Freshman Dorm #13- Freshman Flames

The main plotline has to do with Dash and Lauren- you know, as a kid I loved Dash and Lauren as a couple- as an adult, it seems they break up in every other book and it’s slightly maddening- then again I guess that is how young love can be? Well anyway Dash and Lauren have won an award for excellence in investigative reporting for their article on the hazing of Howard Benmann. Check out my recap for Freshman Dorm #4 Freshman Nights for more on Howard Benmann and the heinous hazing. Anyway, to stir up excitement on campus over Dash and Lauren winning this award, the Journal’s editor, Greg, suggests that Dash and Lauren engage in a friendly debate over a hot button issue going on- I swear that there was a lot of discussion in the media over this topic at the time the book was written! And the topic is? Whether or not female reporters should be allowed access into male locker rooms. Lauren was kicked out of the men’s volleyball locker room in the last book, and Lauren is incensed that she couldn’t get her hot story. Dash just finds this whole debate silly because hardly any women are sports reporters, anyway, so for Dash it’s not really an issue worth being debated. So as Lauren interviews tons of student athletes and reads up tons on the topic, Dash hardly does anything to prepare for the debate. The day of the debate, Lauren is very nervous, keeps flipping through her index cards, and speaks in a monotone voice.  When Dash has his turn, he starts saying that men would not exactly be comfortable with a woman in his locker room due to ” certain anatomical differences.” Dash says if Lauren feels men and women are the same, both of them should strip to prove their point! Then Dash starts taking off his button down shirt, and then his undershirt! Lauren is beet red, embarrassed, and PISSED that Dash pulled such a terrible stunt at the debate and made her look bad- she’s got a point, really- Dash knew Lauren was nervous, and to do that was not helping Lauren at all. Lauren decides she will get back at Dash if it’s the last thing she does- the night of the Regents’ dinner, where Dash and Lauren are to be presented with the journalism award, Lauren says she will accept the award for her and Dash- she’s especially steamed now because everyone was acting as if Dash wrote the article alone and Lauren just edited it, and Lauren can’t have that! So Lauren accepts the award and points out that SHE is the one who got the tip from KC on hazing, and she was the one who found Howard Benmann. Lauren says she wishes that she could be a man and get all the credit for writing great articles! Lauren then figures, OK, she and Dash are even and that she and Dash can now make up. Dash is so steamed, though, that he utterly refuses to speak to Lauren and treats her with contempt- he tells Lauren that as far as he is concerned, Lauren doesn’t exist- Lauren made Dash sound like a lazy hack, and he can’t stand for that. By the end of the book, Greg says that he would like Dash and Lauren to write a ” His and Hers” column on different topics, as the debate was so popular. Both agree, but Dash and Lauren do not make up.

So what else goes on in the Freshman Dorm ladies’ lives? Here it goes-

Faith: She starts becoming closer to Liza, and wishes she could be as lighthearted and confident as Liza- she’s tired of being a boring good girl. To that end, Faith  gets very cozy with a male volleyball player- Scott Sills- read more on him in my recap of Freshman Dorm #14- that Liza introduces Faith to, and after being cozy with Scott and seeing that he has a fake ID, Faith decides to get one as well so she can drink at the local sports bar where the volleyball team hangs out. One night, Faith goes out with Liza and wears a risque outfit of a lacy bra top thing, a red denim jacket, and bike shorts- and Scott is lovin’ the outfit.  Faith dyed her hair brown to resemble a senior named Cheryl White- Liza got the idea of borrowing Cheryl’s non photo ID so that Faith could say she lost her photo ID and get an ID with Cheryl’s date of birth on it.  Well, at the bar that night, her brown hair dye had washed out, and while the first bartender serves Faith with no problem, the second one gets suspicious and asks Faith for another ID. Faith, of course, doesn’t have one- and then campus security is called!! Scott bails on Faith when he sees campus security, because he tells Faith later that Scott can’t afford to be kicked out of college and lose his volleyball scholarship. Liza has left the bar at that point because a guy that Liza thought was into her, Jason- well turns out that Liza overheard Jason telling his friends about Liza’s ” cheddar cheese colored hair” and said that Liza weighs a ton and has an annoying voice- and Liza had thought Jason really liked her so Liza is so upset when she hears Jason’s comments ( I felt so bad for Liza, for real) that she leaves the bar when she sees Faith dancing and drinking with Scott.  So Faith is left alone to deal with the campus cop- and he gives her a citation and Faith has to appear before a peer review board- again, for more on that- Freshman Dorm #14 recap, honies!

KC finally lets her guard down and tells Peter that she loves him. Peter is thrilled, but Peter doesn’t know how to tell KC that he is a finalist for a grant to study photography in Italy.  So Peter doesn’t tell KC, but then one day KC goes to bring Peter flowers and finds the letter on his desk and KC is STEAMED! She is so upset that Peter would up and leave for Italy if he wins this grant, and she comes to the conclusion that Peter doesn’t love her because of that. But then Grandma Rose sends KC a letter stating that KC’s dad is so different from Grandma Rose, but because she loves him, she lets him be who she wants to be and Grandma says in the letter that if you love someone let them live their dreams and do what makes them happy. This inspires KC to run to Peter’s room, and KC tells Peter that if he wins the grant, he HAS to go to Italy and live out his dreams-no matter what- and their love can withstand anything. And Peter and KC tell each other how much they love each other. Peter rocked, if you ask me, though I liked Cody as a boyfriend for KC as well- too bad KC had to ruin the relationship with Cody later on in this series- sigh….

Melissa and Brooks are now engaged- yep they started dating in Book 7 and got engaged in Book 12 I want to say- so what after a month? And they are only 18? Anyhoo, Melissa and Brooks get into a huge fight because Brooks assumes that when he and Melissa marry, Melissa will be Mrs. Baldwin, and Melissa says she always imagined she’d be Dr McDormand and she has no intention at all of giving up her last name.  Brooks suggests at the end- after talking to Josh and Peter, and realizing he wants to be married to Melissa- that Melissa become Mrs. Melissa McDormand- Baldwin and Melissa says that if marriage is about compromise, Brooks has to give a little too- that means that Brooks will be Brooks McDormand-Baldwin if they marry- and Brooks agrees- which is pretty fuckin cool! Oh, Brooks, how I loved you…

By the end of the week, I sincerely hope to get to the recap of Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News.  And coming up- yes I am sticking around for now- I just may be posting less often-

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  1. Nice recap, and I’m glad you’re still around for now!

    Can’t wait for your BSC recaps. I never get tired of BSC recaps.

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