Sleepover Friends #9- No More Sleepovers, Patti?

Patti’s dad said he needed to talk to Patti about something, so Patti is not riding her bike to school with Stephanie, Kate and Lauren.  When Lauren gets to school, Wayne Miller is teasing her saying she won’t win the twenty mile bike a thon. But it’s not really something you win- for everyone who finishes, money they raise is going toward some wildlife fund. Wayne and his friend Ronnie are entering, and so are Lauren and Patti.  Then Christy Soames comes up to Stephanie and says she loves Stephanie’s jacket. Christy only can talk about shopping, apparently, and bores the hell out of Kate. Before Christy can go on and on about the bracelet her mom just bought for her, the bell rings.  When Patti comes into class, her eyes look puffy as if she were crying.  At lunch, Patti says her dad wanted to tell her about these great new jobs her mom and dad ( who are both professors) may be offered.  Patti’s mom and dad may get jobs at a college in- ALASKA!!!! Tomorrow, Patti, her unfortunately named brother Horace, and her parents are going to Alaska to visit the city of Anchorage and for her parents to go on interviews. Patti is really upset because she will be away from school for ten days, she will miss the science fair, and she doesn’t WANT to leave Riverhurst! Patti had been working on teaching her cat, Adelaide, tricks for a long time to prove that cats aren’t stupid.  Kate, Stephanie, Patti and Lauren have to do a party the next afternoon as well- Lauren and Patti play clowns for kids’ birthday parties, and Stephanie and Kate tape it.  At least Patti can still attend tonight’s sleepover.  Patti asks if any of the girls can have Adelaide stay at her house while Patti goes to Alaska. Stephanie says Adelaide can stay at her place and chill with Stephanie’s cat, Cinders.  Then the girls get the idea that Patti can bring Adelaide to Stephanie’s tonight to play with Cinders, and Lauren and Kate can bring their cats along too for a ” family reunion” of sorts as the four cats are from the same litter.  They are going to have tons of snacks for the cats too- tunafish, sardines, cheese for Lauren’s cat Rocky and shrimp dip for Kate’s cat Fredericka. 

For the sleepover, Stephanie’s mom is getting the girls their favorite ice cream drinks at Charlie’s Soda Fountain, Lauren is making her special dip, and Stephanie’s dad is ordering pizza. Kate is making her famous fudge as well.  When Lauren and Kate get to Stephanie’s, Adelaide and Cinders are hissing at each other like crazy.  Fredericka and Rocky jump out of their boxes, and all four cats are rolling around on the floor fighting like crazy- gee no one could see this coming!  Mrs. Green walks into the room and splashes the four cats with water which seperates them right away!! Then Mrs. Green suggests that the four cats be separated before they pounce on each other again!  Mr. Green bought Dr Pepper and potato chips along with the pizza, so it’s time to PIG OUT! Patti says that her parents are so excited about the potential move to Alaska because of the fresh air and wide open spaces there.  If they get the jobs, both parents would get a lot more money and big raises.

The girls feed the kittens their dinner, and then Patti agrees to show some of the tricks Adelaide can do.  Patti first moves a pizza crust right ACROSS Adelaide’s line of vision and Adelaide swats on it right away. Patti also explains that if you pull a cat’s whiskers gently, their eyes will always close as whiskers are used as feelers.  Patti then shows the girls how Adelaide can stand on her hind paws when Patti commands her to!  Patti said she worked with Adelaide every day and gave her a lot of food bribes to get Adelaide to do tricks. Adelaide can also roll over and jump into Patti’s arms when told! Adelaide rocks!  To get Patti’s mind of Alaska, the girls play Trivial Pursuit but every question they happen to get relates to Alaska somehow!  Then Lauren talks Stephanie into being a clown along with Lauren at the party tomorrow. The party is for Christy’s little bro, so Stephanie hopes Christy won’t be there. The party is a Western theme, so Lauren says they can tell a lot of cowboy jokes.

The next morning, Adelaide and Cinders are getting along better and even sleeping next to each other.  When Patti goes off to the airport, Lauren tries to see if Adelaide will do tricks if Lauren commands it, and Adelaide CAN!!! So Lauren and Kate decide to enter Adelaide in the science fair for Patti! They even remember some of the scientific facts Patti told them about cats.

Stephanie calls Lauren a little later in the day- right before the birthday party- and says that she can’t be a clown because she hurt her ankle doing cartwheels.  Stephanie says she can still tape the party, and Lauren has to tell Kate that she has to be a clown with Lauren.  Kate doesn’t believe for a minute that Stephanie’s ankle is twisted, and Kate bets that Steph just didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Christy Soames at her little brother’s birthday party.  Lauren is thinking that Patti has only been gone a few hours, and Stephanie and Kate are already going to have a disagreement!

Kate actually looks very cute as a fairy clown. When they get to the Soames’ home for Jeffrey’s party ( Jeffrey is the bday boy) it turns out that Christy is there wearing a pink jumpsuit and being all excited that Stephanie is there. As Kate and Lauren are charming the kids, Stephanie is too busy chattering with Christy about clothes until Kate pretty much yells at her to tape the party. Jeffrey got a full cowboy outfit from his grandparents for his birthday.  After the party, Lauren thinks that Kate probably won’t admit it, but she thinks Kate had a great time being a clown at the party. In the car, Stephanie and Kate barely talk to each other and Lauren asks if Stephanie will help train Adelaide tomorrow, but Stephanie claims to be busy.  The next day, after Kate and Lauren work on posters with facts for the science fair, they decide to groom Bullwinkle, Lauren’s big dog, outside. Then they see a car with a Born to Shop bumper sticker on it ( where can I get that?) and Mrs. Soames,Christy and Stephanie driving by! Lauren wants to call Stephanie that night to ask what Stephanie was doing but she couldn’t because her older brother was on the phone with his girlfriend half the night.  So the next day at lunch, Christy goes to Lauren, Kate and Steph’s table and is all shrieking to Stephanie about how fun shopping was yesterday, and calling Stephanie ” Steffi.” Christy then keeps chattering about how she could be a model, and Kate says she’s going to the library and asks if Lauren is coming. Lauren thinks she sees Stephanie shaking her hand at Lauren as if Steph really doesn’t feel like being alone with Christy, but Lauren does go off with Kate instead.  Stephanie does agree to meet that evening to train Adelaide.

A postcard from Patti comes that day and Kate talks about how sweet and non self centered Patti is, and Stephanie tells Kate that best not be a dig at Christy.  Stephanie doesn’t have tape around her ankle anymore which is going to make Kate say it was a fake injury, but then Stephanie shows Lauren and Kate her ankle and sure enough it’s all bruised. So Steph wasn’t faking after all.  Stephanie starts feeding Adelaide ham right away despite Kate telling Stephanie not to feed Adelaide until she does a few tricks. Stephanie says the ham will do no harm.  After Stephanie and Kate try  to get Adelaide to do all these tricks, Adelaide gets tired of it and runs off. They search for Adelaide everywhere- and because Adelaide did so many tricks on a full o ham tummy, she barfs.

It’s the day of the science fair, and Adelaide wows the judges!!!  Walter Williams wins a blue ribbon for his robot, but Patti’s Adelaide project gets a second place blue ribbon!!! WOOO for Adelaide! When the reporters take a picture of Adelaide, Kate, Steph and Lauren for the paper, Lauren is sure to give all of the credit to Patti fo rthe project.

Friday- Kate is discussing  the sleepover at her house. Stephanie mentions she wants to invite someone. Kate instantly assumes it was Christy Steph wanted to invite, and Kate EXPLODES and starts screaming at Christy, and Stephanie yells back that Stephanie wanted to invite Jane Skyes, a really nice girl in their class, and not Christy! Lauren yells at both of them that she is choosing not to speak to either Kate or Stephanie until they apologize to each other! Lauren tells her mom that for the first time ever on a Friday night, she is NOT going to a sleepover! Lauren thinks that she couldn’t have stayed up too late anyway because the next morning is the Bike a Thon, but it’s not much comfort.

When Lauren gets to the Bike a Thon, Kate and Stephanie are there with their bikes! They tell Lauren they wanted to keep Lauren company! Kate and Stephanie say they apologized to each other, and they both apologize to Lauren as well. Lauren and Kate do manage to do OK biking and Stephanie is really struggling but all of them finish the race. Wayne Miller, after all of his bragging and even after his attempts to cheat and take shortcuts, flops over the finish line on two flat tires! Then right as Lauren, Kate and Steph finish the race- PATTI IS THERE!! AND- PATTI IS NOT MOVING AFTER ALL, so the Jenkins family came back early!  Patti says that it turns out there is dirty air in Alaska, and the university at Riverhurst offered Patti’s ‘rents TONS more money so they are staying!  Since there was no sleepover last night, Patti says they can sleep over her house tonight. Patti makes a special dip she got from the hotel they stayed at in Alaska- tuna, cream cheese, ketchup and some other stuff you mix in a blender. Sounds kinda ewww to me. Stephanie tells the gals that she got tired of Christy Soames only talking about shopping and calling her Steffi so that friendship is done.  Patti got the other girls each a little gift- carved little animal figurines that Eskimos make- a penguin for Steph, a fawn for Kate, and a bear for Lauren. Patti is also so glad the girls entered Adelaide in the science fair!  Patti also got a bigger figurine of four girls hugging in a circle and Patti says it reminds her of the Sleepover Friends- FOREVER! I swear, every damn book ends with ” Sleepover Friends Forever.” It’s a little much.

Well next time- VERY SPECIAl BOOKS are back- so expect a special tale from the land of the Sweet Valley Twins, ” Won’t Someone Help Anna?” to be done by early next week I’d say, and by the week after I will be recapping ” Jessi’s Wish” from the BSC, and then another small break in the ” special” will happen with the Fab Five book ” The Runaway Crisis.”


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