Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you to the lovely Perfect Size 12 from the blog Living in the 80’s and 90’s for this award. I guess now I am to write seven interesting things about myself, then nominate seven other blogs for the Beautiful Blogger award! Seems easy enough…

1) I love American Girl dolls! I loved them ever since they came out, but my parents would never buy me one. I finally bought myself a Molly doll ( she was always my favorite because she wears glasses like me!) when I was 30 years old! I still want Julie and Josefina as well to add to my collection!

2) I went to John Casablancas Modeling School my junior year of high school. I feel bad that my mother spent so much money for me to learn to act in commercials and walk a runway, and I have never been on America’s Next Top Model. I did get to do some freeze modeling at 5-7-9, however and got subjected to many teenage boys knocking on glass and asking if we were mannequins or real girls.

3) I went to the University of CT in Storrs for both undergraduate and graduate school, and I did love going to UCONN and all but I couldn’t stand the huge emphasis on sports and Greek life. If I  were able to do it over again, I think I would have chosen a small liberal arts college or even an all women’s college like St Joseph’s or Trinity College of Vermont. I am very glad that I made friends at UCONN undergrad who are still my best friends for life.

4) At age 32, I am still yet to be married or have children, and I live in my childhood home with my mother, my sister and my sister’s boyfriend. I do plan to move out eventually, probably to live with my boyfriend, but I sometimes wonder if I will regret the fact that I never actually lived all by myself in a studio apartment. But my family and I act more as roomies than parent/ child type dynamics, and I do pay rent. Also, you know how at 32, you would think that all of my friends are at least engaged, if not married with children? You’d be wrong- in fact my best friends from high school all still live at home too and are single, and out of my college friends one girl did get engaged to her partner like last week, but the rest of us either have boyfriends or are single, and none have children yet. Such is life- none of us are complaining!

5) I am obsessed with that episode of the Baby Sitters Club TV show about  Christmas ( as proven by the fact that I posted it on this blog!) Seriously, my sister,my cousin and I used to watch that episode OBSESSIVELY- and at any time of year!

6) As a four year old child, I told my mother that when I grew up, I wanted to be a nurse in the Peace Corps and I would help children in the Amazon rainforest and eat rice and drink water. At age 8, I cried because my mom wouldn’t let us sponsor a child which I figured also meant the child would get to live with us. I guess I was a regular Angelina at that age.  Later on in life I wanted to be Sheena Easton ( at age 6), and I also had wanted to be a movie critic, a theatre actress, a special education teacher, a Spanish teacher, a marriage and family therapist, a recreation director at a nursing home or psych hospital, an author ( well I guess I am sort of a blog author now) and a school social worker. I am now a social worker for a 24 hour crisis triage hotline and get every kind of call- suicidal clients, calls from DCF wanting children evaluated, people just wanting someone to talk to- you name it, we handle it! I do love what I do but I do want to actually work with clients face to face, and my dream career is to probably work at Casey Family Services working with foster kids, as a social worker at York Correctional, or in outpatient therapy with teens and young adults. I also would love to open a wellness center someday.

7) The Golden Girls is the best show ever if you ask me. I first REALLY discovered it in undergrad, though I did watch the show a lot with my grandma at age 8 and didn’t really get it. My friends and I would stop what we were doing every night at 11 pm, even at finals time, just to watch our Golden Girls. I own a couple of seasons on DVD, and I still watch at least three episodes of the show a night. In college, I was the ” Blanche”, my friend Allie was the Dorothy, my friend Jennifer was Sophia ( hey Jennifer is short, Italian and always carries a purse) and my friend Sarah ( Sarah is the one recently engaged to her partner who is also named Sarah 😉 was the Rose!!! All of us thought Miles Weber, Rose’s man was totes hot 😉 And my ex Chris and I had a very Stan and Dorothy like relationship.

Now for the 7 nominees!!  Love all these blogs!!

1)BSC Chronologically: This gal Emily recaps all of the Baby Sitters Club books we know and love in order and I love her for it. Her recaps are witty and cute!!

2) Shannon’s Sweet Valley High Blog: You have to admire Shannon just for the fact that she has to read the later Sweet Valley High books and recap them- those later books are TERRIBLE! Much like BSC Chrono, Shannon recaps every Sweet Valley book in order,and Shannon is stinkin’ hilarious. Check her out!

3)  Full House Blog- I am hoping I can inspire this gal to recap a LOT more often, she hasn’t recapped since July!! Her recaps of Full House episodes are friggin HYSTERICAL!!!!!! And she hates  Michelle Tanner as much as I do! What’s NOT to love?

4) Dibbly Fresh- Sadako Ok Sadako has been nominated 10o times already but it’s because she’s AWESOME!!! Sadako, though, my sweet I am wantin’ some BSC recaps- you are the best thing that’s happened to BSC blogs since Tiff of Claudia’s room!! But I will say the pop culture blogs are prety great as well!!!

5) Living in the 80’s and 90’s Yes the love is going BACK to perfect size 12 because first of all both of us are perfect size 12’s so we are the next Jessica and Liz Wakefield as we can borrow each other’s clothes- but not to worry Perfect Size 12 I won’t spike your drink or steal your man! She’s been commenting on my blog forever but I just discovered her blog- and she’s awesome!!!

6 Are you there youth it’s me Nikki? Love that like MOI, Nikki recaps all types of YA novels and does a GREAT job of it! And the cunt log? Fuckin priceless!! Love this gal!

7) The dairi burger- I hate wheat inspired my sister and I to write this blog!!!!  And the Sweet Valley recaps are some of the most hysterical ever swear to God!!!! I wish she’d do Sweet Valley Twins recaps as well!!!

I may be recapping Jessica’s Secret later today and if not today definitely by Sunday!!! LOOK FOR IT!


9 Responses to “THANK U PERFECT SIZE 12!”

  1. Aww thanks! Much love.

    And I too hope the Full House blog updates soon. I hate Michelle (aka Ug), too! Though I love Full House way too much–I think I love it as much as you love Golden Girls.

  2. Thanks, Jan! I love your blog so much.

    I’m totally jealous that you modeled at 5-7-9. I loved that store when I was a kid. So many coordinating separates!

  3. Um, that was me, apparently logged in with my other account.

  4. *blushes at the award*

    Thanks, love! I’m pretty proud of the cunt log myself….

    • girltalkread Says:

      Nikki u made me see that Jana Morgan from Taffy Sinclair is much more of a cunt than I realized- not that Taffy is any prize either!

  5. Congrats on the award – I love your Freshman Dorm recaps!

    I am 22 and still get the American Girl catalog – I always wanted a Molly doll, and am still saving up for one! 🙂

  6. perfectsize12 Says:

    Thanks for throwing the love back! It’s good that we’re both perfect size 12s. I’ve always wanted a non-evil doppelgänger to share clothes with.

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