Amy Sutton is diagnosable- or SVT #44 Amy Moves In

I had every intention of doing a full recap of this book. But then I realized time is sort of the essence as I want to recap a few more books before getting to my December YA novel Xmas bonanza, and I don’t really have much time this week for blogging so in that regard I am just really going to summarize this book and give my impressions.

Elizabeth is over at Amy’s house one night working on a big science  project. Amy asks Liz to sleep over so they can put some finishing touches on the project but Mrs. Wakefield says no because the family hasn’t had dinner together in a long time and Mrs. Wakefield wants the Wakefield clan to go to the Valley Inn for dinner. The next morning at school, Caroline Pearce keeps talking about how there was a big fire at Amy’s house but Elizabeth keeps telling Caroline she knows nothing about any fire at Amy’s house. When Elizabeth gets home, she finds out that Amy is there- and will be staying for awhile- because there was a big fire at Amy’s house and the whole house burned down. Amy also broke her arm because when Amy was running out of the house to escape from the fire, Amy tripped over her shoelace. Amy is really embarassed about the fact that she broke her arm by tripping over her shoelace, so when the Unicorn Club comes over asking Amy how she broke her arm, Amy tells this huge lie and claims she broke her arm jumping out of a window and landing on a net wrong. Amy also claims she was surrounded by tons of smoke and had a very narrow escape, but none of that is true.  Amy loves the attention that the Unicorns are now giving Amy because Amy is the talk of the school due to the fire, so Amy goes on and on about her narrow escape from the fire, and Amy chooses to always hang out with the Unicorns rather than with Elizabeth. As Amy is basking in the glow of Unicorn attention and makeovers ( Lila and Jessica decide to lend Amy tons of purple clothes as Amy lost a lot of clothes in the fire, and braid her hair and put some makeup on her) Amy either completely ignores Liz or always orders her around. In one scene, Elizabeth is having lunch with Julie, Sophia and Nora and Amy makes Liz stop having lunch to get a book out of Amy’s locker as Amy can’t do some things for herself due to having her arm broken. But even as Amy’s arm is healing and she can do more things for herself, she still wants Elizabeth to always do it for her. Amy also refuses to help Elizabeth on the science project ( that burned in the fire) and Elizabeth gets so frustrated she decides to just do the project alone.  Amy keeps slacking off on schoolwork to hang out with the Unicorns and her teachers are getting frustrated.

We get a lot of Amy’s introspection in this novel- we will hear about Amy bitchery, followed by her innermost thoughts. Amy, you see, is convinced that she started the fire ( oh Amy you didn’t start the fire it was always burning as the world’s been turning- OK sorry) because Amy had started a fire in the fireplace before the fire, and dumped the ashes in a bag and didn’t dispose of them properly. Amy is constantly terrified that her parents will find out that Amy caused the fire. Amy also feels a little uncomfy about ditching Liz and her other friends for the Unicorns,but she does love the attention she is getting. Amy also cries a lot at night but tries to choke back her tears, and is really upset over losing her house. I would guess that based on Amy having a lot of flashbacks over the fire, crying at night, and turning against Elizabeth to be with the Unicorns, Amy may have some post traumatic stress disorder but of course Amy never gets therapy for this. It doesn’t sound like her parents do either even though it seems Amy’s parents are very distraught too. And I  have to love that the Sutton parents stay with other relatives and just dump Amy off on the Wakefields. They barely even seem to see Amy while they are living in different houses.

One day Amy really freaks out when Mrs. Sutton says that the i nsurance company is coming back with the report of how the fire happened- Amy is convinced her parents will know the truth and will never forgive her for the loss of their house. Amy is also not really digging hanging out with the Unicorns anymore, because the Unicorns start to ignore Amy in favor of Brooke Dennis- Brooke’s dad is a major Hollywood screenwriter and is having this big party where he’s inviting the cast of  the movie Car Capers. Mr. Dennis is celebrating the great job Alice Wakefield did designing his home, basically, and wants to show off his Spanish tile.  The Unicorns all really want to be invited so they totally all over Brooke and kissing her ass. Lila, Ellen and Jessica go shopping at the mall with Amy to get Amy new clothes and Jessica is a little peeved because instead of wanting to help Amy ( Jess feels that Amy staying at Jessica’s house makes her more popular in front of the Unicorns) Lila and Ellen want to help Brooke buy decorations and food for Mr. Dennis’ party. Amy also gets annoyed because Lila and Ellen keep suggesting that Amy buy dressy clothes and shop at designer stores.  After Amy realizes that Elizabeth was right and the Unicorns were only paying attention to Amy because she was the big story at school,  Amy decides to make up with Elizabeth and tells Liz her fears about the fire. Amy is soon relieved because Mrs. Sutton calls and says the fire was caused by really old, faulty wiring not anything that Amy did.  The book ends with Jessica telling Amy and Elizabeth that Ellen is entering a horse riding competition and is determined to win. And I thought Lila was the one with the horse?

So as usual in Sweet Valley world, a character has something traumatic happen to her, and no one ever thinks that she should get some therapy or even talk to a school social worker. I bet Sweet Valley kids are so awesome that they don’t even need a school social worker, despite all of the murders and kidnappings among the Sweet Valley teen population.

As a kid, I sort of liked this book but I wasn’t really even an Amy Sutton fan back then ( though I preferred Sweet Valley Twins Amy to SVH Amy for sure) so I didn’t read this book that much. I do love the cover and how Amy’s cast is covered with purple drawings of Unicorns, and Amy has total bitch face. It’s almost a preview to bitchy SVH Amy.

Well, only a few more books until my December Christmas spectacular- Sleepover Friends #26 the New Kate, SVH #3 Playing with Fire, and SVH #13  Kidnapped ( aka another example of an SVH character who never gets therapy despite being fuckin kidnapped- it”s barely even ever mentioned again!!)

And congrats to the Chick Manifesto for picking me as one of the winners of the Flowers in the Attic/Petals in the Wind book! I am so excited to receive it!!

Happy Thanksgiving one and all as I doubt I will be posting anything before then. I will try to get to ” The New Kate” by Sunday or Monday of next week.


3 Responses to “Amy Sutton is diagnosable- or SVT #44 Amy Moves In”

  1. Lila and Ellen both have horses. Lila had a chestnut quarter horse called Thunder, whom she sold to a stablehand. Ellen had an arab mare called Snow White who had a baby whose life was saved by the new hick in town, Ginny Lu, thus earning her vague acceptance from the Unicorns. The baby was, as far as I know, never referenced again.

    …I should be embarrassed that I know that, right?

    • girltalkread Says:

      Molly I totally forgot about Ellen having a horse and the Ginny Lu story until you mentioned that! The Ginny Lu book is one of the few Sweet Valley Twins’ books I don’t have-though I remember reading it tons as a kid! ” the coonhoods bayed and bayed” is all I can remember! children of 90’s- I also feel this book was definitely written as foreshadowing to the SVH Amy Sutton.

  2. I’m glad you mentioned it, because the whole time I was reading thinking, “Is this foreshadowing to the SVH Amy Sutton character?” That probably means I’m on nostalgic YA lit overload.

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