Freshman Dorm #12- Freshman Rivals

This book was sort of heavy, and I had to really feel for Winnie in this one, even though she was a bitch to Josh as she ALWAYS WAS- no wonder Josh leaves her for Fredi later on ugh!!! Well on to the main plot and many subplots that make up the average Freshman Dorm book-

Winnie: Winnie sees her father for the first time since her parents divorced when she was 2. All she can remember about her dad is that he always sang ” Yellow Submarine” to her before bed. That’s how I first heard of the song and I love it, actually. Byron Jennings is Winnie’s dad’s name and he finds her on campus and says that he had wanted to see Winnie when she was younger, but he was very irresponsible back then and Winnie’s mom didn’t want Winnie to see Byron, and Byron can understand that. Byron swears he has changed, but despite that Winnie refuses to see him after the first meeting. Josh thinks Byron is a really swell guy who has changed, and tells Winnie to give Byron a chance. When Byron buys a huge Italian feast for Winnie and her friends, Winnie is charmed and so glad to have her father back in her life again. However, at this big Italian dinner Byron’s credit card gets rejected and he has no cash, and he has Josh write out a check that’s almost all Josh has in the bank. Josh does this so Winnie doesn’t learn that Byron is not exactly Mr. Responsible.  Winnie is running a fundraiser for the crisis hotline, and she needs some kind of talent to get people to come to the fundraiser. Byron claims to be a close, personal friend of the famous comedian Karl Fanfield, and Byron promises that Karl will show up at the fundraiser, and he will do it for free as a favor to Byron.

Josh’s second clue that Byron is not on the up and up is that when Josh shows off his new robot Alphie that he is entering in the computer fair, Byron is really admiring it. The day of the computer fair, Byron acts like HE invented Alphie and not Josh. Josh is steamed because he was hoping to gets tons of positive recognition at the fair and Byron stole Josh’s thunder. Josh tells this to Winnie, because now he thinks Winnie needs to know that Byron is not perfect as Winnie thinks, and Winnie throws a huge fit and basically dumps Josh because he criticized her dad. I can kind of understand it only because Winnie was so desperate for her dad and probably did not want to believe that he could do no wrong. But Josh is the kind of guy that I don’t think would lie just because he was upset over the computer fair, either, and Winnie is never one to see that Josh has her best interests at heart.

Well, the day of the hotline fundraiser arrives, and Karl Fanfield never shows up. Winnie has no idea what could have happened.  Josh and Win get ahold of Karl’s agent, and a secretary there says Byron promised a deposit for Karl, and he never delivered on that so the show had to be cancelled. And, Byron has completely skipped town. Winnie realizes Byron is pretty much a con man who never did change, and Winnie forgives Josh for what he said about her dad, since Josh was right. Winnie and Josh are a couple again.

KC: She develops a short- term eating disorder. As a kid, I preferred this book plot to the drama with Winnie and her dad to be honest- not sure why! KC  is now doing some modeling to pay for her books and clothes and sorority dues. KC is not sure she can measure up to the thin, professional models that she may have to compete against for jobs. KC begins to pretty much starve herself so she will look good in the bathing suits that she will soon be modeling. Peter, KC’s man, is concerned about her and tries to get her to eat peanut butter sandwiches and cookies, but KC refuses saying modeling is important to her and pays her sorority dues and all, and she has to look as thin as possible for the cameras. A few days  pass and it’s the day of the photo shoot for swimwear. KC is glad that she’s lost a few extra lbs for this shoot. Peter worries that KC looks gaunt and pale. The day of the photo shoot, KC faints!!! Luckily she faints behind bleachers at the photo shoot, Liza happens to be there gbecause she broke in to see what  a photo shoot was like, and Liza comes bearing hot cocoa and chicken noodle soup, KC downs them both and yep she’s all better now!!!!

Lauren: She and Dash are arguing over whether or not female reporters shoudl be allowed to enter men’s locker rooms. This subject comes up because Lauren is covering the big men’s volleyball winning streak, and Lauren wants to talk to some players right after the game. Liza convinces Lauren to just go into the locker room, and Lauren is talking to a player when Coach Brandes comes into the locker room and yells at Lauren to get out. Dash gets involved because he is about to write an article rebutting Lauren’s article on why women shoud have access to a men’s locker room!! More about this plot happens in the next book.

Melissa: Brooks JUST proposed, but Melissa feels they are way too young for marriage. Brooks and Melissa go white- water rafting, and Brooks almost drowns. When Melissa rescues Brooks from the rapids, she realizes she never wants to lose Brooks, and accepts his marriage proposal.

So that’s about it in this book.

On an unrelated note- who here watches Big Love? Well if you do- OMG how much does Teeny resemble Mallory Pike? It’s UNCANNY- she’s who I picture when I picture Mal Pike I am telling you!

Coming up- some Sweet Valley Kids and High, and BSC Little Sister!


8 Responses to “Freshman Dorm #12- Freshman Rivals”

  1. This book was pretty heavy. I’m currently re-reading all the fresh dorm too, but I’m only on 14. Again, so glad you do these ones. I’m surprised the series wasn’t more popular.

    By the way, the pizza scene in this one made my mouth water! And I always loved the KC modeling subplot too.

    • girltalkread Says:

      I loved the pizza scene too- thinking about it now makes me want pizza!!!!! I am also suprised it wasn’t a more popular series I LOVED it through jr high and most of high school- I think I even read 1 or 2 in college 😉

  2. More horribly handled weight issues. Somehow everyone with anorexia gets discovered within days because they faint, and then all is well…if only, right?

  3. Short-term eating disorders give me a migraine.

    And holy crap, Teenie is SO MALLORY! Good call.

  4. Lindsay a.k.a Busty St. Clair Says:

    You have been nominated, dahlink!

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