Fabulous Five #8- The Runaway Crisis

Here’s what basically goes on in this book- Katie has made friends with a girl from Copper Beach Elementary who now goes to Wacko Jr High with Katie, Shawnie Pendergast. Shawnie has really beautiful clothes and long blonde hair and frankly I am upset the Fabulous Five didn’t just start a club against Shawnie, because Shawnie kinda really sucks. Shawnie complains to Katie that she is not allowed to date, and last year she had a boyfriend ( last year being SIXTH GRADE) and her parents couldn’t know, and all they did was hold hands in the hall and eat lunch together- Yeah Shawnie fucking NORMAL in SIXTH GRADE! What did Shawnie think- that her parents would let her go to weekend trips to NYC with the dude, or get a honeymoon suite at the Poconos??? Shit. Shawnie can’t go to the movies alone with a boy, or even to  a school dance on a date. Shawnie also has to come straight home and complete her homework, so Shawnie sneaks off to Bumpers to hang out with Katie and the rest of the Fab Five instead of going home and doing her homework straightaway. Katie and her friends tells Shawnie that her parents need to get into ” modern times” ( aka 1989) and allow Shawnie to hang at Bumper’s every night after school and go to movie night with her boyfriend every Friday, as all 13 year olds do. Again, I couldn’t date till I was 16!!!!!!!! And my coworker’s 2 daughters who are 11 and 16 have to go home after school and complete homework before they can watch TV or anything- unless her 16 year old has choir practice or drama club after school. UGH!!!! I don’t get how in YA novels, 13 year olds get to act 25!

Well, Katie feels extremely bad for Shawnie, and Katie is all about justice for all. Katie tells her mom, Willie, about Shawnie, and arranges it so that Shawnie can study with Katie a  few times after school after Willie talks to Mrs. Pendergast. Shawnie is so jealous of how much Katie’s mom trusts and respects Katie, that Shawnie decides to run away and stay at Katie’s house!!! 

Meanwhile, Katie is starting a brand new romance with Tony Calcaterra, a very Danny Zuko like boy who is always going in front of ” Teen Court” ( basically it’s this thing at Wacko Jr  High ( or Wakeman Junior High) where kids go in front of their peers when they are in trouble, and the peers decide on your punishment. I was so upset that my own junior high didn’t have this when I was in school!) because he’s constantly in trouble. Tony even once wrote ” TC + KS” all over the lockers in spray paint!!!! Tony finally gets Katie to go to a movie with him Friday night, and Katie gets Tony to help organize a march for hunger. Katie always tells Tony how she feels bad for Tony, and Tony went to Copper Beach with Shawnie and tells Katie Shawnie is not who she seems.

When Shawnie runs away to Katie’s, Katie hides Shawnie in her room for a night while Katie and Tony go to the movies ( and by the way Tony has shaved TC + KS into his hair- UGH!! Tony is TRES CREEPY!!) and Katie and Tony see Mr. and Mrs. Pendergast who are really upset that Shawnie is missing. The next morning, Willie discovers Shawnie in Katie’s room and tries to get Shawnie to call her mom to say she’s OK but Shawnie says Willie doesn’t understand! Shawnie then agrees to go home and insists that Willie not drive her home. By the way, Katie also saw a bruise on Shawnie’s arm that she swears was from her walking into a closet door, but Katie is pretty much convinced Shawnie is being physically abused. Willie tells Katie that if Shawnie did not say she was physically abused, one can’t assume, and that Katie can’t really help Shawnie if she doesn’t want to be helped- Willie wants to try to help Shawnie and her parents work it out but her hands are tied if Shawnie won’t let her. Well, Willie and Katie assume that Shawnie is back with her parents and get an extra large pizza for dinner. Katie hears sounds in the basement after- and Shawnie is in the basement!!!! 

Shawnie’s parents go on TV a couple of times in the next couple of days pleading for Shawnie’s safe return, and Willie tells this to Shawnie but Shawnie says it’s all an act and her parents don’t care. Well, Willie calls Mrs. Pendergast anyway, ( after Willie AGAIN discovers Shawnie in the case after she’s hiding out for a couple days) and we find out that Shawnie ran away because she wanted to be in the March for Hunger that Katie, Tony and the other members of the Fab Five organized, but her parents wanted to take Shawnie away for a special weekend to show they love her. See, both Shawnie’s parents are lawyers and never have time for her, so to make up for it they buy Shawnie tons of designer clothes ( shit can they adopt me??)  but Shawnie says she actually wants them around, not just to have nice clothes. Shawnie also says she has to come home straight from school because her parents worry about her always being alone in the house while they work so her mom calls every hour on the hour to be sure Shawnie is home safe.

We also learn that Tony was Shawnie’s sixth grade BF, and everyone at Copper Beach thought Shawnie dumped Tony but Tony dumped Shawnie because she was a braggart and always exaggerated. And Shawnie really did bump into a closet door. Shawnie’s parents didn’t really realize the march was so important, so to get Shawnie home they agree to let Shawnie be in the march, and it’s a huge success. And Tony kisses Katie and they are totes an official couple now.

At the end of the book, there’s a preview for the next book about Christie Winchell, who is a little bored with her boyfriend Jon and wonders what to do about it. See, maybe if you didn’t have such COMMITMENTS in 7th grade you wouldn’t get bored so quickly!!!

And Shawnie would hate me if I were her mom because I really don’t want my future spawn dating until at least 8th or 9th grade, and I would also want homework done right after school, and yes ideally unless they are in an after school program, I want my 7th grader home after school.

Next- The Gymnasts #13- First Date. I hope to get that recap in by Sunday.  After that- a FULL recap of Keep Out, Claudia. Other books to look forward to soon are SVH #74- The Perfect Girl ( wooo Robin Wilson), BSC #1 Kristy’s Great Idea, BSC Little Sister Karen’s Grandmothers, a few Sweet Valley Kids books, Sweet Valley Twins #3 The Haunted House, #4 Choosing Sides,  and #7 Three’s a Crowd. I also have a few Unicorn Club books that I want to read and recap for you all!


One Response to “Fabulous Five #8- The Runaway Crisis”

  1. Shawnie’s parents didn’t really realize the march was so important, so to get Shawnie home they agree to let Shawnie be in the march, and it’s a huge success.

    That’s another thing I love about YA books: parents bargaining with thirteen-year-olds. If that was me, my mom would have told me to get in the car and go home and I would have said, “Yes, ma’am.”

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