BSC #50- Dawn’s Big Date

Hello to everyone! I hope that those of you who celebrate Christmas had a lovely one- I sure did!!! I also had my 32nd bday on Wednesday and I got an IPOD touch woooooo- and yes I am 32, and still reading BSC and recapping the books. Well let’s get started shall we?

Chapter 1:  It’s the day before New Year’s Eve, and Dawn and Mary Anne are deciding what food to serve for the BSC New Year’s Eve party. Mary Anne tells Dawn she doesn’t think anyone will want to eat soybean pie or tofu apple nut loaf at the party.  Mary Anne says the peanut butter logs made with natural peanut butter may be OK. Dawn says that Mary Anne can make some snacks her way, and Dawn will make snacks in Dawn’s own way, and they will see who eats what. Mary Anne plans to make English muffin pizzas and pigs in a blanket.  Mary Anne then mentions that Logan’s cousin Lewis Bruno is definitely coming to visit from Kentucky in mid January. Dawn becomes instantly nervous. Dawn and Lewis have been pen pals since an older boy named Travis broke Dawn’s heart ( God I wished I owned that book!!) and Lewis is really cute in his pictures.  Dawn is nervous because she is afraid that Lewis won’t like Dawn once he meets her because no boy has EVER liked Dawn ( ummm Parker on the Disney World cruise TOTALLY liked Dawn HELLO!!) and Dawn is always told she’s so insecure and an individual and all,  and that she has such pretty hair and skin ( to which Dawn snottily thinks to herself other girls would have pretty hair and skin if they didn’t eat junk food all the time) but obviously that is not enough because Dawn can’t attract any boys.  Before Dawn and Mary Anne go to the grocery store with Dawn’s mom and Jeff ( Jeff is visiting for New Years and inviting the Pike boys over) Dawn’s mom comments her New Year’s resolution is to be more organized. Jeff  asks what a New Year’s resolution is and Mary Anne explains.  It makes Dawn think of what resolution SHE needs to make.

Chapter 2:  We get the explanation of the personalities of every girl in the club and how the club runs. New clients also call- the kids have Dr Johannsen as a doctor, and she recommended the BSC very highly.  Mr. Hill, the  new client, needs a sitter to sit for his 9 year old girl and seven year old boy.  Dawn is the one who gets the job and she figures sitting for a seven and nine year old will be easy- until she meets Norman and Sarah Hill.

Chapter 3:  It’s New Year’s Eve. Dawn decorates the house with New Year’s decoration like a poster of Baby New Year and a banner that says ” 1979″ that Dawn hangs up because it looks cool.  Claudia wears wide leg black pants and a shirt with a silver moon appliqued on the front and  Stacey has on a short purple flared dress. Dawn is dressed for comfort in leggings and a blue fleece top.  Stacey brings over some stuff that her dad sent from New York, including a CD called ” Cam Geary Sings” which makes Mary Anne super excited as the CD is not out in CT yet.  For Mary Anne’s sake they listen to the whole CD even though Cam does not sound very good.  After the CD is over the girls talk about boys.  Dawn notices the BSC members talk about boys a lot lately, even Jessi and Mal who aren’t super interested in boys yet.  Mary Anne and Logan are doing well as Logan is now less possessive. Stacey wishes she had a steady boyfriend, and Mary Anne says Pete Black seems to like Stacey, but Stace says he’s too immature. Claud finds Arthur Feingold hot, although he’s only a seventh grader. Mal gushes about Ben Hobart. Dawn is the only one who has nothing to say in the matter as no guy has ever really made Dawn go crazy besides Travis, who didn’t really like Dawn he just wanted to change her.  The girls then go to eat and Mary Anne and Dawn have tied in the food contest- the peanut butter logs and English muffin pizzas were a huge hit, no one really liked the pigs in a blanket or the soybean pie.  At midnight, the girls decide they all want to call a boy and wish him Happy New Year- ah to be 13. Kristy is going to call Bart, Stacey decides to call Pete Black, Claudia is going to call Arthur Feingold and Mary Anne will call Logan of course. Mallory and Jessi decide to help Dawn in the kitchen. Dawn assumes Mal and Jessi are too shy to call Ben or Quint, but Dawn says that’s natural as they are only eleven. I love how in BSC world, being 13 is supposed to be like you are 18 or something and it’s soo much older than 11. Though at 13, I do think kids think that is MUCH older than 11.  Before the girls go to bed they all decide to make New Year’s resolutions. Kristy resolves to be tougher on the Krushers because she feels she was too easy on them this past year. Claudia resolves to do better in school. Mal resolves to resign herself to the fact that she has to wear braces. Jessi resolves to try an advanced jump in ballet class. Stacey resolves to stop driving herself crazy over foods she can’t eat. Mary Anne resolves to be less shy to make Logan happy. Dawn resolves to do something more interesting with her hair as it’s just long and blonde and hangs there and Stace says she better not but Dawn says she needs a change. But Dawn’s real resolution?  To become more attractive to boys.

Chapter 4:  Dawn’s first sitting job at the Hills. The Hill children didn’t even realize they were going to have a sitter because Mr. Hill had forgotten to mention it.  Sarah Hill is a thin girl with long brown hair with bangs. Norman Hill is a very fat, blonde 7 year old boy.  Dawn says there is no other way to describe Norman other than he is fat.  Norman says he has to do homework, and Sarah says she wants to show Dawn her room. Sarah’s room is decorated with tons of rainbows and is very messy.  Dawn asks Sarah if she has homework and Sarah snottily says no as her homework was done as soon as she got home from school as it’s one of her mom’s rules.  Sarah then says she knows Norman is not doing homework and she has to go make sure Norman is not breaking a rule of her mom’s and her mom would insist Sarah stop Norman. Dawn tries to tell Sarah that maybe Norman wants to be alone but Sarah won’t hear of it.  Norman is shoving cupcakes into his mouth and has cream all around his mouth. Norman’s room is neat as a pin, by the way.  Sarah says if there is more hidden junk food their mother says to be rid of it right away because look at Norman he’s huge. It’s amazing to me how emotionally abusive this family is.  And Dawn doesn’t scold Sarah or anything, she just asks Sarah if she owns the Little Mermaid.  As Sarah, Dawn and Norman watch the movie, Dawn sees that Norman is sneaking more sweets.  After the movie, a little girl named Elizabeth comes over to play with Sarah. Elizabeth comments on how all of the kids in school call Norman ” Enormous Hill” hah hah hah. I want to smack Elizabeth.  Norman tells Dawn while they are all alone because his parents and Sarah constantly bug him about his weight, and they may even send Norman to ” fat camp” in the summer unless Norman loses 20 lbs. Norman says his parents constantly hounding Norman make him want to eat more.  Then Dawn and Norman head outside for a bit and they see a snowman Elizabeth and Sarah made, and Sarah looks guilty. The snowman is very fat and Elizabeth wrote in the snow ” Enormous Hill.”

Chapter 5:  When Mrs. Hill comes home, she promptly serves Norman a scoopfull of tuna.  Mrs. Hill tells Dawn she did a good job but not to let Norman eat so much next time.  When Mary Anne comes home after Dawn is home alone for a bit, Mary Anne says  Lewis is arriving January 13.  Dawn gets nervous as now she has less than 2 weeks to get Lewis to like her. Dawn is going to use Lewis as a ” test case”- if she can get Lewis to be attracted to her, she will then be able to attract a local boyfriend. Nice.  Dawn starts to look at some magazines she borrowed from Stacey to see how to dress and attract boys. Dawn sees that she has to wear more tight fitting clothes and not the baggy ones she tends to favor, and she has to also wear a lot of makeup. Mary Anne sees Dawn look at the magazines, and Mary Anne says she saw a picture of an outfit and hairstyle that would look fabulous on Dawn.  The girl has very wavy hair, so Mary Anne gets some rollers to see how Dawn would look with curled hair.  Mary Anne also puts makeup on Dawn and Mary Anne declares that Dawn looks fabulous with curled hair and lots of makeup.  Dawn wants to take a picture to send to Lewis of Dawn’s hot new look. Before she lets Mary Anne take the picture,  she takes a tshirt and cuts it so it is hanging off her shoulders. Seriously, it’s thanks to Dawn that I cut up some of my tshirts and skirts when I was like 14- I thought that look was seriously cool.  Dawn also pouts her lips in a ” sexy” way. Look out Lewis Bruno! Dawn thinks to herself.

Chapter 6:  Claudia goes to sit for the Hills next. Claudia and Sarah get along great, and Dawn figures it’s because Claudia and Sarah both like art and both have “weird” siblings- I don’t see how feeling inferior to Janine is the same as tormenting your overweight sibling, but whatever.  As Norman arrives home, Claud hears  a bunch of kids yelling ” oink! oink!” and  ” Enormous Hill” at Norman and throwing snowballs at him. Norman comes into the house crying.  As soon as Norman comes in, Sarah yells ” remember you’re on a diet!” Ugh. Claud tells Sarah to cut him a little slack but Sarah won’t hear of it. Norman is sneaking Oreos and Sarah says Mom says to take the Oreos away. Why don’t the Hills just NOT buy so much damn junk food?  Claudia reads some art magazines for a bit as Norman is in his room and Sarah plays outside. Then Norman comes down to sneak some more cookies but Claudia says she won’t tell.  Norman tells Claudia he has a friend at school named Teddy and a pen pal named Brittany that is his girlfriend. Teddy calls and Claud sees that Norman does have one friend. Claudia  also sees the letter that Norman wrote Brittany and he writes how he ” beat up some bullies who made fun of a kid who’s a little overweight” and how he used karate chops. Norman also claims his mom keeps forgetting to take his picture. Claudia sees Norman’s school pictures next to the letter and Claudia has a feeling Brittany will never see them.

Chapter 7:  Dawn decides that besides changing her looks, she will also change her attitude and act more ” cool” and less ” easy to please.” Dawn gives sarcastic wrong answers in physical science class and constantly chews gum.  Dawn has also cut up a lot of her clothes and even made a skirt out of sweatpants and has also ripped all of her jeans and made many off the shoulder tops.  Mary Anne asks Dawn what she’s doing and if it’s for Lewis and Dawn says no that she just wants a change and Mary Anne says ” yes it may be time for a change” and then Dawn is all pissy that Mary Anne didn’t say Dawn was fine the way she is.  Dawn is also ticked that Claud says her new look is not her and it’s not fair to Dawn that Stacey and Claud feel they can be stylish and cute, but not Dawn.  At the Baby Sitters Club meeting Kristy asks Dawn why she is looking and acting so different and Dawn says it’s because boys don’ t like her how she looked before and so she had to change her looks- love how Miss Independent Individual Dawn has to change whenever she likes a boy to impress him.  Dawn tells Mary Anne she’s glad that Mary Anne supports Dawn’s new look but Dawn also thinks she’s confused by Mary Anne because she’s so behind Dawn’s new look. Dawn doesn’t know how she wants her friends to react, does she?

Chapter 8:  Lewis Bruno arrives! To greet Bruno at the airport, Dawn wears an outfit I thought sounded ” Fresh to death” at the time- a black and white striped bodysuit, a silver skirt that flared out because of some netting underneath ( I want to say those kind of outfits are sold at Express now), dangly earrings shaped like feathers, lacey short leggings, black ballet slippers and tons of rubber bracelets. Dawn has the top of her hair in little braids and the bottom all crinkly and wavy and loaded with gel- hot.  Dawn’s mom and Richard Spier seem a little taken aback by Dawn’s look but whisper to each other that it’s just a phase.  When Dawn meets Lewis in person she is all SWOON- he has light brown hair, is 5’10 ( at 14?? that seems awful tall for that age) and has a great, great smile. He is very happy to see Logan as it’s been a long time. Lewis doesn’t treat Dawn to that hot smile though- he almost looks taken aback by Dawn’s look.  Dawn barely talks to Lewis even as Lewis tries to talk to her. Mary Anne asks Dawn why she didn’t show any personality and of course Dawn says her old personality didn’t attract boys. UGH!  Mary Anne decides the solution is to have Dawn read a magazine article about ” you directed conversation”- you say the boy’s name a lot,  ask the boy a lot of questions and give him a lot of compliments.  Dawn asks Mary Anne if this is how she got Logan to like her and Mary Anne says no because Logan likes her just the way she is. Mary Anne says once Lewis likes Dawn she can drop the whole ” you directed” thing.  Logan then calls and says he wants to double with Mary Anne, Dawn and Lewis. And Dawn begins reading tons of teen magazine articles that will guarantee that Lewis will like her if she follows their rules…

Chapter 9:  Stace goes to sit for Norman and Sarah Hill.  Mrs. Hill shows Stacey the new exercise tape she bought for Norman and also this list of ” Norman- No and Norman- yes foods.”  Mrs. Hill also tells Norman to drink lots of water to keep that system flushed.  Stacey tells Norman she can’t eat sweets either because of her diabetes, or she will get really sick.  Sarah then comes in and says she needs food to bring to Elizabeth’s picnic. Norman asks if he can come and Sarah says no as Norman needs to stick to his diet.  Stacey tells Norman she wants to do the exercise video and would rather not do it alone and tells Norman to join her.  Norman tells Stace after a few minutes he needs water but Stacey sees he’s gone a long time and when she walks into the kitchen,  she sees Norman drinking soda and eating potato chips.  Norman says he felt sad so he had to eat as he eats when he’s sad. He says he’s partly sad due to the picnic, and  and partly sad because his parents don’t like him. Stacey feels her heart twist inside. Norman says he brought home straight A’s and Norman’s dad said ” why can’t a smart kid like you lose weight? “and his mom says ” maybe now you can get an A for eating excellence!”  Norman also once heard his dad say ” Norman is so fat I can’t believe he’s our son.” 😦  Stacey suggests that Norman talk to his parents. She also tells Norman that when his mom tells Norman to ” flush his system” he can hold his thumb to his forehead and swoop it down and go ” flusshh” and Stacey feels that may be rude to his parents but she doesn’t care as she likes seeing Norman laugh.

Chapter 10:  Before Mary and Dawn go out with Logan and Lewis, Mary Anne tells Dawn to put on a denim skirt and a black turtleneck- Dawn rolls up the skirt. Dawn also puts on tons of makeup, including blue eyeliner.  Mary Anne says Dawn went a little overboard with the eyeliner but it’s too late to take it all off. Mary Anne also tells Dawn last minute that they are seeing the movie ” Gone with the Wind” ( yeah for 13 year olds) because it’s a little scary at parts so Dawn can snuggle against Lewis when she’s scared, or try to hold his hand at romantic parts.  When Lewis says to Dawn she can show him around Stoneybrook, she starts to make a joke but then realizes the magazines say to always be positive so instead Dawn is all ” oh the nightlife is great in Stoneybrook” and being all fakely cheerful.  Lewis acts if Dawn wants popcorn and she says no initially as the popcorn may get stuck in her teeth and the magazines warned against that. Then Mary Anne pinches Dawn and says Dawn HAS to eat popcorn so that their hands may meet in the popcorn box.  As Dawn waits to put her hand in the box at the same time as Lewis, she spills the popcorn instead- whoops!  Then Dawn is upset because Mary Anne had to pick a tear jerker movie and Dawn sees that blue eyeliner is all over her face so Dawn has to wash it off.  After the disastrous date, Mary Anne tells Dawn she better be thanked as Mary Anne tried to make the date a success and Dawn screams ” thanks Mary Anne- thanks for nothing!!”

Chapter 11:  At the BSC meeting,  Dawn says that Mary Anne made her look like an idiot on their date. Mary Anne counters that Dawn made herself look like an idiot by wearing too much eye makeup and hair gel and being in her own little world.  Then Kristy changes the subject and talks about the Hills. Stacey thinks one of them should talk to the Hills, and Claud says the Hills may not want them interfering in their lives and Stace says she hates seeing Norman feel bad.  No solutions are reached at the club. To get Dawn and Mary Anne to talk again, the BSC’ers like Kristy and Stacey call Dawn and Mary Anne’s house and always makes both girls get on the phone so they are forced to start talking.  After all this conversation, Dawn realizes that if everyone left Norman alone, he may do better on his diet. And if Mary Anne left Dawn alone she may do better on a date with Lewis. Dawn resolves she must see Lewis again.

Chapter 12:  Mary Anne goes to sit for Norman and Sarah. Sarah draws this crude picture of a pig and puts it on the fridge to get Norman to stop eating. Mary Anne tells Sarah that’s wrong but doesn’t force her to take it down or anything.  Mary Anne tells Norman to stand up to Sarah and to start by ripping up her pictures.  Norman does in front of Sarah and she looks shocked. Mary Anne tells Sarah she guesses that Sarah shouldn’t draw those pictures anymore.  Mary Anne then tells Norman that maybe Norman could tell his parents the lists upset him and then they work out a little to Jessi’s dance tape she lent them and goof on it and Sarah decides to join them, saying it’s fun!  Mary Anne loves to see Norman and Sarah get along and Mary Anne thinks that with the Hills harping on Norman’s faults, they can’t see what a great boy he is. It makes Mary Anne think a lot.

Chapter 13:  Dawn calls Lewis and he reluctantly agrees to meet at a coffee shop. Dawn wears her sweat skirt, gelly hair and feathered earrings, and then soon realizes that the look and attitude is not her and tells Lewis so. Dawn says the old her in the first picture she sent is the real her, and Lewis says he liked that first picture  a lot as Dawn looked like a sweet, pretty girl.  Dawn tells Lewis to meet her at home later as Dawn doesn’t want Lewis seeing her all made up another minute. Dawn washes her hair and puts on jeans and a sweatshirt and makes a huge health food meal for Lewis.  Lewis loves the food and Dawn and Lewis have a great time alone.  Dawn realizes her dream has come true and Lewis likes her- for HER. They agree to meet on Thursday.

Chapter 14:  Mary Anne and Dawn talk. Dawn tells Mary Anne she gave crummy advice and Mary Anne counters Dawn wanted a new look and attitude and Mary Anne was trying to help, but Mary Anne realizes she should have left Dawn alone.  Mary Anne and Dawn decide to double again on Thursday with Logan and Lewis and they decide to go bowling and to Dawn’s favorite health food restaurant.  After their dinner, that even Mary Anne and Logan enjoyed, Mary Anne tells Logan she has to show him something at Bellair’s, and Lewis and Dawn walk along a bit alone and Lewis gives Dawn her first kiss!  Dawn says kissing Lewis was great and now Dawn doesn’t really want a local boyfriend- she likes Lewis too much.

Chapter 15:  Dawn is sitting for Norman and Sarah. Sarah comes into the house and says Elizabeth is a fish breathed dweeb- she kept calling Norman Enormous Hill and Sarah was tired of it and pushed Elizabeth into the snow right on her rear end!  Norman then says he wants Dawn to take a picture of him to send to Brittany. He also decides that he will pretend to be Stacey to lose weight- he will pretend that if he eats sweets, he will get really sick.  Norman asks Dawn if Brittany will stop writing if she sees his picture and Dawn says no way as Dawn has a great smile and nice eyes and the real, nice Norman shows in the picture. Then Mary Anne calls and says Lewis has been talking and talking to Logan about Dawn and is crazy about her!  Dawn is glad Lewis got to know the real Dawn- as she’s pretty special just like Norman.

God, I used to love this book as a kid for some reason, but no- shit why must Dawn have to change her personality to impress a guy ALL THE TIME!! Especially when Ann M claims Dawn is SUCH the individual!! UGH!

Well have a happy New Year, everyone- I MAY be back Tues or Wed ( Sunday the latest) for my next recap ” Jessica’s Secret” a Sweet Valley Twins book, and following that I will be recapping ” Freshman Affair” , and then another Sweet Valley Twins book ” the Middle School Gets Married”.


11 Responses to “BSC #50- Dawn’s Big Date”

  1. My favorite BSC book of all time! Yay!

  2. Poor Norman! Dawn deserves to have her ass kicked for sitting there like a stump while the girls make fun of him.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Mary Anne seemed to be the only one who would say anything to Norman’s sister! How did any of the BSCers just sit there letting Sarah Hill verbally berate her brother???? At least say she can’t play outdoors if she’s gonna be such a bitch- ass.

  3. “and yes I am 32, and still reading BSC and recapping the books. Well let’s get started shall we?” Me too, sweetie. Me too.

    Ugh, I hate the treatment of the fat kid in this book.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Nikki thank gosh! It seems a lot of the YA bloggers are like 27, 28, 29 and ok that is older but it is good to see ones in their 30’s then i don’t feel so bad LOL 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday! I was 30 on Thursday. 🙂

  5. Happy birthday!

    I am almost 30, and still avidly collecting and re-reading all my childhood favorites including BSC. You are not alone!

  6. Happy New Year!

    I agree with the Norman treatment. Especially from Claudia. Personally, I think Janine and Norman are the ones with obnoxious siblings, and that for all Claudia’s bitching, she has it pretty good. Kristy’s the one who should be complaining about annoying sisters…

    • girltalkread Says:

      I couldn’t agree more Sadako. It drove me crazy that Claudia felt she could judge Norman for sneaking sweets- Claudia does too HELLO!! But oh it’s OK if someone gorges themselves silly with junk food as long as they are thin and acne free- if you are fat and eat 2 cupcakes you just suck and should die- it’s both the BSC and Sweet Valley who seem to have that attitude.

  7. perfectsize12 Says:

    You are definitely not alone. I’m almost 30 and I’m constantly collecting and re-reading books from my childhood.

    I remember this book and how much Dawn ticked me off. It’s true, she always changed her personality whenever a boy was involved.

    Also, there is an award for you on my blog. Happy New Year!

  8. Long time lurker but had to post. This was my favorite BSC book of all time. I always thought that Lewis looked like Shane McDermott on the cover. I believe he was on the show too the episode when Jamie liked Mary Ann more than Dawn.

    I was overweight my whole life up until very recently and I could totally relate to Norman and his parent’s who meant well.

    Dawn ticked me off too with all the drastic changes. I must read this book again.

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