Freshman Choices and News


Just in case you wanted to read what comes before ” Freshman Heartbreak”- here be the link for Freshman Choices!! 


See me later this week when I recap a Sweet Valley Kids book!  As you know, Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn are a comin’, as well as some Halloween themed books. Other books coming up are as follows- I am going to pretty much list upcoming books here, and I won’t be doing that for awhile so turn to this post to know what is coming until the NEW YEAR!! 🙂 ( yes I plan ahead but in case I get busier like if I get a new job which I may posting may be more sporadic, but this is the plan)

Sweet Valley Twins #4- Choosing Sides

The Unicorn Club #3- The Best Friend Game

The Fabulous Five #24- The Great TV Turn-off

Taffy Sinclair and the Melanie Make-over

Sweet Valley Twins #44- Amy Moves In

BSC Little Sister #15-Karen’s in Love

BSC #1- Kristy’s Great Idea

Sleepover Friends #11-Stephanie’s Family Secret

Sleepover Friends #26- The New Kate

Sweet Valley Kids #39- Ellen is home Alone

Freshman Dorm #27- Freshman Passion

BSC Little Sister Super Special- Karen’s Wish

Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper- The Case of the Secret Santa

Sweet Valley High Super Edition- Special Xmas

BSC #50- Dawn’s Big Date


5 Responses to “Freshman Choices and News”

  1. Is Karen in Love the one where she gets pretend married? Or does she fall for another guy leaving Ricky heartbroken?

    • girltalkread Says:

      Sadako- yep- Karen’s in Love is the one where Karen gets pretend married- and the book is utter shit. But I am sure you knew that already.

  2. Yup. Can I still hold out hope that one day we’ll unearth a copy of Karen’s Separation, Karen’s Pretend Alimony, and Karen and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Custody Arrangement?

  3. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my web-site something like that. Can I take portion of your post to my weblog?

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