Freshman Dorm #20-Freshman Affair

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! I had a lovely new year of being cozy at my BF’s house and watching movies. Good times. On to the recap- we are starting the year off right with a summary/recap of a Freshman Dorm book- Freshman Affair featuring Faith Crowley!!

So about our Faith. She is directing auditions for a new TV program of Laugh..or Else. Faith is to choose eight finalists to appear on this show, and whoever wins gets a part on America’s hottest TV show. One of the finalists is a sexy, slightly older guy of about 22 named Elliott Potter, who just transferred to U of S. Elliott did a really funny bit about a little neighbor girl named Jessica and her stuffed purple dinosaur, Beast ( I think Beast is a Barney rip-off). Turns out that little three year old Jessica is not the neighbor’s child- Jessica is ELLIOTT’s child. Elliott got Jessica’s mom pregnant at the end of high school and they got married and tried to make it work for Jessica’s sake, but Julie, Elliott’s wife, wanted to go to law school in a big city and she couldn’t do law school and raise a child so she sort of lost interest in family life. Elliott decided to take Jessica so Julie could concentrate on her studies, and Julie and Elliott just couldn’t get along and Elliott has filed for divorce. Faith wonders what would have happened to her goals if Brooks and Faith had had sex in high school, and if Brooks had gotten Faith pregnant. Faith and Elliott begin to date,and Faith is falling hard for Elliott, and is even enchanted with Jessica when Elliott had to end up taking Faith on one of their dates when Elliott’s sitter cancels. Faith is even thinking of losing her virginity to Elliott because she is really in love with him. Just as Faith and Elliott are really beginning to be in love, a disaster strikes- at the Laugh… or Else final show to determine who will be on TV, Elliott has to take Jessica to the show. Clifford Bronton ( more on Cliff later) is recruited to watch Jessica backstage, but Clifford has to help find Greenwood the dummy ( again, more on Greenwood later) for Rich Greenberg. Clifford tells Jess to stay backstage,but being that Jess is three, she doesn’t listen and ends up running to the Springfield Mountain Inn pool and jumps in when Beast ends up in the pool, and almost drowns- Jessica would have pretty much been a goner if KC hadn’t happened to be there to save Jessica. Elliott, needless to say, is torn up over what could have happened to Jessica, and decides he can’t live this carefree university student life anymore, and he has to concentrate on fatherhood. Elliott ends up deciding to go to back to Iowa to be with Julie and to support her while she attends law school, and Elliott is dropping out of college to get a job to support them all, and he may go to college later to study to be a TV writer. Faith tries to understand what Elliott has to do, but at the end Faith is crying her eyes out over the end of her and Elliott’s relationship, especially as Elliott even says he loves Faith so much but he can’t afford to not be completely devoted to Jessica at this time. It’s sad because Elliott doesn’t even appear to really love Julie as he used to, but he figures he has no other choice but to go back to his family and to try to make things work for Jessica’s sake. Very realistic story for a YA novel, actually. Well what else is going on in Frosh Dorm world?

Winnie and Josh need to find housing- and STAT!! The apartment Winnie had obtained for her and Josh sucks ass and doesn’t have a good enough electrical system for Josh’s computer.  Clifford Bronton says he is also looking to get off campus housing to have more quiet in which to study, and Rich Greenberg hates his on campus roommate.  Clifford Bronton is the man in Book 19 who was Kimberly’s secret admirer, but Kimberly is afraid to start a relationship with Clifford because he is too short, even though Clifford is her ideal man in every other way.  Rich is another finalist in Laugh…or Else who has a ventriloquist act with a dummy named Greenwood who acts as Rich’s alter ego. Rich is super shy and has a slight speech problem, and his speech problem is the reason he wants to be a speech pathologist. ( it’s how I learned about speech pathology!!)  Rich also develops a major crush on his fellow finalist Liza! Clifford tells Winnie and Josh that he found this old Victorian house off campus that has plenty of electrical outlets in which to support Josh’s computer, it has four huge bedrooms, and the house does need a lot of work but Clifford is confident that with a fixed porch and some paint, it can be a great house. So it all works out- Winnie and Josh decide to get the house with Rich and Clifford! YAY!

Well in other news with Rich- yes he has that crush on Liza and Liza likes him back. But Rich is so shy and nervous around her that he pretty much lets Greenwood do the talking.  Liza, however, is coming on to Rich HARD and pretty much ropes him into meeting her at the Tri Beta rummage sale. Rich tells Faith he wants to date Liza at the end of Laugh or else as they are both finalists and he doesn’t want to compete with Liza.  The day of the sale, Rich leaves a note with a box of candy to tell Liza he can’t meet her at the sale but wants to date her afterward, but I guess the note separates from the candy box somehow because on that morning Liza sees the box of candy and figures it’s from Elliott to Faith and sees no note so Liza shows to the rummage sale and assumes Rich stood her up when he doesn’t show. Liza decides she MUST get her revenge on Rich, and in revenge Liza hides Greenwood in the laundry room the day of the Laugh or Else finals. Rich is insane with worry and can’t go on without Greenwood, so Liza also figures if Rich can’t perform she will automatically win Laugh or else. So as everyone is going nuts trying to find Greenwood, that is when Jessica sneaks off. Greenwood is found after the show, and eventually Rich does see Liza and explains to her what happened with the rummage sale and forgives Liza for taking Greenwood, and they become a couple. By the way Liza doesn’t win Laugh or Else but is first runner up. When Elliott, who wins, gives up his chance to be on TV, Liza gets to be on the show instead.

So Clifford is still trying to show Kimberly  he is the ideal man for her, but Kimberly still refuses to give Clifford a chance until she sees that Clifford was able to fix the house up so nicely, and he can cook! So when Kimberly finally decides that she wants to date Clifford, Clifford says he can’t date Kimberly because all of the guys are teasing Clifford because he’s so much shorter than Kimberly and he can’t take it. Kimberly is upset that Clifford now won’t give her a chance to make the relationship work.

Dash and Lauren are broken up AGAIN , and Courtney Connor has COMPLETELY fallen in lust with Dash, but Dash only wants to make out with Courtney and really wants Lauren back. Lauren wants Dash back too, but she ends up seeing Courtney and Dash  making out, and decides to join Melissa, who was dumped by Brooks at the altar, in Melissa and Lauren’s dorm room eating junk food and spying on their ex boyfriends.  Lauren does eventually decide that wallowing in self pity with Melissa is doing her no good, and as Dash and Lauren are arguing after Dash says he knows Lauren is spying on her, they hear a scream from the pool and KC notices and goes to save Jessica.  After KC saves Jessica, a campus DJ named Cody Wainwright that KC met briefly comforts KC. KC and Cody do become a couple- a great couple in fact- in the next book.

And that’s about all that happens in this book- and yes it was a lot as usual. Freshman Dorm books tend to have at least three stories going on. Stay tuned for Sweet Valley Twins- The Middle School Gets Married, a Sleepover Friends book, and more Freshman Dorm!


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