BSC Little Sister #10- Karen’s Grandmothers

Ms. Colman has a special announcement to make.  The class has been given the special honor of ” adopting” one of the elderly people who is staying at the nursing home Stoneybrook Manor.  Any child interested will be assigned to a resident and will visit with that resident twice  per week after school.  Karen really wants to volunteer because right now she has FOUR grandmothers- Watson and Lisa’s mothers of course, but also two stepgrandmas- Nannie, and Seth’s mother. If Karen adopts a grandma she will set the world record for grandmas and have 5 grandmas. Yep, Karen doesn’t even want to adopt a grandparent to keep an old person company or to be altruistic or anything. Nancy Dawes doesn’t have any grandparents and is not interested in the adopt a grandparent program but Hannie, Karen and Ricky all sign up. A bus will take the kids to Stoneybrook Manor after school. 

That usual two two shit. Seth’s mother lives on a farm in Nebraska. Moving on…   Karen wants Nancy to adopt a grandma because Nancy has no sisters or brothers and no grandparents and Karen feels Nancy has a bigger family. Shut UP, Karen.  Karen finds out that Nancy is scared of old people, and that is why she doesn’t want to adopt a grandparent. Karen points out that Nancy isn’t scared of Nannie, and Nancy replies that Nannie doesn’t seem like an old person because she goes bowling and doesn’t act old. Nancy isn’t really sure why she’s scared of old people.

Karen gets a great idea. She thinks that Nancy should have a pen pal grandma- specifically, Karen’s grannie, aka Seth’s mom in Nebraska. Nancy would never have to see how old Grannie looks.  Karen also figures that if Nancy gets mail, it will be almost like Nancy having a real grandma. Wow, Karen is now as meddlesome as Liz Wakefield. Karen gets the ball rolling by writing a letter to Grannie telling her about Nancy. Karen even makes a piece of paper that says ” I would like to be a pen pal grandma” with a box that says yes and one that says no and Grannie could check off either box and mail it back to Nancy. Karen hopes Grannie marks the yes box so that Nancy can have a pen pal grandma!

Karen meets her adopted grandma- Esther Bernard, who tells Karen to call her Grandma B.  Grandma B tells Karen about her six grandkids that live in Chicago and she shows Karen pictures of the grandkids. Karen feels bad that she has no pictures of her family to show.  Karen gets a letter when she gets home- from Grannie ( remember Grannie is Seth’s mom, Nannie is Kristy’s grandma). Grannie marked off yes, and there is another envelope with Nancy’s name on it!  Karen goes over to Nancy’s house and gives her the letter from Grannie and tells Nancy how she now has a pen pal grandma! Nancy is pretty excited that Grannie enclosed pictures of Grannie’s farm, and Nancy says Grannie doesn’t sound old at all! Karen is all pissy that she didn’t get any pictures from Grannie. 

Ms. Colman has another special annoucement. The class will be doing a special event with the residents of Stoneybrook Manor for Grandparents’ Day. Ms. Colman thought that the kids could put on some kind of program, and make gifts for the residents.  Ms. Colman says the kids can put on any sort of program they want.  Nancy starts to cry and says she does not want to go to Stoneybrook Manor and see all of those old people, and no one can make her. Karen asks if Nancy wants to meet Grandma B, and Nancy says she won’t even go to Stoneybrook Manor to meet Grandma B, and she may just play sick that day.

After a few weeks of visiting Grandma B, that shit face Karen says that she is getting tired of Grandma B.  Karen says she is tired of Grandma B because she makes Karen listen to old music with violins in it ( well Susan Felder would love Grandma B!), makes Karen look at photo albums, and teaches Karen old dances like the fox trot. Oh no the poor old lady makes you dance and look at pictures, Karen! God, Karen sucks so much ass in this book I just don’t believe how bratty she is. And why did this kid get her own series? I would have much rather had a series featuring Becca Ramsey, or even Claire Pike!  Karen would much rather do arts and crafts or have Grandma B read stories to her.  So Karen decides to skip a visit to the Manor to go to a Krusher’s practice instead. GGRRRRR I HATE THIS FUG CHILD! And Karen’s mom just tells Karen to call Grandma B and explain that she’s not visiting this week.  Grandma B says it’s OK and she hopes Karen does well in practice, and Karen does great in practice. Like I care.  After practice, Mommy drives Andrew and Karen home ( Andrew is also a Krusher) and Nancy runs up to Karen saying she has great news!  Nancy got a letter back from Grannie after Nancy wrote back and Grannie even knitted Nancy mittens. Of course, Karen is sore because Grannie didn’t even write back to her yet. Yeah, Karen because Nancy is sort of cool ( I prefer Hannie) and you are a shit face, Karen, and fug. And terrible.  Karen is all upset because Grannie did knit Karen mittens for Christmas last year but Karen thought they were special just for her. Nancy says she is so happy to have a pen pal grandma but she can’t call Grannie ” pen pal Grandma” or even   ” Grannie” so Nancy decides to call Grannie ” Big Mama” which Karen thinks sounds awful, but she tells Nancy it’s great.

In Karen’s class, the gift they will be making for the residents of Stoneybrook Manor is decided on- necklaces for the women, and pencil cups for the men. The necklaces will be macaroni necklaces, and  the pencil cups will be soup cans covered in wrapping paper.  Then the kids break up into groups and each group will decide on what type of program they will do for the residents. Nancy is going to participate after all as Nancy just couldn’t resist acting in front of an audience, and Hannie and Ricky are also in the group. Ricky and Nancy want to do a superhero play, but Hannie doesn’t like that idea and wants to do a play about a little lost kitten. Ricky declares that idea is for girls!! Well, Ricky, Hannie IS a girl! Karen and her group decide they will have to put more thought into what type of play to do.

At Karen’s next  visit with Grandma B, Grandma B says that the High Holy Days are coming up, and Grandma B takes the High Holy Days very seriously. Karen is thinking that Christmas is not for a few months ( this book takes place in September.)  Karen tells Grandma B about how much she loves Christmas, and Grandma B talks about the 10 days of Penitence.  Karen has no idea what Grandma B is talking about. Grandma B then talks about Yom Kippur and Rosh Hoshanah and Karen isn’t really listening because Karen sucks. Then Karen pulls out the book Paddington Marches on, and Karen tells Grandma B about Paddington Bear.  Karen reads the book to Grandma B and they have a great time laughing about the story.

Grannie writes to Karen. She didn’t send any photos. Grannie tells Karen she loves having Karen as a step-granddaughter, and Nancy as a pen pal granddaughter. Grannie finds it so funny that Nancy calls her Big Mama, which Karen can’t believe.  Karen wonders if Grannie likes Nancy as much as likes Karen. Karen also wonders if grandmas like adopted granddaughters as much as real ones. So Karen decides to ask Nannie about that, as Nannie has an adopted granddaughter, Emily Michelle of course, and step- grandkids as well.  Nannie tells Karen that she loves her bio, adopted and step grandkids all the same amount and for different reasons. Grandmas  have room in their hearts for many different kinds of grandchildren according to Nannie.

Hannie stops by and says she has a great idea for the Grandparents Day play.  Hannie and Karen decide together that they can do a play about a witch and a ghost, but then decide they can do a play on Georgie the Ghost, based on a book series. Karen could be Georgie ( OF COURSE Karen would be the star), Hannie could be Oliver the Owl Georgie’s friend, Ricky could be Herman the cat, and Nancy could be Mrs. Whitaker. ( Georgie lives in the Whitaker attic.)  Hannie then asks who would be Mr. Whitaker and Karen and Hannie agree they don’t really have enough people to do a Georgie play, and it’s back to the drawing board.

At school the next day, Karen, Hannie, Ricky and Nancy agree to recite scary poems for the residents of Stoneybrook Manor, and they will find both scary and funny Halloween poems to recite.  Nancy gets a picture of Big Mama and her hubby ( Seth’s dad) and Nancy says she didn’t think Big Mama would look so old. Karen tells Nancy she has been trying to tell her that not all old people act old, and they are not scary. Nancy decides maybe Grandparents Day won’t be so bad after all. Nancy also says that since Grandma B dances and sings, maybe she won’t be so bad.

There is a dress rehearsal for the Grandparents Day programs and it does not go very well. Karen and her group don’t have the poems totally memorized, and other groups aren’t so ready either. Ms Colman says the kids have to get much more prepared in order to put on a good show.

It’s Grandparents Day and Rehearsal #2 goes a lot more smoothly. Then, it’s off to Stoneybrook Manor.  Nancy is still a little scared about seeing all of the old people.  The programs go very well and the residents love them. Then the kids have punch and cookies. Ms Colman then asks if Nancy and Karen will go with her to give gifts to six residents who cannot leave their rooms so that they can see two young faces.  Karen says the old people in their rooms looked sick but nice. Now, it’s time for Nancy to meet Grandma B.  Nancy and Grandma B HIT IT OFF GREAT – turns out that the High Holy Days are Jewish, and Nancy is Jewish. Nancy asks Grandma B if she’s going to Chicago for Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur and Grandma B says she really can’t, and Nancy says that Grandma B can go to synagogue with her family as a person has to celebrate High Holy Days with family. Nancy and Grandma B also talk tons about classical music and acting.

Well, Grandma B is now NANCY’S adopted grandma! Mr. and Mrs. Dawes did mind a little that Nancy invited Grandma B to celebrate the Jewish holidays with them before asking the Dawes parents, but they didn’t mind much as they both got along very well with Grandma B.  Karen wanted to take gymnastics, and it was on the same days as Karen went to the Manor, but Karen got to take gymnastics because Nancy volunteered to adopt Grandma B! Nancy is no longer afraid of the old people at the Manor, and Karen is happy that Nancy now has two grandmas- a pen pal grandma and an adopted grandma.  Karen is very happy with only four grandmas now. Grannie calls, and Karen can’t wait to talk to her own special grandma.

I have a few days off from work ( just to relax, not going anywhere great like Malibu or Disney World) and in that time I do hope to recap Freshman Heartbreak ( Winnie cheats on Josh- oooooh) and Sweet Valley Kids #32 Left Back.  I may also try to recap Little Miss Stoneybrook… and Dawn if I have time next week we will see.

And coming up-


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3 Responses to “BSC Little Sister #10- Karen’s Grandmothers”

  1. Wow, Karen’s a little shit, isn’t she? I’d want to learn the foxtrot!

    And I agree that I’d rather read a little sister book about anyone else. Becca would be pretty awesome because she felt more realistic, and I could relate to her much more because I was a shy but smart kid, too. I always related when Becca would get worried or upset about little things. Charlotte would have also made a good subject for a series except that she wasn’t anyone’s real little sister (even though she was Stacey’s honorary sister).

  2. Oh Karen, I would rather set my head on fire that spend one second with you.

    And to think I LOVED these books as a kid! Damn my 8 year old self!

  3. Oh, Karen Brewer, how I detest thee.
    What is wrong with this child?

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