Sweet Valley Twins #42-Jessica’s Secret

Elizabeth runs into Jessica’s room all excited- something miraculous has happened, something that makes her feel like a real woman- and no she didn’t have sex with Todd Wilkins.  Elizabeth asks Jessica if she looks any different than she did this morning and Jessica says not that she can see. And then Elizabeth is like ” don’t I look more- MATURE to you?’  Jessica is not seeing that since Elizabeth wears no makeup and has her hair in barrettes. Finally, Elizabeth announces to Jessica that she got her first period and gosh isn’t it so gosh darn exciting that Jess and Liz BOTH got their periods at the exact same time on the exact same day- of course, Elizabeth assumes she and Jessica both got their periods as they are identical twins and all. Elizabeth then notices Jessica looks a little pale after Liz made her annoucement, and then Elizabeth says they should tell Mrs. Wakefield as she must have a way to make Jessica feel better.  Elizabeth feels getting her first period is even more exciting than getting a driver’s license, going to the prom, or going on your first date. I got my period the summer after fifth grade, when I was 11. I wasn’t exactly thrilled.  Elizabeth then announces to Mrs. Wakefield that she has her ” aunt Flo” visiting every month now. Mrs. Wakefield gets WAY more fucking excited than I have ever heard of when her daughter announces getting her period,  and tells the girls that this is a wonderful change in life and asks if they have any questions and ” this means so much.” Of course Mrs. Wakefield can’t mention that now periods mean the Wakefield twins can get knocked up and all that. Mrs. Wakefield then decides to make a special ” Elizabeth and Jess got their periods” meal of spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and cream puffs for dessert. This totally reminded me of that skit on the Jenny McCarthy show when Jenny gets her period and everyone is all excited about it.  After dinner, Jessica tells Elizabeth that since they got their periods, Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield has to now start thinking of the twins as adults and they should be able to do more things. Jessica is thinking that the twins should be able to go to San Diego alone to visit their cousin Robin, whose family just moved back to San Diego after living in Paris for a year.

The next day at school, Elizabeth asks Jessica if she’s told anyone she got her period. Jessica says no. Elizabeth, who is very obsessed with vaginal bleeding, apparently, says that she told Amy Sutton and Amy felt bad that she hadn’t started her period yet ( yeah, tomboys love the arrival of a period) and Elizabeth told Amy a lot of girls don’t start until they are older- yeah I was the first person among girls I knew who got my period.  Jessica then says she is going to make a special dessert to try to con the Wakefield parents into letting them go to San Diego alone to see Cousin Robin. After school, Jessica and Elizabeth have to go to Valley Pharmacy to get ” supplies” for Elizabeth. Yes, Elizabeth calls maxi pads ” supplies” like she’s 70 years old.  Jessica sees that Bruce Patman and Todd Wilkins are in Valley Pharmacy so Liz and Jessica go to another cashier to avoid having to be seen buying ” supplies.” In a scene reminiscent of the Golden Girls skit or an embarassing moment in YM magazine, the cashier yells out that she can’t find the price of the ” young miss” maxi pads and the other guy, a cute boy of about seventeen, has to yell back the item and Jessica is mortified, convinced Bruce and Todd heard it all.

At dinner, Jessica keeps trying to butter up Mrs. Wakefield by saying her meal was fabulous and she and Elizabeth both keep talking about how great it would be to see cousin Robin in San Diego. Mr. Wakefield says yes that the girls can visit Robin on an upcoming long weekend as she winks and is all ” you are young ladies now” ummm creepy. Jessica and Elizabeth excitedly call Robin to tell her the great news and Robin says she has this great new cool group of friends that she can’t wait for the twins to meet. Jessica says the new friends sound like the Unicorns!  Elizabeth hopes that Robin hasn’t changed too much from her year in France as she liked the old Robin. Jessica says Robin seems awesome. Elizabeth wants to know if she should tell Robin that she and Jessica got their periods. Jessica says that if Robin has started her period, it won’t matter to her that the twins did and if she hasn’t she will feel bad that she hasn’t started and Jess and Liz have and Jessica is kinda snippy over the period deal. Gee, why?  At school the next day, Elizabeth runs to Jessica saying she forgot to bring pads to school and asks if Jessica has any and Jessica snappily says no and runs into the bathroom crying- and that’s Jessica’s secret- Jessica did NOT start her period when Elizabeth did!!! She’s a fraud- not a real woman!!! She’s still a baby as Elizabeth is growing up and gets to bleed from her vag every month and get knocked up by Todd Wilkins!

At Valley Fashions that evening, Jessica buys a purple outfit of a purple long shirt and a purple skirt, and Elizabeth buys a turqouise sweater with puffy sleeves. The next day at school both girls wear their new clothes.  The Unicorns love Jessica’s outfit and then the seventh grade Unicorns start talking about zits and periods.  Jessica freaks out silently- she wonders if every Unicorn but her has their periods and just never told her. Then Lila tells Tamara, Mary et al to be quiet about periods and then sees Elizabeth in her blouse and says Elizabeth looks like a fourth grader.  Then Liz comes to Jessica’s table and says she wanted to know if Jessica wanted to go shopping for Stacey’s birthday present after school. Robin’s sister Stacey is turning 8 during their visit. Jessica tells Elizabeth that since she’s dressed like an eight year old already she should have no problem finding a gift for Stacey. Elizabeth runs off crying.

Elizabeth tells Mrs. Wakefield that she’s worried things are changing between she and Jessica and  Jessica is always snapping at her lately. Mrs. Wakefield says both girls are growing up and changing very quickly and things will soon be better. Elizabeth hopes so.

It’s the day of the trip to San Diego.  Ned, Alice and Steven drive the twins to the bus station.  Jessica has overpacked. The bus trip is uneventful, but when Jess and Elizabeth get to the San Diego bus station, Elizabeth sees Aunt Nancy ( Alice’s sister who looks a lot like Alice of course) but wonders who the tall blonde woman next to Aunt Nancy is. Jessica goes ” that’s Robin!!” Elizabeth can’t believe it. Robin has a trendy short new haircut, is wearing an all black outfit of a turtleneck, black mini and high heel shoes and tons of silver jewelry. I think I copied that whole outfit for my first middle school dance as I thought it was so ” fetch.”  Elizabeth thinks Robin looks depressing, but Jessica is all ” black is very IN, Elizabeth.”  Elizabeth, Jessica and Robin reminisce about playing jokes on Steven when they were younger ( as is covered in my Sweet Valley Kids recap Robin in the Middle) and they make Stacey laugh. When they get to Robin’s house, Jessica admires Robin’s Johnny Buck poster and Robin says she’s no longer into Johnny Buck and Jess is all ” oh no me either” which is sure news to Elizabeth!  Robin and Jessica begin to look at a yearebook and are gushing over a high school boy named John Anderson who Robin says is her boyfriend- and Johnny is 16 and Robin is only 12! Elizabeth are in disbelief that Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kirk would let Robin date a 16 year old boy.  Jessica tells Robin she’d love to meet Johnny but Robin says he’s visiting his grandparents in Pennsylvania this weekend.  Robin has even more exciting news to tell than the news of having an older boyfriend- Robin was just asked to join the most EXCLUSIVE club at school- the Jaguars!! They wear silver ID bracelets and are the coolest girls at Robin’s school.  Robin still has to do an initation, and Jessica assures Robin she will be fine and that the Jags sound just like the Unicorns! 

After dinner, Jess and Robin try on makeup as Elizabeth reads a book. Elizabeth can’t believe how boring this visit has been thus far- all Jessica and Robin are talking about are their cool friends and makeup. Then Robin is all ” I’d kill for a cigarette”  but she doesn’t have any and Robin is all ” I have smoked for AGES!” Elizabeth tells Robin it’s so bad for her, and Jessica tells Elizabeth to stop being such a baby. Elizabeth knows Jessica thinks smoking is so wrong, and Elizabeth has decided that if this is what growing up is like, it sucks.

It’s Stacey’s birthday the next day. Aunt Nancy made waffles in honor of the ocassion and is taking Stacey and two friends, along with the twins and Robin, to the San Diego Zoo to celebrate. Aunt Nancy also tells Robin she can have a slumber party the next night on one ocassion- Robin MUST invite her old friend Becky. Robin is so upset over this as Becky is SUCH a baby. Elizabeth thinks that she’d probably get along with Becky, then, since Jessica called Elizabeth a baby the day before.  Robin does invite Becky but uses this syrupy sweet voice and then Robin and Jess laugh hysterically afterward. Elizabeth can’t believe Jess and Robin can be so snotty- OK Jessica is bitch city Liz where have you been?  Stacey loves the detective game- a rip off of Clue it sounds like- that Elizabeth bought her- and Stacey especially loves the locket Robin bought for her.

The next night, Robin is panicking over what to wear for her slumber party. Jessica convinces her to just wear the black outfit after Robin agonizes for hours. Robin has also made dozens of cookies in an effort to impress the Jags.  Robin has to do her initation tonight and Robin hopes it’s nothing too hard.  The twins then meet the Jaguars- Jessica thinks the Jags look a lot older than the Unicorns as they wear leather jackets and lots of makeup. Vicki is the president of the Jags and seems like a total bitch- ass, as you can imagine.  Robin asks where the Jags sleeping bags are and Vicki says they didn’t bring any as slumber parties are for BABIES. God, I loved slumber parties when I was 12.  Then Becky arrives with sleeping bag in tow, and she and Liz click right away. Vicki says Becky is NOT coming for Robin’s initation. After the Jags eat tons of the food Robin prepared, Vicki tells Robin her initiation- Robin has sneak into Johnny Anderson’s house right before midnight and has to get him to drive Robin to the park.  Elizabeth is a little worried as Johnny is supposed to be in PA for the weekend and wonders how Robin will pull off this initiation.  Robin tells Liz that oh Johnny just got back today and should be home. Jessica says then the initiation shouldn’t be that hard, but Liz notices that Robin looks very nervous over this initiation. At 11:30 pm, Vicki says that they will be in the park waiting for Robin and Johnny to arrive, and it’s time for the initiation. Robin convinces the Jags to let Jessica join her, and Elizabeth and Becky stay home as Robin, Vicki and the other Jags sneak off outside.

When Robin and Jessica go to Johnny’s, Robin confesses that Johnny is not her boyfriend- he doesn’t even know Robin is alive! Robin is scared to death of how she’s going to pull off this initiation. The girls sneak to Johnny’s house, but it’s not Johnny’s house- it’s a man who owns a big dog! The dog is barking and barking and it’s how the girls are caught.  Back at Casa De Robin, Stacey wakes up to get a glass of water and sees that only Becky and Liz are at home. Elizabeth tries to cover for the other girls but Stacey doesn’t believe her story and goes to tell her parents that Robin and the other girls snuck out.

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kirk go to get all of the girls from the park ( not sure how Stacey knew it’s where they were) and they look pissed when they get back home with Robin and Jessica. Jessica and Robin are wicked mad at Elizabeth thinking that she snitched on them and they both refuse to talk to Liz for the night. The next day as Jessica is still accusing Liz, Stacey confesses that SHE told on Robin and Jessica as she was worried about them.  Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kirk then give a lecture on not always having to follow the crowd and acting like responsible adults if they wanted to be treated as such.

During the bus transfer, Jessica’s stomach aches a little and she goes to get some ginger ale to calm it down thinking she’s got time.  Jessica drinks her ginger ale and then sees the bus leave! What is she going to do? Elizabeth stayed behind with Jessica, it turns out, so they can wait for the next bus to Sweet Valley. Jessica tells Liz she forgives her, and then says that the Jags wanted Robin to CUT OFF BECKY’S HAIR in her sleep as the new initiation since the Johnny thing didn’t work out. Jessica says the Unicorns would never have a girl do that- not even to Lois Waller, Jess? Robin told the Jags off and Jess was proud of her. Jessica also says she’s sort of glad someone told on her because being out that late at night was sort of scary! Jessica then confesses that she didn’t get her period when Elizabeth did. Elizabeth pats Jess’s shoulder and says Jess will start when she’s ready. Well, Jessica has to go to the bathroom and still has stomach cramps, and when she pulls down her panties- JESSICA HAS STARTED HER PERIOD!!! I wonder if Mrs. Wakefield will make more spaghetti.  Jessica runs to tell Elizabeth her great news.

At the end, once they are safely home, Jessica says she can’t wait to date boys. Elizabeth says Jessica sounds boy crazy and Jessica tells Liz she will soon be into guys too- well Elizabeth doubts that… and so we are introduced to me and my cousin’s favorite SVT book Elizabeth’s First Kiss! ( I will recap that in the next few weeks I think)

By Sunday- Tuesday of next week I will be recapping Freshman Dorm #20 Freshman Affair which is one of my favorite Freshman Dorm books.  I will also try to recap Sweet Valley Twins #68 The Middle School Gets Married which sucks ass but eh I will recap it anyway 🙂  And I have LOTS more in store- coming soon:

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Freshman Dorm #12- Freshman Rivals

Sweet Valley Kids #39- Ellen is Home Alone

BSC Little Sister #50- Karen’s Lucky Penny

Sweet Valley High #13- Kidnapped!!

During Valentine’s Day time- BSC #51- Stacey’s Ex Best Friend

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Sweet Valley Kids #3- The Twins’ Mystery Teacher


11 Responses to “Sweet Valley Twins #42-Jessica’s Secret”

  1. Who are these eleven year old girls who are anxious to get their periods? I started when I was 12, and it may have been the worst day of my life up to that point. I had more of a Darlene from Roseanne reaction than an Elizabeth Wakefield (or Margaret Simon) reaction.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Nikki I was just like you I soooo was not happy when I got my period at 11!!!!!! I didn’t know all these girls looked so forward to it!

    • Same here. I mean, it wasn’t a HORRID experience but I wasn’t that excited about it, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. And the idea of a special period meal–BLECH.

      Had the same reaction to every Judy Blume book. They WANTED to bleed from there? What were they–NUTS?

      I also love that the twins got their periods but Stacey and Claudia (and the rest) never did.

      • girltalkread Says:

        Sadako I am shocked that there was never a book called Stacey’s First Period and where maybe Stacey would be all pissed because Mal would get her period before Stacey, and it wouldn’t be fair because Stacey is a lot more sophisticated!

  2. I was 12 when I got mine, and was pretty excited for it…not that I was so eager for it but I was just terrified I’d get it at school while wearing white pants or something. So, to get it at home was a huge relief and I’ll admit I was a little stoked.

    And, love the reference to the embarrassing stories in YM. I miss those days.

  3. I can’t imagine anyone getting that excited over their period. The cramps, the bloating…it sucks!

  4. Oh geez, I got my period at gymnastics practice, and all the older girls made fun of me. It was awful.

    More Freshman Dorm! More Freshman Dorm! I loooove that you recap that series. Now you just need to do Sunset Island (right up there with FD for me) and maybe Cheerleaders! Did anyone else read them? I bought a bunch off ebay and they’ve been kind of difficult to get through. I remember loving them as a pre-teen, but I need some snark to help me.

    • girltalkread Says:

      I never read Cheerleaders or Sunset Island- may have to pick some up! Glad you like the Freshman Dorm recaps- those were seriously my favorite when I was in 8th and 9th grade!!!

      • I think you would love sunset island. It’s about 3 girls that are au pairs on an island. Lots of drama and awesome outfit descriptions. Early 90s. Totally worth ebaying

      • girltalkread Says:

        I may have to check those out!

  5. Just want to say your article is striking. The clarity in your post is simply striking and i can take for granted you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the ac complished work. Excuse my poor English. English is not my mother tongue.

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