The Gymnasts #13- First Date

As you will see, I am going to be doing full recaps of some books, but other times I will basically have short summaries of the books I am recapping. I am mostly doing this b/c I have TONS of books I have to recap and only so much time in which to recap them ( work has been very stressful lately and I come home super tired and don’t always have it in me to do a full recap) so I will definitely have full recaps of books I have really loved or need a full recap if I can. but other times my posts will be much shorter. Hope this is OK!!

Well, not that much really happens in this book First Date. A new boy starts taking classes at Patrick’s gym. His name is Chris, he has black hair, is tan and is really cute and looks 16 but he is 13 and seems to really be into Darlene. Darlene does not really like Chris at first because she thinks that Chris only likes her to get closer to her dad ” Big Beef” Broderick of the Denver Broncos in case you don’t know. Chris is a freestyle skiier, and his sister Heidi is basically a gymnast that is so good, she qualifies to be in the Olympics. It turns out that Chris sometimes feels people are nice to him to be able to meet Heidi.

Chris and Darlene get into a big fight on the phone because Chris is calling to ask Darlene out,  and Darlene thinks he is calling just to ask Darlene for tickets to the Broncos game, so Darlene is pissy and is all ” FINE” and gets him the tickets though she claims not to like Chris. 

Meanwhile, the gym acquires a harness for the kids to learn new, harder moves without spotting. Darlene is terrified to get on the harness, and when Patrick tells her to, she freaks out and gets tangled in the wires. Darlene later realizes that her weakness in gymnastics is that she is too afraid to try new things, and she comes to that realization after Darlene and the other Pinecones go to see Chris at a skiing competition, and Chris doesn’t even come close to winning but he keeps trying and trying and Darlene realizes she has to do the same. So Darlene does get on that harness and does really well.

Also, Becky Dyson has decided to put her claws into Chris, and then the Pinecones make a bet among themselves to see if Chris will ask out Becky or Darlene first. Well of course Chris asked out Darlene first ( to play indoor mini golf) but Darlene turned him down, but Becky is all bragging that Chris asked her to watch him ski, but then the girls die laughing because Chris invited the WHOLE GYM to watch him ski and not just Becky. Becky loses interest in Chris when he loses the skiing competition.

At the Broncos game, Chris and Darlene go off alone to have hot cocoa. Chris said he was never interested in meeting Big Beef and liked Darlene before he ever knew who her dad was. Darlene and Chris both admit neither has never been on a date and are nervous to go on a ” first date.” So Chris says that their Broncos hot cocoa can count as their ” first date” and mini golf will be their second.!! 🙂



A few points-

We learn that Darlene has NEVER EVER been on a date, and most of the girls at her private school have had several boyfriends. Darlene says she’s not really much into boys yet and is more into her gymnastics. See, at 13 I could relate a lot more to a Darlene than girls like Jessica Wakefield or Mary Anne Spier, who are 12 and 13 and either always have boyfriends or like Mary Anne are practically married at 13. At 13 it VARIES- some girls are wicked boy crazy, some girls don’t really like boys yet and aren’t interested in dating ( I seriously didn’t really like boys until I was 11, but my sister was like 10- again it varies!) . I do think the Gymnasts series portrays 11 and 13 year old girls in a much more realistic fashion that many other YA series do.

I also didn’t get why Darlene assumed right away that Chris only liked her because of her dad- Chris had no clue who her dad was until Jared told him, and Chris said his dad was a Bronco fan and not him. I can see where kids may have used Darlene before to meet Big Beef but I think sometimes Darlene makes more of a big deal out of her dad’s fame than other kids do.

I in fact have no more Gymnast books, so this will be my last Gymnasts recap.  But the back of this book featured a coupon for books called ” Bad News Ballet” which sound AWESOME- I must see if Amazon or Ebay carry those!!!  I also recently got ” Little Miss Stoneybrook..and Dawn” so that’s GOTTA be recapped ASAP!!!!

This week, I do hope to have Keep Out, Claudia and SVH’s ” The Perfect Girl” recapped. After that, I just bought a new Freshman Dorm book called ” Freshman Suspects” that I am going to be recapping for you all, and some other upcoming books:

BSC Little Sis #10 Karen’s Grandmothers


Sweet Valley Kids #32 Left Back ( the cover features a great Liz shoulder pat!! Liz even shoulder patted at age 7!)

The Fabulous Five #24 – The Great TV Turnoff


3 Responses to “The Gymnasts #13- First Date”

  1. Bad News Ballet is a great series! My favorite one is “The King and Us” you should try to get that one.

  2. I think the majority of girls reading YA series were more like Darlene, Kristy, or Abby than Mary Anne, Stacey, or Jessica. I was!

  3. girltalkread Says:

    Me too Emily!

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