I want cake- and Robin Wilson wants none- or SV High #74- The Perfect Girl

Jessica announces ” we are doomed!” to the rest of the cheerleaders. Robin Wilson asks why they are doomed. Jessica says the gym floor has to be completely redone and they are doomed because it will cause way too much to repair.  Unless- the cheerleaders do another fund raiser. Annie Whitman and Sandy Bacon agree that they will not do another rocking chair marathon.  Robin suggests they can sell tickets to have kids watch the cheerleaders try to break a world record.  Robin then suggests they can have a fund raiser to break the world record fo the world’s biggest sundae. Wow, this anorexia book already has me starving!  Elizabeth says the cheerleaders could get donations from all of the ice cream places in town for the event.  Jessica likes the idea, but doesn’t like that Robin thought of it.  As Robin walks home, she thinks of how effortless it is for Jess and Elizabeth to be pretty and popular and their lives are so easy.  Robin thinks of how she used to be overweight but then went on a strict diet and exercised a lot until she shed those pounds. Robin doesn’t like that self worth is so based on physical beauty, but that is the real world.  George then stops his car when he sees his lady love Robin, and he tells Robin he is going to take another flying course. George had stopped flying for awhile after he crashed the plane that made his ex Enid Rollins paralyzed for awhile, but George apparently wants to return to his passion.  George says that he figures by taking the flying course he can put the memories of the accident behind him. George then warns Robin that the class will be very intense, and he may not be able to come up from college as often on weekends to see Robin.  As George hugs Robin, Robin gets a thought that George wouldn’t have ever given her a second look when she was fat. Robin doesn’t know why,but she feels more and more insecure lately.

Elizabeth asks Robin to go to the beach with her and Todd after school. Robin thinks about how being without a boyfriend on weekends ( because George is busy with the flying class) is so pathetic and it means you have to do things alone or with other girls. Yeah, sweetheart, that was my life through high school and a good portion of college- fuck you.  Robin thinks people will wonder ” isn’t she good enough for a boyfriend?” Whoa, and I thought I  had a shit self esteem at age 16. At diving practice, Robin feels totally fat next to some skinny junior high girl- yeah Robin you are rounder because you went through puberty!!! Ya know I am trying to feel bad for Robin but it’s hard for me to right now- well that will change eventually as I later reveal that George is an ass. But we know that.

Robin joins Todd and Liz at the beach and when Robin takes off her sweatshirt to reveal her bathing suit, Liz says that Robin could be in a swimsuit ad. BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!  Todd then asks Robin if she wants ice cream and Robin says she never touches it. Todd is all ” are you one of those constantly on a diet girls?” UGH Elizabeth thinks that most girls are very conscious of their weight to some extent and she just hopes her friends don’t resort to drastic measures to keep their weight down.  George calls Robin at home. He goes on and on about flying class, and mentions this incredible girl named Vicky. Vicky is a college student like George, and she is an oceanography major and  a math whiz. Robin pictures a short, boxy girl. Why, I am not sure.  George says he has told Vicky all about Robin, and Vicky can’t wait to meet George’s woman. Robin says she would like to meet Vicky as well.  Robin then hopes that George will come to see her this weekend, because without George, Robin feels hopelessly unattractive.

The cheerleaders do some planning for the fund raiser. Jessica, Robin and Cara go to Izzy’s Incredible Ice Cream Shop to sample some ice cream and ask for donations. Robin doesn’t want to turn down the ice cream sample, but as she is about to accept, a fat woman walks into the shoe store- I mean the ice cream shop- with her two equally fat little boys. Seeing the fat family reminds Robin of what a fat ass she used to be, ( in SVH world she was probably my size- which is anywhere from 10 to 14 depending on the clothes) and so Robin turns down the free ice cream. 

As Elizabeth writes an article promoting the Super Sundae fund raiser, and Elizabeth looks up to see Lois Waller with  her boyfriend Gene eating French fries.  Liz thinks of how Lois will never be a fashion model, but she is happy and has a great man in her life- so what if Lois can’t fit into size six jeans? It doesn’t make one bit of difference. Yeah, Liz, and when you gained, like, 10 lbs in SVU you fuckin freaked. Shut up.

George is coming up to see Robin this weekend. George is going to bring Vicky and also ask a male friend to come along.  On Friday night, Robin is excited to see George. Then Robin meets Vicky- who sounds like an eighteen year old Josie Bissett with a hot bod, short blonde hair, and great clothes. Robin feels bad that she assumed Vicky would be short and not too cute because she was smart.  Robin is pissed that George did not tell Robin that Vicky resembles a fashion model.  The male friend George invited couldn’t come, so it’s just Robin, George and Vicky at the Beach Disco. George talks on and on to Vicky and leaves Robin out of the conversation.  At the Beach Disco, Robin tells George to dance with Vicky- yep she pretty much throws Vicky and George together- because Robin feels too frumpy and insecure to dance with her man.  George asks Robin if she’s sure and Robin insists, so George and Vick have a great time dancing.  Robin then worries that an intense project like flying class will make George and Vicky fall in love, just as George and Robin fell in love during their flying class. Robin figures ( kind of rightly so) that if George can cheat on Enid with Robin as he did, George can cheat on Robin with Vicky.  Robin refuses to dance with George the whole time she is at Beach Disco.  Vicky is being perfectly nice to Robin. But then Vicky asks if she can use Robin’s bathroom when George drives them back from Beach Disco and after Vicky is done, Vicky sees a pic of Fat Robin and asks if it’s a cousin and Robin says ” I used to be FAT, Vicky” which makes Vicky feel kind of bad that she said that, of course.  Robin decides that night was the longest and worst of her life.

George calls Robin and is pissed that Robin was rude to Vicky the night before.  Robin tells George she doesn’t like Vicky, and doesn’t need a reason not to. George says ” what’s not to like?” Umm George note to you- most girls wouldn’t be too thrilled if you brought a hot girl along on their date. Just sayin’.  George then just hangs up. Then Robin is about to have  a sticky bun at breakfast,  and Robin then feels that she is getting chunky so she checks on the scale- and she’s GAINED THREE LBS!!!!  ( Regina George’- ” I want to lose three pounds.”)  Robin plans out a very strict diet- no breakfast, plain salad for lunch, and a very light dinner-and TONS of water to flush that system- does Robin know Norman Hill of BSC fame’s parents? ( I know BSC Snark and I wanna say Sheep are in have recaps of ” Dawn’s Big Date” to read more about Norman Hill).  Robin decides she will not lose George to Vicky without a fight!

At lunch at school, Cara asks how Robin can stand to eat just salad with no dressing and Robin says she likes it fine. Robin then stares at Cara’s hamburger and fries lunch and thinks of how fattening and greasy it is. Robin is pissed that the cheerleaders aren’t super organized in terms of setting up the Super Sundae and says they must get their butts more in gear! So Robin then starts assigning different things for all the cheerleaders to do to get ready for the fund raiser because SOMEONE has to be organized. Jessica says Robin is being a dictator.  Then Sandy asks if anyone wants dessert. Robin is about to ask for maybe a cookie, when Jessica asks Robin how George is doing with flying class. The mere mention of George makes Robin decide she wants no cookies. Now this damn book is makin’ me crave a Dunkin Donuts big ol chocolate chip cookie. DAMN YOU FRANCINE!

Dinner time at Robin’s- my FAVORITE- roast chicken and potatoes.  Robin refuses all of the food Mrs. Wilson serves- even the carrots because they have butter on them.  Mrs. Wilson is surprised that Robin won’t eat, saying that Robin was usually famished by dinnertime. Robin takes this to mean that Mrs. Wilson is saying Robin is a fat freak.  Robin says she’s on a diet and Mrs. Wilson says Robin looks fine to her and Robin snaps that Mrs. Wilson thought Robin looked fine, even when she was a pudge and she didn’t!! Robin then declares she’s not hungry anymore and won’t eat any of the yummy roast chicken….. yummmmmmm….. Wow I swear this book will make me totally binge- not that binge eating is funny.

Liz offers Robin a ride home but Robin refuses saying she can. Liz teases that cheerleading and diving should be enough exercise for Robin but Robin flatly says it’s not. Robin looks very tired and has huge dark circles under her eyes.  Liz is starting to worry about Robin.  Elizabeth wonders if Robin has been eating and Jess says she hardly does eat. Elizabeth says Robin is thin already and Jess says maybe she wants to look thinner. Elizabeth goes off saying she is tired of how women and girls are made to look ugly if they aren’t as thin as models and beauty pageant contestants  and Jessica says ” models and beauty contestants look good” which even feminist me finds sort of funny.  Jessica then says it’s none of Liz’s business if Robin wants to lose weight, but Elizabeth can’t stop worrying nonetheless.

At the school library, Robin falls asleep due to being exhausted from her morning walks. Robin is elated after school when she sees she has lost four pounds- in maybe about a four day span? . Hip times.  Robin is really having the girls work hard in cheerleading practice until the others say they are too beat to continue. Robin says she is going to run laps after practice.  Annie asks Robin if she feels OK because she looks tired, and Robin replies she feels just fine.  George calls after dinner, and tells Robin he is spending a lot of time with Vicky because they are partners in flying class- after Robin asks about it so we are clear. Being away from George when he is spending all this time with Vicky makes Robin feel helpless.  George says he feels bad for neglecting Robin, so he offers to take her to La Villa Marino the next night for a nice dinner.  Robin can’t wait to look absolutely perfect for George tomorrow.

Robin has lost eight pounds in two weeks.  Robin thinks that just because she’s lost a few lbs though, it does not mean she should stop. In fact, Robin has to do her darndest to continue to shed the pounds.  Robin has arranged her closet by color and different clothes- like shirts in one place, pants in another etc as it gives Robin a feeling of control and satisfaction. Score one for Francine- being obsessively organized and wanting full control are hallmarks of eating disorders.  At dinner, George thinks the fund raiser already happened and Robin says she repeatedly told George it hadn’t happened yet. George then goes on and on about Vicky and flying class,  and then says that next Friday he won’t be home because he has to drive Vicky- who has no car- to her parents’ house. Vicky said Robin could come but George remembered that Robin told him she doesn’t like Vicky so George told Vick Robin was busy.  Robin then gets her linguine with clam sauce and can’t even eat due to what George said. The food all looks revolting to her. Robin pushes away her plate and declares she’s no longer hungry.  George tells Robin she has nothing to worry about and he loves her, but Robin doesn’t want to hear it.  Robin says George has a funny way of showing his love.  George says he will be friends with Vicky all he wants and doesn’t care what Robin thinks. Robin is petrified that the control in her life is slipping away, and she is losing George despite her best efforts.  When Robin gets home, her closet was rearranged. Robin freaks out and yells at poor Mrs. Wilson.  Mrs. Wilson asks if Robin feels OK and Robin snaps that she is fine.

On Monday morning, Mrs. Wilson ( who I now want to adopt me) is cooking pancakes and bacon.  Robin refuses the breakfast and Mrs. Wilson says it used to be Robin’s favorite. Robin says no wonder she was fat- Mrs. Wilson always stuffed Robin full of pancakes and bacon. Shut up bitch I will eat tons of those damn pancakes!  Mrs. Wilson tells Robin she’s worried that Robin never eats anymore and Robin says she eats a big lunch at school and Mrs. Wilson is all ” oh, OK. ”  Robin thinks of how she does miss big country breakfasts, and hot cocoa with marshmallows, and yummy cakes on birthdays as she drinks her black coffee.  Robin considers having one pancake and one piece of bacon, but then Robin realizes she’s not even hungry.  Robin then thinks she will start eating again when she loses weight. Sigh. It’s sort of when you know that this anorexia is really no longer about just losing weight- you sort of see how Robin’s mind is changing for lack of a better word.  At lunch Robin is selling tickets for the sundae, and Lois buys quite a few tickets and Robin thinks of how seeing Lois is like looking at her former fat self, as she marvels at how Lois has pretty hair and seems so happy to be a fatty.

At diving practice, Robin’s diving coach Dina Taylor notices that Robin has lost a lot of weight recently.  Dina says as an athlete, Robin should not be on a diet without a doctor’s supervision.  Robin says she keeps meaning to make an appointment.  Dina tells Robin she hopes Robin is being sensible and eating enough calories to get her through a day of school, diving and cheerleading.  Robin is barely able to dive at practice and Dina orders her to go home.  Robin is shaking, but thinks a hot shower is all she needs and she will be fine.

Jessica tells Liz that Robin is being a huge dictator and rather of a bitch about the Super Sundae and she is always snapping at everyone. Robin yelled at Todd the other day because he sat in Robin’s usual seat in French.  Elizabeth is worried about Robin’s personality change, and that she is barely eating and gets upset when others eat in front of her.  And Jessica says worst of all Robin looks horrible with her sunken cheeks and dark eye circles.  Elizabeth wonders if Robin is starving herself and  thinks maybe she should talk to Robin. Jessica does not think that will do any good.

Robin keeps hearing a faint ringing in her ears. Robin can’t even concentrate on her geometry. Liz goes up to Robin and says she is worried Robin isn’t eating enough.  Robin doesn’t tell Elizabeth anything because she has always felt uncomfortable in front of Elizabeth since she’s Enid’s best friend.  Robin feels hot, and then cold. Her clothes are hanging off her frame. Robin has lost a few more lbs. Robin is also gaunt and pale.  Robin feels her diet is as out of control as the rest of her life. Robin gets a small dish of corn and a hamburger at lunch, knowing she must eat.  Robin starts to shake as she picks up the burger and her mind is screaming ” I can’t eat it” and Robin leaves her food and runs away from the cafeteria.  Robin feels nauseous, lightheaded and her chest is tight. Robin doesn’t know why she can’t get a grip.  Robin is then thinking of how just eating a hamburger brought on an anxiety attack, and worst of all she can’t even keep George interested so this diet is for nothing.  Elizabeth sees how pale Robin is and says she is going to march Robin right to the nurse but Robin says no.  Robin says  ” it’s  just” as she wants to tell Liz everything but is too ashamed. So Robin says it’s the pressure of the Super Sundae and how she’s organized it and wants it to go well that has her nervous. Elizabeth still looks uneasy. 

It’s the day of the Super Sundae. Robin is late to the event because even dressing herself took super human strength and Robin is so exhausted.  Robin is so dizzy, and barely able to open big cans of chocolate syrup and cartons if ice cream.  Robin is shaky and nauseated, and a wave of black hits her- Robin has fainted!  Robin’s hands are icy cold and her breathing is shallow. Liz tells Cara to call 911!  The paramedics come and one says Robin has pneumonia and looks malnourished and they ask if Robin is on a diet, and Liz says Robin is on a diet.  Elizabeth cries she should have tried harder to stop Robin! Elizabeth then tells Mr. Cooper that Robin fainted and he calls her mother.

Robin is in the hospital and George is at her bedside.  George keeps asking why Robin won’t talk to him.  Then George leaves and Mrs. Wilson asks if Robin wants to eat anything and Robin says not yet.  Vicky then comes to see Robin. Yep- Vicky.  Vicky tells Robin she and George are just friends and George is CRAZY about Robin.  Robin says Vicky is perfect and Vicky says not hardly-  when Vicky was a young teen, Vicky reveals that to keep her parents together she starts to drink booze, smoke pot and cigarettes and she eventually gets hooked on the crap.  Vicky says trying to keep her parents together almost killed her and they divorced anyway and Vicky decided to get clean.  Robin is amazed Vicky shared such a personal story with her.  Robin realizes that getting better means having to eat again.

 Dr. McCloud tells Robin at breakfast the next morning that Robin has pneumonia made worse by her anorexia. Dr McCloud says first Robin has to get over the pneumonia, then the anorexia.  Dr. McCloud says just starting to eat again isn’t enough ( I thought Kelly Taylor’s doctor said it was on 90210!) that Robin has to be in pretty intense therapy and learn to separate body image and self image and all that.  Robin manages to finish most of her breakfast despite quite a bit of effort. Then George comes to see Robin again.  George tells Robin he loves her, and Robin says she loves him too, but she really needs to be alone now and get herself better alone.  Robin says it’s not about George it’s about her and needing to straighten out her life. Wow, for once SVH is saying that you don’t need  a man to be complete? Kudos to Robin for telling George she needs to be on her own for awhile. Now I like Robin ( somewhat) again.

Robin comes back to school just to get some homework as she needs some more rest, and Jessica tells Robin the Super Sundae was a huge success!  Robin tells Jessica she ate lunch at home and she will return to school soon. Jessica thinks that Robin’s determination to lose weight will now go toward getting herself back on track. Then we hear that Enid’s hot tennis playing cousin Jake is coming to town, and Amy Sutton says she may go for Jake- if she doesn’t get to Tom McKay first. And I believe that will introduce SVH 75 when Tom and Jake get gay together.

By the end of this week- ME PROMISO- I will recap BSC Little Sister #10 Karen’s Grandmothers.  And coming up:

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Week of Oct 19: BSC #15- Little Miss Stoneybrook… and Dawn

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2 Responses to “I want cake- and Robin Wilson wants none- or SV High #74- The Perfect Girl”

  1. Is it wrong to have a burning desire to kill all of these people and wipe Sweet Valley off the map?

    • girltalkread Says:

      No Fear Street that is not one bit wrong- I was having the exact same thoughts as I was reading this book. Though I think I’d keep Lois Waller- I always liked her.

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