Baby Sitters Club #87- Stacey and the Bad Girls

Chapter 1: It’s summer vacation for about the 30th time in BSC land. I swear it was just summer vacation in BSC #76 ( also recapped on here) and 9 books later it’s summer vacation again? And Stacey doesn’t mention being excited to start high school or anything- I guess she knows better than to hope for that. At this point, Stacey and the BSC are no longer friends after the HUGE fall out in BSC #83 ( and yes that’s been recapped on here too!!) and Stacey now has new friends, like Andi the cheerleader.  Stacey invites Andi and some other friends over for lunch for a ” good bye” lunch for Andi who is going on a family vacation this summer. Stacey invites Andi Gentile over ( that’s her last name), Sheila McGregor, ( I want to say I remember her from ” Stacey and the Cheerleader”, Heather Epstein, Mia Pappas, and Jacqui Grant, all new friends of Stacey that she met through her boyfriend Robert.  Stacey goes out to get snacks and food for lunch and bikes by the Rosebud Cafe- Stacey almost forgets it’s where Mary Anne’s boyfriend Logan works. Stacey sees Logan inside working, then sees Kristy, Mary Anne and Dawn inside having sodas. Stacey bikes off, getting all antsy, hoping that the BSC’ers didn’t see her. Stacey is a little upset those friendships are over, but she is very glad to have her aweosome new friends.

Chapter 2:  Stacey has to go and describe all the BSC members- WTF? She’s not even friends with these bitches anymore!! BTW Stacey does still sit for Charlotte because Stacey is Charlotte’s favorite sitter.

Chapter 3:  Stacey, Mia, Heather, Jacqui and Sheila are singing a U 4 Me song to Andi as part of saying goodbye. U 4 Me is this hot new teen group that Stacey and her new friends love. This again becomes important later.  Jacqui then starts laughing- she picks up a note Robert wrote Stacey that says ” Hello Toots” and reads it out loud and everyone laughs hysterically. Stacey is a little miffed at first that Jacqui read her letter, but Stacey rationalizes it by thinking that it was Stacey’s fault for leaving the letter out in plain view.  Sheila calls the next day asking if everyone can come over again. Stacey says yes right away and Sheila says it’s so cool that Stacey gets the house all to herself while Maureen McGill is at work all day. Sheila has a U 4 Me video that she is bringing over.  Sheila, Heather, Jacqui and Mia keep scarfing down food at Stacey’s- yogurt, corn chips, what have you and Stacey makes a mental note to replace all of the food.  Stacey then tells the others she has to buy food and they all say ” oh we will come too” and Stacey never ends up buying the food as her friends keep getting distracted by other things. They even walk past the house that Robert and some high school friends of his are painting- Robert is painting houses for a job this summer.  Stacey doesn’t mind that she never bought the food, though, because her new friends are so cool. Soon, Stacey’s friends make a habit of hanging out at Stacey’s every day, all day and eating all of the food and making a huge mess of the house.  Robert stops by one day after work and sits on the couch although  he is covered in paint. Stacey lies down some newspaper just  in case the paint isn’t all dry as Robert claims it is. When Stacey’s mother comes home one day, she finds Stacey and her friends sprawled out all over the living room.  Stacey’s mom is PISSED- she says that no wonder most of the food is gone, and she can’t believe the mess that was made of the house. Stacey’s mom asks if Stace has anything better to do than lie around all day and feed her friends. Well obviously not Mrs. McGill- Stacey can’t baby sit anymore ( well except for Charlotte I forget).  Mrs. McGill says if Stacey really has nothing to do all summer, it’s Mrs. McG’s mission to get Stacey a job! Isn’t it amazing how apparently Stoneybrook has tons of jobs for middle schoolers?

Chapter 4:  Well OK apparently there aren’t many jobs for 13 year olds. Stacey refuses to paint houses or deliver papers, and the BSC has a lock on all the sitting jobs. Mrs, McGill suggests that Stacey patch things up with the Baby Sitters Club to get jobs and Stacey says NO WAY!”  Stacey then goes to the supermarket to see if there are any suitable jobs posted there. Stacey finds four potential jobs/ numbers-  a modeling agency, a gym with a toddler center that needs summer help, a two income couple who needs a dog walker twice per day, and a part time job as a companion for an elderly woman.  Sheila then calls and is all thrilled that her mom will let her get a nose piercing like Jacqui’s- Lord help me if I have a 13 year old who wants a nose piercing someday. Now heck when she’s 18 my potential daughter can pierce every part of her body she wants but at 13 fuckin’ forget it- only ears are being pierced and that’s IT!!!  I am also one who does not believe in piercing babies’ ears but I am digressing horribly. Well, Stacey makes some job calls. The lady who posted for a companion for the elderly wanted someone with experience caring for elders. Duh I’d say.  Stacey leaves a message for the dog walker people who have their dog barking on the answering machine- bad sign I say.  Stacey gets interviews set up for the modeling agency and Sports Town, the gym who needs workers for the Toddler Center.  Stacey’s first interview is at the modeling agency. Stacey dresses in a pretty flowered dress for the ocassion.  Stacey is intimidated already in the waiting room- every girl looks like a Sassy cover- ooh nice Sassy shout out I LOVED Sassy as a kid. When Stacey is finally called in, she meets with a woman and a man who are both dressed all in black.  Much like Tyra Banks and Nigel,  the woman and man call Stacey ” too commercial” basically and dismiss her with a ” don’t call us we’ll call you” kinda thing.  Sports Town the next day doesn’t go well either- they got a lot of applications and they won’t be needing help at least until September. Stinky. So Stacey still has no job.  The dog sitter woman wanted someone older than 13 to walk Cutesy the dog.  Stacey FINALLY gets great luck- a person at the daycare center at Bellair’s, where Stacey’s mom works, quit, so Ms. Blair needs a new young part time aide for the daycare center. Stacey has an interview that goes really well- and Stacey gets the job- and an employee discount- yes this also becomes important.

Chapter 5: Stacey goes and blows the end of this book by talking about how Claudia let Stacey read the BSC notebook and told her all about BSC happenings ” when Claudia and I became friends again”- ugh. Well this chapter is covering a BSC job.  Dawn’s mother has a cousin named Ed who lives in Chicago.  Apparently ever since Dawn’s mom sent a wedding annoucement that she married Richard to Ed, she and Ed have been in regular contact and trying to set up a visit. Well Ed the douche decides that he and his wife are going to take a honeymoon type trip to Europe for three weeks- Ed is going on a business trip and taking his wife, as they never had a proper honeymoon- and leaving Ed and wife’s daughter Amy alone with Sharon,Richard, Dawn and Mary Anne- who she’s NEVER MET IN HER FUCKING LIFE- and she’s 6 fuckin years old- FOR THREE WEEKS!!!! AMY DOESN’T KNOW THESE FUCKERS FROM A HOLE IN THE GROUND! I am sorry but Ed and Wife make Ned and Alice Wakefield seem like model effin parents. Excuse the cusses if you are offended, but I cannot BELIEVE that there are fuggin idiots out there who would leave a 6 year old child alone with ANYONE they never have met- I don’t care if Sharon is family! And then Sharon has the nerve to be peeved at Richard because he doesn’t want Amy to come over at first because HE DOESN’T KNOW HER!!!! AHHHGGGGGGG!!!! And naturally Dawn and Mary Anne will be doing most of the watching of this child because Sharon and Richard have to work- so yes they are leaving two 13 year olds basically alone with this 6 year old child for three fuckin weeks- ok Jannie Fitzie- BREATHE- BREATHE…  Mary Anne and Dawn have all kinds of activities planned already- the playground, the art museum, a movie, inviting Laurel and Patsy Kuhn over for a sleepover party etc.  Meanwhile, Sunny calls one day- Sunny’s mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer- fuckin heady stuff- I cried when I first read this book I swear to God. I had never read this book before as I stopped reading BSC after ” Stacey’s Lie- hey I was in 11th grade it was about time!  Well it’s the day of Amy’s visit, and the family made a special dinner and a banner and all that to welcome Amy.  Ed is a loud, bearlike man and Rochelle ( Amy’s mom) is red haired and has freckles. Amy is a shy girl with brown hair.  Amy keeps clutching her mom’s hand and won’t talk to Mary Anne or Dawn. She then cries hysterically when Ed and Rochelle are about to leave- fucking DUH I say!  As Amy cries, Mary Anne cries too, of course.  Amy pretty much cries all night, and Sharon says that Amy can’t cry for three whole weeks. Mary Anne and Dawn don’t seem so sure.

Chapter 6: It’s Stacey’s first day working at the Bellair’s daycare center. Mrs. Grossman runs the center and is delighted that Stacey showed up early.  Stacey is an instant hit at her job- she instantly solves a problem related to two boys not wanting to share the toy trains, and Mrs. Grossman says that one of the boys, Timothy,usually eats baby sitters for lunch,but Stacey really knew how to handle him. Two other girls work at the center part time as well- Liz and Sarah who are both going to be seniors at Stoneybrook High.  The day soon gets really chaotic, but Stacey again solves that problem by asking her mom for a face painting kit.  Stacey likes the job, but it’s much harder than she expected.

Chapter 7:  Sheila,  Mia, Heather at Jacqui show up at Bellair’s to hang out with Stacey after she got out of work.  The girls all buy U 4 Me T-shirts and CD’s and sing the songs out loud as they all walk home.  Sheila, Mia, Heather and Jacqui meet Stacey again after work the next day and as a Mrs. Ballmer that Stacey’s mom works with stops to talk to Stacey the other girls go off. Stacey asks them afterward if they found anything they liked, and Mia says no. But then when Stacey and her friends go to eat at a Chinese food place called Uncle Ed’s, Stacey sees that Sheila has a gorgeous black and white scarf in her bag and Stacey asks Sheila about it. Sheila says she bought the scarf for her mom then quickly shuts the bag-hmmmm…  The next day, Stace finds it a little odd that Sheila, Mia, Heather and Jacqui have shopped at Bellair’s four days in a row- Stacey thinks they are worse shopaholics than Claudia ever was!  As Stacey has her back turned again, she sees her friends in the book section.  Stacey thought she saw Sheila sneak a book to Heather, but then Heather has nothing in her hands. Then Stacey hears Mia’s bag instantly snap shut- for a second Stacey thinks that Mia may have stolen that bag, but then Stacey, because she’s dumb as hell ( well she is also 13 and wants to be accepted by her new friends) puts that thought right out of her mind.  Stacey also wonders about the scarf that Sheila had the other day. But then Stacey thinks that the girls are all buddies of Andi’s, and friends of Andi’s would NEVER steal. Oh good Lord.

Chapter 8:  Claudia is hired to baby sit for Amy Porter. Yep, Amy gets introduced to another stranger because Dawn and Mary Anne both have other sitting jobs lined up.  Claudia has Amy draw her feelings. Amy draws what looks like two people with an umbrella flying away, and Amy says it’s her parents leaving her all alone in Stoneybrook while they are in London, and Amy starts to cry.  Claudia tells Amy her parents only went on vacation and they love her and will come back soon.  Amy runs upstairs in response. I don’t get how no one gets how Amy would be traumatized by this. Ugh moving on…

Chapter 9:  Stacey and Robert are on their way to Pizza Express. Stacey thinks that she may talk to Rob about her suspicions about Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui. But right as Stacey is going to do that, about 10 friends of Robert and Stacey’s call them over to sit down with them, so that’s not the time for Stacey to voice her concerns.  Especially since Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui are four of the people involved.  The boys and girls start discussing U 4 Me- all the girls love them, the boys all hate them. As is to be expected.  As Robert walks Stacey home, he says he hopes Stacey didn’t mind sitting with their friends at dinner. Stacey says it was fine because they are her friends, too. Because Robert is the sweetest dude ever, Stacey decides she can’t tell Robert about her suspicions- yeah, makes no doggone sense to me either.

Chapter 10:  At Bellair’s, Sheila has her eye on a bathing suit, but she really can’t afford it. Sheila asks Stacey if Heather, Mia, Jacqui and Sheila herself can use Stacey’s 10 percent employee discount to buy stuff they otherwise couldn’t afford for themselves. Stacey really doesn’t want to let her friends use her discount as she feels it’s unethical, but finally agrees that her girls can use it.  Sheila says that Stacey can use her money, and the others will just pay Stacey back.  Stacey finds it odd that her friends bought a robe and a sequined gown on her discount, but dismisses her concerns- yeah a common pattern in this here tale.  Heather picks full length cashmere gloves and  Mia wants to buy some odd ostrich feathered hat.  Stacey says her friends owe her a small fortune- even with the discount.

 Guess what, kids? U 4 Me is coming to STAMFORD!! ! YEAH BITCHES!!!  The girls pay Stace back- and tell her they got the money from returning the clothes. OK people who do that shit are mad annoying- I used to work retail, believe me that crap is annoying.  Stacey says the other girls should have picked clothes they liked but Mia says that they did that to make money. Stacey is flabbergasted. But then when Mia and Jacqui say Stacey is pretty much acting like a nerd and they didn’t know she’d make a huge deal over this, Stacey again rationalizes- these new friends are sooo mature and cool, and Bellair’s is a huge store so what does it matter? UGH!! I so wanna slap Stace right now.

Chapter 11:  Stacey says that she alone had to stand in line for hours for U 4 Me tickets. Everyone else complained it was too hot, and Jacqui said she had to be home for dinner. So Sheila, Mia, Heather and Jacqui leave Stacey to stand in the long line all by herself to buy the U 4 Me tickets.  Stacey was pissed, but hey- she’s getting to see U 4 Me in concert and will be right near some singer named Skyllo who I guess is the Justin Timberlake of the BSC.  Stacey and her girls are singing and yelling as Stacey’s mom drops them off- Stacey is sooo excited!

Chapter 12:   The seats are way in the back and Heather, Mia, Jacqui and Sheila are bitching. Right before Stace and her new pals get to their seats, Stace saw some high school kids being pulled aside for having alcohol at the concert. Stacey is glad her friends and her don’t do those kind of things.  WRONG- Sheila  pulls out a small bottle of alkie from her white flop sock! Stacey can’t believe the other girls brought alcohol to the concert and are going to drink it- and before you think Stacey sounds fuckin naive, I was the same way at 13- I mean I was shocked that kids drank when I was a high school senior and I did not drink any alkie at all till age 21- and now I barely ever drink- I’ve never even tried any drugs- I think Regina Morrow set me straight- and KC Angeletti as well- ok digressing again- I am sooo fucking ADHD and I am not really jokin’ there, my girls.   But yep- Mia, Heather,  and Jacqui also all brought their own liquor bottles. Stacey just cannot believe this.  Heather asks if Stace wants some but Sheila says NO HEATHER SHE’S A DIABETIC and is almost, like, laughing about it.  But then as U for Me is about to come on and Stacey is still all oh noes alkie Sheila tells Stacey to ” chill” that the other girls are just having fun and asks Stace if she sure she doesn’t want a sip. Stacey says no.  Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui are louder and louder as U for Me is on and someone else tells them to shut up and even throws a candy wrapper that Sheila throws back but it doesn’t hit anyone because Sheil is too drunks.  Then- security comes- Mia is still drinking but the others try to hide the alcohol quick- then the security guard finds a flask wrapped up in Stacey’s sweater!! And we know Stacey brought no alkie!  Stacey tries telling the guard it’s not her booze, and tells her friends ” come on tell them it’s not mine!!” and she tells the head of security she can’t drink due to her diabetes. The guard says she won’t call the police tonight, but she is calling everyone’s parents now to come pick them up- so Stace missed half the concert and to boot her new good buddies didn’t defend her one bit. Say what ya want about Claud, but that gal is the best buddy Stacey ever had- Claudia would have NEVER done that to Stacey!

Chapter 13: The parents arrive. Mr. and Mrs. Pappas arrive first and they look as if they could kill Mia, per Stacey.  Mr. Pappas says the police should have been called. Then Maureen McG arrives.  Maureen knows that Stacey was definitely not drinking because she’s a diabetic.  Ms. Breen, head of security, said she understood, and Stacey isn’t the first girl to get caught up in her friends’ mistakes.  Stacey’s mom has never looked so damn pissed in her life.  Stacey’s mom says she can’t figure out how a sophisticated city girl like Stacey can’t tell when people are using her. Stacey is all ” using me? What are you talking about?”  Stacey’s mom says that her new buddies used Stacey because she is preppy and clean cut and looks like a good girl, so Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui knew that no one would suspect Stacey of having alcohol on her person.  Stacey’s mom says she hopes Stacey never hangs out with any of these girls again. Stacey decides she definitely will not be, as she sees that her friends did use her.  Sure enough on Monday the new gal pals never show up at Stacey’s job. When Stacey tells all this to Robert he says he knew Sheila was a sneak but he had no idea the girls would all stoop that low. He also tells Stacey he is forever on her side. Stacey is relieved to hear that, but Stacey also is upset that she has now has no gal pals- no Sheila, Mia, Heather and Jacqui- and no BSC- no one.

Chapter 14:  Mary Anne and Dawn get gloomy Amy to play hide and seek.  When Amy hides she ummm hides VERY well- Dawn and Mary Anne can’t find her anywhere and start screaming for Amy- where can she be? Meanwhile Stacey is at work.  A little girl goes up to Stacey asking her where the train station is. Amy then says she needs to get to the train station to go to London, where her parents are.  Now, Stacey still talks to Claud once in a blue moon, and Claudia had told  Stace about Amy. So Stacey decides to call Mary Anne, knowing that Mary Anne and Dawn will be worried that Amy is gone.  Mary Anne, Dawn and Amy all start crying when Dawn and Mary Anne get to Bellair’s, Apparently, Amy ran and walked to Bellair’s- wouldn’t that be rather of a far walk for a six year old? Mary Anne then tells Stacey thanks for calling to say Amy was with her. Stacey has a lump in her throat as she says ” you’re welcome.”

Chapter 15:  Stacey makes a list of what is good about her old BSC buddies, and her newer cool friends. The list makes it clear- the BSC were much better friends that Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui ever were.  Stace calls Claudia to say she wants to rejoin the BSC. Claudia is all” are you kidding” but then says  she will discuss this with Kristy and the rest of the BSC and will call Stace right after the next club meeting. As 6 pm gets closer on that day, Stacey is biting her nails out of nervousness.  Claudia says the girls are impressed that Stacey called Mary Anne and Dawn that day she found Amy, and that she’s invited to the next club meeting. Stacey is happy to attend.  At the meeting,  Dawn says that Amy was thrilled as hell when her parents come back from London to pick her up. Then the girls discuss whether or not Stace can be allowed to re-join. Kristy is reluctant at first but the other girls insist that Stacey be allowed to re-join so Kristy says she may put Stace on probation but in the meantime Stacey can return to the club. Then Stacey says she quit Bellair’s to be more devoted to the club, and takes a job for the Hobarts. Stacey is very glad to be back in the club.

Stay tuned for a Sleepover Friends book next- Stephanie and the Magician- I will try to recap that sometime this week. And coming up- Sweet Valley Kids # the Mystery Teacher and Freshman dorm #7 Freshman Loves.


5 Responses to “Baby Sitters Club #87- Stacey and the Bad Girls”

  1. Ah, loved this book–it was the closest to edgy they got.

    But I agree. Who in their right mind just drops a six year old off at a virtual stranger’s house for TWO WEEKS and expects them to cope? Parenting FAIL. As usual, Richard Spier is the only voice of reason!

  2. perfectsize12 Says:

    You know what else is a parenting fail? Dropping a bunch of 13-year-old kids off at concert without a chaperon. Freaking Stoneybrook!

    • girltalkread Says:

      Perfect Size 12 I soooo agree!! I went to my first concert ( Boyz II Men) at age 15 and my friend Jen and I had to go with her mother!!!

    • Even Lorelai went along with Rory and Paris and mean girls to a concert, right? (Though Lorelai and Sookie were sitting in different rows, I think.)

  3. Stacey’s job interview annoyed me in this book – a toddler came up asking to play with her while she was being interviewed, and instead of asking the woman if she minded, or saying in a minute to the kid, she says “excuse me” to her potential boss and leaves! Jesus. I would not have been impressed.

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