Sweet Valley High Super Edition- Special Christmas

Wow- this book was just so craptacular. I really liked reading the Super Snooper Christmas book, and even Karen acted somewhat human in ” Karen’s Wish.” But wow this is utter SHIT- not as shitty as that Sweet Valley Twins’ Christmas book that I read about 30 pages of before I tossed it aside and anger and disgust ( basically these two dolls that Jess and Liz’s grandparents give them come to life and take them on some acid trip adventure- man it’s shitty) but shitty nonetheless.

OK- so the main plot in this book is that Suzanne Devlin is visiting the Wakefield family at Christmastime.  We first meet Suzanne in Book #11- Too Good to Be True- where Suzanne accuses Roger Collins of rape and steals Elizabeth’s prize laveliere necklace that Elizabeth and Jess got for their sixteenth birthdays- yep we know all about those darn necklaces. Jessica did not meet Suzanne at that time because it was some exchange that while Suzanne was visiting the Wakefields that time, Jessica was in New York City visiting Suzanne’s family- and Suzanne’s boyfriend almost rapes Jessica. Sooo… supposedly Suzanne wants to visit Sweet Valley and the Wakefields because she’s totally changed her wicked ways and wants to apologize to the Wakefields and the whole town for how rotten she has been. But no one in Sweet Valley is exactly prepared to forgive Suzanne- so in revenge Jessica plots with Aaron Dallas ( he was really into Suzanne and I guess she dissed him) that Aaron will tell Suzanne to meet him at a party but they will give her totally fucked up directions and she will get lost in the middle of nowhere. Well, Suzanne does so, but then Suzanne gets all drowsy and falls asleep behind the wheel and crashes. Also, Suzanne has a BIG secret- Suzanne wants to make amends to everyone because Suzanne is REALLY sick- she was just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and has to take all kinds of meds. Alice Wakefield knows all about this but has chosen not to tell the twins because Suzanne doesn’t want anyone to know. Alice is so upset that a beautiful girl like Suzanne has to be afflicted with such a terrible disease whereby Suzanne may go blind and wet her pants- horror!!! Well, as Suzanne is rushed to the hospital and examined, we then learn that Suzanne’s fancy New York doctor totes fucked up and Suzanne has been tired all the time and clumsy because she had undiagnosed MONO- NOT MS!!!!! What kind of quack doctor is this?

Elizabeth has been so forward to Todd visiting from Vermont for Xmas. Todd has a secret of his own- he fell in love with Suzanne Devlin while both of them were skiing in Vermont. Liz had no idea about this until Liz sees Todd look at Suzanne with ” a lot of love in his eyes” in the hospital, and Todd and Elizabeth have a tearful breakup once Elizabeth sees that Todd is now out of love with Elizabeth and in love with Suzanne.

In another plot, Jessica is determined to be Miss Christmas, and is convinced this exchange student Hans is her Secret Santa at school, and is in love with her.  Jessica becomes Miss Christmas and makes Lila be an elf on the float. Jessica is also wicked upset once she finds out that the boy who bought her tons of romantic gifts was NOT Hans- it was Winston Egbert! And Hans had Lila for Secret Santa, and likes Lila. Yeah, because Lila kicks ass. And Bill Chase got Olivia for a Secret Santa, and his idea of a great gift was having the men’s swim sing to Olivia in their swim trunks at the Dairi Burger. Awesome.

God, this book was BORING- and what a fuckin quacky ass doc who mistook mono for MS!!! GRRRR!! And naturally Todd had to come back to Cali and hide the fact that he is in love with someone else- and it’s none other than the changed Suzanne Devlin. Now, I swear I have ” Too Good to be True” buried somewhere in my closet- maybe I will recap it someday. Or maybe not.

Time for my break- as you know, I will be on a holiday break until close to the New Year- definitely at least till Christmas. And I shall return with a recap of ” Dawn’s Big Date” BSC #50.  After that look for these titles:

Sweet Valley Twins #42- Jessica’s Secret

Freshman Dorm #20- Freshman Affair

Sweet Valley Twins #68- The Middle School Gets Married

BSC #87 – Stacey and the Bad Girls

Sleepover Friends #27- Where’s Patti?


5 Responses to “Sweet Valley High Super Edition- Special Christmas”

  1. Does anyone actually confuse mono with MS?!? When it comes to a diagnosis, I mean.

    Hope you have a good break.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Well it’s not really a break from work or anything- just from the blog. I recapped all the xmas books I wanted to and Dawn’s Big Date takes place during the New Year so I figured I’d recap it closer to New Year’s!!!! Though my birthday is Dec 23- next week already- and I am treating myself to a massage and facial for my bday!

  2. Off topic but lavaliere always makes me think of that line in the musical Chicago. 😀

    • Lindsay a.k.a Busty St. Clair Says:

      Now I picture Renee Zellweger dancing and singing “Think of those autographs I’ll sign “Good luck to you, Roxie”. And I’ll appear in a lavaliere That goes all the way down to my waist.

      I also wanted to know how a doc could confuse MS with mono.

  3. I actually just finished re-reading Special Christmas this morning! Trying to get in holiday spirit I guess, but you are so right. This book is downright bad. I still sort of loved it though.

    Basically it’s Jessica being an evil bitch and Liz being a doormat the entire book. So what else is new in Sweet Valley?

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