Sweet Valley Twins #43- Elizabeth’s First Kiss

I have fond memories of this book. In 7th grade, I bought it for my cousin when she turned 11. Both of us probably read it at least 500 times and eventually I got my own copy at B Dalton. I believe my sister also read it 500 times. It was a hell of a book- I mean it was Elizabeth’s first kiss!

Jessica is all excited because Peter Jeffries gave Mary Wallace a note telling her she is cute. The Unicorns are all dying for boyfriends, and this is one big development. Then Amy tells Elizabeth that Ken Matthews stopped by Booster practice to see Amy, and Amy is thrilled over this because she likes Ken.  Elizabeth likes a boy too- Todd Wilkins. But Elizabeth cannot tell this to Amy, and Jessica especially can’t know. Why? Because Jessica is into Todd Wilkins- she danced with him at Aaron Dallas’s big party at the Hangout ( I have the book about that party somewhere and plan to recap it soon if I can) and Jessica talks about him a lot. Elizabeth knows it’s not right to like the same boy that Jessica does.

After school, Jessica tells Lila  on the phone  that Todd asked her if she’d ever been bowling. Jessica assumes that means Todd plans to ask Jessica to go bowling. Lila says Jessica is so lucky and Jessica loves that Li is jealous that Jessica’s gonna get a man and Lila doesn’t have one. But Jessica does remind Lila that Jake Hamilton smiled at her in the hall that day. Lila brightens, and says she is sure to get a boyfriend next.  After Lila and Jess gets off the phone, Jessica calls  Ellen Riteman and asks her if she thinks Jake really likes Lila. Ellen says she’s not sure- she saw Jake sitting with Roberta Manning the other day.  Then Jessica sees Todd ride his bike past the Wakefield home! This proves that Todd must really like Jessica if he rode his bike past her house!  Then Ellen mentions to Jessica that Rick Hunter gave Ellen part of his candy bar that day. Jessica deflates- giving a girl part of  a candy bar is much better than riding by on a bike.  After Jessica gets off the phone, a girl calls asking for Steven. She has a Southern accent, and asks for ” Stevie.”  Jessica calls Steven to the phone, and listens in on the conversation. The girl’s name is Candice Stapleton and she keeps gushing to Steven about how great he is. Jessica feels like puking- and yes this Candice/ Steven thing starts the B plot. More on that later.

Jessica wants to look special for school the next day in case she sees Todd, so she decides she wants to borrow Elizabeth’s yellow skirt. I never got how Jess apparently thinks Elizabeth dresses so dorky, yet always wants to borrow her clothes. Elizabeth is reading a fashion magazine- Jess can’t believe it. Then Elizabeth asks Jessica for advice about boys and how to get a boy to pay attention to you! Jessica begs Liz to tell her what boy it is that Elizabeth likes, but Elizabeth refuses.  Jessica keeps naming boys and when she names Todd,Elizabeth says she DEFINITELY doesn’t like Todd. Then Jessica tells Liz she has a MAJOR crush on Todd.  Jessica then gives ” evidence” that Todd likes her, such as the fact they danced at Aaron’s party and Todd rode by the Wakefield house. Elizabeth seems rather dejected at this news, but doesn’t let Jessica see that. Then Elizabeth and Jessica decide to go get a snack downstairs. Steven is with a girl named Lindsay- not a girl named Candice.  Lindsay and Steve wanted to watch a hockey game and Jessica says she thought Steven didn’t even like hockey. Lindsay tells Steven they can watch the game at her house because Jess and Liz want to see a movie and Steven can come if he wants but he shouldn’t feel obligated if he’s no hockey fan. Jessica likes that Lindsay stands up to Steven.

Next scene- Jessica is at Casey’s Place with Lila, Ellen and Mary Wallace.  Jessica tells Lila, Ellen and Mary that even Elizabeth likes boys now- that Elizabeth told Jess that she likes a boy in school. Lila finds that hard to believe because Elizabeth is such a bookworm- because if you like to read, clearly you can’t like boys.  Then Lila says Elizabeth needs to dress more funky and less conservatively and wear makeup and curl her hair if she really hopes to attract the boy she likes.  Lila says Elizabeth needs a makeover and Jessica totally agrees- she hopes she can get Elizabeth to agree to a makeover.  As the girls leave, Mary says she loves the fact that the girls are now mature enough to have boyfriends. Jessica thinks to herself that the reason she hopes Todd becomes her boyfriend is to make Lila jealous.  Then Mary and Jessica see Steven with a girl with pale skin and dark hair- who is NOT Lindsay. Jessica hears the Southern accent and figures out it’s Candice. Jessica goes up to Steven and introduces herself to Candice and Candice asks Jess and Mary if they want to sit with her and Steven and Steven begs Jess with his eyes so to speak for Jessica to say no. Mary says maybe Steven would be too nervous to have Jessica sit with them and Jessica says it’s more likely that Steven is afraid Jess would spill the beans about Lindsay.

Elizabeth is at home studying, and she is thinking that Jessica may change her mind about liking Todd because that is so like her. So Elizabeth decides maybe it’d be OK to try to get Todd to like her, but that Elizabeth should maybe change her look to get Todd to notice her. Jessica comes into the room,  and Elizabeth asks Jessica if she could get a perm to have nice, soft curls like Sophia Rizzo. Jessica tells Elizabeth that Elizabeth could use a curling iron to get nice curls, like Jessica does. Then Jessica curls Elizabeth’s hair, puts lip gloss and blush on her and Elizabeth agrees she does look better.  Then Jess and Liz go downstairs to listen to a Darcy Campman tape, and they see Steven and Lindsay dancing in the living room to the tape. Then Candice calls and Steven is whispering to Candice that she’s special to him. Jessica tells Elizabeth that Steven is going to have a hard time juggling two girlfriends.

The next morning, Elizabeth decides to wear a new blue and green striped dress to school, and to curl her hair and wear some blush and lipstick as Jessica showed her.  Jessica is happy that at school, a few boys give Elizabeth admiring glances.  Then Jim passes Elizabeth a note. Lila decides Jim likes Elizabeth and Elizabeth likes him after Jim Sturbridge passes this note. Jessica thought Jim liked Billie Layton, a fellow Unicorn. Then, Todd goes up to Jessica and thinks she’s Elizabeth. He’s about to ask her something until Jessica says she is Jessica. Then Todd says bye.  Jessica decides Todd is shy, but she’s happy because Janet Howell saw her talking to Todd, and that makes Jessica’s day.  At lunch, Mary, Ellen and Lila make Jessica go over to Todd and sit with him at lunch. Jessica goes over to sit with Todd, and then Mary, Ellen and Lila pull up chairs and talk to the other boys at the table.  Jessica is just glowing at the fact that the other girls now see Todd likes her.

Elizabeth is miserable, meanwhile. She saw Jess and Todd talking in the hallway and everyone is talking about Jessica’s crush on Todd.  Jessica goes up to Elizabeth after class and tells Elizabeth that she knows Liz likes Jim Sturbridge because she saw Jim pass that note to Liz. Elizabeth says it was a question on math homework and besides Jim likes Billie Layton. Jessica tells Lila and Ellen that Elizabeth claims not to like Jim, but Lila doesnt’ believe that. I’d love to know why the Unicorns give a rat about what boy Liz likes, but that is very middle school.  Lila decides it’d be funny to let every boy in school know that Elizabeth is looking for a boyfriend. Ummm-OK.

Todd goes up to Liz after school and asks her if she likes bowling. Elizabeth says she’s really bad at it and Todd is all ” never mind” , sort of. Elizabeth decides she may have blown it with Todd- what if he likes bowling? By saying she’s bad at bowling, she sure blew it with Todd!  Amy then tells Elizabeth that a new bowling alley just opened at the mall, and that she and Elizabeth should go bowling sometime.  The bowling alley becomes important later.

Jessica tells Liz at dinner that she and Elizabeth should go bowling Friday night because she heard Todd and Aaron Dallas say they may go bowling Friday. Elizabeth says that would be fun. Meanwhile, Steven asked Lindsay to go bowling Friday night, and when Candice calls she asks if Steven wants to go bowling but he says he can’t because he is going to a movie with the family.  After dinner, Jessica is going on and on about Todd to Liz, but is more talking about how Lila is burning with envy over Todd liking her because Jake may not like Lila- he seems more into Roberta Manning. It seems to Liz that Jessica likes the attention she’s getting from the Unicorns on the fact Jessica is the first sixth grader to get a boyfriend, and may not really like Todd for himself. This gives Liz a little hope.

After school the next day, Jessica, Li and Ellen go to watch Jake, Rick and Todd play basketball with the team after school.  They all brag afterward about how many points the boys scored.

At school the day after, all of these boys are paying attention to Elizabeth and she has no idea why. Amy says maybe the boys are just being struck by the love bug, and Amy hopes the love bug hits Ken Matthews soon!  After school, Amy tells Liz she hears that the Unicorns are spreading a rumor that Elizabeth is desperate for a man. Elizabeth is furious- that’s why so many boys are giving her attention! And what if Todd hears this? He may think she wants any boyfriend, and may never know Elizabeth really likes HIM.

At Casey’s Place that afternoon, Lila, Ellen and Jess see Rick, Jake and Todd there and decide to join them for ice cream although the boys clearly seem uncomfy with that idea. Then they all start talking about the new bowling alley and the girls pretty much decide that they are going to join the guys bowling on Friday night and again each boy doesn’t seem that comfortable with the idea. Also, Jess is annoyed because Todd always asks about Elizabeth and talks about Elizabeth and doesn’t really seem to like Jess after all. Jessica doesn’t really like that turn of events but doesn’t let on to Li and Ellen. Lila, Ellen and Jessica are super excited over their first ” triple date”-Ellen and Rick, Lila and Jake, and Jessica and Todd of course.

After dinner, Jessica tells Elizabeth about her date with Todd on Friday night and Elizabeth says she thought just Liz and Jess would bowl and then Jessica says ” oh you can still come to” and Elizabeth says ” what so I can get a boyfriend?” Elizabeth tells Jessica she is really pissed Jessica and the Unicorns spread that sort of rumor and Jessica says she is sorry.

At school, Colin Harmon, a boy who is apparently very conceited, asks Elizabeth if she’d like to go on a bowling date. Elizabeth flat out tells Colin no.  Then Randy Mason shoves a bracelet into Elizabeth’s hand- a beaded blue and green one- but horrors- Todd walks by and sees Randy give Elizabeth the bracelet!  After school, Amy tells Liz that she and Ken are going bowling and Amy insists Elizabeth HAS to come because she’s too nervous to talk to Ken alone. So Liz gets roped into going bowling Friday night with Amy and Ken.

At dinner, Steven tells his parents his dilemma- Steven really likes Lindsay and doesn’t know how to stop encouraging Candice from liking him. Bummer.   Elizabeth tells Steven he simply has to tell Candice he likes her only as a friend. Steven tells Liz thanks for the advice, but it won’t be that easy.

It’s bowling night. Jessica wears tons of lip gloss, a pink and white striped top and a pink skirt. Janet Howell saved a lane for Jessica, Li and Ellen right near Bruce Patman and Aaron Dallas. Aaron gives Jessica a big smile.  Jessica notices Aaron has cute dimples.  Elizabeth then walks into the bowling alley with Amy and Julie Porter. Amy, Julie and Liz snag the lane right next to Ken, Tom McKay and Todd!  Elizabeth is having fun bowling with Todd but she is afraid that Todd may not know she’s Jessica and she decides she has to let him know soon.  Though I say if Todd actually liked Jess wouldn’t he be well aware that Jess and Amy don’t exactly hang out?  Amy spots Steven bowling with Lindsay and he looks VERY happy. Then Candice walks in and screams at Steven. Steven goes and whispers to Lindsay, then pulls Candice aside. How that ends? Steven tells Elizabeth that Candice eventually understands he just wants to be friends, and Candice ends up getting chummy with Sam Morse at the bowling alley. And Lindsay gives Steven a big kiss.

Elizabeth and Todd are at the jukebox. Todd tells Elizabeth he likes her hair curled. Then Liz tells Todd that she’s Elizabeth and not Jessica. Todd says he knows that full well and he doesn’t actually like Jessica- he just kept seeing her and one night at Casey’s Jessica, Li and Ellen just sat with the boys with no invite and all that.  Todd and Elizabeth grab some milkshakes and talk and then Todd kisses Elizabeth on the cheek, clearly showing Todd likes Liz! Liz is in heaven! Elizabeth then worries about how Jess will react but not to worry- Todd and Liz are still at Casey’s when Jessica and Mary walk in with Peter and Aaron, and Aaron and Jessica are holding hands!

Jessica then admits to Liz after the bowling alley trip that shes figured out Todd really liked Liz and not her, and that Jessica really only liked Todd because the other Unicorns were giving her a lot of attention about it. Then Jessica tells Elizabeth about how romantic bowling with Aaron was- aww my man and I went bowling on our second date.. bowling and ice cream- OK I digress..

The next day Amy and Elizabeth have a science project to do together and they go to the zoo to look at animals for inspiration for it. Elizabeth and Amy tell each other how glad they are that they have so much in common and are best friends. And so begins the intro to ” Amy Moves In” which I have recapped on this here blog!!!

Next week- I definitely plan to recap Freshman Guys, and if I can I will also recap Stacey and the Bad Girls if I can. After that, I have a lot of Sweet Valley Twins and BSC books to recap, but I also have Freshman Dorm, Sweet Valley Kids and Sleepover Friends- look for em and again Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoyed my V Day blogs!


6 Responses to “Sweet Valley Twins #43- Elizabeth’s First Kiss”

  1. ❤ Happy V-Day ❤

  2. perfectsize12 Says:

    Wow, Jessica was not nearly as psycho about the whole Todd-Elizabeth situation in this book than she was in SVH #1 Double Love.

  3. Wait so it’s just a kiss on the cheek? How cute!

    Happy V-day!

  4. I’m surprised at how level headed Jessica was here, too.

    Happy v day all.

    • girltalkread Says:

      well sadako and perfect size 12- Jessica and Todd are sorta normal in Sweet Valley Twins- Jessica has her moments but she doesn’t become a total borderline personality disordered beeyotch until Sweet Valley High- and yeah I like Todd in SVT- then he becomes a major douche in SVH and ESPECIALLY Sweet Valley U!

  5. I knew I liked Sweet Valley Twins way better than SVH when I was younger 🙂 The story lines seemed *slightly* more likely to happen in real life…

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