Sleepover Friends #26- The New Kate

There is really not much to this book. Kate is going to the famous ” city” for the weekend with the video club for a project. The other Sleepover Friends tease Kate because her crush, Taylor Sprouse, will be there and Taylor is this sixth grader who thinks his shit don’t stink, and he really adores himself. He also always wears bandannas and all black clothing.  Lauren, Patti and Steph are very excited because this weekend, while Kate will be gone, Bitsy invited them to sleep over at her big farm house with the basement full of gym equiptment ( Bitsy’s two brothers Biff and Bill- yes these people named their kids BIFF AND BITSY!!- are on the high school wrestling team and have to work a lot) and a hot tub, and Bitsy’s mom makes a great German chocolate cake.

Lauren, Patti and Stephanie go on and on about how fun Bitsy’s house will be, as Kate says that she feels she’s sort of boring and Stephanie and Lauren are kind of like ” well that’s you Kate- steady and predictable.”

Well when Kate comes back from her weekend trip ( and yes per Lauren Bitsy’s sleepover is amazing) there starts a plot that is completely recycled from the Sleepover Friends book ” Patti’s New Look” which was my favorite one as a kid but I don’t have that one now. For a recap on that book go to my links under ” Sleepover Friends Forever”- Zanne recapped it long ago, and I hate wheat at Dairi Burger may have as well. Basically, Kate returns to school wearing ripped jeans and off the shoulder sweatshirts, saying things like ” totally, man” and ” boss” and being sort of aloof and acting like she’s too cool for Stephanie, Patti and Lauren. Lauren thinks maybe Kate is upset because Taylor Sprouse has been seen hanging out with the prettiest sixth grader in school, Carly Anson, a lot. They are also a little confused because Kate had claimed Taylor would totally be at the Video Club trip and when Kate was away for the weekend, Stephanie saw Taylor at the mall.

The girls have to do their clown act complete with a videotape of the performance for Mrs. Wainwright’s niece- Mrs. Wainwright is the principal of the school. They do a birthday party  for another little boy the day before and Kate keeps shooting at weird angles and even shooting from the floor- you can almost see up a boy’s nose in one shot! Stephanie is completely freaked because she thinks if Mrs. Wainwright hears about this awful tape she may cancel the clowns! Well it turns out this other boy’s mom loved Kate’s weird videotaping techniques, because the way she filmed it’s as if the kids were floating in space and it was a spaced themed party. So Mrs. Wainwright WANTS Kate to film the party the same way for her niece’s party.

Well, long story short, Kate knew that Taylor liked Carly, and she’s fine with it. The kids at Video Club did see a movie that Taylor filmed but Taylor was not on the trip. Kate wanted to get a new look and attitude because she felt she was too boring ( just like Patti did!) and predictable. Once Lauren, Patti and Stephanie say they adored Kate just as she was, Kate goes back to being her old self.

I cannot believe Susan Saunders used the same plot twice in her books! Did she ever have ghostwriters write these Sleepover Friends books? Does anyone know?

Sorry this was so short if anyone is upset but there really wasn’t much to this book and wow to me after about Book 20 the Sleepover Friends really started to suck.

Stay tuned- early next week I have every intention of COMPLETELY recapping ” Playing With Fire” – ya know the great book where Jessica is GAGA and I mean GAGA over Bruce Patman!


One Response to “Sleepover Friends #26- The New Kate”

  1. “Taylor is this sixth grader who thinks his shit don’t stink, and he really adores himself.” I think that pretty much sums up the guys I went to school with back in that grade.

    What kind of shitty parents name their children Biff and Bitsy?!?! They’re human beings, not dogs!

    Ooo, I can’t wait for “Playing With Fire”. Any Sweet Valley snark makes me happy.

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