I just bid on a pretty big lot of Baby Sitters Little Sister books ( I know all of my dear readers love those recaps) and also on ” Crash Landing” the Sweet Valley High book where Enid Rollins is injured in a plane crash. I never read that book as a kid but I adore reading the recaps of it as an adult, so I can’t wait to read it!!! I also bought a Taffy Sinclair book- the one where Taffy ” makes over” Melanie and as soon as that comes, I will be reading it and recapping- which yes may put a slight wrinkle in my upcoming recaps, but ah well it is what it is. I am just too excited NOT read it right away!

In a few months time I may be moving in with my Jeffrey French like BF so I will have to sell a lot of my YA novels but not to worry- I have plenty I haven’t read yet that I will keep so that recaps WILL keep coming! I know this blog may end eventually- BUT NOT ANYTIME SOON! And if I do get ideations to stop this blog, you guys will know- but for now I am having WAY too much fun to stop working on this blog!!

Happy weekend to all! And upon weekend’s end ( or OK by Wednesday the latest) enjoy a recap of Won’t Someone Help Anna? And- yes- here is one of my famous L-O-N-G list of BOOKS TO COME! and remember in between these my Taffy Sinclair book MAY be recapped! and oh yes I did forget- I have a huge lot of Freshman Dorm comin’ soon!! YAY!!!!

BSC #48- Jessi’s Wish

The Fabulous Five #8- The Runaway Crisis

The Gymnasts #13- First Date

BSC #56- Keep Out, Claudia!

Sweet Valley High #74- The Perfect Girl

Sweet Valley Twins #3- The Haunted House

Sweet Valley Kids #23- Lila’s Haunted House Party

SVT #44- Amy Moves In

The Fabulous Five #24- The Great TV Turnoff

Sleepover Friends #26- The New Kate

Sweet Valley Kids #3- The Twins’ Mystery Teacher

BSC Little Sister #10- Karen’s Grandmothers

Sweet Valley Twins #4- Choosing Sides

BSC #1- Kristy’s Great Idea

BSC Little Sister #15-Karen’s in Love

Sleepover Friends #27- Where’s Patti?

Freshman Dorm #15- Freshman Dorm

BSC Super Special 11- the Baby Sitters Remember

Sweet Valley Kids #39- Ellen is Home Alone

Sleepover Friends #11- Stephanie’s Family Secret

Freshman Dorm 27- Freshman Passion


GOD- I will be BUSY these next few months- and if I am REALLY ambitious I hope to have ALL OF THESE recapped by the New Year!


5 Responses to “MORE BOOKS!”

  1. Hey Jan, if you end up having to sell any Sweet Valley Twins books, I’d love to buy them. I think I’ll end up recapping them someday when I’m done with SVH and there are no used bookstores where I live, which is completely tragic.

    I’m really looking forward to your take on SVH 74, The Perfect Girl. There’s a classic.

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Shannon I am sure I will have to sell LOTS of my Twins books as I have TONS!!! ( though maybe I will save my favorites for my future daughter LOL 😉 Yeah I will let you know I may even sell a few right now so we will have to talk!!!!!

  3. Just let me know! I think you have my email address.

  4. I can’t wait for the Little Sister books. So hideously perfect. I can’t believe I LOVED those freaking things as a kid.

  5. Oh boy, more Karen hate!

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