The Unicorn Club #3- The Best Friend Game

I never remember hearing about this series, the Unicorn Club, as a kid.  This book came out in 1994 and I know I still read Sweet Valley Twins sometimes, but I never remember that they had this series and I remember when SVU came out. Ah, well.  Having now read this book, I am very glad I never read these as a kid because the Unicorn Club book series sucks total ass. In this edition of Fitzie’s I am mostly going to provide some background and an intro to the Unicorn Club book series, and a short recap of what happens in this book.

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are now in seventh grade.  At the beginning of the year, the Unicorns had to pick a club president since Janet Howell is now in high school. Jessica and Lila both thought they should be president, apparently, and they participated in a ” dare war.” This  dare war pissed off Mr. Clark so bad that he said he would totally disband the Unicorns unless they did community service. Along those lines, Jessica and Lila decide the Unicorns need some new and nerdy blood.  The Unicorns have Elizabeth, Maria Slater, and Evie Kim join the club. Maria Slater, in case you do not remember, is the Sweet Valley Twins version of both Jessi Ramsey and Derek Masters. Maria is Jessi because she is black,  and Derek Masters because she’s a former child star. In sixth grade, Maria’s parents decide that Maria should lead a non kid actor, normal childhood life and they move to Sweet Valley.  Evie Kim is a 6th grader and I believe she is of Korean descent. Evie lives with her grandmother, and Grandma owns a vintage clothing shop that Mandy Miller loves to shop at. Evie’s parents are both dead I think- this book doesn’t explain where they are. The other members of this year’s Unicorn club are Jessica and Lila of course, Ellen Riteman, Mandy Miller ( Mandy the vintage clothing store gal who had a touch of the cancer in a Sweet Valley Twins book- I never read that book tho), and Mary Wallace ( Mary Wallace, formerly known as bitchy Mary Giaccio, then sweet Mary Robinson once her bio mom finds her after Mary has been in foster homes for years, and Mary Wallace once Mary’s mom marries this guy Tim who from what I recall is really hunky and likes tugboats.)  Ellen Riteman, by the way, is described as being totally ditzy, but also extremely sweet and loyal. Ummm Ellen was a HUGE bitch in 6th grade what happened? I have no idea what happened to Tamara Chase or Betsy Gordon as they’d be in eighth grade at this time ( guess they are just too boring?) and Kimberly Haver moved.  So that’s the Unicorn Club. They have a new image of being really sweet, caring and frankly I can’t believe I am saying this but they are BORING. They all had to volunteer at a daycare for low income kids, and even when that requirement of community service ended, the girls continue to do it because they have all bonded to the children. We know that Jessica is very tight with a black boy named Oliver, Elizabeth is close to the twins Sandy and Allison, and Lila is very close to a little girl named Ellie. 

Elizabeth Wakefield is the narrator of this book, and ugh I HATE the first person narration in these books- Elizabeth tries to sound wicked damn upbeat about everything ( or else is way melodramatic) and she goes on and on about how she and the other Unicorns are so different, yet they are all really close  and are best friends, and the Unicorn Club is not at all snotty and cliquey anymore. yeah we get it. By the way, the Unicorn Club all wear the same purple jackets with the club name on the back- VERY Pink Ladies.

OK time for the plot of this lame ass book.  A new game show is on TV called Best Friends. Basically two groups of best friends go on the show to find out which group of friends knows each other better, and whatever group knows each other inside and out wins a prize. The Unicorn Club is determined to be on the show, because they know for sure that all of them are best friends and they know each other REALLY well they know it! The Unicorn Club does make it onto the show, but so does a rival clique at Sweet Valley Middle School- the Eight Times Eight Club- a group of 8 girls who are what the old Unicorn Club used to be but also hella lame. The group leader is Amanda, and she always puts down the Unicorn Club. The Eight times eights all dress alike in plaid shirts and jeans all the time and all of them have blown dry straight hair and are quite conformist. Still, the Unicorn Club knows they are true friends and they will win the show. Before the show, the Unicorns all quiz each other about each other’s likes, dislikes and hopes and they feel very well rehearsed when the day of the show arrives. The girls all wear their purple jackets to the show. Originally, the Unicorns thought that on that day they’d be against some boys from another school, but due to last minute changes they are actually against the Eight Plus Eights!!!

The game show is a disaster- the Unicorns can’t even get one damn question right!!!!  The Eight Plus Eights CREAM them because they know every single thing about one another. Because the Unicorn Club lost at the game show and were humiliated on national TV, they all get into a big fight and don’t talk for awhile. But the girls are forced together when they all have to take the little ones to a high school football game ( yep the Unicorn Club is totally like all BSC now and it so doesn’t work) and they all decide that the reason they don’t know everything about one another is because all of them are so unique and they are all very different from one another. The Eight Plus Eights are all major clones of each other and of course they know everything about each other- because they are all wicked alike! The Unicorns are special because each member is so different.  Wow, this series is seeming soooo BSC now- Evie Kim- Claudia Kishi. Mandy Miller- I guess Kristy Thomas because she’s the president of the Unicorns. Maria Slater- Jessi Ramsey of course.  Jessica Wakefield- I’d say Stacey and I guess since Elizabeth is also blonde she could be Dawn.  Mary is apparently very sensitive, so I guess she’d be most like Mary Anne Spier.  Ellen and Lila are nothing like Mal Pike but it still fits I say! And Amanda is Cokie Mason!

I have a couple more of these books so I may or may not read and recap them for this blog, I may not. Really it’s up to you readers- more Unicorn Club or not?  In the meantime, I’ll be back by early next week I believe. I can’t believe I read all of those Sweet Valley themed books in a row. UGH  Well as you know I do have some more Sweet Valley Twins and Kids on the hopper,  and also coming up I will be soon recapping ” Kristy’s Great Idea” and a Little Sister book! As usual- STAY TUNED MY FRIENDS!


5 Responses to “The Unicorn Club #3- The Best Friend Game”

  1. I can’t imagine Jessica taking any little ones anywhere…other than, I don’t know, the town dump or somewhere. She’s even more self involved than STACEY–how is she a babysitter?

  2. i think the idea sucks ….

  3. By the same token, I can’t imagine a single sitter other than Claudia and Stacey doing anything nearly as fun as what the Unicorns seemed to do. (Well post CA Diaries Dawn, maybe.) I just feel like MA and Kristy would be all, “This is too much fun, we should knit a sweater for an old person instead. Or assemble a softball team for people in wheelchairs!” 😀

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