Freshman Dorm #15-Freshman Heartbreak

The main story in this tale ( Freshman Dorm books always have about 5 plots going on at once) revolves around Winnie Gottlieb. Winnie feels that her relationship with Josh is getting boring, and Josh always puts his computers over her ( ya know, the same recurring themes in their whole relationship.) When Josh tells Winnie he’s not even sure if he will have time to take her to the Spring Formal, that is the final straw. Winnie has been flirting a little with a new guy on campus, Dimitri Costigan Broder, and Dimitri asks Winnie to go to dinner at the fancy Blue Whale restaurant, and Winnie accepts. Dimitri is everything Josh is not- cosmopolitan, sexy, and a real daredevil who adds excitement to Winnie’s life. After a romantic meal at the Blue Whale, Dimitri asks Winnie to meet him the next night ( Spring Formal night) at his friend’s cabin so they can ” spend the night.” Meanwhile, during that romantic dinner, Josh happened to be in town and saw Winnie with Dimitri and he is insanely jealous. Well, turns out that as Winnie is driving to the cabin, she changes her mind about spending the night with Dimitri when she gets lost, and Josh confronts her and tells Winnie he loves her so much, and Josh confronted Dimitri after that date, and told Dimitri he and Winnie were together, and Dimitri told Josh where Winnie would be, as Dimitri is not one to fool around with attached girls. So Winnie and Josh get a hotel room and lie in each other’s arms all night and they have made up. Dimitri, meanwhile, spots Lauren getting out of her Jeep, and asks Winnie to introduce him to Lauren at the end.

Other plots;

KC: KC has decided to study business in Italy with her boyfriend Peter, who has this huge opportunity to study photography there. KC is completely in love with Peter and so excited to go to Italy-until one day when KC sees her Grandma Rose entering the University hospital. KC is convinced Grandma Rose is really sick and never told her about her illness, so KC calls Grandma Rose and asks her to explain. KC and Grandma Rose meet for coffee, and Grandma tells KC she is not at all ill- but her son, KC’s father, has lung cancer and he has to get treatment for it. The cancer has spread, and the chances are not good. KC decides she has to be there for her father, and tells Peter she can’t join him in Italy. Peter is very upset, but he understands.

Faith: Faith is having issues with everyone in her life- her roommate, Liza, moved a DOG into their dorm room, which is against University regulations. The dog has ruined Faith’s trusty cowboy boots, and Liza refuses to get rid of the dog. Liza is also really snotty to Faith at rehearsals of Macbeth, as is Erin Grant, Faith’s bitchy RA. The director of the play, Lawrence Briscoe ( I do have a recap of Freshman Dorm #14 here on this site so look for it!!)  is also giving Faith hell- Lawrence made it so that Faith wouldn’t get in trouble with Erin for having alcohol on campus and Lawrence feels Faith ” owes him one” so Lawrence constantly talks down to Faith and makes her feel like shit. One day, Erin Grant ruins Faith’s overalls by ” accidentally’ spilling grape juice on them, and Liza causes an accident that ruins Faith’s suede jacket. Faith is also upset because her ” sort of” boyfriend Scott Sills isn’t able to take her to Spring Formal because his volleyball team won a huge tournament.

Lauren: Lauren and Dash are not back together- in fact, Dash brings another girl to the Spring Formal- a hot blonde girl. Lauren is still living in her dingy apartment and working long hours at Springfield Mountain Inn because Lauren’s mom cut her off completely when Lauren de-pledged Tri Beta as Lauren’s mom feels college is only worth attending if you are in a sorority. Then none of my friends, or me, had any business attending college! Lauren is completely devestated after seeing Dash with another girl, right as she thinks things may work out, when Faith runs to Lauren at work during the night of the Formal and gives Lauren a letter. Lauren’s dad writes her that he is very upset over what Lauren’s mom did and he can’t live with himself anymore- therefore, he has restored Lauren’s trust fund and Lauren is rich again! GOODBYE to her job, and goodbye to that nasty apartment! Lauren and Faith decide that Lauren can move in with Winnie once Melissa and Brooks get married, and Lauren can be back in the dorms as she always wanted.  Lauren buys Faith a new jacket, overalls and boots with her riches. Dimitri sees Lauren with  her new, expensive clothes on and in a Jeep… but the Lauren and Dimtri romance is to be covered another day.

I know this wasn’t a full recap as I usually do, but Freshman Dorm books can be long with all the plots, so this is what basically happened. I will try to put up a link to Frosh Dorm #14 so you can get background on Lawrence Briscoe and Erin Grant if you never have.

I do hope to fully recap ( it shouldn’t take long) Sweet Valley Kids #32 Left Back by the end of this week.  Next week- Little Miss Stoneybrook… and Dawn!! And for Halloween week- a recap of both SVT #3 The Haunted House and Sweet Valley Kids 23- Lila’s Haunted House party. November will bring awesome books such as Sweet Valley Twins #4 Choosing Sides,  Sweet Valley Twins #44 Amy Moves in and BSC Little Sister #15 Karen’s in Love!


4 Responses to “Freshman Dorm #15-Freshman Heartbreak”

  1. Dimitri Costigan Broder. What a name.

  2. I love how Faith’s entire subplot was about her clothing being destroyed. Cowboy boots, overalls, and a suede jacket? Erin and Liza, there’s no need to resort to grape juice. Next time just call Stacy and Clinton.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Sada thanks for your comments especially as you are one of the first readers we ever had back in the day! You may have even been the first to add Fitzie’s to the blogroll! Sadly I used to dress like Faith when these books came out- glad I don’t anymore 😉 Though the cowboy look is totally back in vogue this season. And I am glad you like the abbreviated recaps- they are easier to get done that’s for sure!

  3. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I like the abbreviated recap!

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