BSC Little Sister #50- Karen’s Lucky Penny

Karen and Andrew are playing with these kids named Kathryn and Willie ( I have no clue who these kids are.) Then Nancy comes to play with the others. It is then that Karen finds a lucky penny- shiny, new and heads-up. Nancy tells Karen she should definitely pick up the lucky penny. Karen says her penny must be SUPER lucky because when all the kids went to Bobby Gianelli’s house, Mrs. Gianelli made cookies. Then Karen won a game of hopscotch, and then the Mr. Tastee ice cream truck came.

Karen says in Chapter 2 that if she has any big news to share, she must tell her big sister Kristy right away. And two- two and blah blah. Movin’ on to Chapter Tres.

Karen is playing with a bunch of her friends. Nancy says that one thing she really wants to do this summer ( summer vacation is coming up) is go to Funland, the big new amusement park that’s about an hour away from Stoneybrook. Karen wants to go on the T Rex dinosaur ride.  Nancy says it’d be fun if all of their families could all go together as a big group. Hannie says she couldn’t go because of her dad’s work schedule and Linny’s camp. Karen says maybe Hannie could go with her family.  Bobby Gianelli suggests that all of the kids ask their parents about going to Funland that night. Karen’s mom and Seth don’t say no, but they don’t say yes. Karen’s mom says that tickets are 40 bucks each for adults and twenty five bucks each for kids. Hey, couldn’t Mr. Megabucks Watson just take Karen, Andrew and the ” big house” family to Funland?  Karen says ” oh no 40 dollars? we will never get to go!” Karen’s mom says the family will think about it.

Andrew tells Karen he needs to get a job. Karen, of course, has to give advice to Andrew right away about how Andrew can ask Mommy and Seth for money for doing certain chores around the house.  Andrew dusts the living room for Karen’s mom and gets fifty cents for it.  Andrew does some more chores and gets even more money. Karen goes to check how much is in her piggyback. Only three dollars and sixty three cents. Karen can’t think of anything she wants to buy with her money.  Karen asks at dinner if Mommy and Seth have made up their minds yet about Funland, and they haven’t. So in  a move that is so uncharacteristic of Miss Karen, she decides to stop bothering her mom and stepdad about Funland.

Two days later at dinner ( as they are eating corn on the cob- YUMMM) Karen’s mom says that the parents have all decided that they can all go to Funland! All of the parents will pay for admissions and lunch, but the kids have to use their own money for midway games, snacks and souvenirs.  Karen’s mom and Seth also say that Hannie can go with their family.  Karen decides that the parents are all letting the kids go to Funland because of her lucky penny.  Bobby, Karen and Nancy are all thinking of how to get enough money to spend on Funland goodies. Karen also decides that she will continue to let Andrew do chores for Mommy and Seth- how gigundo sweet of her.  They don’t come up with any ideas.

The next day, Bobby, Nancy and Karen go to a brook that is by Bobby’s house to play.  At the brook, Karen finds a wallet!!  The wallet is very fat. Karen rubs her penny for good luck.  There is almost EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS in the wallet! I am sorry but how the FUCK does one actually lose eight hundred dollars? Just curious.  There is no ID in the wallet just a calendar and some kids’ pictures on it.  Bobby claims that because of the ” finder’s keepers” rule Karen gets to keep all of the money.  Karen asks Bobby if he’s sure about this and Bobby seems very confident.  Karen decides she will keep the money for Funland. Bobby says Karen has to split the money so what does Karen do? Give Nancy and Bobby five bucks each!! GRRR- and believe me this is not even the beginning of how awful and dumb Karen is in this tale.

Karen is hiding the wallet in her room. Karen hasn’t told anyone and also swore Bobby and Nancy to secrecy. Karen can’t buy anything big with the money because her mom and Seth know she doesn’t have much and they will wonder where Karen got all that money. Two days later, Karen feels funny about keeping the wallet.  Karen wants to spend tons of money on Funland, but she wonders what will happen if her Mom or Seth find the wallet in her room. They will think she stole it, and what if Karen has to go to jail? So on Saturday morning, Karen makes the decision to tell Mom and Seth about the wallet.

Seth and Karen’s mom say that they have to take the wallet to the police.  Karen’s mom also says Karen’s mom has to replace the ten dollars that was in the wallet.  The policewoman at the station says she’s shocked, but no one has called about a missing wallet.  The policewoman says that the person may not know the wallet is lost, so she will give them a few days to claim the wallet, and if they do not Karen can keep the cash.  Karen rubs her penny and crosses her fingers.

Karen tells Bobby and Nancy the next day that she ended up turning the wallet in to the police. She also tells them that Karen’s mom says Karen owes her the ten dollars missing from the wallet, so therefore Nancy and Bobby each have to give her five dollars, which I do sort of agree with Karen on. Of course Bobby and Nancy say right away that Karen gave them the money therefore they have no obligation to give Karen back the money! Besides, they already spent the five dollars and that’s why Nancy and Bobby want to start  a business.  Andrew is also talking about how to get more money for Funland, and he says he wants to start a lemonade stand business. Of course, Karen has to right away butt  in and tells Andrew that he must follow Karen’s rules about running a lemonade stand.

Someone has claimed the wallet.  Karen starts yelling ” that money was mine!!” FUCK YOU KAREN! Karen’s mom says ” no it was a man named Mr. Beadle’s money.”  Karen’s mom said he worked hard to earn that money, and he says he wants to meet Karen to say thanks for giving the wallet to the police station.  Mr. Beadle says he is so glad Karen was honest and returned the wallet to the police station because he and his family really needed the money.  Mr. Beadle insists on giving Karen a reward despite Karen’s mom’s objections. Mr. Beadle gives Karen 100 hundred dollars, and Karen thinks to herself ” why didn’t I get four hundred dollars?” UGH- he didn’t have to give you a cent, Karen!  Karen’s mom then has to force Karen to tell Mr. Beadle thank you for the money.  Karen begs her mom to let her keep all of the money for Funland. Karen’s mom reluctantly agrees.

Karen goes outside and waves her hundred bucks in front of Nancy and Bobby. She tells the story and Bobby says now Karen can give the ten bucks to her mom out of that cash.  Karen says to Bobby that he and Nancy owe the money, NOT Karen. Bobby says Karen never said Bobby and Nancy had to pay her back. UGH- who’s more shitty Bobby or Karen?  Andrew asks Karen if she is going to use all the money for Funland. Karen decides that she will have plenty of money for Funland even if she spents some of her hundred bucks.  Karen writes a list of things she wants to buy- stickers, art supplies, a bubble blaster, a toy for Andrew,  new markers  and pink dress up clothes.  Karen also decides she will do some nice things for her friends with part of her cash. Here we go…

Karen tells Nancy that she wants to treat the Three Musketeers ( Nancy and Hannie of course, along with Karen) to a movie and she will ask Kristy to go with them.  Karen pays for Nancy and Hannie’s movie tickets, along with a huge tub of popcorn and three sodas. Kristy pays her own way.  Karen and her friends have Kristy sit in back of them, so that the girls can feel like they are at the movies alone. Dibbly cool. ( incidentally, in the illustration, Kristy looks like a 30 year old soccer mom).  Kristy says to Karen that she’s a good friend for taking her friends to the movies. Karen completely agrees, of course. 

School’s out for summer!  Mr. Tastee is coming and Karen asks her friends ( this would be Willie and Kathryn, Bobby and his sister Alicia, who is best friends with Andrew, Nancy, and Andrew) if they are getting ice cream. Bobby says no because all of the kids are trying to save their money. Karen doesn’t want to be the only kid getting ice cream soooo-she buys ice cream for herself and all of the other kids, too! Hmmm wonder what will happen later….

Andrew decides to have the lemonade stand one day. Karen and Andrew set it up, and Karen runs to kids’ houses asking if they want to buy lemonade from Andrew for twenty five cents. Of course, the kids all say no as they are saving money for Funland. So Karen gives all the kids 25 cents each to buy lemonade from Andrew! And when Bobby thanks Karen in front of him, he’s upset that Karen went and gave her friends the money to buy the lemonade from Andrew, because that means Karen thinks Andrew is a a baby. Karen runs inside- she just wanted to help Andrew!

Karen asks her mom if they can go to the toy store.  Karen buys all of the things on her list with some of the money she got from Mr. Beadle, and even has fifteen cents left over. Karen also bought Andrew a bubble blaster.

Nancy and Bobby have started a gardening business, and Andrew is their helper.  Karen is upset that Bobby and Nancy asked Andrew to be their helper and not Karen. Then Karen realizes she has plenty of money and her friends need to earn money for Funland.  Nancy, Bobby and Andrew aren’t making much money, so Karen decides that she will ” hire” them to weed the dandelions in her mom’s front yard and Karen will pay them. Oh, jeez- Mrs. Engle aka Karen’s ma, NEVER LET KAREN HAVE THIS MUCH MONEY!

 Karen realizes that she only has 9 dollars and 87 cents left of her 100 bucks. PWNED!  Karen is really upset and doesn’t know how she spent so much money. And once she pays Nancy and Bobby she will only have 7 bucks and 30 cents. Karen can’t believe this- she has hardly any money to spend at Funland!  Karen then hands Bobby the ” stupid” money as Karen puts it then starts YELLING AT BOBBY AND NANCY BECAUSE KAREN STUPIDLY SPENT HER MONEY! She’s like ” oh I bought all this crap for you guys.” – yeah Karen because you WANTED to!!  Bobby and Karen point out that Karen is the one who kept insisting on buying stuff for her friends.  Andrew asks Karen if she has spent her money wisely as Mrs. Engle said to do and Karen admits she hasn’t. But then she yells at Andrew. Karen’s mom asks Andrew what is going on and he declares that Karen is mean. ( well….)  Karen tells her mom that she didn’t spend her money wisely and Karen’s mom says they have to talk about this.

Karen is all upset the day of the Funland trip at first because Karen’s mom didn’t just give her extra money to spend at Funland. So Karen only has her 9 bucks and change. Yeah, Karen, if Mrs. Engle gave ya 5 bucks you wouldn’t learn a damn thing!  Karen and Nancy make up while on a ride in Funland. Karen decides she also has to make up with Bobby for the trip to be really fun.

Karen apologizes to Bobby, and Bobby says that he and Nancy have decided to pay Karen back the 10 bucks she owes her mother.  Karen then sees Mr. Beadle! He introduces her to his wife and his seven kids and Karen’s all shocked that they have seven kids. Ummm doesn’t Karen know the Pikes? Mr. Beadle says he had saved the money for this trip to Funland- and to the beach the next day- for a family vacation and he was so glad Karen returned the money.  Karen feels sort of bad that this was the big Beadle family vacation and Karen’s been to so many places and is pretty fortunate.  Karen feels bad that she wanted to take that money from Mr. Beadle initially.

 As Karen and her friends look for a souvenir, Karen finds ANOTHER lost wallet- Seth’s! Of course Karen gives Seth his wallet. Then Karen learns that she didn’t have much to spend on Funland but she still bought some cool stuff and that she’s glad she spent the money on fun times with friends instead of on tons of Funland junk. MY HEAD IS BANGING AGAINST A WALL!!!  And Karen again rubs her penny as it’s responsible for all her great luck. OH MY GOD- this may be the worst I have ever seen Karen. Hard to say, really.

Well, now some Sweet Valley HIGH- JINKS are coming up, and for Valentine’s Day I will recap both ” Stacey’s Ex Best Friend” from the BSC ( it takes place during V Day) and ” Elizabeth’s First Kiss” from Sweet Valley Twins. After that, expect some more BSC, Sleepover Friends, Freshman Dorm and Elizabeth Gail books. Re- Elizabeth Gail- name another blog that recaps YA Christian fiction! Bet ya can’t!


10 Responses to “BSC Little Sister #50- Karen’s Lucky Penny”

  1. GOD I wanted to reach through the book and smack Karen when she complained that the guy didn’t give her half of his money! A HUNDRED DOLLARS is a huge amount of money to a seven year old – shit, I’d be thrilled if someone gave ME a hundred bucks, and I’ve got almost 20 years on the brat.

  2. Karen’s a little bitch. Also, what the hell did most of this have to do with the lucky penny? Except for the fact that she seems to think finding the wallet was due to the lucky penny, it doesn’t seem to figure into the rest of the book all that heavily…

  3. I guess they thought “Karen’s a Greedy Bitch” wasn’t an appropriate title.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Molly I have to agree!! I don’t get why it was called ” Karen’s Lucky Penny” but yeah the other title probably wouldn’t be very appropriate- though it’s true!

  4. Karen makes me want to commit child murder.

  5. Someone needs to set Karen’s big fat head on fire.

    • girltalkread Says:

      I never am one to approve of spanking kids, but my God Karen needed SEVERAL slaps in the face in this book!!!!!!! I want to shake her and smack her and-UGH!!!!

  6. See, stuff like this is why I think Charlotte, or Becca, should have gotten their own series, and not Karen. They’d probably have done cool stuff with the money–not trying to buy people’s affections, and wouldn’t have acted uber bitchy if someone “only” gave them $100.

    • perfectsize12 Says:

      I agree with that.

      I always get angry reading the Karen books. It’s not just her attitude. It’s all of those enablers who let Karen get away with acting like a shit.

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