Sleepover Friends #18- Stephanie and the Magician

The Sleepover Friends are really worried- they were supposed to be entertaining at a kid’s birthday party Saturday, and Freddie Duva decided he didn’t want Sparkly and Barkly at his party- to review, Lauren and Patti are the clowns Sparkly and Barkly, Kate videotapes them perform so the kids can have a video of the party later, and Stephanie kind of calms the kids down and organizes things. They have been doing little kids’ birthday parties for awhile to pay off Mr. Green because he bought them the video camera. Freddie Duva has decided he wants Mandrake the Magician instead!! The Sleepover Friends wonder who the heck Mandrake is. Melissa, Kate’s bratty little sister, saw Mandrake at a birthday party last week, and she said he’s a bit taller than Lauren- which means that Mandrake has to be a kid like them. Melissa said Mandrake is great and not babyish like Lauren and Patti’s clown act. Even a fourth grader has booked Mandrake for a party, and the Sleepover Friends party service is rapidly losing business. Stephanie, Patti, Lauren and Kate are determined to find out who Mandrake is!

One night at a sleepover,  Stephanie pretends to be Jenny Carlin and she calls Robert Ellwanger pretending to ask for a date. Robert Ellwanger is this really dorky kid who is really skinny and not at all cute, and he likes Jenny. When the girls had looked at pictures of the boys earlier, they deduced that Robert could never be Mandrake because he is too much of a loser- now if you haven’t figured it out by now, Robert is Mandrake. Gee, big shocker. Well anyhoo Robert tells Jenny he can’t meet with her because he has something important to do- gee like Freddie Duva’s birthday party? Now of course the Sleepover Friends haven’t figured that out yet.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is really down on herself lately- her parents only pay attention to the new twin babies, Emma and Jeremy- Stephanie’s sister and brother of course. Stephanie also feels she’s not good at anything, and doesn’t even contribute to the Sleepover Friends party service. One day Stephanie is bored and does a caricature of Emma and Jeremy, and shows it to the other Sleepover Friends. Lauren, Patti and Kate tell her she’s really good, and maybe Stephanie could start doing caricatures of kids at birthday parties- that is, if the Sleepover Friends ever get business again.

The Sleepover Friends hear that a little girl named Bonnie  booked Mandrake for a birthday party. They are determined to crash the party to finally figure out who Mandrake is. At Bonnie’s party, they realize that Mandrake is- ROBERT ELLWANGER!!! Lauren thinks that maybe now that the Sleepover Friends know that Robert is Mandrake, maybe he will agree to have Sparkly and Barkly, and Stephanie the artist, collaborate with him for birthday parties. Well- that doesn’t work- Robert totally refuses to collaborate with the Sleepover Friends.  But then Kate says that if Robert doesn’t agree  she will tell the whole school who Mandrake is- and Robert definitely doesn’t want to be revealed as Mandrake because he thinks that if kids knew he was Mandrake, no one would want to book him. Awww. So Robert agrees, and they do a birthday party for Jenny Carlin’s best friend Angela’s little sister Wanda.  Jenny wants to unmask Mandrake and reveal who he is, but Patti and Lauren grab her before she can do any of that. It turns out that the collaboration is a success- Lauren admits that Mandrake is the big hit, but the kids love Sparkly and Barkly, and Stephanie’s caricatures too! Stephanie also realizes that she is talented at something- art- and she is actually starting to enjoy having the twins around.

Look for ” The Twins’ Mystery Teacher” Sweet Valley Kids #3 sometime this week!  Next week I plan to recap Freshman Dorm #7 Freshman Loves. Coming up:

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BTW RIP Andrew Koenig, aka Boner on Growing Pains. It always saddens me to hear that someone committed suicide, and that is surely a tragedy. I always loved Boner- my favorite Boner moment had to be the school dance episode- first, that Boner put fish sticks in his pocket. Then later on when Boner dances with Carol and they have fun, and Mike sees it, Mike is all ” you have the hots for my sister that’s gross!” and Boner says ” no just the warms!!” LOVE IT! I also did love that ep when Mike went to see that Hawaiian girl he had fallen in love with ( BTW how odd is it that Saved by the Bell had Zach fall in love with a single mom in Hawaii, the way Mike does?) and Mike’s parents don’t know. So Boner as Mike has to shovel snow, and Mrs. Seaver gives him hot cocoa, and he can’t take off the ski mask, so he tries to drink it THROUGH THE SKI MASK??!!! HILARIOUS! We will miss you, Boner.


7 Responses to “Sleepover Friends #18- Stephanie and the Magician”

  1. Mandrake totally reminded me of the name Mandark, from Dexter’s Laboratory. (Sorry…I’m weird, aren’t I?)

    Can’t wait for you to do MA’s Makeover. My fave of all time!

  2. perfectsize12 Says:

    It really irks me that it’s so easy for these fifth graders to get jobs.

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  4. Robbie Ellwanger Says:

    Hi my name is Robbie Ellwanger. Were did you get my name?

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