BSC Little Sister #1- Super Special- Karen’s Wish

Andrew is watching a commercial on TV at the little house. Andrew wants a Dyno- Car for Christmas. Karen tells the captive readers out there that a Dyno Car is a little racecar that explodes when it runs into a wall or something.  Then Andrew and Karen sing the whole ” Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg” song.  Karen stops singing suddenly because a Baby Grow a Tooth commercial is on TV, and Karen wants a Baby Grow a Tooth doll for Christmas. Baby Grow a Tooth pretty much sounds like of the ” Baby Alive” of my sister’s youth ( my sister will be 26 on January 4th btw).  Karen and Andrew are both very excited over Christmas. This year, they will spend Christmas Eve at Watson’s house aka the big house and Christmas Day at the ” little house” aka Karen’s mom and stepdad’s house, where Karen and Andrew live most of the time.  We also hear that a week ago, Karen and Andrew had to have Thanksgiving dinner twice in a day at both the little and big house. Karen is already sick of turkey.

Now we have the Chapter 2 ” two two ” junk. BLECH. Now Karen is playing at Nancy’s house.  Nancy and Karen are playing Nintendo and Nancy keeps winning, because Karen doesn’t have Nintendo at her house. Karen says to Nancy maybe she will ask for Nintendo for Christmas.  Nancy then says she can ask for Nintendo games for Hannukah. Karen is all ” oh too bad you don’t celebrate Xmas Nancy then you’d get your games sooner nah nah nah nah” God Karen SUCKS-  OK she is seven but a genius seven year old, right? When I was seven there were probably like two Jewish kids in my whole town, and I knew kids got gifts at Hannukah!  Nancy tells Karen that she gets presents at Hannukah.  Nancy says Hannukah comes before Christmas so she will get her gifts before Karen does. Wench Karen thinks to herself that she feels sooooo very sorry for Nancy because Karen is sure to get many more Christmas presents than Nancy will get Hannukah presents.  Nancy then says to Karen she wishes Karen celebrated Hannukah, because it would be nice if Karen and Nancy celebrated the same holiday. Karen thinks to herself that would be awful because Christmas is just the raddest. Nancy says she wants Baby Grow a Tooth for Hannukah.  Karen says she also wants Paddington Bear books ( I want a Paddington Bear so bad actually) and an art kit, the book the Polar Express, and also more Bobbsey Twins books.  Nancy wants the book the Witches by Roald Dahl- damn I HEART that book!

When Karen gets home, her mom is on the phone. Mom says to Karen it’s her dad on the phone and Karen goes and talks to Watson.  Watson has bad news- Nannie fell down and broke her hip! Nannie has to be in the hospital for several weeks. Karen is devestated- what if Nannie isn’t home in time for Christmas?  Karen’s mom suggests that Karen talk to Kristy because Karen is so mopey, as it may make Karen feel better to talk to Kristy.  Kristy tells Karen Nannie may be in the hospital for at least three weeks because Nannie broke her hip pretty badly and she may need surgery.  Kristy also says Karen can’t visit Nannie in the hospital because kids aren’t allowed in the special part of the hospital where Nannie is.  Karen is very upset because she remembers that Kristy’s friend Claudia’s grandma went to the hospital and died there and Karen is all thinking ” please don’t die, Nannie.”

Karen and Andrew write their letters to Santa one night and send them ” up the chimney” by putting the paper over the fireplace flames so the list shoots up the chimney. That is sort of cool.  Karen writes to Santa that she has a Christmas wish that Nannie will come out of the hospital before Christmas. 

It’s a big house weekend. Usually, Karen loves weekends at Watson’s. But this weekend Karen is not looking very forward to the weekend because Nannie won’t be there.  Karen is mopey all Friday night. On Saturday, Kristy is baby sitting and suggests that Andrew, Karen, Emily and David Michael all make Christmas tree ornaments.  Kristy says they can make the ornaments to surprise Nannie when she comes home.  Nannie then calls and Karen answers the call. Nannie says she will be home the week before Christmas and Karen says ” promise”‘ and Nannie says she promises to be home by that time.

Karen is in school and Ms. Colman, the best teacher in the world according to Karen, says that the children can make decorations for Christmas  and Hannukah.  Nancy gives a Hannukah lesson to Hannie and Karen as they work on decorations. In Nancy’s house, the kids get one presents on seven nights, and lots of gifts on the eighth night of Hannukah. Hannukah started because a mean king named Antiochus wanted everyone to follow his religion.  The Jewish people did not want to do that.  The Jewish people decided to fight back. Their leaders were a family called the Maccabees.  They fought for several years and they won!  There was peace in their land. But the soldiers took over the Temple of Jerusalem, and the Jews wanted it back.  They needed to light a menorah and have the light burn , but the Jews had very little oil. But amazingly enough the oil kept that light burning for eight nights! That is why Hannukah lasts eight nights and is called the Festival of Lights.  Nancy’s story gives Karen the idea to get Nancy a present. Karen always exchanges Christmas gifts with Hannie, but she also wants to get a gift for Nancy this year.  Karen decides she will get Nancy Book #53 of the Bobbsey Twins. Karen and Nancy have both been looking for Book #53 forever and cannot find it! So Karen decides to look for that book for Nancy for a gift.  The book is called the Bobbsey Twins and the Mystery Cave. Karen’s mom agrees she will help Karen look for that book and if there are two copies, she will get Karen a book as well. Karen has to go to quite a few bookstores the next day, but finally one bookstore has ONE copy of that particular Bobbsey Twins book! So Karen buys it for Nancy.

Karen, Nancy, Andrew, Seth and Karen’s mom go to get a Christmas tree together the next day and of course they find the perfect tree. After bringing the tree home, Karen’s mom makes Christmas cookies. Nancy asks Karen if Christmas is only about Christmas gifts, cookies and trees  and Karen thinks that Christmas is much more than that.  Karen tells Nancy there is a special Christmas story, just as there is a Hannukah story.  Basically, the Archangel Gabriel tells Mary she is pregnant with the child of God.  As Mary and Joseph travel through Bethlehem they cannot find a place to stay. An innkeeper finally says they can stay in his stable.  That night, Mary gives birth to God’s son and they name him Jesus. The Three Wise Men find baby Jesus by following a bright star in the sky and they give the baby gold, frankincense and myrrh. I am sure I spelled the last 2 wrong- ah well. Let me just say though that the story of the Nativity at the Rockette’s Xmas spectacular is beautiful, and that is no joke.  Nancy asks about the story of Santa Claus. Shit, Nancy, haven’t you ever seen ” Santa Claus is coming to Town?” The Bergermeister wanted to ban toys, and Kris Kringle was all fuck you Berger man and made toys for kids anyway! HELLO!  Or else ummm per Karen’s mom there was a kind bishop named Saint Nicholas who wanted to tell people about Christ. Not everyone liked this, so Saint Nicholas was put in jail.  He was even kinder when he left prison and there were all sorts of stories about how Saint Nicholas was especially kind to children.  Over the years the stories have changed and people in different countries believe different things. Karen is all ” we know Santa lives in the North Pole with Rudolph right Mommy?” Yeah shut up Karen.  Then Nancy tells Karen more about Hannukah- like about driedel games and lighting the menorah each night.  During the lighting of the menorah, the family says Jewish blesssings and they sing songs in Hebrew.  The driedel says four different words that mean “a great miracle happened there.”  Nancy’s favorite driedel game is that you put six nuts or raisins in the center. If the top points to nun it means ” nothing” so you get nothing. Gimmel means everything so you take all the nuts or raisins. Heh means you take half, and shin means you add to the pile. Whoever has the most nuts or raisins wins. One also eats potato latkes at Hannukah.  We then hear that Karen will be able to spend the last night of Hannukah with Nancy’s family, and Nancy will spend Christmas with Karen’s family. Dibbly fresh.

Karen is making a Christmas list when Watson calls. He has some bad news.  Nannie developed a staph infection and has a sore throat and fever and has to be in the hospital until she feels better.  Watson is not sure if Nannie will be home for Christmas.  Karen is not too happy with this development.  Karen is upset about Nannie but still excited for Christmas. Karen watches Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and is counting down the days.

Karen, Andrew, Nancy and Hannie get a snow day!!! They all play in the snow together and Karen learns Nancy got two books for the first night of Hannukah but thankfully not the Bobbsey Twins book.  It’s now the eighth night of Hannukah in the next chapter. Nancy, her parents, and Grandma B are all at Nancy’s house with Karen. Grandma B is Nancy’s adopted grandma ( see my recap on ” Karen’s Grandmothers” for more info).  Nancy’s parents, Nancy and Grandma B sing songs in Hebrew as the light the menorah.  Nancy and Karen play a driedel game and Nancy wins three times. Nancy also gives Karen and driedel for her and Andrew to play at home.  Nancy got a lot of gifts at Hannukah- Baby Grow a Tooth, Nintendo games, and a skirt.  Karen got two gifts from Mr. and Mrs.  Dawes as well- barettes for Karen’s hair, and ribbons.  Karen gives Nancy her present at Nancy just stares at it- Karen hopes nothing is wrong with the book! Then Karen and Nancy both get gelt- those chocolate coins- yummm. And Hannukah is over.

It’s Christmas Eve and Karen is bummed because when she gets to the big house, Nannie won’t be there. Karen only had one darn Christmas wish and it didn’t come true.  Karen and Andrew admire the tree when after awhile, Elizabeth says she’s going on a ” secret mission.” What can it be? 

Daddy and Elizabeth bring Nannie home! Now, I am sorry but for an elderly person that breaks her hip- she’d need rehab. And would probably be in a nursing home at least short term. I doubt she’d come home right after being in the hospital. But now it means Karen’s wish comes true and Nannie is home from the hospital!  After the family has a dinner of clam chowder and turkey, Karen reads ” the Night Before Christmas” to the family and then Watson reads the Christmas story from the Bible. Elizabeth makes hot cocoa as the big house family goes to open their gifts. Karen got lots of books and Baby Grow A Tooth.  Nannie even made Andrew a hat and Karen leg warmers that she made while in the hospital.  Karen then writes a note to Santa from Andrew, Emily and Karen and leaves Santa cookies.

It’s Christmas at 6:30 am!  Karen and Andrew open their stockings and they have candy, small toys and walnuts in them. The big house family opens all of their gifts.  Boo Boo goes nuts over catnip he received.  The family eats Christmas coffee cake for breakfast.  Then, Karen and Andrew are due to leave to celebrate Christmas with the little house family. As Karen gets to her house, Nancy comes running holding a present that looks VERY familiar to Karen.

At Karen’s house, Karen’s mom has a stocking for Nancy and Nancy is very excited. Karen said having a driedel made her excited as well.  Karen got clothes, books and a game called Sorry, plus her art kit ( BTW I love the game Sorry).  Then Karen opens her gift from Nancy- know why it’s familiar? Admittedly this is sort of cool- Nancy got Karen the SAME Bobbsey Twins book!  Best friends think alike and they agree it’s been the best Hannukah and best Christmas ever!  Karen then makes a Christmas list for next year as she never made one this year- yeah seh got interrupted with Watson’s call about Nannie.

Karen wishes for all of her family to be healthy for next year, to celebrate Hannukah with Nancy, everyone in her two families to be home for Christmas, no more plane crashes, bombs or wars, for everyone in the world to have homes to live in, for Ricky Torres to propose to Karen ( well Karen THAT wish comes true- see ” Karen’s In Love!!” ) and for three Madame Alexander dolls.  The back of this book has holiday games that Karen loves for you to try! Joy.

Tomorrow, if not by the end of the week at the latest, I will be recapping a Christmas themed Sweet Valley Kids book.  Then for next week it will be ” Sweet Valley High Super Special- Special ( or Sucky) Christmas.” After that book is recapped, I will be back by the end of 2009 to recap BSC #50- Dawn’s Big Date! And the first book of the new year- look forward to THIS in 2010- Sweet Valley Twins #42, Jessica’s Secret!


9 Responses to “BSC Little Sister #1- Super Special- Karen’s Wish”

  1. Baby Grow a Tooth is so incredibly creepy sounding. Is that just me?

    • girltalkread Says:

      Well Baby Alive, liked, pooped herself when she got fed!! Though yeah Baby Grow A Tooth must grow teeth- yeah both dolls seem freaky to me!

    • I could swear there was some sort of teething doll back in the day. Not when I was young enough to play with dolls, but I swear I remember seeing ads for it when I was older. And it was indeed fucking creepy.

  2. Is it just me or does Karen seem *gasp* HUMAN in this book?

    • girltalkread Says:

      Yeah she does ALMOST seem human- other than in the beginning where she’s all ” woe is Nancy she doesn’t celebrate Xmas”- I wanted to smack Karen for that. But at least she wanted Nannie to get better.

  3. I’m glad that Nancy’s family celebrates Hannukah in the most stereotypical way. In other words, the way all WASPS think that Hannukah is celebrated because that’s how we learned about it in elementary school. Latkes! Dreidl games! Hebrew prayers!

    Also this:” The Bergermeister wanted to ban toys, and Kris Kringle was all fuck you Berger man and made toys for kids anyway” is totally the true story of Santa.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Of COURSE it is Nikki!!!! And Mrs. Claus’s real name is Jessica, and she had one hot ass when she was young!! 😉 And the Heat Miser and Snow Miser control the weather under the tutelage of Mother Nature! This is all obvious!

  4. If my seven year old asked for Madame Alexander dolls, I’d laugh in her face. I collected those dolls for years – I still love them, but I’m having to sell a fair bit of my collection because I just don’t have the space – and they are NOT cheap. Nor are they for playing with. What kind of upbringing did AMM have that her Mary Sue would want boring collectibles? Unless she was so rich she had MA dolls and played with them.

    Admittedly I’ve given some to my cousins’ daughters – and they’ve all been put away or on a shelf out of the kids’ reach until they’re old enough to keep from trashing them. The twins just turned seven, and I just can’t see them ASKING for something like that. *shrugs*

    • girltalkread Says:

      Yeah I also thought a seven year old asking for a Madame Alexander doll was NUTS- they are NOT toys, and NOT cheap!

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