette ( gorgeous brunettes exist in Sweet Valley?)  and Lila seems jealous of Regina but even she is acting sweet tonight. Then Amy comes over to the table.  Amy locks eyes with Bruce as he is cooking on the grill and Regina is seeing a momentary ” hotness” between them- but it quickly passes. Regina is feeling increasingly uneasy re: Bruce and Amy’s connection.  The other girls then start acting uneasy as well- or is it Regina’s imagination? Regina thinks she has no reason not to trust Bruce, but she does want to confront him later about his feelings for Amy.

Elizabeth notices that Regina is sitting by herself at the pool, and Bruce and Amy are nowhere to be found. Jeffrey and Liz find Amy and Bruce making out behind a tree.  Elizabeth tells Jeffrey to tell Bruce to carry on someplace else, and this is rude to do right when Regina is there, and Elizabeth will try to make sure Regina doesn’t see this. Regina asks Liz if she’s seen Bruce, and Elizabeth lies and says no.  Then Regina sees Jeffrey leading Amy and Bruce from the back of the tree and Regina instantly knows what’s going on and goes OFF on Liz!  Elizabeth says she wanted to protect Regina, and poor Regina just repeats ” I thought you were my friend.” Regina then screams ” you all knew!” and makes Bruce give her the keys to the Porsche so that Regina can get home and the keys will be in the mailbox for Bruce the next day. Elizabeth says she or Jeffrey can drive Regina home as she’s upset and Regina says ” oh yeah it’s obvious you care about my feelings” and yells ” I hate you” to Amy and everyone else and speeds off in Bruce’s car. I can’t say I blame Regina for being pissed. When Regina goes home, she goes straight to her room and cries her eyes out.

On Sunday morning, Regina thinks over last night’s events and how she called Justin Belson and is glad they are going out tonight. Regina thinks about how she sensed Bruce was bored, but was still devestated over his behavior and Amy’s.  At breakfast, Nicholas says he heard from Ken Matthews that Bruce and Regina had a ” misunderstanding.” Regina wonders why this is such news in town already ( Regina, baby girl, it’s Sweet Valley!) and Regina says she and Bruce broke up, and it’s all for the better.  Regina and Justin go to Kelly’s Bar that day. Yep-Kelly’s!! Justin orders a beer for himself ( yep Kelly’s will serve teens) and a Coke for Regina. Justin says next time Regina can pick where to go, as he can see Regina is uncomfy at Kelly’s. Justin then tells the story of his family- Justin’s dad was murdered 2 years ago during a robbery at the liquor store he owned. Ever since Justin’s dad got killed, his mom has been a barely functional pill popper. Justin says that the only thing that got him through was his girlfriend Molly.  Molly and Justin dated since junior high, but they broke up recently because Molly is mixed up with a druggie crowd and hangs with people like Jan Brown, who is real hard core into drugs and Justin loves Molly so much and can’t stand to see her ruin her life. Regina makes up her mind to be a good friend to Justin, as Justin said ” you can’t stop people you love from growing apart from you” and that strikes a chord in Regina. Regina also wants to show Regina that there is such thing as kindness in this world.

Monday at noon, Amy runs up to Jessica at lunch and tells her that the BBQ was the best night of her life!! God, Amy is a cuntbag. Jessica says she’s so glad to hear that, but doesn’t Amy realize that Elizabeth is pissed at Jess because Elizabeth feels Jess is partly responsible for the break-up of Liz and Regina’s friendship? Amy says it will soon blow over but Amy just wants Bruce to completely FORGET about Regina and she’s not sure he has. God, Amy is such a fucking bitch. I NEVER liked Amy even in Sweet Valley Twins- though she’s tolerable in SV Kids.  Jessica sees Regina with Justin and tells Amy that maybe Regina is seeing Justin to show Bruce that she’s not the old Regina anymore, because Regina and Justin sure don’t seem like likely friends! Jessica is a little worried that Regina is friends with someone whose middle name seems to spell ” Trouble.”

At lunch, Regina meets Molly for the first time. Molly tells Justin they are “on” for Saturday- Molly’s parents go away every year and Molly always has a party when they do- and Molly is going to have an ” anything goes” sort of party. Molly is excited because Buzz may even show up- gotta love that the town drug dealer is named BUZZ- ugh. Molly tells Regina she hopes Regina can come to the party because Buzz is so fun. Justin tries to tell Molly not to invite Buzz, but Molly tells Justin not to “mother” her. Justin looks extremely concerned.

Elizabeth tells Enid on Wednesday that Regina seems like a completely different person in the span of four days! Elizabeth wants to go apologize to Regina, and Enid hears that Regina hangs up on Bruce every time he calls- shit so would I! Why is that shocking?  Elizabeth sees Regina with Justin and he walks off as Liz and Regina talk. Elizabeth starts telling Regina how Justin is ” bad news” and he hangs out with druggies like Molly and Jan Brown, and Regina tells Elizabeth she has no business judging Justin and his friends.  Elizabeth tells Regina she’s sorry about last Saturday and Regina tells Elizabeth that Bruce and Amy look perfectly happy together, she’s over it and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Miss Meddle Elizabeth tells Regina to just be careful around Justin and his friends and Regina yells at Liz that Justin and his friends are a hell of a lot better than Liz and her friends!! BURRRNNNNNN- if Justin’s friends didn’t associate with dudes named Buzz,I’d soooo agree.

Amy and Bruce meet Cousin Mimi ( she’s a social work student at Sweet Valley College who knows tons about drugs) at the Box Tree Cafe for more info on that intense project.  Mimi tells Amy and Bruce that she knows all these names of kids at Sweet Valley High who are wickedly into drugs- ummmm….ok… and she names Margaret Hecht ( Molly), Jan Brown, and James Benson. Mimi tells Amy and Bruce she heard there is going to be a party at Molly’s Saturday night and Buzz, the biggest dealer at Mimi’s college, may be attending. Mimi tells Amy and Bruce that Buzz has been dealing since junior high ( methinks Mimi may be a regular customer for some reason) and the police have been trying to track Buzz down forever. As a favor, Mimi asks Amy and Bruce that if either of them know anyone who plans to go to Molly’s party on Saturday, to warn them not to attend because Buzz may show up with drugs. Bruce says he has to call Regina, which makes Amy frown. Bruce knows Regina is very cozy with Justin, and Justin is still good friends with Molly. Bruce tells Regina not to go to Molly’s party on Saturday because Amy’s cousin heard there would be drugs there. Regina basically tells Bruce she appreciates Amy and Mimi’s concern, but she wants them all to ” buzz” off.  Jessica then tells Elizabeth about Molly’s party. Elizabeth goes to call Regina to warn her right away not to attend Molly’s party. Regina does tell Liz she’s sorry for blowing up at her the other day and she appreciates that Liz is concerned but she has nothing to worry about and Regina knows how to take care of herself. DOOM!! DOOM!!!!

As Regina is dressing for the party, she thinks of how she completely alienated herself from good friends like Elizabeth and she feels bad.  She then gets a little nervous about going to Molly’s party if Buzz will really show, and she plans to tell Justin her feels. But first Regina HAS to write a letter….

Regina tells Justin her concerns, but Justin tells Regina he HAS to go to the party because he is concerned about Molly and doesn’t want her involved in anything stupid and if Buzz shows up ” what’s the worst that can really happen”and tells Regina just to ignore him. Regina sees that Justin still really loves Molly and tells Justin he does owe it to himself to be there for Molly and he should tell her how he really feels, and Regina pretty much wants to make it her mission for Justin and Molly to get back together. Justin admits he had a small crush on Regina, and he has never been able to talk to anyone like he does to Regina.

Elizabeth is pacing around wondering what to do about Regina. Jess tells Liz to call Nicholas and have him meddle. Elizabeth calls Nicholas and tells him the scoop on Molly’s party and this dude Buzz. Nicholas decides he is going to drive to Molly’s and set Regina straight.  It takes Nicholas a lot longer than he planned to go to Molly’s- he can’t find his keys, then he can’t find his wallet. Nicholas decides not to drive with his license just this once. Nicholas is speeding – and gets pulled over!  Nicholas tells the cop his sister could be in real danger, and the cop tells Nicholas to go to the station because this can’t be discussed on the road. Oh, boy.

Regina feels very uncomfortable at Molly’s. Molly and Justin go off to dance and Jan Brown starts harassing Regina and says ” I heard you don’t even DRINK” . Regina tries to tell Jan she is not stealing Justin from Molly and she knows Justin still loves Molly. Jan doesn’t seem to care. Jan asks if Regina does drugs and Regina says no because she never wanted to.  Regina finds Justin and he says he promises they can leave soon- and then Buzz shows up and these kids act like Brad Pitt just walked into Molly’s house. The cops agree to go to Molly’s house as they have heard that Buzz may be there tonight.

Regina tries to find Justin and she can’t find him anywhere.  The others try to pass Regina a joint and she refuses. Regina tells Molly Justin still loves her, and Jan mocks Regina and says she doesn’t believe her. Then Molly’s 14 year old bro says Buzz has the ” good stuff” and Jan, Molly and some redhead named Tina go run off to get Buzz’s great drugs. Regina grabs her coat to leave and Jan says ” oh no the party just started.” Of course, Regina could walk out anyway but she’s 16 and at 16 we do tend to be dumb. Justin says he will go with Regina and Jan again accuses Regina of wanting to ” steal” Justin and Jan tells Regina to sit down.  Then Buzz gets out the cocaine and everyone oohs and ahhhs as if Buzz took out a Tiffany necklace. Justin tells Regina they have to stay because Buzz wants Molly to try heroin and he can’t allow that. Cocaine is perfectly fine, but not THE HEROIN per Justin!! GGGRRRRRRR  Everyone keeps taunting Regina, trying to get her to try the cocaine , saying it will make her forget all her troubles. Regina then decides she’s sick of being Miss Goody Two Shoes, and she decides she is going to try cocaine and be a ” bad girl.”  Regina does one line and Molly says Regina must do another one. Justin says no way but Molly insists and Jan HOLDS DOWN REGINA’S HEAD as Regina snorts another line of coke. And yeah- in the book Outcast I don’t remember Jan Brown being shunned. UGH. Regina says “oh I am kind of high” then Regina’s heart starts beating and beating really really really fast and she can’t breathe.  Justin has Regina lie down as she looks pale and her breathing is ragged, and Ty goes to get wet paper towels. Justin wants to call 911 and Buzz says no but as Justin is about to call there’s a knock on the door- it’s the cops-and Nicholas. God, I remember being nine years old and hoping Nick Morrow would save the day….

Nicholas shoves Justin and screams ” what did you do to my sister?” Buzz runs away undetected. The police call the paramedics, and Regina is gasping for air but is awake.  Regina tells Nicholas to tell everyone it’s ” not their fault” and she wants to see Liz and Bruce and tells Nicholas to find them- then Regina passes out.  Bruce and Liz are at Lila’s and both go to the hospital to see Regina. Bruce cries hysterically and Elizabeth tells Bruce this is not his fault and crying won’t help Regina right now.  When Elizabeth and Bruce get to Joshua Fowler Hospital, Mr. Morrow tell them that Regina may not make it. Elizabeth can’t believe that- Regina is young and strong- she HAS to live!

After two hours, a doctor comes out crying and says they tried everything but they couldn’t save Regina- she is dead.  The doc explains that Regina had an extremely rare reaction to the cocaine she snorted – an accelerated heart rate due to Regina having a heart murmer that aggravated the effects of the cocaine. Poor, tragically dead Regina. 😦 I am shocked that Bruce didn’t only date girls who resembled Regina after this.  Elizabeth is torturing herself, thinking she could have stopped Regina, as Mrs. Wakefield cries for Regina’s parents and over what a pretty girl Regina was. Jeffrey tells Liz to drink some cocoa and that Liz can’t beat herself up over this.

There is an assembly at school Monday about Regina’s death. Lila hates Justin and Molly for what they did to Regina and feels they should get life in prison. Lila also says some of the kids at Dad’s country club love cocaine but she’s glad she never tried it. Caroline Pearce said her sister’s friends say that shit is great and Caroline never knew cocaine was harmful. Caroline HELLO this is the ” Just say No” era where have YOU been?  Mr. Cooper announces that on Friday there will be a memorial service for Regina at the school, and the family says anyone can come and honor Regina’s memory and life. The funeral is for family only. Nicholas Morrow is going to say a few words.  Mr. Cooper also says the Morrows hold no one responsible for Regina’s death and Elizabeth finds that to be hogwash because Liz feels that since the party was at Molly’s house, Molly is at least partly responsible. OK Lizzie let’s go with that- then Bruce is also responsible because he cheated on his girlfriend pretty much right in front of her face- at YOUR party- and YOU didn’t tell Regina that Bruce and Amy were fooling around- so in that case, Liz, Regina’s death is also your fault, right? And it’s Justin’s for taking her to the party, and Jan’s for goading Regina, and Amy’s for being a cuntbag.

Liz gets a letter- FROM REGINA!!! The letter pretty much says Regina doesn’t blame Bruce or Amy for falling in love with each other and crap happens. Regina also writes that she really values her friendship with Elizabeth, and Regina has always admired Liz. Regina also has realized that couples sometimes just grow apart, and Regina and Bruce were growing apart and it’s no one’s fault. Elizabeth cries tons after reading this.

It’s the day of the memorial. Mr. Collins does a short tribute to Regina as he was her favorite teacher- naturally.  Elizabeth kept trying to write a speech the night before and finally she recites a poem by Edna St Vincent Millay. How sad is it that SVH books got me into Edna St Vincent Millay’s poetry?  Part of the poem, “Dirge Without Music” goes like this, ” Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave. I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.” Seriously when I read this poem to do this recap, I cried a little.  After the memorial, Nicholas tells Elizabeth how moving that poem was. They then see Justin, who looks as if he hasn’t slept in days. Molly tries to go up to talk to Justin, and he shrugs her off and walks away. And of course that is the preview for Book #41- Outcast- AKA the first SVH book I EVER read in the third grade after seeing it at the A and P and begging my dad to buy it for me!!!

Now, before I go back to flipping between Dancing with the Stars and America’s Next Top Model, I will let you know that I am taking a short break from ” the Very Special” and recapping a Sleepover Friends book that I loved as a child- probably I will be done with that book and recapping it by the end of this week or the beginning of next.  Next week, I will also try to recap ” Won’t Someone Help Anna?” a very special book from the Sweet Valley Twins series about a deaf Asian girl.

The week of October 5 I will be recapping ” Jessi’s Wish” aka the BSC cancer book.  In that same week I may be recapping the Fabulous Five book the Runaway Crisis but I may not it depends on how busy that week turns out to be.  So the week of October 12 I will possibly be recapping that Fab 5 book, or else I will then be writing on Gymnasts #13 First Date and yes the fab five and gymnasts books represent another break in the ” Special Series”

But then- the week of October 19 ( maybe even before then as Gymnasts books tend to be pretty short) it will a very special book on prejudice- BSC #56- Keep Out, Claudia!! 

After that, depending on how things are going in my life, I will either be recapping SVH #74 The Perfect Girl- one of my FAVORITES as a teen or ( in honor of Halloween- either way by Halloween this will be recapped) Sweet Valley Twins #3 Haunted House. By Halloween, I will also be recapping ” Lila’s Haunted House” which is a Sweet Valley Kids book and Lila looks ADORABLE on the cover!!

With ” The Perfect Girl” comes the end of the Very Special, and following those books expect these treats-

Sweet Valley Twins #44- Amy Moves In ( yet to read this again, but Amy looks DAMN fug on the cover)

Fab Five #24- The Great TV turnoff

Sleepover Friends #26- the New Kate


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  1. Lindsay a.k.a Busty St. Clair Says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one ready to see the SVH movie. At first I scoffed, but dammit, it grew on me. I WILL be watching that!

    When I was younger I remember hating Amy because she became such a biatch in high school. I didn’t like change.

  2. since when did people force other people to do blow. gahd. too expensive to waste on novices.

  3. […] Justin orders a beer for himself ( yep Kelly’s will serve teens) and a Coke for Regina. Justin says next time Regina can pick where to go, as he can see Regina is uncomfy at Kelly’s. Justin then tells the story of his family- Justin’s dad was murdered 2 years …. Justin wants to call 911 and Buzz says no but as Justin is about to call there’s a knock on the door- it’s the cops -and Nicholas. God, I remember being nine years old and hoping Nick Morrow would save the day… …Continue Reading… […]

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