Sweet Valley Kids #39- Ellen is Home Alone

Jessica and Elizabeth are excited about playing at Ellen Riteman’s house this afternoon. You know what I have picked up on? In the first Sweet Valley Twins book it does not seem that Jessica even knows Ellen until she joins the Unicorns, and in Sweet Valley Kids Jess and Liz always hang out with her. Odd.  Mrs. Riteman picks up Jessica, Elizabeth, Ellen and Ellen’s bossy nine year old sister, Debbie. Mrs. Riteman has Ellen’s little brother Mark in the car already.  As Mrs. Riteman serves Jessica, Elizabeth, Debbie and Ellen milk and cookies, she announces that she got the fund raising job at the Sweet Valley Museum. This means that Ellen and Debbie have to take the bus, which Debbie feels is a fate worse than death, and the kids will have Karen or Stacey come over and babysit Ellen, Debbie and Mark after school.  The job starts tomorrow. Ellen and Debbie don’t feel they need a babysitter Debbie feels that at nine, she is more than old enough to take care of the house and other kids while her mother is at work. Jessica tells Ellen and Debbie they have to prove to Mr. and Mrs. Riteman that they don’t need a sitter as they are too old for one- yes, Jessica declares that SEVEN is too old to need a babysitter- and Ellen and Debbie only have tonight to work on their mom. 

As you can guess, Ellen and Debbie easily convince Mrs. Riteman to let them stay home alone for a couple of hours after school. Mrs. Riteman doesn’t feel Debbie is old enough to be home alone with Mark yet, so she will have Mark enrolled in a full time preschool.  Mrs. Riteman also tells Debbie and Ellen that since they are deemed responsible enough to stay home alone, they also have to do extra chores around the house( which when reading this later seems to be ALL the chores in the house). Mrs. Riteman also shows the girls all of the emergency phone numbers. Debbie is really excited to be left home alone, but Ellen is a bit nervous.

Ellen tells the other kids that she is going to be staying home alone with Debbie after school for a couple of hours while her parents are at work. Todd Wilkins says his mom would never allow that. Jessica declares that she wishes her parents deemed her old enough to stay home alone. Ellen tells Jess, Elizabeth and Eva Simpson that she and Debbie will watch hours of TV and eat ice cream and she can’t wait. Jessica tells Elizabeth that she wishes she could be left home alone, and sometimes their parents treat Elizabeth and Jess like SUCH babies. After school, Mrs. Wakefield takes the twins shopping for dresses for Mrs. Wakefield’s friend’s wedding. Mrs. Wakefield has the girls hold her hands as they cross a busy street and Jessica is all upset saying she’s too old to hold Mrs. Wakefield’s hand, but Alice says it’s a busy street and she doesn’t want anything bad happening to Jess and Elizabeth. Wow, the Wakefields were actually sort of decent parents in the SV Kids books! Jessica is all pouty over this and she is so jealous that Ellen gets to be home alone, and meanwhile she’s treated like an utter BABY!

Mrs. Riteman left Ellen and Debbie carrot sticks and tuna sandwiches for their snack but Ellen and Debbie don’t want to eat those! So they grab a gallon of ice cream out of the freezer and eat the entire gallon. Ellen feels so full but then Mrs. Riteman brings home a bunch of take out food to eat for dinner, and Ellen has to eat that plus chocolate cake because if she doesn’t, Mrs. Riteman will want to know why Ellen isn’t hungry. Ellen goes to bed with QUITE the stomachache!

Ellen tells Jessica and Liz the next day about how Debbie and Ellen ate a lot of ice cream and watched game shows, and Jessica tells Elizabeth it sounds like Debbie and Ellen are having so much fun, and Elizabeth agrees.  After school, Jessica is all huffy because Mrs. Wakefield wants them to eat fruit salad after school. I know, Jess, a responsible parent is scary to you. Jessica asks if after snacktime she and Elizabeth can go to the park and Mrs. Wakefield agrees. Jessica tells Elizabeth that instead of going to the park, they should go to Ellen’s house to get a REAL snack. Elizabeth is not sure that they should defy their mother this way, because they aren’t supposed to go to other kid’s houses when the parents aren’t home and Jessica says that’s a dumb rule the Wakefields made up because they think Jessica and Elizabeth are babies. Of course, Jessica convinces Liz to go to Ellen’s house.

Ellen, Debbie, Jessica and Elizabeth are having ice cream when they hear noises and a loud bang! Ellen and the others get really scared when they hear the bang. Ellen goes to call 911 after hearing the door open because she thinks a burglar is trying to get into the house. As the phone rings, Mr. Riteman walks in- it was him making that noise- he got home early from work. Jess and Elizabeth run out of the house as Ellen doesn’t think Mr. Riteman would be cool with the twins being over while Ellen’s parents weren’t home.

Jessica and Elizabeth want to stay up later that night to watch some crime show on TV. Mr. Wakefield says it is their bedtime and that Mr. Wakefield doesn’t want them watching that kind of show anyway. Jessica and Elizabeth then refuse to let Mr. Wakefield read them a bedtime story once they are in bed because Elizabeth brattily tells her dad she and Jess can read to themselves. I am not sure Jessica can read to herself. Jessica also tells Mr. Wakefield not to turn on the night-light because they don’t need it anymore. But then Elizabeth is all spooked by being in that pitch- black bedroom, so she turns the night-light back on after she sees that Jess has gone to sleep.

As Ellen goes home, she wishes that she were going home to her mom instead of an empty house. Ever since thinking there was a burglar in the house, she’s spooked over being home alone. Debbie then tells Ellen she has to do ALL of Debbie’s chores in addition to her own and if she doesn’t Debbie will tell the Ritemans that Ellen had friends over while they weren’t home.  Ellen hears noises as she’s preparing a salad for dinner and she tells Debbie she’s worried. Debbie tells Ellen to quit acting like a baby and she called the cops yesterday over nothing and the noise is probably nothing.

Mrs. Wakefield goes to take Jess and Liz shopping again for dresses. Jessica wants to wear a pink dress with long sleeves, and Mrs. Wakefield says that the pink dress would be too hot for an outdoor wedding and she feels they should wear a more summery peach dress. Jessica does not want to wear the peach dress, and says that she and Liz are old enough to pick out their own clothes. The store is going to close soon and Mrs. Wakefield says that they will just get the peach dress but Jessica says she doesn’t want the peach dress and she wants to pick her own dress. Mrs. Wakefield says that the twins are too young to always make their own clothing decisions and sometimes she has to decide. Jessica yells that’s just a dumb rule, just like the rule about not going to friends’ homes when the parents aren’t home- Jess and Liz went to Ellen’s house when her mom wasn’t home and nothing bad happened at all! Mrs. Wakefield is pisssed and is even more pissed when the stupid twins run into traffic on a busy street alone and almost get hit by cars until Mrs. Wakefield grabs them. Mrs. Wakefield says that part of being grown up is knowing that there are important rules that have to be followed, like holding Mrs. Wakefield’s hand when they cross that street and not going to friends’ homes when parents aren’t there. Mrs. Wakefield does agree to let Jessica and Liz pick their own dresses, so off to the mall they go.

Ellen continues to hear the noise and decides it’s coming from the basement. Ellen is scared of the basement but realizes she has to go down there to see what is wrong. When Ellen creeps down to the basement, she sees that water is dripping from a pipe and the basement is flooded!!! Ellen quickly turned off the water main as her parents had showed her, and calls the plumber right away. Then Ellen calls her mom. Ellen’s mom says she is very proud of both girls and they are even more responsible than she thought. Debbie says Ellen is the one who did all of the work and Debbie is impressed that Ellen went down to the basement alone.

Ellen tells the others what happened the next day at school, and she also says Debbie is a lot nicer to her now but she knows it won’t last. Jessica says Steven is a brat to her and Liz too. Jessica and Elizabeth then say they can’t wait for their cousin Robin to come over soon. See my recap of SV Kids #40 Robin in the Middle to find out what happens on that visit!!

Coming up- Look forward to recaps of these books in the coming weeks and months- posting may not be super duper regular but I will try my best!! I am now trying to exercise a lot more, and I am reading actual books along with YA lit, so I am not quite as free to concentrate on Fitzie’s but I can say I will at least do a post every week or two hopefully more!

So coming up-

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4 Responses to “Sweet Valley Kids #39- Ellen is Home Alone”

  1. I can’t help but get a little excited when BSC Little Sister books are on the list. Karen bashing makes me happy…I’m a terrible person.

  2. Does she make fun of the other kids for not having a lucky penny of their own? And then accuse someone of stealing it when she loses hers? That would be SO Karen.

  3. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m sure you had fun writing this article.

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