Sleepover Friends #27-Where’s Patti?

You will have to excuse me if this is shorter than usual. There’s really not much to this book. Stephanie, Lauren, Patti and Kate go to Maine to visit Stephanie’s grandmother and the grandma’s husband Dan. During the trip, the girls meet two horrible twin boys named Fred and John- they look nothing alike, just so you know. Fred and John say snotty things about how non islanders ( they are in a small island in Maine) should not be allowed to enter contests when the Sleepover Friends win a contest that the boys also entered. The usual beach stuff happens- the girls eat tons of food like steamed clams and hot dogs, they enter a kite flying contest, and they also enter sandcastle contests. But the main plot involves Patti, of course- whenever a girl named Mindy Sue comes along, who also lives on the island, Patti disappears- she says she’s looking for birds mostly. The other girls automatically assume that Patti no longer wants to be friends because she is constantly disappearing on them, and doesn’t want to help them in the sandcastle contest. Patti finally confesses- she knows Mindy Sue. Mindy Sue and Patti were in the same school in third grade, and Mindy Sue made fun of Patti constantly- she called her a nerd and said Patti was too tall. Basically, Mindy Sue made third grade hell for Patti. Lauren, Kate and Steph tell Patti to try to give Mindy Sue a chance, so at the big dance ( yeah somehow there’s a big dance at the community center during the time they are there) Mindy Sue and Patti meet up again, and Mindy Sue confesses that she made fun of Patti because she was so tall and pretty  and smart, and Mindy Sue was jealous so she wanted to cut Patti down to size. Of course that’s what it was- if a girl if a YA novel is made fun of, (well unless it’s Sweet Valley!) it’s gotta because the other girl is totally jealous of her!! Mindy Sue hangs out with the Sleepover Friends for the rest of the trip, and in the end when a storm ruins their sandcastles, Lauren, Patti, Stephanie, Kate, and Mindy Sue get together with Fred and John and make a huge sandcastle that wins the contest, and Fred and John say they are sorry for how they acted. Seriously that’s really all that happens in this book.  Oh, and we learn that Robert Tyler, Fred and John’s hottie older brother, is seriously dating Becky Levy, and Becky’s parents don’t like her getting so serious with a boy when she is so young ( they are high school seniors). I wish a book on Robert and Becky’s forbidden love had been written instead of this book, because this book was sort of boring.

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4 Responses to “Sleepover Friends #27-Where’s Patti?”

  1. I have no idea why…but this was my favorite Sleepover Friends book! Zanne even blogged about it for me as a favor before she quit her blog 🙂

    I think I liked the beach-theme and they got to take a seaplane! A motherfucking seaplane! I always wanted to live on a small island where I needed to ferry to the mainland.

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Patti’s New Look is my favorite Sleepover Friends book EVER!! And the one where Patti joins the Quarks Club is pretty good too. I was never a beach person maybe that is why I am not too fond of the book. Loved the food descriptions, though!!!
    I was the Janet who commented on ur facebook page!

    • *Waves* Hi Janet! It’s weird on the FB page, seeing people’s real names. Because I think of you as Fitzie (for obvious reasons)…

  3. “Of course that’s what it was- if a girl if a YA novel is made fun of, (well unless it’s Sweet Valley!) it’s gotta because the other girl is totally jealous of her!!”

    Girls in YA lit are so bitchy. Between these kids and the Taffy Sinclair lot…blech. Then again, girls in the real world aren’t any nicer sometiems.

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