Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News

I have noticed that there aren’t exactly too many Eliz Gail fans out there- I loved these books as a young elementary school student, but I am not seeing much love for these books from you readers. Well, no matter because I am still doing a recap of this book- a fairly quick recap, but a recap nonetheless.

Elizabeth’s terrifying news? Marie Dobbs, Elizabeth Gail’s mom, wants her back!! Ms. Kremeen, Libby’s new social worker, desperately wants to get Libby away from the Johnsons because she doesn’t agree with their Christian values. Now I am sorry but as a social worker who is not exactly a huge fan of organized religion myself, what do I care if the family are Christians as long as they are good parents? But I guess Ms. Kremeen hates Christians, so she tells Libby and her foster parents, Chuck and Vera ( man I LOVE Chuck) that she intends to bring Libby back to Marie Dobbs, and that Marie says she’s off drugs and will never abuse Libby again. Sure, right… well Libby’s grandma, Marie’s mother, doesn’t believe any of this mess and she intervenes and tells the authorities that Marie Dobbs is still a very abusive woman and an awful parent, and shouldn’t get Libby back. Libby is surprised by this as Grandma was never exactly nice to her, but if it means staying with the Johnsons she’s not going to complain!!!

In this book, we also get to witness Brenda Wilkins, a girl who has historically made nothing but trouble for Libby, become a Christian, and Chuck also has Libby pray and forgive her mother for the abuse she inflicted on Libby, despite her protests. Chuck explains how Libby will never be able to heal properly if she doesn’t turn to Jesus to ask her to forgive her mother. Libby was able to forgive the dad who abandoned her through God’s love, so why not her mother? Libby agrees to pray with Chuck for her to forgive Marie Dobbs, and for Marie’s salvation and what not. Libby also starts piano lessons with Rachael Avery, though I swear she started them sooner than this. Rachael can see Libby is bothered over something and Libby never says what, so Rachael pretty much just lectures Libby on how she can’t let whatever is bothering her stop her from realizing her dream of being a concert pianist. I think Rachael approaches Libby in this way in every book and I am never sure if Rachael is an awesome piano teacher or kind of irritating in terms of not really understanding Libby’s background. And in conclusion, yeah, not loving how social workers are portrayed in these books- though Libby had liked her previous social worker but as soon as that social worker married Chuck’s brother she quit her job- OK I get stay at home moms, but quitting work as soon as you marry and you don’t even have kids yet? Kinda weird.

I am going to try to post again this week if I can- I have Kidnapped from the Cult to recap and it’s so terribly awful that it’s sort of awesome.  After that I have some more Sweet Valley Kids, Sleepover Friends, BSC and Sweet Valley U recaps coming up! Stay tuned! And in case I don’t post again this week for any and all of you who celebrate Easter and/or Passover- Happy Holidays!! ( OK one says that as Christmas but I didn’t want to write Happy Easter and or/Passover- ah I just did. Whatevs.) I myself love Easter because I am going to eat Easter candy- forget diets that day!


6 Responses to “Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News”

  1. I LOVE how in books like these, everyone who isn’t a church-goer OMG HATES CHRISTIANS.

    I wish I knew why Christian YA writers seem to love the idea of being persecuted.

  2. Oh man, I just realized that I read one of this series when I was a kid. I hated it. I was raised atheist/agnostic and this was given to me by a friend who was always trying to get me to go to church and passing me notes in school about Jesus. It made me super uncomfortable and reading the EG books she got me for my birthday just made me even moreso. It wasn’t really the book itself that made me uncomfortable, it was that my friend was pushing me into believing what she did when I never ever pushed my lack of belief on anyone.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Nikki- I got the Elizabeth Gail books from a friend’s mom who was also trying to make me feel the love of Jesus- I was raised Catholic ( non practicing but whatever) so I already knew of Jesus but whatever. I ended up liking the books but yeah I don’t really like in general when folks push religious ideology on others. Culture- yeah I swear reading these books now- I swear in every book they say that everyone who doesn’t accept Jesus as their only savior hates all Christians. And everyone the Johnsons encounter MUST accept Jesus in their lives. It’s a bit much.

      • Yeah, while I get that YA novels can be a bit heavy-handed, it seems to be a recurring theme in religious novels that you’re either super keen on Jesus or you HATE HIM AND ALL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE.

        I’ve actually never heard of these books – well, I hadn’t before you started recapping them. Most of my Christian YA lit experience was Lauraine Snelling’s books. I would suffer through the Jesus bits to get to the horse parts in some of them, but the Golden Filly series was so fucking boring.

    • Man, kids can be weird. Passing notes about Jesus…I bet the teachers who punish for that go right to hell 😉

      What exactly does a passed note about Jesus say??

  3. girltalkread Says:

    I had to love how the one good social worker in the book was a Christian of course, and quit her job as soon as she married Chuck’s brother. The other social workers are evil anti-Christians!!!

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