Freshman Dorm #3- Freshman Guys

This is the first Freshman Dorm book I ever read- I ordered it from Scholastic News in sixth grade, and read it many times along with other Freshman Dorm books. In fact, Freshman Dorm was my favorite YA series in high school- by my senior year, I realized that I should probably get away from reading YA novels and got a lot more into Terry MacMillan, John Grisham and Amy Tan. But this blog is not for Amy Tan fans- it is for YA novel fans. So begins the recap. This may be shorter than other FD posts have been because much as I read this book as a youngster, there’s not really much that happens in this book.

Lauren is our main protagonist in this book, which may have been why I read it so much because I thought Lauren was awesome when I was a kid, and I love her boyfriend Dash. Well in this book Lauren and Dash are not a couple yet. Lauren is in the Tri Beta sorority and really wants to get kicked out. Lauren is writing for the school newspaper and working with the Progressive Student Coalition, in the hopes that the sorority will think that group is too liberal and radical, and will be disgusted and throw Lauren out. The regents are planning to tear down housing for poor people on Bickford Lane ( basically subsidized housing on University property) to build a parking lot and Lauren can’t believe the university would just tear down peoples’ homes, so Lauren decides to join a rally to protest what the regents plan to do. The coalition plans to protest the same night as some hugh alumni event for richy-rich types right across the street from where the richies are eating.  But the police show up at the rally and make the students disband. Everyone thinks Lauren ratted to the police, but actually KC had found a note Dash wrote Lauren in a cubby ( KC is delivering the mail to pay off debts and the money she owes to Soccer Inc, which is a company she started with this guy Steven Garth in her business class. More on KC to follow) and KC ratted to the police to get back at Lauren- see, KC is pissed because she asked Lauren to borrow money and Lauren refused because Lauren is tired of other girls using her for money. Lauren thinks now that the police showed up at the rally and Lauren was even on TV, the sorority will totally kick Lauren out- but nope. Courtney Connor is all proud of Lauren for standing up for poor peoples’ rights, and Courtney tells the other sorority sisters that’s the kind of woman every Tri Beta should want for a sister. And the other Tri Betas are jealous that Lauren is hanging with a hunk like Dash. Well the regents back out and the Bickford Lane residents get to to keep their housing and Lauren and Dash give each other a big, long hug and Lauren’s heart  is just thump- thumping away at this turn of events-and it’s where Lauren feels that she’s changed immensely since starting at U of S- she’s no longer just doing whatever her parents say, and Lauren even started to buy clothes at thrift shops.

KC- Well to impress the Tri Betas and Steven Garth, KC stole money from the Soccer Inc business and KC is trying to earn money to put back into Soccer Inc so KC won’t get caught. Steven Garth is a guy in KC’s class who’s the son of an oil tycoon and KC is ashamed of her own not so privileged background and KC wanted to show Steven a girl she is not. Steven invites KC to dinner with his father, and Steven’s dad loves KC and spends the whole meal talking down to Steven. KC decides that Steven is using KC to show his dad ” oh look at this poor girl from a natural food restaurant owning family I am dating” and Steven sort of admits he was using KC but at the same time Steven’s dad loves KC. KC ends up dumping Steven and she admits she stole the money from Soccer Inc.

Winnie- starts dating this guy Matthew Kallender, who ends up being wicked boring. His idea of fun is Moons over my hammy at Denny’s and watching people tear apart floats after a parade.  Winnie then decides she wants to make another play for Josh- her heart will always belong to him.

Faith- Is seeing Christopher Hammond.  They have to sneak around to make out because Christopher is engaged to a sorority president named Suzanna Pennerman from another school. Christopher tells Faith he is going to end the engagement very soon, because he really wants to be with Faith. KC goes to a few frat parties to spy on Christopher to see if he really did go see Suzanna for the weekend as he had planned originally before telling Faith he wasn’t going to see Suzanna because Chris has to work at the TV station. Well Christopher didn’t lie about working because he is the one who filmed Lauren, Dash and the others at the rally, but KC also finds out that Christopher has not dumped Suzanna yet.  Faith continues to see him but find out what happens next in Freshman Dorm #4 Freshman Nights which I have recapped right on this blog- now that’s a hell of a book!

I may also recap BSC #87 Stacey and the Bad Girls if I have time to do so, but more likely it will be coming next week. Look for it!


2 Responses to “Freshman Dorm #3- Freshman Guys”

  1. Cool recap–it totally makes me wish I got involved in college and got all protesty. I was way too apathetic for anything but the apathetic party.

    Yeah, Stacey and the Bad Girls! I think Stacey goin’ “baaad” was my favorite BSC story arc ever.

    • girltalkread Says:

      See I was miss Protest Girl in college- maybe Lauren inspired me!! 🙂 I miss those days!!!! I also love Stacey’s bad girl phase 😉 Or mean girl phase? I missed it as a kid the last BSC book I had read was Stacey’s Lie then I stopped reading the series.

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