Freshman Dorm #27 Freshman Passion

I didn’t read Freshman Dorm books beyond about Book #22  ( in my first semester of college- yep I read a YA novel in college!) so I am glad I never knew until know how crappy the series became. I have read a few of the later books to recap on here at some point and much like other YA novels as they continue to write more, the books continue to get more and more shitty. It makes me wish the YA writers would quit while they were ahead and just end the series ( as it seemed Betsy Haynes did with the Fabulous Five) before it got to be super shitty and melodramatic- but noooooooo

Well, a lot has happened since I last reviewed a Freshman Dorm book. As everyone who has read other later Freshman Dorm books or read the recap I did on Freshman Dorm #19, in Freshman Dorm #18 Josh and Winnie got married. Josh and Winnie share a house with Clifford Bronton, the short guy who briefly dated the dancer Kimberly, Rich Greenfield, a speech pathology major who does ventriloquist acts with his puppet Greenwood and briefly dated Liza Ruff,  and well in this book we are introduced to a new roommate.  Winnie and Josh are having major financial difficulties- both are full time college students, and Winnie is now preggers with their first child. For some weird fucking reason neither one can even work part time due to their demanding schoolwork ( and ok granted I didn’t work in college other than in summers but a lot of my friends did- I had friends who practically worked full time and attended college full time not unheard of especially if you are married and pregnant!) and they are getting tired of constantly having to ask both sets of parents for cash.  Meanwhile, Josh also bought a motorcycle recently and Winnie keeps begging Josh to sell the motorcycle a buy a station wagon, especially sinc e the gyno told Winnie it’s dangerous to be on a motorcycle while pregnant.

Well, to solve part of their financial woes, Winnie figures they can find another housemate.  Then Fredericka Barstow, aka Freddie, walks into Winnie’s life- well she walks into the crisis hotline building where Winnie volunteers. Freddie says she desperately needs a place to live so about 5 minutes later, Winnie tells Freddie she is more than welcome to move in. Freddie is a chemical engineering major and LOVES computers and motorcycles- you see where this will go don’t you?

Well, as anyone could have predicted, Freddie starts completely moving in on Josh- she wears sexy nighties around him and is always available to hang out with Josh.  And Josh and Winnie are having marital troubles as it is- Winnie is so obsessed with the pregnancy it is all she talks about. And because Winnie is pregnant,Winnie refuses to go to any parties or have sex with Josh. Winnie also keeps scheduling doctor appointments while Josh has classes even though Josh keeps telling her he wants to be there. As Winnie and Josh get into more and more arguments, and Winnie keeps turning Josh down for sex, one night after Josh is dissed, he and Freddie share a passionate kiss. Josh feels terrible about that and decides he does have to do his best to stick things out with Winnie especially as they are having a child together. Winnie finally sees that she is completely losing Josh ( after Freddie pretty much tells Winnie that she and Josh are spending tons of time together and Josh will soon be hers) and she decides she will attend Liza Ruff’s party. Liza is having a huge dorm party to celebrate her debut on some sitcom produced by Rich Greenfield’s dad. Everyone is to come to the party dressed as a TV character. Faith goes as a character from Little House on the Prairie.  ( yeah big stretch for Faith). Melissa is to go as Bugs Bunny and her boyfriend Danny as Ironside because Danny is in a wheelchair. Liza is Lucille Ball of course. Josh goes as a Star Trek character, and Freddie is Kelly Taylor from 90210. Winnie decides to go as a sexy alien girl from Star Trek to get Josh back. It does work, and Winnie agrees to be spontaneous with Josh after the party and go on his motorcycle despite Josh saying they can just walk back to the dorm and he wants to be rid of the motorcycle tomorrow so he can save their marriage. Winnie says one time on the cycle won’t hurt- and well guess what- as again anyone could have predicted especially as the book pretty much gives it away on the back cover- Winnie and Josh do get into a motorcycle accident and neither one gets THAT hurt but Winnie loses the baby!!!! And the book ends with Winnie’s miscarriage.

Well of course no Freshman Dorm book is complete without about 100 subplots.  Melissa McDormand is now dating Danny, Mr. Wheelchair man that she hooked up with in Freshman Obsession, when Melissa was on ‘roids. Melissa and Danny are having issues because Danny keeps thinking Melissa will leave him for an able bodied man- specifically, Danny’s own brother Ted who is a major athlete and very flirty. Ted actually does try to flirt with Melissa hardcore to see if Melissa will go for it so Ted can see if Melissa actually loves Danny. But Melissa just tells Ted that she really loves Danny and she wishes Danny would ” let her in” and trust her more. Ted reveals to Melissa that in Danny’s senior year of high school he got into a major car accident that cost him the ability to walk, and Danny’s girlfriend at the time ( they were going to go to Northwestern together) dumped him upon learning of his injuries which does suck ass, so Danny has had a hard time trusting women since. Melissa goes to Danny about this, and they make up and are as a tight a couple as ever.

Brooks is participating in the game Assasin, a popular game in college dorms that I never played, whereby you follow someone around ( whose name you pick) tag them with a sticker or whatever, and ” kill” them. Ted suggests to Brooks that Assasins is a great way to meet women and Brooks is really wanting a new girlfriend.  The girl Brooks is searching for is named Angela Beth Whitman and she’s pledging a sorority full of blonde Midwestern girls who wear lots of pink and green. As Brooks tries to find Angela Beth, he keeps running into a sorority sister of her, Carmen Fuentes, who has long, dark, curly hair and teases Brooks a lot. Well finally- we learn that Carmen Fuentes and Angela Beth are the same woman! When Brooks first met Angela Beth she said her name was Carmen Fuentes which is her mom’s name because Brooks was with Ted and Angela Beth didn’t want Ted the womanizer knowing her real name. Angela Beth’s dad’s family is straight off the Mayflower, and her mom is Latina hence the name and her looks. Angela Beth and Brooks become a couple.

Dash Ramirez was apparently almost thrown out of school because he was framed for starting a fire at the Tri Beta house- turns out Lauren investigated and found out it was a bunch of skinheads who started it, and the skinheads were out to get Dash. Despite Lauren clearing Dash’s name, people at school still avoid him and Dash is ready to just leave U of S and transfer to another school and never tells Lauren. And Lauren and Dash broke up AGAIN because Dash was convinced Lauren was doing some reporter but Lauren was not doing that reporter. Lauren finally convinces Dash of this the night of Liza’s costume party, and Lauren and Dash get back together and Dash decides that with Lauren’s support, he can stay at U of S. I used to love Lauren and Dash together but their constant make up and break up shit now drives me bananas!

In this coming week, I do hope to recap ” Kristy’s Great Idea” for you! In the next few weeks, I have a couple of Sweet Valley High books coming up ( specifically ” Kidnapped” and ” Playing with Fire” ) a Sweet Valley Twins book named ” Amy Moves In” and 2 Sleepover Friends books- ” Stephanie’s Family Secret” and ” the New Kate.”


3 Responses to “Freshman Dorm #27 Freshman Passion”

  1. God, I had no idea these books went that high. I think I read maybe the first three. And those were bad enough.

  2. Oh God, I LOVED Freshman Dorm. I’ve been reading your site for a while, but the FD recaps always catch my eye. I’ve been trying to acquire the whole series on ebay, and I’m almost there, but have only re-read about the first 15.

    So ridiculous, but I can’t help loving these characters. It might be my fave YA series.

    Keep up the great recaps!

    • girltalkread Says:

      Frist of all I want your sass- GREAT name! thanks for the praise I always love to have new readers!!!!! I think Freshman Dorm is my favorite YA series too but yes I find it sort of tough to find the books on Ebay- I think Amazon has a lot of them so I may get them.

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