BSC #48- Jessi’s Wish

This recap will be a little different than usual BSC recaps- truthtfully I can’t find much to snark on in a book about a little girl with cancer- though believe me I did find a couple of things! So I am just going to pretty much summarize what happened and add a couple of the snarkable points I do have to make!


Jessi’s sister Becca is part of an after school club called the Kids Club. Basically, it’s a club that performs various types of community service- they donate toys to the local hospital, run food drives for poor people on Thanksgiving, give gift baskets to the elderly that sort of thing. Becca is crushed because one of the teachers who runs the club, Ms. Simon, is going on a long trip with her husband for over a month and Mr.Katz, the other teacher, is not sure he can handle the group by himself, so the club may have to disband. Jessi would hate for a group that Becca loves so much to end, so Jessi decides to volunteer her time to help Mr. Katz run the club after school- and of course because this is Stoneybrook Mr. Katz thinks it’s A-OK for an 11 year old to help him run an after school program.  By the way,  in Chapter 2 Jessi  complains that her parents, as well as Mal’s, treat Mal and Jessi like infants because Mr. and Mrs. Pike won’t let Mal get a nose job! Who the FRIG lets an 11 year old get a nose job? I am not sure a Real Housewife of Orange County would allow an 11 year old to get a nose job! Jeez, Jessi!!! And of course in BSC land, at 11 you can’t wait to grow up, but at 13 you are pretty much treated as if you are 30.

Well, I digress ( as usual). Jessi and Kristy both sort of decide that for about a month, regular BSC meetings will not be held so that all of the club members can volunteer to give their time to do something or help someone. Instead, whoever is free go to Claud’s house to answer the phone three times per week. The BSC also hold tons of club meeting on weekends to discuss their community services.

Mary Anne decides to help baby sit a brain damaged little boy named Frankie who can’t even walk or talk, and she also helps Frankie’s parents with some chores. Mary Anne just adores Frankie and says he is just learning to crawl, and he has the best smile she’s ever see. Of course, the realities of caring for a brain damaged little boy and how it can be really difficult aren’t brought up. Claudia helps teach an art class of course and Karen Brewer, Margo Pike, and Jackie Rodowsky are all in the class. Jackie drops bunches of clay and Karen makes an ass of herself and claims her clay elephant is alive. Luckily, Claudia pwns Karen and tells her that if the elephant is alive, Claudia guesses that Karen won’t be able to fire it in the kiln, and luckily Karen agrees with that and stops her BS. Kristy volunteers for a daycare for parents who have to work all day and Kristy feels sooooo bad for all of these kids ” stuck in daycare” all day while their parents work. So Kristy never spent a second in daycare while she was growing up with a single mom? I find that hard to believe especially since Kristy knows about the daycare because David Michael used to go there. Stacey is working with some group that matches up teen diabetics with younger kids who just got diagnosed to help them deal with their diabetes. One girl, Charmaine, refuses to stop eating sweets, until Stacey talks about the time ( featured in the book ” ‘Stacey’s Emergency” which I haven’t recapped yet but others have) she ate tons of chocolate and she had to go to the hospital.  Dawn volunteers with a group who provides art projects and computer classes and what not for children with various physical disabilities like cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. Mallory works with some playground program where kids can just drop by and play after school.

Jessi’s group used to have a member named Danielle Roberts, but Danielle has been in the hospital for a long time due to her leukemia. Danielle returns to school and the group and at first the other kids won’t go near here- except for Becca and Charlotte. By the way the book keeps saying Char is in third grade although Charlotte SKIPPED third grade and went into fourth grade back in what book 3? Do your homework, ghost writers! Danielle has lost her hair from the chemo, she has bruises up and down her arms, wears a scarf over her head and wears a shirt that Becca loves that says ” Bald is Beautiful.”

Danielle has a really positive outlook despite her sickness, and Danielle knows she can fight leukemia, but she wants to also be treated like a regular kid ( just like Anna in my last recap!). Danielle becomes really close to Jessi, Becca and Charlotte and eventually shares with Jessi that Danielle only has two wishes- to graduate from Stoneybrook Elementary, and to go to Disney World. Jessi becomes sad because most nine year olds think of when they beocome 16, or of someday going to college and getting married or whatever, but Danielle only can hope to live to graduate from elementary school. Danielle gets a little tired out when she plays with Becca, Char and her brother Greg but otherwise she’s a perfectly normal, albeit bald, little girl.

Jessi really wants Danielle and her family to go to Disney, because she knows that the Roberts’ don’t have much money as so much of their money goes toward Danielle’s hospital bills, and Danielle’s little brother Greg has tantrums and stuff because Mr. and Mrs. Roberts are so wrapped up caring for and worrying about Danielle that Greg sort of gets shafted. Kristy tells Jessi about the program called ” Your Wish is My Command” in Stamford that makes wishes come true for really sick kids, and Jessi calls them to see if they can see the Roberts family to Disney World- and Danielle gets her wish granted, and her family DOES get to go to Disney for three days!!! It’s so cute to read Danielle’s letters about what a great time she’s having in Disney World with her family, and she loves riding on Space Mountain and eating lots of ice cream. It’s great that this ill little girl is getting to have some fun.

At the end of the book, though, we hear bad news- Danielle is back in the hospital ” getting a lot of tests.” Becca asks if Danielle is going to die, and Jessi tells Becca Danielle is a real fighter, and Jessi makes her own wish that Danielle will recover. Becca and Char say it’s not fair that Danielle got sick again, and Jessi says life is not fair- it’s not fair that Stacey has diabetes, war is not fair, it’s not fair that Jessi and Becca have been made fun of for being black- and I know prejudice is real and terrible, but I am not really sure how it compares to battling cancer- let me know if you can provide insight!  Danielle also writes Jessi from the hospital saying that Danielle is trying to be brave, and she is determined to beat her cancer. I cried reading this book at the end, and I am glad that Ann M Martin didn’t just ” cure” Danielle ( as Francine seems to have done with Mandy Miller in Mandy Miller Strikes Back – not that I read that book but I am assuming that’s what happens) and that the book did sort of end on a sad but hopeful note to show kids that things don’t always have happy endings. Does anyone know if we ever hear about Danielle again? Does she die? God, I hope not. I loved her character for real and liked her positive attitude, interspersed with how much she hated the hospital and didn’t like chemo and all that.

But- I do have yet another point to snark on- at the daycare, a school age kid asked Kristy how to spell Leonardo and Donatello. Dumb ass Kristy, who is apparently the best baby sitter out there and sister to a seven year old brother and a four year old brother, isn’t getting that the boy wants to learn to spell those names to write a report on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- come on that doesn’t make any sense! Kristy, of all people, should have heard of them!

At the end of the book, Ann M does write that proceeds of ” Jessi’s Wish” will go to the real Make a Wish Foundation. This book was also supposed to contain a bookmark, but of course the jerk kid who owned this before me must have removed it. 😦  And I have scored once or twice on BSC books before- I did a free “Kristy” bookmark and some postcards from one of the super specials.

Update on my book buying- I lost the big lot of BSC Little Sister books onEBay. But I have quite a few I own that I have yet to read so not to worry those recaps will be a comin’!  And this week I will also try to recap the Fabulous Five book the Runaway Crisis which is too snarkable to believe!

Next week I will definitely recap the Gymnasts book First Date, and I will also try to get to ( and do a FULL recap on) BSC #56 Keep Out Claudia, and yes that will bring us back to the Very Special Series. After that- SVH #74- The Perfect Girl- which will END the Very Special Series!!!


6 Responses to “BSC #48- Jessi’s Wish”

  1. Oh, heck, if I were thirteen, I’d know the turtles are. I mean, hey, those things aren’t just for kids! 😀

    It reminds me of how in the Secret of Susan, the people were all gawking at Susan and saying how she was like a chicken who could play the piano but even better and Kristy thought that it was wonderful how Susan was making friends. Ugh. Sometimes they’re so naive!

  2. dragonzflame Says:

    I’m pretty sure we did hear from Danielle again, so don’t think she did die. I remember something about her hair growing back, but it was growing back red, which they thought was awesome. I have no idea which book that was in, however.

  3. Kind of odd–I went to elementary school with a girl named Danielle who had leukemia. This review made me think about her. So sad.

    On a happier note, I really really look forward to the Little Sister books! I can’t believe how much I loved those things as a kid. *cringe*

  4. I hate you Kristy Thomas. My son loves his daycare and he’s happy and he has friends there. And he’s THRIVING! Sure, I’d love the opportunity to be at home with him more often, but it’s a fact of life and his daycare provider is AWESOME!!!!!

    • girltalkread Says:

      Nikki any parent I know says the same thing about daycare/ preschool! And yeah Kristy Thomas can super suck sometimes!!!!!! I like your stories on your son BTW.

  5. You hear about Danielle again at “Jessi and the Troublemaker”

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