BSC #51- Stacey’s Ex Best Friend

Here comes the first entry in my Valentine’s Day special!!!

Chapter 1:  Stacey is at home doing some homework before a meeting of the BSC. Laine Cummings, Stacey’s New York best friend, calls. Laine is going to be off for a week in early February and is thinking about what she may do while she is off from school. Laine is thinking she may just hang around New York with her new boyfriend of two weeks, King, who is 15 and ” really tight with her friends”- after two weeks? Stacey is instantly excited that Laine has a week off, and suggests that Laine come to CT to visit- Stacey will have school, but maybe Laine can join Stacey in school one day. She can also meet some of the BSC sitting charges, perhaps, and go out to dinner one night.  Laine seems sort of unsure about visiting CT for her week off, and I never noticed this before, but Stacey pretty much ropes Laine into visiting CT for the week, despite Laine pretty much saying she’s not really sure she wants to visit. Well, even after Laine says she’s not really sure if she wants to visit, Stacey instantly asks her mother for permission for Laine to visit, and then calls Laine and says ” OK you are visiting that’s final.”  Laine is pretty much like ” ohhhhkayyy…”

Chapter 2: BSC meeting. Stacey announces to the other members of the club that Laine is visiting during a week in February, and Mary Anne gets all excited because Laine can go to the school’s Valentine’s Day dance. Everyone has dates to the dance- Stacey is going with Austin Bentley, Kristy is going with  Bart, Mal with Ben Hobart, Mary Anne with Logan of course, Jessi with this seventh grader named Curtis Shaller, and Claudia and Dawn are going with random dudes. Kristy also suggests that on Valentine’s Day, the BSC throw a party for the kids they sit for complete with Valentine’s cookies and cards and all that.

Chapter 3:  Stacey and Mallory sit at the Pikes’ house. The Pike kids make invites for the Valentine’s Day party. Kids ages 5 and up can attend. Every kid helps make Valentine’s invites except for Nicky- Nicky is holed up in his room, and when Stacey goes to investigate, Nicky is making a big card for a ” secret friend”- a GIRL! Stacey is all excited that Nicky has a crush on a girl- yep a 13 year old is all jazzed over an eight year old’s love life.

Chapter 4: It’s the day of Laine’s visit. Stacey is all nervous over Laine coming because when Laine and Stacey last talked, Laine went on and on about her high school boyfriend King,  and was calling Stacey Anastacia, which no one does. Laine also told Stacey she is ” way beyond pigs” so Stacey has to hide her entire pig collection- funny enough, I loved anything to do with pigs all through college- and had forgotten that Stacey loved pigs until I started reading BSC again.  Stacey also obsesses over having seltzer in the house as Laine no longer drinks soda ( Mrs. McGill has bought seltzer not to worry- I hate seltzer even now!! Bring me some water w/ Crystal Light, I am happy). That night, Stacey planned a sleepover with Laine and the BSC members and makes sure only Stacey’s newest and coolest tapes show first. I don’t get why Stacey is so nervous over  her supposed best friend visiting.

When Laine arrives, Stacey is so impressed- Laine looks older than 13, and is wearing a jean coat with a fur collar, and her outfit is all black- black leggings, black boots, and is set off with a big red beret. As Stacey’s mom drives through town,  Laine is all ” where is the town” and Stacey says ” Oh I showed you the town- I showed you the pizza place and library” and Laine is all shocked. I guess Laine has never heard of a suburb.  At the sleepover, the girls start talking about boys they like. Claudia mentions that she finds a seventh grader cute, and Laine is all shocked that Claudia would find a 7th grade boy attractive. Then Dawn mentions a boy  in eighth grade, and Laine says that even 13 year old boys are dorks and she prefers older men. Kristy points out that King can’t even drive, so she doesn’t see the big deal Laine is making over King being older. Kristy has a point.  Laine asks ” what are we going to do?” and Kristy says ” eat” and Claudia says ” gab” and Laine doesn’t seem satisfied- shit it’s a sleepover not happy hour- which even happy hour is gabbing and eating, right? Well luckily that favorite movie of 13 year olds, ” To Kill a Mockingbird” is on so the girls stop talking and watch the movie.

Chapter 5: Claudia sits for Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold. Marilyn has a crush on a third grade boy but she won’t even tell Carolyn who the boy is. Claudia shows Marilyn and Carolyn how to make ” 3-D” valentine’s- and I showed kids that at this preschool I worked in when I was 23, and those kids loved them!! See, the BSC is good for something!

Chapter 6: Stacey brings Laine to school for a day because Laine has voiced being pretty bored in the two days Stacey has been at school. I really don’t get why Stacey had Laine visit in a week Stacey had school but whatever. Laine complains about Stoneybrook Middle School all day- she doesn’t get why kids have to ask to use the bathroom ( we even had to do that in high school) and she also was upset that kids can’t leave school during the school day unless it’s a field trip. At lunch, Stacey arranges for some boys- like Pete Black, Austin, and Rick Chow- to sit with the BSC at lunch so Laine finds the BSC more cool, I guess. Well the boys are playing with food and Laine is wrinking her nose and making a huge bitch face- as is shown on the cover of the book.  Then Pete Black takes that moment to tell Laine she has hair like gossamer- Pete is smitten!

Chapter 7:  Stacey ropes Laine into inviting Pete to the dance so that Laine will have a date. Laine doesn’t want to ask Pete because she says he’s a dork. Stacey tells Laine that Pete is not a dork at all and he really seems to like Laine.  Laine doesn’t want to ask Pete because she thinks King would think Laine was being unfaithful- ummm who even SAYS unfaithful at age 13? As Laine is going to call Pete, the phone rings- King is calling! King asks for ” Babe” because King calls Laine ” Babe” and Laine calls King ” Heart” because he’s the king of her heart- LAME- and umm sorta IMMATURE Laine as Laine thinks she’s VERY mature. Well Laine makes Stace leave the room for the phone call, and Stacey hears Laine laughing about Pete Stone and then says something about ” childish” behavior- Stacey assumes Laine is talking about kids Stacey sits for- sure. Well then Pete Black calls to ask Laine to the dance, and Laine makes Stacey sit in the room while Laine’s talking to Pete- and all Laine says is ” yeah yeah yeah OK” and Laine then tells Stacey that Pete says Laine’s eyes are like limpid pools- then Laine rolls those pools- ujmmm eyes and squeals ” Oh I HAVE to tell King” as she laughs again.  Stacey is getting angry at Laine’s snotty behavior, but figures that she and Laine have fought before and they have always made up.

Chapter 8: Jessi is sitting for the three youngest Hobart boys while Ben and Mallory are on a date at the library. Because the Hobarts apparently own no televisions and have never read a book, I guess because they are from Australia, they hadn’t heard of Valentine’s Day and assumed that, like, 8 year old boys wore suits and gave girls flowers on this day- boys, THIRTY year old men barely do that! Jessi explains that kids in the US do not wear suits and bring dates to kiddie Valentine’s Day parties. Then Ben storms home upset because he and Mallory had a huge fight at the library because of an argument over how to use the card catalog. Jessi grows worried, as Kristy and Bart are also arguing- Bart said he may not go to the dance because there’s some basketball game on TV.

Chapter 9: BSC meeting. Mallory and Jessi are convinced that the girls fighting with their men before the dance is a bad omen. Turns out Logan wants to dance with Mary Anne at the dance and M.A. is freakin’ because she never dances.Laine can’t believe that Mary Anne is so lame she won’t even dance at the school dance.  Then Laine asks the girls if they have ever considered getting REAL  jobs instead of baby sitting. I guess Laine forgets that 13 year olds can’t exactly work at Juicy Couture or Bebe. Well- I guess I am the wrong one. Laine is getting a REAL job with a REAL paycheck this summer at an exclusive boutique in New York City- OK what exclusive boutique in NYC has all these applicants and picks a fucking 13 year old to work the cash register? I sure wouldn’t shop there! Laine succeeds in making Stacey feel really crummy by bragging over her job. Then, Jessi says as she’s reading the notebook- Nicky had mentioned having a crush on a girl and the girl is in 2nd grade- and Marilyn Arnold likes a third grader!! Jessi figures that Nicky must be crushing on Marilyn and vice versa! Laine rightly asks why these girls care about the love lives of 8 year olds ( and yes I admit she was a right bitch during the rest of the meeting).  Stacey is thinking – what happened to her and Laine’s friendship? They are growing miles apart.

Chapter 10: Friday. Laine’s visit is almost over. Stacey wishes she had the old Laine back and not this new, snotty Laine.  The dance is tonight and Stacey asks Laine to help her pick an outfit. Laine suggests the new outfit Stacey got at the Limited, but Stacey says that outfit is black and Stacey has to wear red for Valentine’s Day. Laine says only little kids wear red on Valentine’s Day and Stacey says her mom still wears red, and Laine admits her mom also still rocks red on V Day. Stacey chooses a very short denim skirt and a red top. Laine wears a long black blazer over black leggings, tons of silver jewelry, and black flats. It almost reminds me of what Robin wore in that Sweet Valley Twins book where Jess and Liz visited and Jessica got her period. Mrs. McGill remarks that the girls look 15 all dressed up and Laine is all ” oh people say I can pass for 19″ in this snotty way.  Laine borrows Stacey’s nail polish and Stacey says she got it on this home shopping show called ” It’s all yours” and Laine is all eeww over home shopping- hey shut up Laine QVC KICKS ASS!!! Then Laine does the ultimate in bitchy moves- Stacey offers to make popcorn and Laine says she doesn’t want any because she needs to lose 5 lbs. Stacey can’t believe that as Laine is very thin already and then Laine tells Stacey- a very thin Type 1 diabetic- that STACEY should diet! BITCH!!!!  Stacey hates fighting with Laine and hopes they don’t argue during the dance.

Chapter 11:   Not much to tell. Kristy describes a sitting job for Karen and David Michael. She, Karen and David Michael help Mary Anne and Dawn decorate for the Valentine’s masquerade party for the kids- basically the kids will not write their names on their cards  the other kids have to guess who they are from.  After that, it’s time for the dance and Mrs. McGill drives Laine and Stace to the dance. Laine is all upset that these 13 year old boys can’t drive and pick up the girls for the dance- THEY ARE 13 YOU DAMN BITCH! and shit like 40 year olds in NYC don’t drive!!! What is her problem? KING CAN’T DRIVE! Now I can get down with Laine on the whole BSC is lame because they care so much about Marilyn and Nicky’s love lives, and that Mary Anne is all ” oh no I can’t dance with my own boyfriend” but my goodness now I am really hatin’ on Laine.

Chapter 12:  Laine bitches over the pink streamers and balloons and the heart shaped cookies and red punch at the dance saying that the decorations and food are for two year olds.  Then Laine sees that Pete is wearing sneakers with his suit and she is appalled. I mean he’s 13 is it really that odd?  Laine also bitches that sixth graders shouldn’t be allowed at dancers when one spills punch near her – not ON Laine, but NEAR her. She also bitches about the music.  Then- Pete asks Laine to dance and she says no because she’s tired. Then this random cute boy asks Laine to dance and RIGHT IN FRONT OF PETE Laine says yes!! Stacey can’t believe it! She goes to tell Claud about this, and Claudia wonders if Laine knows that boy is in seventh grade.  Stacey then pulls Laine aside and calls her out on her rudeness, and Laine says she wants to leave and Stacey says that’s fine she will call her mother right away to pick up Laine and Stacey. Laine says ” no I mean I want to go back home to NYC now.”

Chapter 13:  Stacey calls Mrs. McGill and tells her Laine wants to go home tonight. Stacey then tells Laine she needs to apologize to Pete and to all these other people she offended, and she just can’t believe how rude Laine was. Stacey then tells Austin she’s sorry she has to leave early, and Austin says he will go comfort Pete.  Stacey and Laine fight the whole car ride home and Laine says to Stacey that Laine was pretty much forced to come to CT- well yeah that’s pretty true.  Stacey says to Laine that yes, Stacey wanted Laine to come very badly, but the OLD Laine who was fun and sweet and not new, cunt- ass Laine.  Mrs. McGill takes Laine to the train station and she and Stacey don’t even say bye to each other. Stacey says she knows she and Laine will never be friends again. Well the book title said that- thanks for blowing it, Ann M!

Chapter 14: Stacey calls Pete to apologize for Laine’s behavior , and she and Austin also talk. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the day of the party for the kids. Stacey wears ALL red- yeah it’s overkill- red ribbon in her hair, red sweater, red leggings, red boots. Claudia finds the outfit cute and Stacey is like  ” I don’t resemble a red elf” and Claudia says ” no and I’d never criticize you- who am I, Laine?” Claudia is really a good friend, I have to say. Well, yes Nicky did like Marilyn, but he confused the twins and thought her name was Carolyn so at first he yelled at Carolyn for having Marilyn’s card- well luckily Marilyn likes Nicky back and Carolyn had her own crush- on James Hobart. Hot stuff.

Chapter 15:  Stacey writes a good bye letter to Laine. She encloses her half of a locket Laine gave her when Stacey moved back to Stoneybrook when her parents divorced. Stacey just says that she doesn’t like the new Laine and knows the friendship is over.  Then Stacey, feeling sad, calls Claudia and asks if she wants to come over. Claudia says that she will, and asks if they can watch It’s all yours because Claud wants a china clown like the one Stacey has. They can also make popcorn. Yay Claudia rocks!

So yes my verdict in a nutshell- Stacey really shouldn’t have pushed the issue of Laine visiting when she seemed not so enthused about doing so. Despite that, though, Laine was a cunt- and ya know I was never a huge Laine fan as a kid so I didn’t mind seeing her go.

I hope to recap Elizabeth’s First Kiss this week ( at least before Valentine’s Day) but I won’t promise anything.  And there’s lots of goodness coming up like-

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JUST IN CASE u all don’t hear from moi – Happy Valentine’s Day!  And one more thing- how does one SAY Laine- is it LANE OR LAY-NIE?? I have no idea!


8 Responses to “BSC #51- Stacey’s Ex Best Friend”

  1. Laine made some snotty comments but some of the stuff she said was spot on, like mocking the girls about their fascination with the kids they sit for, and Pete was kind of a lameass in this book. Anyways, what I found obnoxious was that #51 Laine and #83 Stacey weren’t really that different, yet in #51 Stacey thinks Laine is a pretentious snob, yet when Stacey acts almost the same way 30 books later, it’s because she’s just too mature for the BSC.

    I’ll cut Laine a little slack here. Yeah, she was a straight up bitch who probably should have just stayed home if she couldn’t be nice. But she also had a week off from school and lots of cool options of things to do and she picked the least appealing one just to make Stacey happy.

  2. it’s laine as in “lane”. like blaine hair studios.

  3. This was one of my favorite BSC books! I used to try to make my room look ‘cool’ when I’d have friends over all the time. I thought that part was pretty well written. Yeah, Laine’s a true c-bomb in this one.

  4. Yeah, I never got why Stacey wanted Laine to visit when Stacey was still in school…why not have her come for a weekend or something? Of course they’re going to fight after a week together when Laine either has to follow Stacey to school all day or stay home while Stacey’s in class.

  5. perfectsize12 Says:

    I’m so not a fan of Stacey or Laine! They both sucked in this book. Although, Laine does have a point about the lameness of the BSC.

  6. dragonzflame Says:

    Can I point out that they DO have Valentine’s Day in Australia? I don’t know where AMM and all these ghosties get their ideas about ‘Down Under’, but for goodness’ sake, the Hobarts wouldn’t have been that clueless. (But then I’ve always hated their depiction in the BSC.) And in New Zealand we’ve always had Valentine’s Day in my 25-year lifespan, so it would have been no different when this book was published. There’s no way the shops would miss out on the opportunity to make more money 😉

    • girltalkread Says:

      Can I just say I love all of your comments on this post, everyone? All of you are sooo right- esp about #51 Laine being just like #83 Stacey- SO DAMN TRUE!

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