Freshman Dorm #7- Freshman Loves

The main story in this particular edition of Freshman Dorm is that Melissa McDormand is a track star who is going to Univ of Springfield on a full athletic scholarship. Melissa is also premed, and gets straight A’s. Melissa is used to being the best at whatever she does, and Melissa has always been so busy studying and running that she has never had time for friends or a boyfriend. That is, until Melissa falls in love with Brooks Baldwin- yes, that would be Faith Crowley’s high school sweetheart- don’t worry they aren’t together anymore. Brooks starts encouraging Melissa to do rebellious things like play mini golf and eat huge hot fudge sundaes, and Melissa starts to do a poor job at track. It doesn’t help that a junior named Caitlin Bruneau ( yes the same gal who later on gives Melissa steroids- why do these girls always put full trust in other girls who have been completely out to get them before- another example- KC always trusting Marielle, even though she should know Marielle is a complete snake) is jealous because Melissa is becoming better than Caitlin is at track, and is always trying to psych Melissa out and tell her that boyfriends and track don’t mix. So when Melissa starts to do poorly in track, she blames Brooks because he made her mini golf and stay out late, and they almost break up. But then Melissa later realizes that when Brooks is there at a meet, she actually runs better, and Brooks helps Melissa put down the wall she has against love, and they become a hot couple- at least until Brooks dumps Melissa at the altar.

In other stories- this is where Winnie starts to get pretty depressed. She is turning 18, and is all upset because KC is not speaking to her- KC and Winnie got into some huge fight at Winter Formal and Winnie ended up pushing KC in the pool- and man I need that fuckin book because it rocks- and KC is convinced that she will lose Winter Princess because of what Winnie did- until Marielle Danner apparently rescued KC by letting her wear a hot black dress and doing her hair all slicked and cute.  So, Winnie feels no one loves her and all, so Faith tries to plan a big 18th birthday party for Win, and tells KC to please, please be there because Winnie was always there for KC in the past and all. Well, Winnie’s party is the same day as an important Tri Beta pledge tea, but KC has time to swing by Win’s party before attending the tea- well until Marielle comes to KC’s dorm room to help KC prep for the party- which by the way it’s totally against sorority rules for a sister to help a pledge during rush in any way- and yeah from what I recall from my college friend Lindsey’s experience with a sorority, this is pretty much true- and Marielle also ” helps” KC by getting her to drink quite a bit of rum and Coke so that KC’s chances at being a Tri Beta are sabotaged. Well, as KC is drinking, she misses Winnie’s party and when Winnie gets there and sees that hardly anyone showed- Faith chose to have this party while everyone would have classes for some reason- Winnie runs crying out of the room and is despondent. Faith stomps over to Tri Beta because she knows KC is there. KC, of course, is making a total fool of herself at the tea, and Courtney Connor says drinking is totally not tolerated at Tri Beta and is about to ream KC out, when Faith says that she saw Marielle at KC’s dorm room- so Courtney now knows that Marielle helped a pledge which is a no no, and gave her booze which is a HUGE no no- Courtney only approves of the ocassional glass of wine if you are over 21, just so ya know-wow Courtney would have DIED if she was a UCONN sorority girl, let me tell ya!! ( GO UCONN LADY HUSKIES WOOOO 😉 So Marielle is kicked out of the sorority, and from then on Marielle tries to ruin KC’s life, as we know.

Lauren also finds out that Dash is not exactly some poor Latino street kid. Dash’s parents are coming to visit, and Lauren is upset that Dash thinks that Lauren would, like, look down on Dash’s poor immigrant parents- which Dash never says that he has poor parents, he just dresses bummish.  So Lauren decides to just ” crash” the dinner, which is at a very fancy restaurant. Turns out that Dash is not poor at all- his father is some hugely important businessman, his mom is a hospital administrator, and his sister top of her class at law school. Lauren is pissed that Dash acts like he’s poor and streetwise when he isn’t. Dash claims he can’t act all pampered because he works  for the campus newspaper, and has to be pretty radical. Ah, whatever. Lauren and Dash make up, and all is well until the next book, because that’s just how Dash and Lauren roll. 

Next up- Freshman Flames Freshman Dorm Numero 13. After that- look for Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News ( because u all adore YA Christian fiction- admit it!!),   a lovely SVH book called Kidnapped by the Cult!, a Sweet Valley Kids book called Good Bye, Eva? , Sleepover Friends #30, Big Sister Stephanie, and Mary Anne’s Makeover! And after that- I will definitely do my best to stick around and do this here blog. I saw how a lot of you got upset at the thought that I may shut down following MA’s Makeover, and I have decided I will stick around for a bit longer for sure- may not post once or twice a week as I usually do, but I will be around!!! HUGS AND SMOOCHIES TO MY FANS- I honestly didn’t think this blog was that popular! So in that regard- you have some more books to look forward to!!

Sweet Valley U #3- What your parents don’t know

BSC Super Special #6- New York, New York

Sweet Valley Twins #7- Three’s a Crowd ( which I liked reading more as a ten year old than as a 32 year old for sure!)

Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper #4- The Case of the Christmas Thief

SVH #58- Brokenhearted


4 Responses to “Freshman Dorm #7- Freshman Loves”

  1. Yes, Freshman Dorm!

    I loved the pool pushing scene, it’s so Dynasty.

    I also loathe and love Marielle at the same time, because she’s such a good bad guy (girl), and gets KC hooked on pills later, which is such a ridiculously awesome plot. Bennies. Gotta love it.

    I also really hated it when Winnie got all depressed. She’s the light fun part of the series! I like it when she gets her mojo back. Her crazy kooky neon outfits and weird spiky hair and general energy just makes FD that much better.

    • girltalkread Says:

      The pool pushing scene is awesome as hell- I gotta see if I can find that book because I will recap it here for sure- wish my mom hadn’t gotten rid of it when I went away to college 😉 I also loathe and love Marielle at the same time- she’s a great villian- I’d say even better than Lila Fowler or Jess Wakefield of SVH fame!! And yes getting KC hooked on pills? AWESOME! Though when she tried to frame KC for Brooks’ death ( I got a book from EBay that followed Brooks’ death and I was like WTF Brooks DIES????? UGH UGH UGH- and the book sucked too) that was a little too screwed up for my taste- but that’s also when they had Angela Beth Whitman as a 2nd villian and she was horrid!!! Not good at being bad at all!!! And yeah Winnie depressed- AWFUL! though maybe Linda A Cooney was trying to teach the jr high kids reading her books about bipolar disorder? Seriously, as a social worker with mentally ill adults, all I think about when I read about Winnie now is OMG she’s total bipolar- and that I want Fred Flinstone earrings like Winnie had- she was the Claudia Kishi of the Frosh Dorm crowd!

  2. Winnie truly had some of the best outfits. I always think of her little elf-like shoes with bells on the toes! Do you remember that? Just because she jingled everywhere she went.

    I like how Winnie’s outfits were outrageous, but still somewhat believable, especially for early 90’s. I wore boy’s boxers a ton when I was in middle school, so I loved that she did too.

    I HATED Faith’s outfits…like really hated. And Liza always wore great stuff with the too tight and too bright.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Winnie did have some kick- ass outfits in college- I was basically a Winnie type- crazy-ass freshman year, times of depression and times of kookiness, and I did also wear boxers and kooky earrings and what not 😉 Although when I was in high school and jr high too, I lived in overalls a la Faith- but the idea of the Daniel Boone suede jacket Faith wore made me wanna vomit! And Liza was ever the original- I wasn’t a huge fan back in the day but now I am growing to like her- she’s actually a very well written character. I also loved Winnie’s jingle bell shoes! But what about KC always wearing business suits? I don’t give a care if she was majoring in business- I had a boyfriend who majored in business and one of my good friends- the aforementioned sorority gal- wow she was the total KC of our group LOL- was also a business major- neither was always walking around wearing suits and carrying briefcases!!!!

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